Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mr. X & -- * New * Poets Heart @ MFGC

Mr. X never asks questions of the Queen of the Fairies -- for  fear that she will magically make him fall in love with her... or worse that she will work the magic of sorcery -- she is an expert --
so is Poet's Heart -- a fabulous Designer of this  Gown called Winter Poem and  the Silvermoon Wings... an exclusive at MFGC  the texture is  reflective and  as  always fantastic...

The Winter Gown and comes with a color changing hud -- featuring six  colors  --  and you can change the  top, belt and  skirt -- each combination is more magical than the next.  I love the flowing skirt and star like texture that is cinched tight at the waist and appears as a flower at the bodice.

 The Silvermoon wings, an exclusive at MFGC come in 8 colors and  are 30% transparent by default. If you'd like them to be more transparent, or completely opaque, you can easily do that yourself.

She whispers in the deepest darkest night... come to me --- walk through the heart will guide you through the fog that has settled on your mind... I know it will lift... especially when you and I ... meet in the forbidden glen... we must watch for the imps of the forest... they are all around... and ill spirits that need a good dash of fairy dust...

Mr. X  searches for his queen in  mint colored glens -- through flower strewn meadows and  in places whose antiquity she may find appealing... all to no avail.....but -- somehow, he always finds his way home --- as the wind in the trees --- as the waves kiss the shoreline... and  always again and again...


 Gown -  Winter Poem - Poet's Heart

Wings - Poet's Heart - exclusive @  MFGC

Jewelry -  Muse - Ma'at-ka-Ra  Tefutefu

Skin -  Zulay - Marigold - October 4 Seasons

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mr. X -- Nearly Spring @ MFGC plus a Hunt

Now through April 18 you can explore MFGC and shop for role play and fantasy clothes. Don't forget to vote for your favorite designer for the chance to win prizes. There is even a fabulous hunt. I am wearing new outfit by Fantavatar and Moonstruck called Nearly Spring that is an exclusive at MFGC. This gown makes me feel like a country maid as bright as the sunshine waiting patiently for my lord to appear...

The Nearly Spring gown has a green velvet underbust corset that has leather laces up the front to fit with the brass grommets. The open front overdress peeps out modestly from the  lovely light green velvet skirt that is set off by the square necked blouse with slightly puffed sleeves.  Mr. X tells me this is a very classic look for maidens -- wenches and peasants!

Nearly Spring is perfect for medieval roleplay or for a classic night on the grid... I would wear it anywhere!  Best of all this dress comes in 5 sizes for classic avatar bodies and with a color changing offering four lovely floral prints for the underskirt.  Two are red and pink rose patterns, the third is a yellow floral pattern and the fourth is a blue rose floral pattern, all on white or off white backgrounds.

I have paired this dress with the new exclusive skin by October 4 Seasons called Catalina. This skin comes in a natural makeup, five make-ups with different eye and lip colors and different color brows, among other tattoo features. The skin is made for classic avatars but also comes loaded with appliers for slink, belleza, omega and maitreya appliers.  Catalina is an exclusive at the Skin Fair - today is the last day of the skin fair -- so get there and get this skin  -- it comes in Lily, Blossom and Papavar.


MFGC Exclusive -Fantavatar and Moonstruck -Nearly Spring

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Lily - Skin Fair Exclusive
LM -

Hair - D!va

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mr. X and the Spring Fairy @ MFGC plus a Hunt and Gift Skin October 4 Seasons

It is a mid spring dream tonight... when I saw this fabulous pulsating pink fantasy fairy outfit called Spring Fairy Charm created by BamPu Legacies for the Fantasy Cream Market, I just had to get it.  I love the lavish floral details of this outfit that even includes a spring rain hud.
Mr. X looks for the Spring Fairy in verdant green glens and follows the magical lights of the will-o'-the-wisps...he hopes they will lead him to the Spring Fairy.  She awaits Mr. X in the  temple of the purple flame -- it burns like a loyal beacon on nights when there are no stars... it always flickers when the moon is new guiding those that have the gift of sight and prophecy to the time when the dusk and dawn dance to the music of the  stars...

I am wearing the new group gift skin by October 4 Seasons called Center of Attention.  This month, the group gift comes loaded with three skins, I already blogged the two lovely white skins replete with eye-make- up and tattoos... the third skin offered in the March gift pack is a delicious blue and perfect for fantasy roleplay. It comes with all appliers and  it also be worn with mesh bodies (slink, belleza, maitrya) as well as with classic bodies. Two words, "get it!"

MFGC also is offering a hunt that goes through April 18 and don't forget to vote for your favorite designer there for prizes!

Wearing -
Outfit-Pink Spring Fairy Charm Outfit  by BamPu Legacies Exclusive@ Fantasy Cream Market (MFGC

Skin- March Group Gift Skin - Center of Attention - Blue (also two pale tones offered) - October 4 Season Skins
Main Store -

Sandals - Tatiana - Purplemoon

New Cat Blog -

Hair - Flower - Eshi Otawara
ask eshi!

Mr. X and Peony... *New* NSP & Skin Fair Exclusive October 4 Seasons

I told Mr. X beside diamonds... feathers and lace and feminine floral prints are a girls best friend... he said "prove it" !   That was an easy task with the new vintage inspired sheath dress with spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline by NSP called.....Peony Diva Feather Dress and Peony Diva Feather Hat.  The hat is sold separately and so are 7 color changing huds for the hat.  The hud works with the dress's attachments  as well as the hat.

Quality in textures and thoughtful design are hallmarks of NSP, best known for gorgeous floral arrangements and hats. And, when this designer puts her mind to creating clothes they show the same artful detail as her jewelry and flowers.  Look at this gorgeous hand made realistic feather hemline that flows and flutters when you walk.  I love the way it is embellished with roses... that are beautifully made.

The  Peony Diva Feather Hat is another must have piece that completes this outfit and is replete with matching feathers and roses that tie this look together into one sweet vintage dress that makes a memorable impression and is good for any classic or vintage venue... and even a garden party!   The hat comes with a color changing hud featuring six complementary colors that change the roses on the hat and on the hemline of the dress. You can size the hat with the hud and you also have a full bright on and off option. The hat is sold separately and so are 7 color changing huds for the hat that also works on the attachments of the dress.

Best of all this dress is made for classic avatar shapes in 5 sizes in addition to coming with a hud for slink hourglass and regular, belleza, and maitreya mesh bodies.  Peony Diva Feather dress comes in a floral pack with six floral patterns and one set of matching feathers.
The  white and black version of Peony Diva Feather  dress comes with a color changing hud featuring four lace and two plain texture patterns to choose from.  It also comes with two sets of  feathers, one black set with white roses and one white set with black roses...the roses can be changed using the hud of the hat that is sold separately.


Dress - * New* - NSP - Peony Diva Feather Dress - black and white and floral packs
Hats - *New* - NSP Peony Diva Feather Hat - White & Pearl Hat, Black and White Hat, White and Pearl Hat, White and Champagne Hat.
Hat Hud 2 and 4.
Necklace and Earrings - Muse (another branch of NSP) - Dancing Anemone

Hair - Lulu - Sonatta Morales

Skin * new* October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Blossom and Catalina Lily Skin Fair Exclusive
LM -

Shoes *new* - Lavian @ Company Petra Heels with Pantone Hud

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mr. X on the Hunt at Ghee, Group Gift & Spring Blow out Sale!

There are 12 eggs hidden around the Ghee Main Store and in the park. 6 contain gifts, and 6 are decoys. There are no hints for this hunt, but all the eggs are named things related to The League of Gentlemen - a British Comedy show.  Wear your Ghee group tag to collect your gifts - and don't miss this - the eggs will be gone by Tuesday!

I am wearing this month's VIP group gift  called Laverne Outfit-- I love this flirty floral romper that screams... spring with its impressionist pattern that Monet would approve of !  The Romper also comes with matching sandals with block heels that have so much more swagger than flats.

Ghee is also  having a fabulous 50L and under Street Sale at the Mainstore! This is a true fashionista's fantasy featuring many Ghee favorites! Shop a huge variety of pants, tops, skirts, boots, shoes, jewelry, hats, dresses, jumpsuits, capris, ponchos, clutches, and more! Nothing priced over 50L, many items 30L! Perfect for mixing and matching with your entire wardrobe.

Ghee  Mainstore -LM

Wearing: Ghee Group Gift - Laverne Outfit

Skin - October 4 Seasons - * New * Catalina Blossom

Friday, March 25, 2016

Mr. X all *new* Legendaire, Group Gift October 4 Seasons Skins & Easter Goodies Heart Homes

√Čtretat had already been painted by Delacroix and Courbet, but that didn’t stop Monet. He thought he could do it better-the sand of the Normandy shore, the light glinting off the cliffs at Cap d’Antifer. At least that is what Mr. X thinks.  He knows I have a penchant for silk and vintage designs... so he bought me a new dress by Legendaire called Eva.

I love it's classic sheath lines, they are simple and clean. The texture reminds me of a wild floral art deco pattern that is set on black silk with rich earth tone swirls.  The ruffle hemline adds a fem fatale touch.  Eva is a stunning style that is well made and perfect for any occasion on the grid. 

Another outfit by Legendaire is called GIA and features wide bell bottom hip hugging jeans in a fabulous denim texture that  is paired with a colorful silk floral handkerchief midriff belly baring top.  This outfit comes with matching wedge heels that give it the perfect come hither summer vibe.  I rarely if ever wear jeans, but these are  well done... I think my first blog ever for a pair of jeans... Mr. X passes out!

Whatever you do -- don't miss the fantastic gift skin by October 4 Seasons for the month of March "called" Center of Attention  -- there is still time so get this  GIFT skin!  October continues to amaze me with her generosity and  total skin talent.... It comes with two fabulous make-ups  in a wonderful light skin tone.  You can wear this skin with or without the tattoos, one for the front and for the back (the back tattoo not shown is a great green symbol).  As an added special attraction this month... October has included a gorgeous blue skin that is perfect for those of you that like fantasy... I can't wait to find the right thing to wear with it... you will love it!  The March  Gift  Skin also comes loaded with every applier on the planet and can be worn with  classic avatar bodies. 

And, for those of you still looking for Easter "Stuffs"... I just could not resist the "cuteness" created by Aphrodite at Heart Homes... Easter trees in  a variety of colors with chocolate eggs that droop and drop off trees...Yum... and low prim to boot... and then, the baskets, for an I love you -- Happy Easter Gift... who can resist.... "Some bunny loves you" !!  Mr. X cannot resist -- that is for damn sure! 

The baskets come loaded with all manner of animations and  many things to wear from Mr. & Mrs. Bunny to bunny shoes and even a spring bouquet... perfect for lovers and  if you have little ones... great for them too! Now... please I leave you to  eat these chocolate eggs and play with the colors and the trees..... oh Mr. X is in for a bunny hop  for sure!


Outfit 1

Legendaire  - * New* - Dress - Eva

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *New* Catalina Papavar

Necklace - Captivating Jewelery - Beachcomber  -

Outfit 2
Legendaire - Jeans, top, shoes - Gia

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - March Group Gift - Center of Attention
Easter Goodies - Aphrodite At Heart Homes
Easter Tree -  violet (comes in tons of colors)
Lil Rabbit Easter Basket
Cute Chicks Easter Basket

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mr. X and Heart Homes Easter & Sascha Designs - Spring is here

Mr. X left me a glorious  mini and gown  by Sascha Designs called Fioretta Peach... as always with Sascha not only are the textures gorgeous...but the dresses offer so many options -- mini sheath -- gown ... gown with flexi prims -- and the peach color is spring.... I love this gown....  it is gorgeous.

Easter is early this year... and Aphrodite at Heart Homes has prepared a fabulous low prim "Vintage botanical  Easter Corner ".  It comes with  a chair, rug,  table, flowers, books, candles and even a festive egg and bunny Easter Wreath and a spring Easter Bunny basket.  Best of all the chair comes loaded with tons of ao's from relaxing to reading to drinking a nice hot cuppa -- also is great with the mini that comes with Fioretta Peach by Sascha Designs!

One thing in addition to the low prim and great textures that is a constant with Aphrodite @ Heart Homes, this comes linked -- but  if you take it all  up it is copy and becomes unlinked (I always make a copy....)  so you really could put down two chairs here and use these items in other homes or places.

Mr. X put me in a "Spring" mood today with  Fioretta Peach by Sascha Designs -- I love it.... he especially loves the mini -- I love the gown as shown above !  It comes in a sheath like mini dress in the finest of silk  that is embellished with large flowers... anyone that knows runway trends knows that flowers have power on the runways!

 Gown and Dress - * New* Sascha Designs - Fioretta Peach (also comes in purple)

Skin - * new* - October 4 Seasons - Blossom - Catalina
LM -

Shoes - Lavian & Company - By Sage Petra base Pantone

Furniture -  Aphrodite@ Heart Homes - Vintage botanical  Easter Corner

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mr. X -- and Westeros @ Jumo @ Instruments

Mr. X -- I am waiting for the night... and the wonderful dreams I have  of you... and me... next time -- let's stay up all night... I know how you love that.  And, I have a new gown from the Instruments -- its fab... it is Jumo called Westeros Gown... Yes Mr. X I am to be found.....

I am also wearing  exclusive hair at the Instruments called {Letituier}  Spring Hair that  demands Spring with it's glam updo and flowers... I feel like  I call spring  and all it stands for  .... so will you

Mr X, tonight we can do anything... fly in a  hot air balloon...   dance in a fabulous castle... fall in love again and again... I like the sound of that....don't you?

Wearing  The Instruments

 Gown - Jumo -  Westeros Gown
Hair - {Letituier}  Spring Hair
Poses  - In Motion - Game of Thrones

Skin  -  October 4 Seasons -   Catalina  -Papavar
LM -

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mr. X and Gaia - *new* Jumo & October 's Lily

Mr. X told me that the right gown can change everything -- your mood, your skin tone and even the way you are perceived...and wearing the new hot off the presses release from Jumo called Gaia, I feel as powerful as that primal Greek Mother Goddess -- the personification of the Earth.

Gaia comes in four soft pastel colors -- aqua, blue, white and pearl...I fell in love with the soft blush tone of the pearl texture.  I love the almost see through lace texture that adds a touch of feminine allure juxtaposed with the daring thigh high slits and the diaphanous bodice that sets a new course in curve hugging appeal.

Gaia comes loaded with opulent star jewelry - a necklace of gold and diamond stars, long classic pearls, gorgeous razzle -dazzle drop star earrings, two pearl and star bracelets, two star rings and even a crown.. I told Mr. X it won't be as daunting to stand in front of so many camera's tonight because I love what I am wearing---- I feel like a star ----

 Gown - *new* Jumo - Gaia - in Pearl

Skin - * new*  - October 4 Seasons - Catalina - Lily  Exclusive @ Skin Fair
LM -

Hair - D!va

Mr. X and Sansa & Melisandre - Ghee @ The Instruments

The theme for this  round of the Instruments through March 25 is "Game of Thrones" and Mr. X has told me that Ghee has gone all out for this theme and has created not one but two delicious exclusives for this round.

This dress, called Sansa is something Sansa would wear....the strong brave Princess, Sansa Stark of Winterfell who dreams of being a regal queen like Cersei Lannister... in her book of winter dreams she often writes epic stories about  a knight in shining armor that is worthy of her.

Sansa loves her home and is often seen wandering the vales and castle courtyards in her magnificent winter home.  She visits the crypts of her family lighting votive candles and takes solace in this. She has known great tragedy and is evolving in ways that will soon be unleashed.  I love the lush silver texture and the fur hood and sleeves...most of all, I love love love the fact that this fabulous hair comes with the hood so there is no mucking about trying to fit the right hair with the hood!!!

Another exclusive is based on the character Melisandre, the Priestess of the Lord of Light. Melisandre wields her influence on Iron Throne claimant Stannis to inspire a Westerosi religious movement. Never, ever underestimate the power of Melisandre, as she can produce a Shadow Baby.

This red gown is perfect for the woman often referred to as The Red Woman whose soul is magic  with prophecies that always come she intones in a sonorous voice with an exotic accent, "the night is dark and full of terrors"....she is a true firewitch...a shadowbinder and mysterious...."when the red star bleeds and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amid the smoke and salt to wake dragons out of stone...."


Ghee - Exclusives at the Instruments  Sansa and Melisandre
The Instruments LM -
Ghee Main -

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina - Blossom and Lily
LM -

Hair - No Match

Friday, March 18, 2016

Mr. X and Daenerys @ Yeliz @ The Instruments

Mr. X, this gown by Yeliz called Daenerys is simply exquisite.  Mr. X had to agree... and he added that this dress is pure sensuality to boot!  This is my "bombshell" dress with its' flirtatious cut outs and criss crossed top that makes it a standout at any formal occasion.

I love the pattern on the bodice with its sophisticated details like the scalloped textured fabric and the sweet sleeves in a silk like texture that adds a touch of soft, demure and vixen vibe.

This silk lace evening gown is designed to create a sensational silhouette with the hip hugging style to the floor length skirt that is straight and sexy all the way down to the floor.  Long gowns with a illusion bodices are one of the hottest trends on the red carpet.  So Mr. X, let's drink up before we enter the club--- I know we will get a round of applause entering and that all eyes will be on me.


The Instruments Exclusive
Gown - Yeliz - "Daenerys

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Papavar
LM -

Hair - Emo-tions - Susannah

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mr. X and Venus - Luxe Paris @ Fashion for Life

According to recent research, flirting is good for you.  That's right.  It's healthy.  Go ahead -- look it up.  It's true. Another  great thing to do is to  support Fashion for Life... Luxe Paris certainly has and has 16 vendors and  all vendors donate to Fashion for Life... Mr. X fell in love with Venus...a gorgeous gown offered by Luxe Paris @ FFL--

More flirt factors... a gorgeous texture.....  a lovely handkerchief bodice and flowing skirt in an artful pattern that is sure to turn heads... Mr. X loves the full sweep of the skirt... it flows like water with its intricate pattern.

I hold the gaze of Mr. X... ever so... our eyes meet... ever so slightly... I smile with my eyes.  Then look down.  And, I  feel better --- and so will you... get to FFL and don't miss the special  hunt on March 19 !

Fashion For Life -- Luxe Paris

Gown - FFL Exclusive - Luxe Paris - Venus
 Fashion for Life Direct Landmark

Main Store

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - The Skin Fair -  Catalina - Lily
Skin Fair -

Hair - D!va

RL Blog -

Monday, March 14, 2016

Mr. X feelin lucky @ FFL and Aphrodite @ Heart Homes

I am feeling lucky in this new find at FFL  called Crocheted Shift Dress by Culco.  I love the sexy lace insets of this dress !   Mr. X says he feels lucky looking at me wearing this stylish dress -- giggles!

I love the macrame designed insets that are in the front and on the sides of this flirty shift dress that can be dressed up or down -- I think it puts a great spin on a "classic black" dress because it hints at a cool boho style.

If you need to decorate for St. Patrick's Day, head over to Aphrodite at Heart Homes, they have made a series of low low prim  trees that are perfect for Saint Patrick's Day.  All tress are copy and low prim.  They are available separately and also sold as a fat pack.

 One large tree has a rainbow pointing to a pot of gold -- the leaves are of course shamrocks.  Another tree has a cheerful leprechaun that peeks out from behind the shamrock tree. The names of the trees are Leprechaun tree with or without pot of gold, End of rainbow tree with dropping coins and more and the lucky charm tree with dropping shamrocks!

Dress: Fashion for Life Exclusive - Culco - Crocheted Shift Dress

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Lily - Exclusive @ Skin Fair
Skin Fair -

Trees - Aphrodite At Heart Homes - End of Rainbow, Lucky Charms and Leprechaun tree

Fashion for Life Entertainment for March14
9 am   DJ GPR
12 pm   DJ Ame of Gorean Portal Radio
2 pm   Live Performer – AleyCat
3 pm   Live Performer – Savannah Rain
4 pm   Live Performer – Marqs DeSade
5 pm   Live Performer – Gold Talon
6 pm   DJ Jazmine Briel of Full Throttle Radio