Sunday, December 29, 2013

Unleash the Magic in 2014

If you are looking for a memorable image to ring in the New Year look no further than Aphrodite Shop owned by the always clever (and busy) Marina Ramer and Jaylin Whitewood.  They have created the Happy 2014 Poses Set for Couples and Friends in two versions. Get ready to celebrate the year of the Horse with your sweetheart and friends!
This is a mesh item so make sure you have a mesh viewer before you buy it. The first set comes with confection colored animated firework fountains.  Both sets have 5 poses for couples including two champagne toasts replete with handy champagne flutes and a series of really cute kiss poses.  Best of all two friends can be added making this set pure magic!
A 2014 Snowflake pose set is also included in the package. Swirling snowflakes and a light chain of stars makes this a romantic setting for couples and friends. Float this build a bit off the ground and use the nacom early mornin environment setting to get a landscape that looks like snow and is reminiscent of the northern lights.
Frankx Lefavre, my partner, joined me on this shoot and he decided to anticipate 2014 as a real “blast” so he set off the rocket he made!  The rocket is above and beyond and is a kaleidoscope of amazing special animated effects that go on and on…making this rocket simply spectacular!
For this shoot, I am wearing a dress called Sabrina created by Solidea Folies.  Sabrina is made of heavy satin with artfully draped netting that swirls and sways with each step.  The richly ornamented collar of silken leaves adds the perfect touch of elegance. Frankx  is wearing Violator for Men.  Phantom der Nacht in black is distinguished --  and is an elegant couture look for men that comes with two  different looks – “Earl” and “Tuxedo”.  Phantom der Nacht is also available in a red wine color.
Poses: Happy 2014 Poses Set for Couples and Friends

Phantom der Nacht in black for Men - Violator

Sabrina created by Solidea Folies. 

Photos: Frankx and Sita!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mr. X and the Golden Dawn - new release by Violator

Inside every story, there is a beautiful journey.  
Once again, Mr. X left a gift for me from Violator. Inside I found Soraya’s resplendent newly released formal gown created for the winning MVW 2014 and friend Anjelica Carling …it is called Golden Dawn Noh…and indeed, it is a dream to wear…and yes, it makes you feel on top of the world!
This gorgeous heavily embroidered red and 24 kt. gold thread floral Kimono flows around me as I glide along the path of dwarf pines that mantle the hillsides and fringe the shores of ponds. It has an ornate pattern of embossed gold on gold chrysanthemums symbolic of endurance and integrity. Gold flowers peek through deep cuts in the layers of sumptuous red silk as layers seem dusted with gold making this unforgettably elegant.
Following the path, I see that the pine trees have been fashioned so that their branches leap and coil, suggesting the undulating, animated play of dragons – in this kimono I feel like an elegant dragonfly gliding victoriously on the wisteria wind. The headdress of red and gold encrusted flowers spiral and twirl like beautiful blossoms that float never falling to the ground.
The path ends in front of a simple teak Tea House set high on a bluff overlooking the crashing waves of the ocean with a romantic moon gate on the horizon. It is so serene and peaceful listening to the ocean and looking into his eyes.  
He smiled at me as he whisked the bright green tea and ladled the hot water from the kettle into the tea bowl. The tea was delicious.
As night faded and the golden dawn slowly emerged… he presented me with an ancient scroll tied with a red and gold ribbon…tears filled my eyes and I could barely play my Shamisen…as he read what he wrote to me….
yumeji ni wa
ashi mo yasumezu
utsutsu ni hitome
mishigoto wa arazu

Though I go to you
ceaselessly along dream paths
the sum of those trysts
is less than a single glimpse
granted in the waking world.


Skin- TuTy- Traditional kita- Iki

Skin Tattoos - TuTy - Neri-Oshirio Geshia Make-up

Hair: Tukinowaguma Bigyoku Ebony

Instrument: Shamisen by Voodoo

Sim: AMM Design- Asian/Japanese Creations Build/Furniture

Soraya Vaher is proud to annouce that her real life fashion business has just taken its first steps and is now available to everyone. The brand goes by the name of Finerblack, and you can now start making your orders at . With items for both women and men, Finerblack aims to be just as exclusive as Violator and also hopes to provide you with the same sense of artistic exuberance and uniqueness. 

Bang!  Unisex necklace


FINERBLACK is a fashion label conceived by the mind of Alessia Flavia Vitale, a Berlin based italian designer, fashion blogger, 3D virtual enterpreneur and artist. FINERBLACK is the label for all the ladies and gents who want to be daring and stylish, who wish to stand out from the crowd, who aim to be unique and classy individuals. A modern and powerful  feeling synchronised with echoes of elegance and class, shiny chains and strong metallic colours, to rule the trends as you deserve to…
Quality and high design meet the excellence of Italian crafted materials for a strong fashionable final look. Under the name of Soraya Vaher, Alessia has built a very successful, innovative and trendsetting fashion label in  Second Life (tm): Violator For the past three years, Alessia and Violator have counted thousands of customers and fans, becoming a synonym of style, class, spoiled elegance, extravagance and outstanding quality.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Atelier Visconti’s Christmas RFL Exclusive

Mr. X and I are great admirers of Stephan Visconti, owner of Atelier Visconti Furniture Store because of the variety of options that he offers in his furniture.  Debuting at the Christmas Fair for RFL is the A.V. Vanite’ Set that is a mere 16 prims and includes frames, chairs, console, bird cages and an alarm clock -- all copy and mod. 

 The Chair and Pouff come with a variety of soft colors for the base that are stunning and includes white, sea green as shown, rose pink, black, royal blue, green, purple and brown.   As always, matching pillow textures are included. Standouts are the sea green base and soft rose pillows with flowers as shown and the black or brown base with rich black and gold brocade for the pillows that comes with matching rug via the hud.

 A gorgeous console table is included with classic French legs and elegant scrollwork on the front drawer and table top.  On the console i placed the alarm clock that has a lovely flower clock face that matches the fabric in the pillows. 

 Several frames of delicate embroidery are included and there is one frame that lets you put your own photo into it!  The room also comes with a two versions of a birdcage, one that hangs from the wall and one that you can place on the floor or console.  A lovely carpet that also has a hud with complimentary textures pulls the entire room together.

For all up to date information on the RFL Christmas Expo Visit:


House: Satir DeCuir -

Wearing Azul  Antonella/Mandarin (Limited 100)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Swinging at the Christmas Expo with Mr. X and Heart Homes plus GIZZA at the J&A Expo

I am making my list and checking it twice…I shall never tell you when Mr. X is naughty or nice!

 I am relaxing while I wait for Mr. X in the just released Winter Swing by Heart Homes and Aphrodite Shop that is available at the RFL Christmas Expo.  I have looked  a long time for a swing like this.

This low prim swing (only 3) looks best attached to a tree or porch.  Simply click the swing to rezz a menu of single and couples poses.  You can start or stop swinging with an easy click between the strings of the swing.  The motion of the swing is perfect and very soothing.

Couples and singles can choose from a number of activities to indulge in… from sipping hot chocolate and chatting on your cell phone to reading and working on your computer.

The details on this swing are really great from the leaves of white ice on the strings holding the swing up to the colorful quilt fabrics on the swing itself – the textures are so crisp you look at them and feel cozy.   I am wearing a fabulous pendant from GIZZA  from the Jewelry and Accessories Expo and the new sweater dress in black by Gabriel.

For full information and all the latest updates, please visit the Christmas Expo website: 

Aphrodite for Heart Homes

Jewelry and Accessories show LM