Friday, December 3, 2021

Mr. X and Stella - Virtual Diva Couture

 Oh, this is beyond cool... I just love this new dress by Virtual Diva Couture ... it is out of bounds and in my heart... just look at it... and you will see is an intricate multi-faceted extravaganza of textures and serpentine colors... I love it... and have not taken it off for five days! 

Stella is made for Maitreya, Legacy and Hourglass, Kupra, and now the  REBORN body too. It comes in many colors and several patterns each sold separately... I  just fell in love with this one called dark  - where there is dark there is light and depending on where you live... snow... I also fell in love with Stella Snow... it is mod-hip and I love the silver and white reminds me of a long winter evening with my darling.... in his arms... the fire is burning... all that is missing is... Mr. X

Wearing  Virtual Diva Couture - Dress - Stella

Virtual Diva Main Store

Hair - mono and tab

Monday, November 29, 2021

Mr. X --- Zoom and It... Curious?

 Tonight I am wearing an adorable new outfit called Sylvanas by Zoom that is an exclusive @ Swank. It has a lace bolero jacket and a sexy midriff top... oh la la... It is made for maitreya, legacy, and freya mesh bodies and comes with a color-changing hud. I especially like the corduroy slacks, they are snug and fit perfectly and are embellished by a silk sash at my waist... Mr. X likes that and so do I  and for that matter, so will you - need I say more? 

Dancing in the moonlight... is there more I guess I need not kiss and tell but --- with him there is never enough... in yet a different and very soft color of zoom... I will not say with who... as I never kiss and tell...he knows who he is!

I do like the different textures of this outfit... sleek velvet corduroy,  lace and silk,  and of course ribbon chiffon...  dramatic. And, then I combined with another find @ Swank called Flor by !It! -- this necklace and earrings come with a massive color-changing hud, you can change the metal and three different types of gemstone... this is a must-have... it is tribal and exotic.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

 Swank LM -

Outfit - Zoom - Sylvanas

Jewelry - Flor by !It!

Outfit -  Sylvanas by Zoom 

Hair she

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lost in the Dusk of Night @ Autumn Swank...

Oh wow... three Swank exclusives in one... oh la la -- Glitter, Swank and Company and Paper Sparrow... I am going to lead you down the garden path on this one! All go so well together and trust me you will get compliments galore...

First off check out this chic little lace-like mini dress by Glitter called Heather Mesh mini dress... it is so flirty! Best of all, it must be made for just about every mesh body in SL...including altamura, ebody (classic and curvy) Freya, Slink (hourglass and isis) Kupra (Bimbo and low), Maitreya and Maitreya petite, Perky, Physique, TMP, Tonic Curvy, Tonic Fine Venus! WOW... and it comes with a color-changing hud too.

Swank and Co. Deccadent Amber and Gold Necklace, Earrings and Brooch it comes in gold and silver I love both options and the fact that amber was the gem of choice.  Amber is a gemstone as old as time formed from fossil resin and is orange-yellow in color... it is one of the first stones used for pendants and earrings that goes back to 8,000 BC...because of its inclusions of ancient leaves and bugs and its warm feel, amber is associated with the sun... on a cold winter day, I like that idea. I wear the double pearl necklace with amber and the errings and I put the brooch... in the cleavage of my chest... oh la la --- it brings Mr. X home!

And, of course, the boots again, by Paper Sparrow Taylor Boots made for slink hourglass and physique, belleza venus, isis, and freya and Maitreya. It has a 22 color changing hud that goes with almost every outfit imaginable.... this is a must-have....

Wearing  Swank Exclusives

Swank LM -

Glitter - Heather Mini Dress

Jewelry - Swank and Co. Deccadent Amber and Gold Necklace, Earrings and Brooch

Boots - Paper Sparrow Taylor Boots 

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Nala Designs Mr X and Lia @ Swank

I feel the heat of the sun... the wind on my face  --- your kiss on my lips....  dreams and dreams and then reality --- when I think of you... I am walking on moonlight wishing for you...

Every day I get out of my bed and I wonder... what the next challenge will be ...sometimes the future is too blurred to see... Sunshine I feel...  when I think of you... I walk on water... whenever I am with you... so good... so true.....

Wearing Swank Exclusive 

Swank LM -

Dress - Nala Designs - Lia - This dress comes with fur, a sexy dress, and shoes... plus a massive hud...for mesh bodies it is gorgeous.

Hair - Victoria

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Enigma -New Sascha Designs @ Swank....

 Sometimes it is fun to look mysterious and cool -- dressed all in black... I wanted to look glamourous and evocative for Mr. X tonight so I swooped into Swank and Sascha's new outfit called Enigma caught my eye...and I had to have it immediately if not sooner! 

I love the fact that this outfit comes with two tops, one is a sexy midriff with criss-cross straps that looks great alone with the high-waisted silk pants that come with this outfit or with the coat (not worn) that is also included in this ravishing ensemble!

I also love the second top with its high neckline, net sweetheart top that is embellished by sparkles that really shows off my figure...Mr. X will love that... just as I have intended him too! With two different tops and a coat plus gorgeous silk pants, this is like getting three different complete outfits in one!

Wearing - Swank Exclusive - Sascha's Designs - Enigma

Swank LM -

Sascha Designs Main Store -

Sunglasses - Sonatta Morales - No Longer Available 

Hair - Vanity 

Monday, November 8, 2021

Autumn Dress by Skindustrial Bodyworks New @ Swank

 I love the colors of autumn in New England... brilliant orange, golden yellows, radiant rust...and this stylish new dress called Autumn Dress @ Swank created by Skindustrial Bodyworks is the perfect choice to wear on a late autumn afternoon. It is casually chic with its brilliant scarf that drapes so romantically over my shoulders... I just love it!

Autumn Dress is made for mesh bodies including Freya, HG, Isis, Lara, Legacy, Physique, Standard M, Tonic curvy, Tonic fine, Venus, and Voluptuous. It is perfect for this time of year... bold, dashing, and beautiful... who could ask for more?!

Wearing Swank Exclusive - Autumn Dress by Skindustrial Bodyworks

Swank LM

Hair - Agrace Mai

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

VIPS Medea Dress @ Swank.... a spooktacular thing

 Do you feel sensual and spooky all at the same time? Well in VIPS called VIPS Medea Dress has a fab headdress.. you will be the spider queen... and how great is that!!!! This is made for mesh bodies and comes with a fabulous hat with spiders and a lovely gown embellished... with silver webs on a  black silk gown and even a spooktacular spider necklace... yum....  I want to make you mine...  let me weave u into my web... this Halloween!

Wearing - Swank Exclusive 

Swank LM -

VIPS - VIPS Medea Dress, hat and necklace... woot... 

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Giulia Design @ Swank - Feeling like Queen of the Damned

Some dresses make me feel powerful and alluring... I like that! It is the awful truth that suffering deepens us, gives a greater luster to our colors, a richer resonance to our words. That is if it doesn't destroy us if it doesn't burn away the optimism and the spirit, the capacity for visions, and the respect for simple yet indispensable things. And this new gown called Rachel by Giulia Design is indispensable and unforgettable.

Rachael is made for maitreya, legacy, Belleza, slink bodies and comes loaded with all sorts of goodies including silk stockings with garters and shoes for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza mesh feet, and a fabulous crown of carefully hand-wrought silver and blood-red roses... I love the sexy lace bodice... it is intriguing and sexy... making me look like the perfect demon...Queen of the Damned -- and, the damned can't live without me!

Another striking look by Giulia Design is called Katriss -- it is flowing and sensual and made of the finest black satin the is embellished with a lovely lace hemline and dragon tooth sleeves that flow in the midnight air...two red ribbons at my waist and a beautiful lace back add to this gothic Lolita look. Katriss is made for Maitreya and hourglass slink mesh bodies also comes with stockings and shoes for slink and maitreya mesh feet. 

And, so my dear love... Mr. X... Yes, I know...I'm a perfect devil. Tell me how bad I am. It makes me feel so good!”

Swank Exclusives

Swank LM -

Wearing Giulia Design

Dress #1 Rachel Dress - Giulia Design

Giulia Marketplace-

Hair - Vanity - driven to tears

 #2 - Katriss Giulia Design

Giulia Marketplace-

Hair - ploom

Jewelry - Octavia - Lyrical Bizzare

Friday, October 15, 2021

Sascha's Tux Dress - Mireile @ Swank

 The men’s tuxedo origins lie in the mid-1800s, where they were worn by men who shunned long tailcoats in favor of short dinner jackets It wasn’t until the 1920s and 30s that the tuxedo began to be appropriated by women—Marlene Dietrich notably donned the suit in her 1930 film Morocco and many other influential women of the day followed suit. Yves Saint Laurent’s take on the look, in the form of the iconic Le Smoking suit, propelled the outfit into the world of high fashion, where it was beloved by timelessly stylish women like Bianca Jagger, Catherine Denevue, and Lou Lou de la Falaise.

I love the new tuxedo dress, Mireile by Sascha's Designs,  street style mavens are loving this look that goes from a chic night out to the red carpet. Sascha's Designs offers this dress in a multitude of colors packs including black, blush, cognac, creme, nude, ocean, pink, red tan, and suede. The du pack offers both a white and solid collar. and it is made for slink, belleza, kupra, maitreya, legacy mesh bodies.

Wearing Swank Exclusive 
Mireile by Sascha's Designs
Hair - Monso Zero

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Jumo @ Swank... Beychella

October is here... and so are the wonderful colors in New England...  my favorite is orange... and  Jumo has an exclusive cocktail ruffled dress that is perfect for the season called Beychella that is an exclusive @ Swank... Just look at the pucker waistline the ruffles and the fabulous fur (PETA approved) with a silk bow that begs to be undone... I think this is a swank look...

Beychella comes with a sultry peek-a-boo top as well as a lace top with several textured skirts. It is made for a variety of mesh bodies and is available in many color huds including ebody classic, e body curvy, Freya, hourglass, isis, legacy, Maitreya, signature, tonic, venus.  

Did I mention that it comes in endless colors huds that are available  - orange, red, steel, mint, yellow, navy, black, and pink... even an extra hud of animal prints ... and if you want to glam it up wear the fur... meow...


Dress and fur - Jumo - Beychella and exclusive @ Swank in black and orange huds.

Swank LM -

Jumo - Long Hair - Kardashian blonde roots 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Rune Witch... exclusive @ Swank - SKBW

Runes... do you know your future... and can I tell it to you... maybe... perhaps I am in your future... you never can tell can you... or can you... just look at me... and wonder as I am wearing this great new dress and headpiece from  SKBW called runes... I know -- I am hard to resist...

Can't you feel it... the ghost is all around me... and it is fun!  I am the moon and you were my sun... I love this new outfit by SKBW - it is perfect for a dark goddess of October... or, for that matter, any time of year... we know who we are -- don't we sistas! And, from one sista witchy woman to another... you must get this new dress and headpiece Rune Witch, a Swank exclusive and made for freya, hg, isis, lara (worn), legacy, physique, standard m, and venus. It also comes with EVoX BOM full body face and tattoos.

Swank Exclusive 
Wearing - SKBW Rune Witch Dress 

Friday, October 8, 2021

Mr. X and Kaory... *NEW* Virtual Diva Couture...Come and Get Me

The fountains mingle with the river ---And the rivers with the ocean,...the winds of heaven mix always as you and I when we see each other... I love this new look by Virtual Diva Couture ... called Kaory... it even comes with an umbrella! And, it is so gorgeous...

Kaory is elegant and lovely it is made for  Maitreya, Legacy, and Hourglass, and KUPRA body too.  I love the tight bodice and  the way the golden chains wrap around me... oh la la and then, the way this sexy dress  flows... against all and always remains romantic like this...

(koi shita ya ichigo hitotsubu kuchi ni ire)

longing for love—
I place a single strawberry
in my mouth

Wearing - Dress  and Umbrella - Kaory Virtual  Diva Couture
Virtual Diva Couture Main Store 

Sunday, October 3, 2021

*New* Fellini @ Neo-Japan - Kami

 Have you seen her in the midnight water...Moon on her wet skin, soul in the sky...Swear she was born Farther Neptune's daughter...Black ocean sways in her eyes...

I love this new gown by Fellini called Kami that is an exclusive @ Neo-Japan. The textured fan pattern that makes up the skirt alternates between solid silk and delicate lace... it is beguiling and beautiful. Somehow it had an aquatic feel to me like drifting coral that sways on the ocean currents... it is beautiful on land and underwater!

Kami is made for Maitreya and Legacy mesh bodies and comes in white, red, black, blue, and pink. As with all of Fellini's designs, one of the joys of wearing them (no pun intended Joy!) is the elaborate headpiece that is usually included with almost every design and kami doesn't disappoint. This headpiece is an artful combination of a birdcage embellished with flowers, beautiful birds flittering on the outside of it and all of it is set onto a magnificent headdress of flowers...

Wearing - Fellini - Kami @ Exclusive @ Neo-Japan

Neo Japan LM

Fellini Main Store -

Hair - Mono - Zero

Sascha's Designs Athena - Lost in the Wine Cellar

 Can you think of a better place to be lost in than a wine cellar with centuries-old vino? I can't!! I am wearing a new look by Sascha's Designs called Athena - I love it because it is so versatile. It comes with a great band-aide style shirt, a bra top, shorts, and a skirt. This is an outfit that goes from elegant to sexy in moments!

Athena is made for freya, hourglass, kupra, legacy , maitetria, and is made for regular and BOM options. I like the fact that it has directions for wearing BOM which I may even try! 

So here I sit surrounded by the finest wine in SL...all alone... as usual... as I am here to be those that know how to look for me... it may take oceans of time and the eternal patience of the stars and ever-changing moon... but know that I await....

Wearing Sascha's Designs - Athena in Baby Blue

 Sasha's Designs Main Store

Hair -cheveaux ashscale46

Friday, October 1, 2021

Mr. X and Annabelle Outfit - Sascha's Designs *New Release*

For the moon never beams, without bringing me dreams Of the beautiful Annabel Lee...and stars never rise as I  await in this bar... LOL  wearing Sascha's Designs' new release called Annabelle... it is elegant, sophisticated, and... sexy! As always...

Annabelle comes with cream-colored pants so sleek and sexy hip-hugging loveliness... and the deep V lace top is feminine fatal extradinarie...  this is made for many mesh bodies... almost all and is a must-have for a sophisticated night out... with me by the fire... imagine a cozy night... just us with all this lace ... and the sexy tie... by my hips.... shall I come undone?

Wearing  *New Release* - Sascha's Designs - Annabelle