Thursday, July 18, 2013

The "Wisdom" of Violator and Mr. X

This morning, waiting for Mr. X, in the lavender light of dawn, I found the ubiquitous black box shot through with purple from Violator ....and a note from Mr. X.

 “Athena was a great Olympian goddess of wise counsel, the daughter of Zeus, a protector of social institutions, loyal and loving… all of those are your attributes and why I love you.  I know you will enjoy wearing this dress called “Wisdom” created by Violator.  The color of this dress is white as you are pure… and mine.”

This dress is stunning and dreamlike with lace like feathers that ripple in the breeze complimented by heavy satin ruffles that beguile.  This dress, like the wisdom of Athena is feminine and fierce at the same time.

The elements of this dress integrates mesh and non- mesh details perfectly creating a look that flows like the gentle breeze on a warm summer day. Wisdom is a stunning Haute Couture original creation for Miss Mundo Virtual 2013 finalist Rachel McDonnell by Soraya Vaher.  This gown is in four luxuriant color options white, red, blue and purple.

How could I resist wearing the white jewelry set called  Violator-Novel-White.  It is perfection in it’s icy sculpted look that adds dimension and a flair of sensuality...Athena beckons…. Mr. X.

Wisdom is a steal at $500 L -- you would be wise to get it!

Dress Wisdom: Violator 

Necklace and Earrings- Violator-Novel-White-Chest

Expect the same high craftsmanship in RL as in SL at Soraya's Lucky Number Black - Thank You for Your Lies Choker
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