Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Soiree and Mr. X - Ghee @ Sneak Peek

Fire Island, New York.  The last ferry... and the city  before us...  always, Mr. X.... Even the seagulls seemed thrilled. And, oh the lights of Broadway.  Brilliant --  simply inspired --  like  the way Ghee's new cocktail dress called  Soiree makes me feel.   It is  an  exclusive at Sneak Peek.
 And then  the soft breeze  and Mr. X, his arms around me.. shelter... and  more... he says, "Sita can you please ....?"   I think...  of course...  what can I say... and, we slowly make our way ...
I am wearing this  sweet mini  dress  called Soiree Cocktail  dress with it's exotic off the shoulder cape with it's distinctive floral underside... so many  amazing details.  Perfect for an off night back street rendezvous -- way off Broadway  and the bright lights....  with Mr. X  on the Upper East Side... wouldn't you... just say yes !

 Sneak Peek Exclusive
Ghee ---Soiree Cocktail  dress

Shoes -  Ghee - Fringe heels - coal
Nails  - Ghee - Essential Nails - Scarlet

Skin -  October 4 Seasons   *new* Alisha Blossom

Hair - Agrace - Tamaki

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