Saturday, April 21, 2018

Mr. X & Aisha NEW Sascha Designs and Emo-tions

Have you seen the stars tonight...  I have and you are my distant love... like a comet that burns in my heart... can you feel me in your heart Mr. X and feel my softly spoken words... I know -- I know... you do make me feel like a "goddess" Mr. X... each night before I sleep I whisper... I am lost in your arms that have found me....

It has been so hard for us Mr. X... time zones and work isn't that the frustration of it all... but...  my sanctuary is that you are in my heart...  am wearing this fabulously sensual dress... a mini I know and I love it... Sascha has outdone herself... Aisha comes in a few packs of colors, I liked the pink and beige... it is for all mesh bodies -- belleza, maitreya, slink, tmp and classic.  This dress is perfect for on the prowl--- meow!

I have combined it with the new hair by Emo-tions called Casy an exclusive at Tres Chic it is tribally scrumptious and Mr. X cannot help but run his finger thru my hair... and I like that!  Casy by Emo-tions comes in so many hud colors with appliers for classic, catwa and letuka mesh heads... I love this look.... and so will you!


Dress - Sascha Designs - Aisha

Hair - Emo-tions  - Casy-
Tres Chic
Main Store -

Tattoos - White Widow

Mr. X and the Peacock... irrISIStible and Letituier @ Swank

 Mr. X... there is something so magically alluring about the feathers of a peacock... and when combined with a sexy corset top... well it is irresistible... no  pun intended that this is made exclusively for Swank by irrISIStible with the fab hair by Letituier  

Mr. X... I   am your dream... in shadows and light... I dream of the sunset...  you and I... together...  always...  and now I drop a feather or so... it flutters in the breeze... a  bird know for beauty and grace... together in my arms we are the  Phoenix bird rising... can you see the stars in my eyes?

This fabulous outfit is by irrISIStible and comes made for all mesh bodies - slink, belleza, maitreya and classic mesh... it is gorgeous... the hair, a must have... by Letituier called Caroline.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Outfit - irrISIStible  Peacock

Hair - Letituier   - Caroline - Pastels

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mr. X and Legindiare and Firelight @ Swank!

The Sun goes down... and I have such dreams... joy and peace... I think of Earth Day... it is  coming up... and how we all should celebrate... the beauty within and around us... and really every day should be cherished and every day should be "earth day."  This butterfly gown by Legendaire called Spring  Dress is amazing and an exclusive at Swank.  Get the Cleo Shoes sold separately... and is made for all mesh and classic feet and comes with a fab color changing hud!

Mr. X told me Legendaire created a fabulous new Spring gown for Swank... comes in all mesh sizes and is so  amazing it reminds me of the perfect gown to celebrate Earth Day in... it has  flowers and butterfly's--- it also has a four-color hud of  different floral patterns and  is made for slink, maitreya, belleza , tmp and classic mesh bodies -- what more could you ask for!!

The hair is another exclusive  @ Swank by Firelight called Makeda... I love the cascading curls --- they remind me of a waterfall of love for Mr. X ... as we get ready to celebrate  Earth Day and try to be environmentally responsible .......

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Gown - Legendaire - Spring Dress
Shoes - Legendaire - Cleo Heels

Hair - Firelight- Makeda - Dark...  this hud also has a whispy and a  regular option and  many shades... a must have!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

City of Angels ? Mr. X @ Swank -Guiliadesign and Letituier

Sirens in the night... red lights and smoke... ladders to fire and all I can see is white... wings  and comfort...  do you know what I mean when you fall into those arms that you need... and if you need a dress to do that   Guilia City of Angels and Exclusive @ Swank is  fantastic and so is the hair by Letituier called Caroline also an exclusive @ Swank

Wings...  feathers and even movements of the feathers are all part of City Angels... you can wear this elegant gown with or without the wings and all the other amazing attachments made for slink, belleza, maitreya and regular mesh bodies... as always  Guilia is elegant and never disappoints... get it!

I paired this look with the to die for hair by Letituier called Caroline.. talk about angel plus... it has many huds and colors and is perfect with mesh and non mesh heads.... I love this hair... it  flows like a waterfall and is so..... angelic... just like me... MR. X!

Wearing Swank Exclusives

 Swank  Exclusives

Gown -  Giuliadesigns- City Angels.

Hair -Letituier called Caroline

Monday, April 16, 2018

Spring Snuggle with Mr. X - XH&A @ Swank and Aphrodite at Heart Homes

I love to snuggle and there is nothing better to do on a cold -- unseasonably cold... snow included spring afternoon... and I found just the perfect bedroom set to cuddle on by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes called Spring Joy Bed (PG). I love the gold gilded Buddha on the spindle-legged bedside table and intricate design of the bed, with lights that shut on and off... and all the beautiful extras-- loads of poses for couples and singles... even dancing and activities.

Details galore come with Spring Joy by Aphrodite at Heart Homes... check out the other antique bedside table in maple with its spindle leg in the rarest of ebony wood.  This table has a cute tiffany styled lamp, a cactus, and books... above it is an art deco clock and underneath are extra blankets for extra cuddling -- Mr. X likes that!

I am wearing an exclusive @ Swank by XH&A called Maggie Pajamas and Slippers in  cream... they are the cutest PJ's on the planet -- ok ok on the Grid.  They are made only for mesh bodies -- slink, maitreya and belleza.   They even come with fancy pom pom slippers made for slink (flat),  belleza and maitreya flat feet.  I have paired this outfit with hair, another exclusive @ Swank called Seiko by Firelight.

Outfit - XH&A - Maggie Pajamas and Slippers - Swank Exclusive

Hair Swank Exclusive - Firelight - Seiko - Blonde

Bedroom - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - NEW - Spring Joy Bedroom Set

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Mr. X Heavenly.. Luxe Paris & Jumo @ Swank

Feeling elegant like a princess ready to enter a ballroom with white and gold gilded walls... tapestries that make me gasp with wonder of their artistry and the music... it floats through the air... I know I look beautiful in this new exclusive gown by Luxe Paris that is an exclusive at  Swank called Heavenly.

Mr. X loves to touch my shoulders as we dance... he loves the drop puffed sleeves and the elegant hint of a pattern on this gown... it is poetry in motion... and, I like that!  Heavenly by Luxe Paris is made for slink, maitreya, mesh and belleza mesh bodies.  It comes in several pastel soft colors... the choice is yours... I  loved the creme.

I paired this with the new hair and necklace by Jumo.  The hair called Skyler is the perfect period hair for this gown, I am wearing straight blondes but it comes in a million hud colors (all great) and also has  appliers for letuka and catawa mesh heads.

The necklace and earrings are also new by Jumo called Mc Jewelry and, I love this set... I can almost hear the ancient silver coins jingle when I wear them... one thing I love is well made opulent jewelry and, Jumo, never ever, disappoints.


Swank Exclusives

Gown - Luxe Paris - Heavenly

Hair - Jumo - Sklyer

Necklace and Earrings - Mc Jewelry

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mr. X and Angeline - New @ Swank [LIZ] and Heartsdale + Wicca's Wardrobe

Mr. X asked me to go to an art opening with him and I went to this month's Swank and found the most perfect dress by [LIZ] called Angeline... I love the subtle detail in the texture and the feminine sweeping flair... Mais oui!

I love the sweeping, swoon-worthy way this perfect cocktail dress flows and how it is perfectly tiered.  Mr. X told me it was tres romantique!   Angeline is made for slink, belleza and maitreya mesh bodies and is available in creamy, antique blue, dusty pink and violet.

Mr. X took me by the hand as we entered the gallery and told me I looked like his dream come true... and, better yet, in this dress, I felt that way too!  I combined this with Angelina Light Diamond Set by Heartsdale that consists of two bracelets and a choker.  It comes in diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and turquoise. I paired this dress with the cute new high heel boots called Eve by Wicca's Wardrobe... I think they are so cute. They are made for slink and maitreya feet and come with a massive color changing hud.


Swank Exclusives

Dress - [LIZ] - Angeline

Jewelry  Heartsdale - Angeline

Boots - Eve Booties - Wicca's Wardrobe
@ Blush Event -

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mr. X and the Unicorn @ Dazzle - PC Exculsive

Lost, in a lost world... and then... to my utter delight there is a unicorn in the mist as the night descends with...blankets of cold clouds ---  somehow  I see a glimmer of a unicorn that wears a  crown of  flowers and stars -- I am told they last forever  as my love does for Mr. X.

I told Mr. X that I believe in is omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful... that is eternal... this is what I believe and so does Mr. X.....and what of unicorns... oh... they gather  upon a shore of malachite next to  a sea of lapis lazuli... under the molten silver of stars and moonbeams.... this is where  Mr. X and I will  dance.

I love this new exclusive gown by PC called Mystical Dreams and is at April's Dazzle event.  It is made for mesh bodies in 5 sizes, I wore it quite easily with my Lara body.  I love the lavish flowers on the gown that accentuate the lovely stole that drapes over this fanciful gown.  Mystical Dreams has a fabulous color changing hud in every pastel color imaginable with an ombre touch.

The best part of this look is that PC had created hair called  Cute Fantasy Hair to match this look... I love the hair and this fancy updo with its hairband of flowers, stars and tiny unicorn horns with a  color changing hud that coordinated colors with the gown is the perfect match.  All of this can be found exclusively @ Dazzle in April.

Wearing -- Dazzle Exclusives
Dazzle LM

Gown - PC - Mystical Dreams

Hair - PC - Cute Fantasy Hair

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Mr. X - Wild for the Stars - Wild & Jumo

I am wild to talk under the stars with you exclaimed Mr. X... he takes my hand as we stroll out on the balcony under a light April snow... Mr. X, snow in April is so romantic... it is like two seasons in one... I can see the lovely white and literally snowdrop flowers and the green heads of daffodils begin to peek through the snow...

I feel like a glamorous snow angel in this new gown by Wild called See Stars that is an exclusive through March 5 at Swank and then will be at the main store.  I love the jeweled glimmer of this gown that reminds me of how the snow sparkles under the full moon when the spring stars are bright.
See Stars is made for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies and comes with a color changing hud with 15 pastel colors in three different shimmering patterns... each one has their own allure.

I have combined this with the new eyeshadow called Vistage for Letuka, Catwa mesh heads by Jumo that is an exclusive @ April's TMR.  I love the pastel color of the eyeshadow with its exotic leopard like appeal.  The hair is also by Jumo and is called Mock Firehawk.  I love the Vivids hud that adds swirls of color to this classic updo.  This hair also comes with appliers for classic, letetuka and catwa mesh heads.


Gown - Wild - See the Stars

Hair - Jumo - Mock Firehawk - Vivids

Eyemake-up - Jumo - TMR

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Mr. X and Belle's Enchanted - Sylvan Moon and Emo-tions!

Did you ever feel like you lost a glass slipper?  I have... and yes, I have even met a prince charming (Yes, Mr. X that is you of course!).  If you have met or are looking to meet your prince charming this gorgeous bell-shaped ball gown is a classic must have created by Sylvan Moon. Belle's Enchanted is made for a Classic and a Maitreya Mesh body (in many colors) -- it fits mine perfectly.  I feel like  I will teach Mr. X new ways to dream in this gown... and you will feel the same when wearing it...

I love the way the heavy silk taffeta cascades around my hips... it is elegant and so very Cinderella... it sways as if on a midnight wind... it is playful and makes me feel young and ebullient... it makes me want Mr. X to tell me a bedtime story.....

My dream... arms wrapped around my waist... lips -- brush against my forehead... the sweet taste... as he kisses my lips... his hands on my hips... fingers draw invisible numbers... my heart beats the rhythm... and then, the clock...strikes midnight...

A long time ago, there was a country where peace and harmony prevailed. The kingdom was nameless--- and people lived in harmony with Mother Nature, everything was for the best in the best of all worlds...... and, then.....


Gown - Sylvan Moon - Belle's Enchanted - Yellow (also comes in many other colors)

Hair - Emo-tions - Leni - Brown

Hair Jewelry - Emo-tions - Pippa

Necklace - Eshi Otawara - Tux Yellow (no longer available)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mr. X and the Holywood Diva - FOUR finds at Swank Lore'a, Alma, Pink Magic and Oz Design

Swank in  March is downright Glamorous... and this month's  Swank is extended through April 5 - Yay!  And, I found something that Mae West would have loved to wear... by Lore'a called Carla it is red satin and lace --- with cutouts... something that Mr. X just will you!

This super flirty outfit is an exclusive at  Swank.  It is made for mesh bodies - slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Tonic, Venus and is beyond adorable.  I love the take on the high short shorts with lace and flowers embellishing each thigh... Mr. X wants to play with the lace... oh la la... The too-cute hair is by Firelight and is called Tami Gen2, another exclusive @ Swank.  The hud is massive and has light and darker shades plus a color tint wheel.

Carla's band-aid style top with matching lace, just makes this so gorgeous!  I paired this with tattoos from OzDesign called Tattoo Element made for Slink, Signature, TMP  Bodies and comes with an Omega applier that works with my Maitreya body.  I really like the evocatively intricate pattern of this tattoo that is great for men and women.

I am also wearing eye-makeup by  Alma called Maria another exclusive  @ Swank. It is made for classic, catwa, letuka, slink, Vista, and AK bento heads.   As Mae West would say... I shall send a call out to Mr. X...." A man's kiss is his signature1"   Wooot!  And, lest I forget, the set is by Pink Magic, another Swank Exclusive!

Swank Exclusives

Wearing -

Outfit -  Lore'a- Carla

Hair - Firelight - Tami Gen2 Hud

Tattoos - Oz Design - Tattoo Element

Backdrop - Pink Magic - Backdrop Hollywood

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mr. X and Rune - Giulia Design and Glitter @ Swank

The room smells like heavy zware tobacco and brandy... that lingering smell that only comes from dark fired Kentucky and Algonkian Connecticut air-cured tobacco leaves... the moon hangs as a crescent and the wind is down to a whisper... like deep water music that echoes... I do miss Mr. X.

Through the window of my library, I look for Mr. X... how I long to hold him in my arms.  I have taken care to dress extra special... in the most gorgeous gown by Giulia Design called Rune that is an exclusive at Swank.  Just look at the detail in this gown and how it ripples and flows... it is almost an embossed look that is oh so very Swank indeed.

 I especially love the red flower at the crest of the ruffle and the diamonds embedded on the sweetheart neckline... so much detail... Mr. X will surely swoon, and I like that!  This gown is made for Slink and Maitreya mesh bodies and comes with a beautiful necklace, bracelet, and ring.


Swank LM -

Gown - Giulia Design - Rune - Swank Exclusive

Poses - Glitter - Dream - Swank exclusive

Hair - Emo-tions - Ginger - Blonde

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Mr. X and Carina - New Fellini Couture

Yes... it is on the wind... in the scent of the air... spring has arrived... and with that Fellini Couture, one of the most artistic creators on the grid  has created a joyous new gown for mesh bodies (slink, belleza, maitreya and classic mesh)  called Carina... when you wear it you will blossom like a flower... and all the  bees will come buzzing!!!

Carina comes in black, blue, white, pink and red with matching flowers... each shade is exquisite. I feel as bright as a blue bonnet and as gay as a spring breeze ... I can't wait for the daffodils to bloom in April... it has been a long winter... and this flirty frock makes me feel like dancing on the wind...  look at the detail and attention... it is utterly amazing and a must-have for a spring fling!

So Mr. X... are you ready... for spring?   We shall no longer wander lonely like winter clouds... but walk hand in hand --- besides a  lake glistening blue... with moonlight dancing on the water... as Rumi said.... " the garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than joy or sorrow. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh."


Gown - Fellini Couture - Carina Exclusive @ Scents Event
At Sense Event -
Main Store --

Hair - Kadosh E- Metallic

Friday, March 23, 2018

Mr. X and Belatrix - New Jumo @ Sense event

Wearing luxurious lace, satin and silk I wait for Mr. X in a new gown by Jumo called Belatrix... it is gorgeous.  I wait for him by the sea and feel the salty breeze against my skin... the skirt of this gown that is made of netting and embellished by Battenburg Lace rustles softly...I am watching the shifting color of the sea and sky... in the distance, I hear the horn of a ship... and I know Mr. X cannot be far away.

I love the shimmering tight corset styled top... it comes in four different colors -- each one has its own special glimmer... wearing it I tell Mr. X I feel like a beautiful mermaid.  I love the pattern it makes and the silhouette it creates juxtaposed with the lace and netting of the skirt of the gown.

I have paired this gorgeous gown with a few more products from Jumo including the  new necklace and earrings set called Belatrix, plus the Silken lips made for regular, letuka and catwa mesh heads and Power eye shadow.  The hair is also by Jumo and is one of my favorites called Alessandra because it is so long and regal.

This gorgeous gown is made for Maitreya, Slink and Venus shapes.  The gown, jewelry and hair all have fun color changing huds.   So Mr. X as I watch the last light of day fade, I am expecting your arrival at any second... please hurry and don't be late!

Wearing - Jumo

Sense Event LM

Main Shop LM -

Jumo -Power eye shadow

Jumo - Silken lips

Gown - Jumo -Belatrix Gown

Jewelry - Jumo - Belatrix

Hair - Jumo -Alessandra Hair- Blonde

Mr. X and Damask...Ghee @ Sense through April 8

I love the feel of soft silky damask with its evocative floral pattern that is a classic.  Ghee gives damask an update however with her form-fitting Damask Suit that is made for Slink and Lara (Maitreya) bodies.  The Damask Suit comes in boy blue, graphite, iceberg, lavender, mist, and rose.

I love the detail in the jacket with its velvet collar, cuffs, and button.  And, those pencil-thin slacks make my legs look oh so long and sexy!  Mr. X loves the way the pattern swirls on this outfit... I like that fact that you can dress this outfit up or down and that it is good for almost any occasion... you will definitely turn heads!

I have paired this with another exclusive from Ghee, the enameled Rondo necklace and earrings.  This adds the right amount of saucy dash to this look and it even comes with a color changing hud so you can match it with the Damask Suit along with many other items! These items are available at Sense through April 8 and then will be at the main store.

Wearing - Damask Suit - Ghee

Jewelry -Original enameled Rondo Jewelry - Ghee