Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Do You Have A Fantasy? ADDOR @ Swank

Mr. X  - I request the pleasure of your company to join me in my lair of books... I long for you to read to me... as we drink and drift... laugh and smoke... and forget the world... I know you love that and,  you will adore me in this new gown by ADDOR  called Edita that is an exclusive @ Swank.

I love the lace bodice of this gown that is elegant and feminine...made from the finest Belgium lace... and the gown itself falls into a mermaid-like cascade of silk that is so beguiling. Honestly, it feels so good on me and hugs all my curves in just the right places. I like gowns like this that are just enough to beguile.

Edita is made for Maitreya mesh bodies in pink, gold, black, blue, gold, green, black, blue, red, teal, and white with the finest lace embellishments on the V top of the gown. Mr. X... come and dream with me... let us say words... too wonderful to dare aloud and, fall in love all over again... I would like know where to find me...after all these years...

Wearing Swank Exclusive

LM -

Gown by Addor  - Edita 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Nemesis - Poison Rouge.... so deep so kinky

 If you love corsets, dive into this great design by Poison Rouge... it is elegant and well comfy and sensual in all the right places! Mr. X loves me in this corset and I love the way it hugs my curves. and so will you.   I remember the wind in the mango tree and the moon overhead...  it is something he will never forget... especially when he looks at the detail in the rivets and the way this corset hugs my body... he just wants more and more... 

 Nemesis comes in a fat pack ... my advice... get it... and watch the wind pull you up and over... and into... the golden light of.... well tell me... please... 

Wearing - Corset - Nemesis  - Poison Rouge

Your Chance to Wear RL ART - Luxe Paris @ Swank The Brewin Collection

If you like to feel like walking art, then get this new gown by Luxe Paris @ SWANK  called Above Gown -- wearing it  -- you will feel as though you have walked on clouds... I know I did!  This is an exclusive haute couture gown that was incorporated from original art into this gown by real-life Canadian Painter, Dave Brewin  

Vibrant - expressionist and abstract --- in this gown you will burst on the scene like a universe gone mad... no pun intended... then again why not have fun as a whirlwind of color and passion.  Remember, I never kiss and tell... My aunt was in the abstract expressionist movement in the 1940s- 60s --- and I have some of her paintings in my house... others hang in very famous museums.....

Hush... think Moonglow illuminating white then a twirl and swirl... Aurora Borealis... think of me as a  ballerina of the dark sky... lighting up... your midnight dreams....

Wearing - Swank Exclusive -

Luxe Paris - The Brewin Collection  - Gown - Above It All

Luxe Paris  Main Store  -

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Mr. X and Gold Brianna #2 - Sascha @ Swank

 I had a bit of a situation in December... I was not here in SL blogging... I  hurt my leg -- and, it brought on many other complications and pain... don't ever hurt your leg... mind you, I didn't break it... I twisted it and all my ligaments and muscles... anyway... to kick off the  New Year 2021 my first blog is Sascha's Designs an exclusive @ Swank Brianna #2 and the Much too Much Necklace... get ready boys....

Brianna is sleek and chic and had ruffles in all the right places.... it comes with an interesting six color hud that is a  melange of black,  white and gold and bronze and gold and a mish-mash of those colors that has the hand of a true artist.  Brianna is made for mesh bodies.

The Star here is another exclusive at swank called the  Much to Much Necklace... I like much too much always... and I hope to get much too much .... love of course in SL in 2021 and maybe this much to much necklace is my lucky charm! Thank You  Sascha! 

Wearing  Sascha's Designs @ Swank 

Dress - Brianna

Necklace -Much too Much

Swank LM

Sascha' designs Main Store -

Sascha's Designs - SL Marketplace -

Friday, December 4, 2020

Delight Dress by Virtual D!va

This dress by Virtual Diva is truely a "Delight" and so trendy in RL and SL... it is a slip sheath dress that hugs all my curves perfectly and, it comes in so many colors and patterns that it makes "Delight" verstile for those of us that love to style. It is made for Legacy, Legacy Perky and Maitreya,Lara Petite and Hourglass Bodies
For example, look at the elegant art deco like pattern for Delight in Gold. This pattern is elegantly striking and complex. I love it... most of all because it is truly unsual.
I especially love this dress because it is as sexy from the back as it is in the front. The keyhole bare back is oh so sexy... And look at that high neckline... and the way this dress also shows off my shoulders... oh la la... this dress is one of my new favorite go to dresses... it will be yours too.
Another version of this dress is in Rouge Mix and has such an artful color pallette for this look, I went neo Japanese... look at me posing in a red light district...LOL! I love the colors in this dress -- they are so sophisticated.
Finally I fell in love with the plaid option... and gave it a sorta gothic look... but you can always also style a sexy school girlish look with this pattern too.
Wearing New - Dress - Delight - Virtual Diva LM -

Loretta and Mr. X - Exclusive @ Tres Chic - Poison Rouge

As I wait for him in my winter garden my mind drifts back... he was like a sweep of Moonglow that late November afternoon... he told me I looked like the finest pearl in the crown of the empress. The moon gravitated toward him and in its warm, soft glow he appeared illuminated. I can still see it in my mind's eye. 

Mr. X loved the new dress called Loretta with its artful transulcent puffy sleeves and sleek white satin slip dress called Loretta, an exclusive by Poison Rouge that is an exclusive at Tres Chic through December 10, 2020.

Loretta is elegant in its simplicity and is made for Maitreya and Legacy bodies. It comes in Pearl (worn), indigo, black, bluish-black (worn), celeste, emerald, green, magenta, and pink.


Dress - Loretta by  Poison Rouge @ Tres Chic through December 10

LM -

Poison Rouge Mainstore

Monday, November 30, 2020

Remember me in the Fall - Ginger by GGVG

 She closes her eyes and tries to picture herself being lifted from the deck of the boat, floating above in the cool air and looking down as the vessel moves across the water. In her mind's eye, from the boat, she can see the pale facades of the villas nestled into the cliffs and the century-old hotels that face the sea.

 And then she hears notes inside her head like the movement of begins with the fire colors of autumn, just like this sumptuous gown created by GGVG called Remember me in the Fall - Ginger. It is a clever combo of mesh for maitreya, legacy, altamura, slink and belleza mixed with a few flexi options for the sleeves and skirt netting. I just adore the wide belt of hand-embroidered flowers.

Wearing - GGVG - Remember Me in the Fall - Ginger

Swank LM -

GGVG Inworld LM -

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Mr. X and Ariadne Gown - Jumo @ Sense Event

I remember the blue night and the light... the was cold.  And, I remember the way things that  I always wanted them to be. Do you remember our narrow, cluttered living quarters and how we wanted to escape outside... into the starry night... 

I remember looking at you... Mr. X, those many years ago...  and you extended your hand toward me... your eyes firmly planted on mine...  and you know the path we took and maybe... both of us can find another way to go...  I love this new gown by Jumo called Ariadne made for mesh bodies ( slink, Belleza, and  Maitreya) and comes with gorgeous diamond drop earrings. 

Wearing Jumo - Ariadne Gown and  Earrings 

Sense Event LM -

Monday, November 23, 2020

Nights in White Satin and.... Giulia Designs @ Swank

Some outfits make me think of nights in white satin... I know a bit of a cliche but this new sexy formal jacket just beckons the night... an intimate night at that. This outfit called Kioko is made by Giulia Designs and is an exclusive @ Swank. 

I will wait for Mr. X -- here in amid the drifting snow that swirls around the pine trees and clings to them like I wish Mr. X would hold me deep and warm into the winter night.  For now, wearing this, I feel a great fire burns within me, but no one stops to warm themselves at it, and passers-by only see a wisp of smoke..... 

Kioko is made for slink, Belleza, and Maitreya, Maitreya Legacy, Isis mesh bodies. It also comes with a sexy form-fitting bra and string bikini panties. There is a color-changing hud of 10 colors for the jacket, bra top and bikini panties. 

Giulia Designs @ Swank 

Wearing Kioko

D!Vine Style @ Bundles ... and It Does....Urseela

So sexy and  bohemian...  it is called Urseela and it is pants and a top... it reminds me of a song..."I don't like you... but I love you... and I am always thinking of you... it reminds me of that song... you really got a hold on me, baby... I mean who doesn't love this halter micro top and the spenders and the bell-bottoms... it is just so much fun... and, yeah, it really has a  hold on me... 

What you really need to understand is how loaded this hud is... super loaded... with so many textures and solid colors for the cute bra crop top and the wide bell bottom pants with sexy suspenders. The details are fabulous and so is the hud that this comes with. This I made for belleza, maitreya, maitreya petite, slink, and standard mesh bodies. The hud is amazing.

Wearing Bundles Exclusive 

Urseela - D!Vine Style


Friday, November 20, 2020

First Blush - Charlotte & Mr. X - Glitter @ Swank

Who doesn't like the first blush... of youth... of passion and of just pure sin!  The new dress by Glitter called  Charlotte that is an exclusive @ Swank is all of these and more... I especially love the deep V neck and slight puff around my midriff and the way the silk runches around my body... Mr. X likes that too!

Mr. X told me he loves me in dusty rose... and this new gown by Glitter called  Charlotte that is an exclusive at Swank comes in a gorgeous shade of dusty rose as well as seven other gorgeous colors. Brenda is made for Fit mesh, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, eBODY, Altamura, Legacy and Star bodies. It is elegant. If you buy the fatpack you save 50%! Woot!

Wearing -  Charlotte by Glitter @ Swank

Swank Glitter LM

Glitter Inworld Store

Mr. X and a soft night... Evelyn by Flower Dreams

 I love this cute gown with its amazing ruffled bottom and its sexy bolero jacket in a  chinoiserie style texture... it is amazing and exclusive by Flower Dreams @ Swank. Its jacket is so gorgeous... as is the off-shoulder v neck gown.

This gown called Evelyn is made for belleza, slink,  maitreya (worn)  and comes with a fabulous color changing hud perfect for all moods. You have  choices for  the gown and the bolero top - in many great colors and patterns.... oh la la

Swank Exclusive 

Wearing Evelyn by  Flower Dreams

LM -

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Night Thoughts - Dietrich - Poison Rouge @ Gala Fair Tres Chic

 Who does not want to be a mystery? It is sorta fun in this know it all world! And in Poison Rouge's new outfit called Dietrich. In this, you can be an enigma just like the icon, Marlene Dietrich because it is a cute uber-sexy pants suit with a deep V neckline and low cut zipper... This is a pants suit on steroids and appropriately named!!

Dietrich even comes with a cute leather cap that is sexy and retro at the same time. There is something about wearing a cap that is classy and fun... I sorta love the retro vibe of it all -- and so does everyone else that sees me in this fabulous combo. It is just magic!

In RL there was hardly anyone that Dietrich did not meet, ensnare and caress. I like that idea. She loved many, and many loved her right back. I like that idea even more.  The actress had affairs, trysts, and erotic encounters with a variety of both men and women. Maybe no one is more lonesome than the polygamous person.  All I know is that I am never lonely wearing Dietrich and --- you won't be either!  This is available in seven different textures for Maitreya and Legacy.

Poison Rouge - Dietrich Available @ Gala Fair

Posion Rouge LM -

Marketplace -

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Here Comes the Night - Three exclusive Looks - Luxe Paris @ Swank

Some nights you lose yourself to follies... all kinds of follies in SL are available... I try only to involve myself with those that I think will make me happy. And, the three new exclusives by Luxe Paris, one of my favorite designers are perfect for three different occasions... casual, cocktail, and coolio vintage! And, yes,  Elle  Vintage, my fav!

Neon Night is pure sin with a scalloped edged mini skirt, a flirty midriff top with a cute Indian pattern and a really amazing bra top. It also comes with high boots. Get ready to prowl!  This look was made to conquer the night... and in it,  you will, I promise. Neon Night is made for Belleza, Maitreya, slink bodies, and the boots are made for Maitreya, Belleza, and slink feet.

Wild Chic sweater and pant set is so wonderful and is sure to brighten up the night with its iridescent green tiger stripes... who could ask for more? It also comes with tight-fitting satin-like high waisted black dress slacks that have a fancy belt at the waist replete with a ribbon. Wild Chic is sexy and, yes, it is chic. It is made for classic mesh bodies, Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya Mesh Bodies.

My favorite outfit of the three exclusives is Elle offered by Luxe Paris has a retro vibe with its cute chartruse leopard cape over a striking sheath dress with a geometric belt and fabulous ribbon along the hemline. It is made for belleza, maitreya, skink, legacy, freya, venus, isis, curvy, fine, maitreya petite, mesh bodies 

Wearing - Luxe Paris for Swank

Swank -

Neon  Night - Wild Chic and  Elle

Luxe Paris Main Store -

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Caged - New Ghee @ Wip

 I love the look of this sexy ensemble called Caged that it is an exclusive @ Wip. To me, somehow Caged has a Blade Runner kinda vibe... something that Pris might have worn. "I've done questionable things. Also extraordinary things. I revel in my time." There are two components to this outfit that can be worn separately or as I have done, together. This outfit is made for Maitreya mesh bodies.

The first is a sleek form-fitting bodysuit that comes in four skin tones from light to tannish... the best way to wear the bodysuit is by using it as a tattoo. The cage portion of this ensemble comes in a selection of colors including chilli,  copper, cyclamen, gold, graphite, gun, nebula, poppy, rose gold, silver, and violet.

And, don't forget to pick up the caged heels that are made for Maitreya mesh feet. The caged heels come with a color-changing hud that matches every color that this outfit is available in.

Wearing Caged - Outfit and Shoes - Ghee (worn in poppy and rose gold)

Wip LM -

Ghee Mainstore -

Ghee MP -

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