Sunday, May 28, 2023

You Keep Me Coming... Byrne @ Swank - BeauxHeaux

 Deep in the night... I wonder where is he?   I am ready to resume...  and in this new Bryne @ Swank... I am super cool. Ready to go for it rock and roll me all night long to use a dreadful cliche...  what is really cool is this great look from Bryne...  an exclusive @ Swank and not to be missed....  trust me on this... the details are sublime...  it is called BeauxHeaux

And, now for Mr. X....  well  I am waiting in his bedroom.... and messed up the bed... all by myself  !!! as a huge hint... I will keep you posted if he takes it... the hint ... and if not...  as the sign says,  "oh deer" !! In the meantime... check out this fab outfit by Byrne...

wearing  Bryne  - swank exclusive - BeauxHeaux

Thursday, May 18, 2023

It Keeps You Running - Sascha's Designs @ Designers Showcase

I have had a hiatus... but I am back... because I missed SL so much and my many friends and followers... so... here we go... right back... a deep dive... because SL and RL keep you running and then -- there is the time when I need to unwind and go deep inside... and feel my heart beat... and do what I must...but remember  I can hear your heartbeat always in my mind... which is why I am back... and my first blog is from the one and only iconically always sexy and sophisticated Sascha's Designs. An exclusive @ Designers Showcase and then at Main Store.

So I miss my love, he has me all wrong... but you know...  I am not worried at all... some people hide their hearts... I  hope I never have to... because that keeps peeps running away... I know what it means to hide your heart away and the hurt when you trust... it keeps you running and worrying all your life... not me --- so take note!

Tonight... I shall sit and dream of time gone by when I wandered... in the labyrinth of SL and all the wonderful folks I have met here and new dreams and adventures lie ahead... if you dare... and, trust me  I look forward to those I have not yet met... sounds like fun...  especially feeling elegant wearing Sascha's Designs...

Wearing  - Sascha's Designs -- always elegant and sexy at the same time... not to be missed.

Designers Showcase  Exclusive LM

Outfit Sascha  Designs - Lua Creme  Coat, Hat, Dress - Maitreya, and petite, Legacy and perky, reborn, hourglass and  Freya -  Worn: Maitreya and Rocher Creme necklace and earrings all included... wow! Lua comes in creme, pink, black, beige, seafoam, and white (worn).


Shoes -  Sascha's Designs - Vanna Creme Shoes   


Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Gentle Storm -- goes round with Bryne @ Swank

The carousel of life goes round and round... ok that sounds trite but...  in life sometimes change is good and it makes you happy... and when... well ---i saw this sea colored ocean look with waves and waves of pattern... Bryne called it Storm and it is  GORGEOUS!   Bryne outfit for men and women...just get it you will not be sorry you will be enchanted... look... and see... 

I feel like I   awake from a dream and all I remember is the lullaby of classical music and the sound of the carousel... and the whirl of color... of  Bryne...  we think we ride -- and I think ---  catch me if you can! So,  tonight we are taking each other's hand... and we know... that we are true and right... and patient and fun... and that we want to grasp SL  and have fun... and Bryne is fun and maybe puts you a little out of your wheel house and so what... go for it... your time is NOW

Wearing Bryne Storm -- Woamn and Man   exclusive @ Swank for men and women  - woot

Wednesday, January 18, 2023


 Jumo never disappoints... I love her style, her couture, and her sense of fashion because it is both trendy, sexy, and old school all at the same time. Just look at her new exclusive called  IRINA  at Swank. 

In addition to many colors and patterns, three in each pack you buy, you can also wear this dress with a fabulous belt that comes in two colors black and leather ...  that shows off your curves like no tomorrow!

IRINA is made for bellexa genx classic and curvy, freya, hourglass, isis, legacy, Maitreya (worn), physique, signature, and venus. It comes in  Beige, rose, orange, red, steel, mint, yellow, navy, pink, black and extra. Each pack comes with three patterns. 

I paired this with another Jumo Exclusive that is in Dubai --- these earrings are unique and called Beatriz ... I love them. They come with a fab color changing hud.


Swank Exclusive
Jumo Irina

Earrings - Beatriz  

Jumo Main store after event

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Hear Me Rawr... Luxe Paris @ Swank

Sometimes deep in the night  I think of moonstones... don't you?  A stone of new beginnings, new light, clarity and  beauty... in  RL I wear a moonstone always... set in 18 kt gold and surrounded by diamonds... it is gorgeous in all its opalescent beauty.... reminiscent of this exotic zebra pattern gown slashed with cerise by Luxe Paris called Rawr

Like the depths of a moonstone, I love the whimsical interplay of patterns of this gown... that gives the impression of being unpredictable and wild... I think Mr. X will approve of that - don't you? The deep slit up my thigh shows off the fab shoes that come with this gown that is made for  Maitreya, Freya, Housrglass, Isis, Legacy, Phsique. It comes with applies (used) and BOM. The shoes are made for maitreya, belleza, slink, legacy. 

I just couldn't help myself I had to embellish this look with a butterfly hat from Fellini that is part of an outfit by Fellini called  Farfalla and my new hair called Biyn. These are not Swank Exclusives but this gown is available @ Fellini

Wearing - Swank Excluisves

Gown - Lux Paris - Rawr

Swank Landmark

Lux Paris LM

Headdress Farfalla


Wednesday, January 11, 2023

New Find @ Swank - Key Style - Emily & Heartsdale

 It is cold in RL where I live... so in SL, it is fun to celebrate winter in all its glorious briskness and snow with a no thank you very much to ice! While checking out the January Swank, I noticed a new designer, to me anyway, and wow what a find... it's called Emily.

I love love love Emily with its sexy snow leopard patterned coat that is embellished with a lush fur collar and fur cuff, all PETA approved, I promise. It also comes with a cute hand-knit Icelandic wool scarf and jeans with a bit of fuzz at the waist just because! Emily is made for Maitreya (worn), Freya, and Hourglass. Seriously, isn't it adorable!

I paired this with another Swank Exclusive by Heartsdale Designs called the Coco Collection. I am in love with this classic set of two strands of pearls and delicate pearl earrings... seriously, it is a must-have and so well done. 

Wearing - Swank Excluisves

Swank Landmark

Key Style - Emily

Heartsdale - Coco Collection

Hair - Vanity

Monday, January 9, 2023

Out of this World @ Swank with SKBW "MK"

 If you have ever wanted to be a sexy otherworldly siren... don't miss this fabulous exclusive by SKBW simply called MK that is at January's Swank that runs through the end of the month.  I love the deep V cut of the jumpsuit and its glittering leather-like texture and so will you. MK comes loaded --- look at the fabulous arm bracelets and gloves, not to mention the sexy boots!

I am not a fan of masks but this sci-fi mask is so cool! I love wearing it!  Best of all, it cuts down on space dust which I am allergic to! LOL! In this shot, you can really get a good look at how wonderful the textures are of this outfit.

MK is made for kupra, legacy, maitreya (worn), perky, petite, and reborn. It comes in a variety of fabulous colors each sold separately including black, jade, kitana (worn), mileena, skarlet, unicorn, and white. The boots are made for kupra, legacy, mairreya, and reborn.

Wearing MK by SKBW - a Swank Exclusive
 Swank Landmark

Hair -  no longer available

Saturday, January 7, 2023

A New Year Arrives @ Swank - Makeover - Sneak Peak La Feminique

 I can't wait to walk into 2023 -- especially @ Swank... the theme for January is .... MAKEOVER!  Just Look @ this  by  La Feminique called Estella... and this is just one of what you will find... so get  ready to think about YOU  --- and be bold be Swank -- be coolio and be YOURSELF  and  come to Swank -- we are waiting

Swanks, sound about right? It sure does for me...  make-up, hair, bodies, apparel, furniture, and god knows what is available... so be there, on January 7th, and get ready for 2023... So  Stayed Tuned  

 January 2023  _ Make Over @ Swank

Wearing  - La Feminique- Estella available 

 Swank Landmark 


Main Store 

Friday, January 6, 2023

Virtual Diva and Elene...

 Out of nowhere, the new year is here... and Mr. X has arrived out of smoke and mirrors... like a lost saytr full of vim and vigor... I like that thought... who wouldn't... and I could not think of anything better to wear than the new outfit by Virtual Diva called...Elene... and it comes in so many amazing colors that  glitter and glide through the night... Mr. X was  well..... I had to  say. slow your horses down....

I love the way this mini dress with its sexy deep cut  is as alluring as the crescent moon... and the way it  glitters  --- it honestly reminds me of the Northern Lights... and  we all know how evocative they are.If you are looking to start a new year in a  way that is transforming... get Elene... and light up the sky! 

Wearing Virtual Diva Couture  Elene

Exclusive at Reborn Event! Bodies: Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, Reborn Juicy Rolls, Kupra, Peach, and BellezaX Curvy 


Find it in our Mainstore after the event  

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Jumo Gabrielle @ Swank... All A Glitter

 Jumo never disappoints... her clothes are artful and festive - no matter what the time of year ...  and  Gabrielle is a must-have and is an exclusive @ Swank. This sexy bra top with a golden chain and the high-waisted slit skirt is terrific... only at Swank!  Gabrielle is made for freya,  genx - classic,  curvy,  hourglass, isis, legacy Maitreya (worn),  physique, signature, and venus. Gabrielle comes in a variety of color-changing choices of many colors my advice, get it and let the merriment begin!

Wearing  Jumo @ Swank  - Gabrielle

Monday, December 5, 2022

Light the World...Sascha's Designs

 I am always late it seems or too early -- what can I say... I wanted to run to you... and yet again, wrong day wrong time...  what can I say... life?

Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, “You owe me.”Look what happens with love like that –It lights the whole world!

Wearing Sascha's Designs 

Thursday, December 1, 2022

New Sascha Designs - Synergy

 I like that vibe... and love this dress perfect for the holidays in white and red... it also comes in many other variations. Why synergy? Because simply put...the combined power of two colors working together make such a statement... I like that idea... don't you? 

Synergy comes with a hat, sunglasses, and clutch... so swank. It is made for freya, hourglass, legacy perky, legacy, maitreya (worn), maitreya petite, and reborn.

Wearing Sascha's Designs - Synergy

Hair - L.A. Confidential

Friday, November 11, 2022

Orange Crush --- Oh La la... Luxe Paris and Heartsdale @ Swank

 I love this new retro look by Luxe Paris called  Autumn Sunset ... All I could think of was orange crush because this look makes me happy -- it is total old-fashioned sunshine!  It has many meanings over the years from the drink developed in 1921  when Ward's extracted oils from orange skins to achieve the color of their signature drink --- orange crush!

Autumn Sunset is loaded with style... it comes with a stylish dress in ombre colors ranging from yellow to orange to pink... it reminds me of the sunset and dawn all at the same time, leggings, boots, gloves, and even an optional coat.

The killer here is the hat that Autumn Sunset also includes a beret-styled hat with a  fabulous bow... that just makes this look so adorable. I have also combined it with Hartsdale's new jewelry from Swank called Cascade Collection ...  the necklace, bracelets, and earrings have a vast color-changing hud that will work well with many looks and styles.

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Outfit - Luxe Paris - Autumn Sunset
Jewelry - Hartsdale Designs - Cascade

Monday, November 7, 2022

Sunrise Delights - New Wicca's Originals

Feeling fierce passion...wild, unpredictable, beautiful, and dangerous... the passion that makes me jump up and down on the bed with unbridled expectations... I live for nights thick with lust and romance... rum and naked kisses... all over.  Languid 

Some outfits just sizzle and this new outfit called Laurien Top and Hotpants by Wicca's Originals makes my body sing... and so do Liuva Boots... fabulous! The Liuva Boots are made by Wicca's Wardrobe and come with a color-changing hud that allows you to change almost everything on these sexy boots.

I love Laurien Hotpants and Top--- I mean, just look at elegantly sexy halter /bandaid top made of the finest leather... soft and supple. The top is complimented by string panties and hotpants complete with a beautiful belt and buckle... best of all like all of Wicca's Originals outfits it comes with a massive color-changing hud that changes fabric and metals. I am also wearing earrings and a ring called Valia by Wicca's Originals.

I can taste the salt on your lips, each kiss, like a summer wave rushing into the arms of the shore... 

Wearing- Wicca's Originals

Outfit - Laurien Hotpants and Top

Boots - Liuva Boots

Earrings - Valia 

Hair - Mono

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Lost in the mist... Adia -GGVG @ Swank

 Yes, I have fallen for him ...because hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees. That's the way I am. The unknown was always so attractive to me... and still is... I love this new Halloween elegant gown by GGVG -- it includes a well-done tube dress that you can just wear alone or embellish, chest decor, flexible skirts, and even horns with a flower crown... oh la la. 

The dress is made for maitreya Lara (worn), petite, legacy, belleza - freya, isis, venus, body classic and curvy, signature alice, slink hourglass, physique, survey, and fine. In addition, Adia is made in black, purple, blue, orange, pearl, red, rose, and teal. 

Out of breath, I have to sit and wonder... why --- home alone again ... the last time I saw him was beneath glistening constellations of stars - a spectrum of emotions --whirling and radiating - reflected and refracted a rainbow of feelings... like an afterglow of lovemaking.... 

Wearing Swank Exclusive GGVG Gown and horns - GGVG = Adia