Thursday, September 23, 2021

Mr. X and Asra - New Gown by GGVG @ Swank

Lavender sunset fills the western sky -- I can smell it in the woods all around me... as twilight fades into nightshades...I see distant lightning... somewhere it is raining...I remember him on nights like this... I long for Mr. X... cruel time and distance... separate us --- but he is always and forever in my heart... my beloved Mr. X.

I love the color and smell of lavender and the new gown by GGVG called Asra is as romantic as the scent of this fragrant flower. Asra is made for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Tonic mesh bodies. It is an interesting mixture of Flexi prims and beautifully rendered mesh.

The body of this lovely gown has a lovely floral brocade pattern in silver thread and lavender. I love the mermaid hemline and the way the Flexi prims sway at the hemline. I also adore the romantic cap lace sleeves that are accented with more Flexi prims. This is just a lovely gown that comes in a variety of colors... but, I think the lavender is perfect for fall.

Wearing GGVG - Asra Gown  - An Exclusive @ Swank 

Swank LM

Hair - Emo-tions -

Mr. X and Ines - Jumo @ Swank

I love this sexy skirt and cozy midriff turtleneck sweater with beautiful floral applique ensemble called Ines by Jumo that is an exclusive at Swank. The sheer skirt has a lovely pattern and the ribbed turtleneck top has a lovely abstract floral like print with bell sleeves that are oh so sweet. I love the pattern with a YSL kinda look... oh la la so elegant.

Ines comes with many huds including beige, rose, orange, red, steele, mint, yellow, nave black and extra. It is made for ebody classic and curvy, freya, hourglass, isis, maitreya, physique, signature, tonic- curvey, fine, medium, and venus. The hair that I am wearing is so sleek and sexy. It is called Emma and is available at Jumo's Mainstore.

Sometimes I ask myself why people want to shine neon lights into the dark places. Why do all mysteries need to be solved? There is a pleasure in uncertainty. And, I have learned to live with uncertainty... have you?

Wearing Jumo - Ines - a Swank Exclusive 

Swank LM

Hair - Emma - Jumo 

Jumo Mainstore LM -

Luxe Paris @ Swank

 I love the two choices offered by Luxe Paris this September at Swank. The first is a flirty mini dress that has a lovely iridescent overlay and a high neckline called shooting star - and wearing it you will feel like one as you sparkle up the night. It even comes with matching shoes! Shooting Star is made for Maitreya petite, maitreya, slink, belleza, altamura, legacy, legacy perky, and perky

The second choice and so very glamorous is Rona Gown that will carry you on the dance floor as if by the wings of love.  It has an evocative abstract pattern that is so eye-catching and a lovely, sparkling mermaid netting that flutters around the hemline of this stunning gown.

Rona is made for freya, hourglass, isis, maitreya, physique and venus. This colfully elegant silk gown is perfect for a night of romance under the stars -- you will outshine them all in Rona.

Wearing Luxe Paris @ Swank - Shooting Star and Rona 

Swank LM

Luxe Paris Mainstore -

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Moonlight... and SKBW Halwa @ Swank

 Before you leave... I would like to have another... kiss... at least another kiss... so I can remember you all through the long day... I will remember how you held me in your arms and whispered... we will meet again... I am your Shiva... a light... glowing in the stars of enlightenment...I wait for you in this new  gown an exclusive @ Swank by SKBW called Halwa

Tell me where your freedom lies... when are you ready to come to me... as the crescent moon... becomes full in fecund desire... you know where to find me... amid the burgundy autumn leaves... the scent of the earth... the spice of the pine... your heartbeats as you come to me... 

Wearing  SKBW - Halwa @ Swank

Monday, September 6, 2021

Make it your Own-- YIP by Sascha's Designs & Wicca's Wardrobe

 And in the starlight... there is Yip by Sasha's Designs  -  a wrap-around band-aide top oh la with low frilly sleeves... so sweet and sexy... perfect for a late summer Rendevous... don't I think?  I do and so does the long... lost -- sighs very lost Mr. X... I must admit... there is no Mr. X atm...  but... I am hopeful...

So... if you want to feel free and sexy... check out YIP by Sascha's Designs... it is  amazing!

Wearing - Sascha's Designs - YIP

Sasha's Designs Main Store

Necklace - Wicca's Wardrobe -RoryLM -

Hair - Violator

Rory and The Dragon Queen - Wicca's Originals @ Darkness Event

 I am the dragon queen... I can do anything.... I never touch the earth and I live in the shadows of the night...I can make the earth stop in its tracks. I can make the blues go away... I can make myself invisible and place myself anywhere in space and time.... 

I can summon the dead. I can perceive your mind and events in far-off lands in my deepest mind... and in the soul of others... I can. I am the Dragon Queen. Wearing Rory new reptilian spikes from the days of old. Thank you, Wicca... for the eternal remembering of the dawn of time. Let's not waste the dawn... wearing Rory spike necklace comes with a ten-color-changing hud. Also wearing Wicca's Wardrobe's  Dragons. 

Wearing Wicca's Wardrobe

New Rory Necklace  @ The Darkness Event - Sept. 5- Sept. 28

LM -

Earrings - Dragon

Wicca's Wardrobe Main Store -

Wicca's Wardrobe MP -

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Mr. X and Zoe New Jumo @ Swank

Around the world is this August's theme for Swank... and what better place to get lost in an ancient temple than wearing the new Swank Exclusive by Jumo called Zoe. I love the deep plunging neckline, the sweet tie at the waist, and the simply evocative lace at the hemline... this is a come hither dress if there ever was one... my advice... get it in all colors!  Zoe is made for slink, Maitreya, and Freya and comes in so many huds... navy, black extra, rose, beige, orange, red, steel, mint, and yellow. I love the fact that the hud comes in three patterns.

So now, I sit with my new friend... this lovely tiger... waiting patiently for Mr. X... it is true, I have not been on in a month... I had a personal illness that was unexpected and I am, thankfully feeling better... I know you have all missed my stories, and I have missed all of you....


Jumo- Dress - Zoe - Swank Exclusive

Swank LM -  

Necklace - and Earrings - Jumo - called Promise 

Jumo Main store -

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Githa - Golden Lady... Sascha's Designs...@ Swank

I love the color and feel of gold... and this new dress by Sascha's Designs is called Githa in Gold of course... it is sexy and feminine and absolutely seductive... the texture and style are just luscious... it makes me feel like a million bucks --- and, better yet, Mr. X took me in his arms and called me his "golden lady" I kinda like that! 

Githa has a cascading ruffle and is a sexy satin gold sheath. Githa is made for curvy, fine, freya, hourglass, legacy, maitreya petite, maitreya (worn), and perky. This dress comes with a hud that offers four different looks... with four different dresses, that details the details on the bodice of this dress from deep cut floral motifs from a side flower that is just lovely... and even one without any applique embellishments... all have the gorgeous gold color. Githa also comes with a gold string for modesty... I appreciated that touch.

Wearing - Githa - Sasha's Designs - @ Swank

Swank Lm  -  

Sasha's Designs Main Store

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Sparkle Up the Night in Nova - *NEW* Sascha's Designs

 I love to sparkle up the night and in this new frock by Sascha's Designs called Nova-  I know I will... just look at this sexy mini cocktail dress - it is all in black and white and grey... with sheer cutouts that add effervescence to this chic dress.

Nova is divinely adorned with an intricate shoulder satin stole that adds a fetching and flirty look to this sheath dress with its swirling and intricate silver applique. Nova is made for curvy, fine, freya, hourglass, legacy, and maitreya mesh bodies and comes with a fabulous color-changing hud.

Wearing - Sascha's Designs - Nova

Available @ Sasha's Designs Main Store

Friday, July 2, 2021

Sparkle Up the Night and "En"joy - Fellini @ Dubai

I asked, meet me in the wine cellar and we cry a river of tears and the joy of possibilities... forget nostalgia and pain... I think we have more possibilities in each moment than we realize not to sound pedestrian... I dare you to think unthinkable... amazing and wonderful thoughts... that is what I did in Ornella by Fellini -- Joy always makes me smile... in her artistry and detail... I love her.

Ornella is a cute frock that comes with a color-changing hud of eight colors with or without lace. I love the way the skirt flows and the detail is eloquent as always. It makes me feel so feminine and, really, I like to feel like that  -- so will you. Sometimes, it is all about simply elegant, and to me, that is the essence of Fellini.

An extra highlight -- is the  Ornella Crown that is included with this dress...  get ready to be enchanting... because it is embellished by a lovely chrysanthemum - a symbol of joy and love and longevity... and, really, this is what we all want... so, if I may say, "en" joy...  

Fellini @  the  DUBAI Event!

Wearing - Fellini - Ornella Dress and  Crown

Dubai LM -

Fellini Main Store


Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Naomi and Jumo... the Stars are in Me....and YOU

Jumo always makes me feel uber-sexy and feminine...  especially in her new gown Naomi - it amazing and reminds me of the time....  You came smiling softly mantled in shyness into my room----and before I understood the danger I found myself staring into your eyes an emerald enchantment 

This alluring frock, the Naomi Dress is a must-have exclusive @ the Sense Event. It has lace on one side, short sexy shorts, and is embellished with an alluring lace bodice with peek-a-boo  (I never kiss and tell) top sure to intrigue. Naomi is made for Belleza, Maitreya, slink, and tonic and has, as always, a massive color-changing hud. Sold separately are Naomi boots with a spike heel and open toe that come in complementary colors. The boots are made for slink, Belleza, and Maitreya, and legacy feet.

To complete the look are the gorgeous multi-colored drop earrings by Jumo called Ophelia that are exclusive in Glamazon. I love the lingering strands of diamonds and the way the stone that anchors them hit my shoulders... there is a massive gem color hud as well as a hud for that lets you choose the metal. You can adjust these earrings easily, making them any size and then with a click of a button, getting them back to the original size. I love these earrings because they are so opulent...

Mr. X --- I love when you  Promising things............. to wonderful to dare aloud...Am I a woman being dissolved into the dream Or being dreamed -- Am I your dream...................

Wearing  Jumo- Naomi Dress and Boots @ Sense Event

Juno  Earrings  - Ophelia  @ Glamazon Event 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Rave - Virtual Diva Exclusive @ Inithium Event

Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely Love Love Love color... the brighter the better! And, when I catch my breath in SL... not often enough lately, I love to wear unique colorful outfits and Virtual Diva's new look - Rave is perfect --especially when I am chilling at the many wonderful @ Electronic events.... in SL! 

I just love the ribbon like tutu skirt that is combined with the sleek and sexy tube top... it is great... and comes in so many colors, many are solid but... I liked "Pride" for so many reasons - and, so will you.

Rave at the Inithium Event is made for  Maitreya, Lara Petite, Legacy, Perky, Hourglass, and KUPRA body too. When the event is open, Rave will be available @ the Main Store, a treat to visit.

Wearing Iithiun Event  Exclusive  - Virtual Diva - Rave - Pride 

Inithiun Event LM 

Virtual Diva  Mainstore after the Event  

Cleo & Mr. X @ Swank - Hero Design

 I love this new scarlet mini cocktail dress by Hero called Cleo -- is scandalously beautiful with satin silk and embellished with touches of lace down each side, across the top, and at the hemline.

Attached are floral lace capelets that captivate with sheer shoulders and fluttery sleeves that arc and flair with each movement... Mr. X thinks... it is very sexy... and so do I! Cleo is made for Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya.

Wearing Swank Exclusive - Cleo by Hero

Swank LM -

Hero Main Store -

Hero Marketplace -

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Break the Silence - Giulia Designs @ Swank

Giulia Designs is always so sexy and classy at the same time... and this time she dares me to break the silence... oh my god, I have a lot to say... lol! well after all these blogs, you know that is true --- there is something so much fun when I think of is sunshine I feel... even in the darkest of nights... 

Dreams and dreams... reality... sometimes the future is so hard to see... and then I think of you... I float on water... sunshine... and dancing on moonlight... especially when I am with you... it is so good... so true... so good ... in my heart so true... sighs... my love is like a west wind... softer than sunshine... can we break the silence?

I love the Vajolet Boots also by Giulia Designs  --- super coolio fashionable work boots, I wear them all the time in rl colors and all and was thrilled to see them in sl they are made for slink, Belleza and Maitreya (worn)  feet... and in the meantime... I am breaking the silence and dreaming of sailing into the deep dark realms of the night... are you ready? 

Wearing  - Giulia Designs exclusives @ Swank -  Break the Silence and Vajolet Boots

Monday, June 21, 2021

::: WILD ::: Frida Dress @ Swank... So Boho Chic

This dress is classically boho with a macrame quilt... so colorful so quaint so coolio retro... I love it...  the new exclusive @ Swank by Wild called Frida...  and it is made for all mesh bodies... the highlight of this is the attention to details and textures... especially the asymmetric hemline... 

Frida comes with a six color-changing hud and is made for all Belleza, Slink, Maitreya, ocain, tonic and tonic curvey mesh bodies... it makes me think of summer rain that taps at my window... I am dreaming of my love at my side... his sweet love gives me such sunshine when I see him... and then, I never kiss and tell...but I long to be back in his arms... on this windswept beach...