Monday, August 13, 2018

Mr. X and Nile Dreams - Celes - Flower Dreams @ Swank

I love a  glittering gown that reminds me of the way the moon dances on the Nile at night... and the exclusive gown by Flower Dreams  called  Celes @ Swank reminds me of that decadent river... slow and sexy and the most luxuriant green... soft and sweet like the water of the Nile.

This new gown called Celes by Flower Dreams is made for mesh and classic mesh bodies and comes in three colors, I loved the tone of the green, it comes in blue and red as well.  Each has a lavish embroidered silver mesh flowers that cascade down and around this gown making it amazing... and unforgettable.
So many people say romance is dead... I say -- and, Mr. X agrees, the romance of love is not a lost language... you just have to find it... and when you do --- need I say more?


Gown -  Flower Dreams Celes --@ Swank

Eyeshadow - New Jumo - Lily Rose

Mr. X and Night at the Opera - New Virtual Diva and Jumo

Oh, how  I love dressing for the opera!  The opulence of the theater-- highly polished gold gilded wood, shiny brass and deep red curtains... and the faint sound of the orchestra as it begins to play as the lights go down and darkness descends -- the anticipation is great as we wait for the appearance of the first characters... holding hands in the smiled at me, do you remember Mr. X?

I have found the most elegant gown called Carmen to go to the opera in by Virtual the most beautiful shade of crimson that has an unforgettable sheen.  The highlight of Carmen is the beautifully sculpted cascade of feathers that crosses one should, they add allure and elegance to this dress. Carman is made for  mesh bodies and can be worn with others. The feathers attach to the gown so you can also wear this gown without the feathers -- either way, you will catch every eye in the room. Virtual Diva is celebrating their 8th anniversary -- Congratulations!

I have paired Carmen with the new hair and earrings by Jumo. The hair called Molly is a classic bun with a gorgeous pearl tiara wrapped in a braid around the bun that adds to the elegance of this look.  I chose the brown pack but Molly comes in black, blonde, red, pastels, and many other colors.

I have also paired Carmen by Virtual Diva with the gorgeous new lipstick and eyeliners by Jumo called Lily Rose.  I am in love with the shades of the lipsticks and really fell in love with the dramatic eyeshadow... I like dramatic eyes in SL (as opposed to drama!!) and will be wearing Lily Rose for some time.  LilyRose Lips pack includes - LilyRose Lips Lelutka 06 Colors - LilyRose Lips Omega Applier 06 colors- LilyRose Lips Tattoo layers for Classic avatar 06 colors and works with ebento, catawa, omega, lelutka and classic avatar heads.  LilyRose Eyeliners for Lelutka Heads, Catawa and Omega Heads compatible - Bento, as you know Omegas works with some other heads too, please *try the demos before you buy*. These eyeliners comes in 06 amazing colors.**LilyRose Eyeliners pack includes - LilyRose Eyeliners Lelutka 06 Colors- LilyRose Eyeliners Omega Applier 06 colors- LilyRose Eyeliners Tattoo layers for Classic avatar 06 colors.


Gown - Virtual Diva - Carmen
Shop -
MP -

Earrings - New - Jumo - Coral - The Chapter Four
Jumo Main Store

Hair - New - Jumo - Molly- Designers Showcase

Eyeshadow - New Jumo - Lily Rose - ebento

Lips - Lily Rose - TMR

Sim - An art Show @ Astral Dream Projects -

Friday, August 10, 2018

Mr. X and the Lia - [LIZ] @ Swank

Mr. X  sometime  I feel like a film star... with funk... think  Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna  Mashup -- or not... it is a look by [LIZ] called LIA that is an exclusive @ Swank -- and it is smoking hawt!  It is made for belleza, maiterya (Lara) and slink bodies... if you are mesh... wear this!

Mr. X, much like  Ceasar -- I  see you and you cannot take your eyes off me... can I pretend that you don't see me?  Never, Mr. X, I cannot wait to hold you in my arms once again... these days, I am missing you...   wow this short shirt and classy blouse called is a must have -- think of breaking all the rules with a kiss... Cleopatra did... in more ways than you can even imagine!

And, then again for another kiss... and think as I run my finger around the glass if  I am in the mood or not.  LIA by [LIZ] is  made  belleza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies and.. never kiss and tell....


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mr. x it is hot outside -- New Byrne - Unknown Pleasures @ Swank

Find a  cafe, a table near his, this is my plan... as I talk (to myself) maybe he will learn a thing or two. I miss him, My  Mr. X  desperately... can you help me send an SOS? I love this new dress and scarf by Bryne called  Unknown Pleasures that is  an Exclusive @ Swank.

The pattern is like a contemporary zebra print, Mr. X went wild over it! It comes with an Isadora Dunkin type scarf and a hud... plus it is made for belleza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies.  It comes in  denim wash, acid wash, and mono (worn). I adore the slouch sleeves... Mr. X wants to kiss the  bare skin... between my arm and shoulder... and, I like that!

Find a table Mr. X... I need to hear all that you have been up to... I am missing you in these hot days of  August... enter uncompromising mystery and just us... 

Wearing Swank Exclusive - Byrne - Unknown Pleasure  Dress

LM  Direct

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Mr. X and Jewel -- Jumo @ Swank

Nostalgia is a powerful drug and this gown by Jumo called Jewel sets my spirits to soaring to times past and anticipating the future. I love this delicately printed cotton and silk gown by Jumo with flowers strewn around my torso like a love affair gone wild, Mr. X likes that.

I love the detail in this gown and the thought put into it... look at the gorgeous hemline in heavy silk complemented by the transparent soft silk and embellished yet again by an overskirt of decadent soft silk of the finest floral brocade... it is a gown that demands a tango...or a waltz!

Jewel is an exclusive at Swank and comes with a fab color changing hud of patterns, floral and solid colors... it is a gown not to be missed. It is made for belleza, maitreya (lara), slink and mesh bodies. It also comes with fabulous drop diamond and gold earrings. I am wearing Jumo's new Coral earrings because I love coral!

Wearing - Swank LM

Gown - Jewel - Jumo  Swank Exclusive

Earrings - Jumo - Coral (necklace not shown)

Mr. X and the Sweet Little Floral Dress - Ghee @ Designers Showcase

Aloha Baby... this makes me feel like Blue Hawaii - ultra tropical with a vintage vibe. This new dress by Ghee is  perfect for an evening stroll in the tropics...can't you smell the fragrant air scented with jasmine and oleander?  The Ghee Vintage Dress is exclusive at this month's Designers Showcase event.  I have paired it with Ghee Petal Shoes that comes with a massive color changing hud of this season's most popular colors. You can change the main part of the heel and the color of the flower. It is so much fun to mix and match the colors.

It is a short flaired skirt... deep deep V neckline with a lavish floral print...need I say more?  Bring on the Mai Tai's!   For the Designer Showcase it is an LFD (Little Floral Dress) in vintage floral prints that you will reach for all summer long.  It comes in dogwood, forget-me-not, marigold, peony (worn), poppies and rose.  The dress is made for slink, belleza and maitreya mesh bodies.

The real tipping point for me in getting this dress is that it is just as gorgeous in the back as it is in the front with its long, open and very sexy back!

Dress - Ghee - Vintage Dress - Exclusive @ Designers Showcase Event

Shoes - Ghee - Petal Shoes with texture changing hud

Hair - Kiss and Bites Ombres Vanity Hair

Monday, August 6, 2018

Mr. X and Freya - Sascha's Designs @ Swank

And, so it was a fiery whisp of a girl that presented herself before an adroit, a much older man of the world...little did he know she was a goddess of the divine....her world a swirl of colors... a swelling kaleidoscope of music, color and chaos... he was immediately bewitched...

Come with me to a glistening city of marble and mosaics, gold gilded couches, and dishes of silver... transport yourself with me to beauty and rapturous entertainments... that even you cannot imagine... or can you Mr. X?

I am wearing a new design by Sascha's Designs that is an Exclusive at August Swank called Freya... it is half lingerie, half goddess and totally sensual!  Mr. X loves the fringe and the wide band at my midriff -- that is made of the finest silk in a floral pattern.  It comes with sexy thong panties as well.
Freya is made for classic mesh avatars as well as for maitreya, slink and belleza avatars.  The exclusive at Swank comes in a soft pearl white, although it also is available in many other colors.

On my head, I could not resist wearing a floral crown by Chop Zuey that comes with a color changing hud called Wild Flower of Love that I combined with the flowing curls from Vanity Hair.

Swank Land Mark

Swank Exclusive - Sascha's Designs  - Freya
Main Store

Chop Zuey - Wild Flower of Love

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Mr. X Charm & More...Chop Zuey and Luxe Paris @ Dazzle

Mr. X told me memorable takes time...think about the  Taj Mahal, for example, or my delicious Baumkuchen... a favorite of Mr. X... and this dress called Piet by Luxe Paris and the necklace and earrings called Le Mondrian by Chop Zuey, both are exclusives @ this month's Dazzle Event.

The dress with its elegant straight lines in classic black has a dusky rainbow swirling pattern of color -- I love the way this splash of color sweeps my torso... it is reminiscent of archival fabrics with a gorgeous patina. Piet is made for slink, maitreya and belleza mesh bodies as well as classic mesh bodies.

The necklace and earrings are perfectly alluring. This on-trend black onyx and glistening moonstone necklace is as impactful as it is eye-catching. I love the drop earrings the way they dangle and catch the light.  Le Mondrian is bold and beautiful and adds the right touch to this dynamic look...that yes, took time to get just right!

Wearing- Dazzle Exclusives
Landmark - LM --

Chop Zuey - Le Mondrian

Luxe Paris Piet Dress

Friday, August 3, 2018

Mr. X and Ghee @ Senses and....Summer Fun

Yes it is. Wearing this, you could be standing in Nairobi. In Santa Fe, or perhaps, midtown Manhattan... and still look stunning and obviously better than anyone else... why? Because you are wearing the new outfit by Ghee wearing Linen Capris and Hydrangea Blouse that is available at Sense through August.  Mr. X shall we go around and around...?

Mr. X says, you look stunning and I say, of course, Ghee...  the city sophisticates and urban chics...  this is out of bounds and a must have... after all Mr. X, please don't go over the edge.  It is sotft and ruffles... and ...This is made for slink and maitreya mesh bodies and comes with a  gorgeous color changing hud...

Mr. X ponder these ruffles up the delicate slit... all the way up this top and,  please do, whisper what you are thinking... or... better yet, are you a man of action?  Time will tell and the clock is ticking!
Wearing - GHEE

LM Event  -
Outfit -Ghee Ghee wearing Linen Capris and Hydrangea Blouse
Shoes Ghee  Rickarack

Main  Store

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Mr. X and Olive New Jumo Outfit and Skin - LilyRose!

When asked how she met the man who she has been with for years... she begs the questions with varying degrees of geniality. "I don't remember" is the stock response, a perfect transparent statement coming from a woman that knows his every thought, remembers his likes and dislikes and can recite volumes on how they did meet.  And without fairy tales would the world be real?

 I know I am feeling quite real and quite sexy in this new skin by Jumo called LilyRose it is made for maietrya, belleza, slink, TMP mesh bodies as well as and classic bodies and comes with appliers for letluka and catwa mesh heads.  I really fell in love with the skin called is YUM!

I am also wearing a new outfit by Jumo called Olive... it comes with skin tight hip hugger jeans that has a hud offering 12 patterns and colors from solids to lace. Olive also comes with a  midriff top with bell sleeves that are slit up the side... Mr. X thinks they are so sexy... and so do I.  This also has a color changing hud that compliments the pants.

Jumo never misses a beat, Olive has gorgeous large oval pearl drop earrings that come with this outfit... they complete the look!  And, Mr. X what is it about you that fascinates me-- your perfect understanding, the absolute pitch of the instinct that you love all that I do...sometimes I think we form the perfect shadow of each other.....

Wearing - JUMO

Skin - JUMO -LilyRose - NEW

Outfit - JUMO - Olive - NEW

Friday, July 27, 2018

Mr. X and the Butterflies -- new Fellini - Farfalla

Into the garden... I smell the flowers all around... and the butterflies...  they are irrisescent.. and gorgeous... and no, never collect them, let them fly free -- they are much like peacocks in the sky... their life is so short... I really hate seeing a butterfly behind glass, in glass or worse in plastic... there are so many that are endangered  -- I say, Save the Butterflies -- each and every one!

And feeling feminine and fragile, I am wearing Farfalla by Fellini.. it is so feminine and whispy like the wings of a butterfly... I feel like a goddess wearing this... it comes in prints (three) and a  few solid colors... all come with a fabulous headpiece that is a must have... Faraffle is made for slink, belleza and maitreya and classic mesh bodies.

Wearing this you will feel as though you have taken flight... even in SL and every eye will be on you.  So Mr. X, please meet me in the garden, we will sip tea... and rum... and eat cheese and cookies... and watch the butterflies float.. as they are in this world and the next... they float like clouds and angels...

Wearing -
Dress and Hat  - Fellini -  Farfalla
Main Store -

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mr. X and Natsumi New Wicca's Wardrobe... Love it!

We all listened with rapt attention as the voices of the choir swelled and seemed to reach the very celestial angels themselves.  Each carried a staff with a candlelit lantern and as they paraded into the crowd it was as though we were being approached by waves a light... a sea of light, I like that thought.

A huge hooray went out in response to their heavenly voices... afterward, the night was quiet and softly luminous, a new moon in the sky.  I love this new jumper dress by Wicca's Wardrobe called Natsumi. It is a really playful and cute jumper -- that is so versatile. The color changing hud lets you change the color of the jumper, the pocket, straps, shirt in TEN colors that range from flirty pastels perfect for summer to black or blue.  I was in a black and white monochromatic mood.  Also thanks to my dear friend Meli for snapping these photos...

Wearing - Wicca's Wardrobe - Natsumi

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Mr. X and Lauren -- NEW Resun

Sometimes, Mr. X, I feel as though I see you once in a blue moon...the color of a river, the sky, the ocean... true blue...the color of rain, the color of sleet...and Resun's new gown called Lauren comes in 8 shades, including two shades of blue, one a deep royal blue, and the other -- a light sky blue -- a glorious pastel blue perfect for summer rendezvous.  It even has matching strap up heels that are sold separately with a coordinating hud made for slink, belleza and maitreya mesh feet.

I love the carved feeling of the silk of this gown... it is quite amazing and reminds me of rain... the pattern is artful and evocative... and evokes a  feeling of mysterious allure.  Lauren comes with a hud with many colors... make sure you get the matching Vanessa Shoes sold separately... they are perfect for the deep V leg...Mr. X likes that!

This dress is as beautiful in the front as it is in the back... there is no need to wear jewelry,   XXXX drips in carefully handpainted jewels that trail down the front and back of this gown making it oh so very alluring... This gown is made for Slink, Belleza, Altamura, Maitreya, TMP, Voluptuous mesh bodies.  It fit perfectly with my Maitreya Lara mesh body.

And, again, the front of this gown with its detail is lovely as always from Resun.  So, Mr. X,  the moon looks so close, and yet, like you, it is so very far away.  No matter, I know tomorrow night you will look at the same moon as I... and think of me...your lonely satellite....

Wearing - Resun- Gown - Lauren

Resun Landmark -

Hair - Rezology - Flapper

Mr. X and the Carousel Flowerdreams, Charme and Luminesse, Glitter @ Swank

Mr. X... you can find me going round and round, lost on a carousel-- On thin golden poles, gliding up and sliding down...a kingdom of horses...unicorns that spin around me. I found a pink unicorn, all alone... circling all by herself -- she told me her name is snowberry - perhaps because she is loyal and faithful as you are Mr. X in all kinds of weather!

I am wearing three new finds from Swank... and I am indeed excited about them.  The first is a lovely gown by a designer that is new to me called Flowerdreams and the gown is called Anjelique.  It is made for mesh, belleza, maitreya and classic fit mesh bodies.  I love the romantic floral motif of this gown -- strewn with beautiful flowers and the way the leaves and vines intertwine... it is magical.

I have paired this gown with new hair by Charme called Devina - I liked the long whimsical look of this hair with its soft waves and curls that frame my face... this hair is romantically soft and alluring just like this gorgeous gown.  The poses are by Glitter, called Janet @ Swank. Janet is a very good name indeed!

The necklace and earring set is by Luminesse and called Cezannia Sidoni.  It is an exclusive item at Swank.  I love the crystal, diamond, opal and coral fantasy of this set.  Mr. X, I am here waiting for you...such spinning on my snowberry unicorn is magic, whirling to the music, in moonlight, spellbound, dreaming of you.

Swank Exclusives- LM-

Necklace and Earrings - Luminesse - Cezannia Sidoni

Gown - FlowerDreams - Anjelique

Hair - Charme- Divina - Browns

Poses - Glitter - Janet

Mr. X @ Summer Fun @ Swank - Giuliadesigns, XH&A and Out of the Box!

I remember the night we met, the illuminations caused the sky to become a sea of fire... we stood long by the columns of the pool, the sea breeze was sweet and salty... just like your lips on mine. How I loved the new bejeweled bikini you gave to me, called Emily's by Giuliadesigns.

Emily if an exclusive at this month's swank and is so well done it is embedded with diamonds. It is made for maitreya and slink mesh bodies.  I have combined it with new hair by Emo-tions called Stina that can be found at Cosmopolitan. I love the braided look of this hair the whisp of the braid that delicately frames the right side of my face.

Another find @ Swank is the fabulous cuddle boat by Out of the Box. I love this boat that comes with heaps of comfy pillows and poses for singles and couples. It is so detailed that it even has an anchor so when you pull up on shore you won't drift away while typing on your laptop, reading a book or just cuddling at sunset.

I am also wearing another very sexy one-piece bathing suit and a fabulous sunhat by XH&A, it is simply called Esther Swimsuit and Blue hat -- it comes in a ton of colors -- all of them trending, somehow, I was in a blue mood!  This bathing suit is made for slink, belleza, slink, Ebody and classic fitmesh bodies. The hat alone is a keeper!

Wearing Swank Exclusives -

Emily's by Giuliadesigns

Esther Swimsuit and Blue hat by XH&A

Boat - OTB

Hair - Emo-tions Stina
Main Store -