Thursday, May 16, 2024

Day or Night....Love Potion #9 by V8 Under Ground @ Swank

 He took me around --- and  I thought how gorgeous this landscape is   --- it shimmers within and without an appreciation of beauty, serenity,  privacy, and empathy.  When he left,  I took my insecurities we all have them right to  Madam  Babu Salama ...  (my cat)  you know, that goddess with those scary eyes... she told me... Mr. X is on the horizon...  and she told me...  what  I need is love potion  #9...   do you dare take a sip... hold your nose, close your eyes.... and....  oh la la... V 8 Underground is what I am wearing an  Exclusive at  Swank called Jessalyn it comes with a necklace, sunglasses,  headband,  feathers, earrings, bracelets, and boots. It is made for Maitreya (worn) reborn,  legacy, and has a fabulous color-changing hud.... this look is retro pure and not to be missed....

Wearing  Swank  Exclusive  

Wearing  - V8 Underground  Jessalyn 


Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Bonneville - Born to Be Wild with V Twins @ Swank

Get your motor running and take me out on the highway... or...  well, I never kiss and tell...  a new  Mr. X soon to emerge... but now just rocking to that ah so wonderful classic  Steppenwolf...  just like this new exclusive at Swank by V-Twins called Bonneville made for a way to many bodies Lara x, maitreya (worn),  kupra, Belleza, slink,  reborn, and, just wonder -- can they keep your motor or attention running?  It also comes with boots and gloves -- it is full-on and,  a hud... with 12 fab colors... who could ask for more!!!!  In this...   you will have attention.

So, now that we have all that resolved... will you take me out on the highway?  Because I have you in my heart tonight and your vibes shot into my brain like quicksand... or that first drink or that long kiss... and I know... 

Wearing Swank  Exclusive

 V-Twins  Bonneville


Saturday, May 4, 2024

Taken Down Tonight.... but -- Never in Amira in Jumo

  Have you ever looked at the stars from the four directions?   Cloudberry light and early summer spring dance... this is what  Jumo's new gown  called  Amira   reminds me of...  and, it has constellations of stars...  that cover the gown... so you can create  your own  astrology ---isn't that intriguing?

 Amira is made for..... genx classic, kupra,  lara x, legacy. Maitreya (worn), perky, reborn and comes with  fab sandals and a hud of many colors...   from solids to florals...   this is such a  fun gown ---  I love it!

And yes, they will fall at your feet and adore you but they are never real... always guard your heart as liars and pretenders lurk... and never let them crowd you... with noise...

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Awaking from a Dream - Sascha's Designs

 It is like waking from a dream --- all I can hear are whispered words of love... lost sounds in a seashell as inconsistent as the waves rush against the shore in a tempest of emotion... and yet... I hope to see Mr. X just one more time... how I miss him.

Mr. X always told me I had a taste for the exotic and sophisticated... and this new outfit by Sascha's Designs called Zazha doesn't disappoint. I love the bra top, long silk coat with its Peta-approved fur collar... and lovely silk pants. The fabulous 18 Kt gold belt is the finishing touch on perfection in my opinion... it's fabulous! Zazha is made for Belleza, Maitreya Lara, Legacy, Petite, Petite X  frey, hourglass, and reborn 

Wearing  Zazha - Sascha's Designs


Sunday, April 28, 2024

Fireworks and Happy Girl

 It is hawt down south on Tybee Island, a secret little place I like to escape to now and then on the Georgia coast...  I love languid days out on the beach and red hot nights in this cute ruffled retro dress called Samira Leymi by V8. When the boys see me in this they say I light up the night... I like that idea...  and so will you. Samira is made for reborn, legacy, maitreya (worn), and maitreya petite. It also comes with a fabulous color-changing hud, heels, and stockings...  get it. I love the bra top and straps and the lace-up skirt... so sexy.

V-8 Samira is an exclusive at Swank and so is this new pose by Arpels called Happy Girl --- I am absolutely in LOVE with the cat pocketbook and pose... it is a must-have! You can play it or put it down and wear it... the choice is yours. It also comes with an i-phone... to me the cat pocketbook rocks!

Wearing Swank Exclusives


Dress - Samira Leywi by V-8

Pose Arpels - Happy Girl

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Feeling Universal... all over

 I asked him... do you want to enter my kingdom?  Rightfully so, he asked is there a king?  Smiles, I replied, not anymore... and if there was,  I wouldn't consider extending an invitation... so what do you think...about the yellow chrysanthemums a flower like me virtuous to withstand all adversities... and yet welcoming and kind to those that have the depth of understanding and the patience of the wind.

Think of my invitation as haiku...

lighting the lantern

the yellow chrysanthemums

lose their colo

And what inspired this... well, none other than Old World Fantasy/Kitty Creations... I love this elegant gown called Rozina that comes with a color-changing hud in pastel colors perfect for spring and a diamond necklace and diamond drop earrings fit for a fairy queen! It is made from Fitmesh L-S, Reborn, and Mairtreya (worn) and comes with earrings and a necklace.

I paired this look with shoes from Evie called Michella Heels - I love the romantic bow tie and the color-changing hud. The shoes are made for Maitreya (worn), kupra, legacy, and reborn.

As I look out to the possibilities the universe presents... my thoughts linger to the last time I was in his arms in the shade of a banyan tree...when he asked me if I saw the stars tonight...

Wearing Swank Exclusive


Gown and Jewelry - Old World Fantasy/Kitty Creations

Shoes - Evie - Michella

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Know When to Walk Away - No Mr X Jumo Exclusive @ Swank

 Ok -- tonight I learned how to walk away... a new experience for me in SL  --- I know after all these years... but  I don't have Mr. X anymore... and to be nice I just say... ok and walk  away...  especially if I am uncomfortable...   and ladies... this is my walk away look atm...   dress is  an exclusive at Swank by  Jumo... 

I love the diamond embellishments of this gown, the gloves edged in diamonds, and the fact that the V-neck front of this gown is as gorgeous as the lace and silk low cut back. This dress is made for bombshell, larax/petite, legacy, maitreya (worn), perky, reborn, and waifu. It also comes with a color-changing hud that offers both solid colors and floral prints.

Wearing Jumo Falbala Dress - Swank Exclusive


Friday, April 12, 2024

Almost a Mermaid Queen.. so No More Mr. X @ Swank

 I wonder where you are... and then  I must realize I am so strong... and I don't care anymore... I have survived so look at me...  Mr. X, I am elegant... elusive, and alluring - I love this by Vulnus the outfit is called Maecia and consists of  - V-neck jacket with  lace arms, amazing buttons, and sleek silk pants... so well done and made for maitreya (worn), legacy, reborn, and waifu,  and it has a great hud and is an exclusive @ Swank.

I  combined this look with another coolio item from Swank for those of you who want to go out and be daring...  it is Regna Eye Decor by Drunken Broker  -- I  just love the look the ease of using it and the hud and colors... there are so many it will make you crazy! 

Swank Exclusive 


Outfit - Vulnus - Maecia 
Eye  wear - Drunken Broker - Regna

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

It is Like Waking from A Dream... Sascha's Designs - Luane

It's like waking from a dream…. All I remember are far-off echoes of a melody -- moonlight dancing on water... you know how it goes... and now I am in limbo...  but wearing  Sascha's Designs called Luane... it is gorgeous...  I remember him and the memories make me happy...  I remember walking into the room and all eyes and his were on me....

Luane is made  for freya, hourglass, lara, legacy, maiterya (worn)  maitreya petite, and reborn.  It is magnificent... because... it is swanky and sexy at the same time... wide legs a crisis cross top and oh such a silk fabric... that just flows in the SL breeze.... who could ask for more?

Watching me from every salient … like sentinels……. The first tentative touch – soft, fleeting, and forever burned onto my skin – alluring…and gentle -- he inhales the warmth of my perfumed skin….how can I resist him, we have loved before.

Wearing Sasha's  Designs - Luane

Glasses - Sonatta Morales - no longer available

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Bab's -- All that Jazz... Sasha's Designs

 If you dream of being a jazz singer... to win your heart love and then some... get Babs by Sascha's  Designs it is sleek,  sexy, and alluring and if you have the blues it will take them away! 

Babs has a sleek silk sheath dress with an enchanting feather collar... and opera gloves to die for that will make you sing out the blues when wearing this fabulous dress.. It comes in many colors red (worn) apricot, caramel, black lilac, navy, nude, and assure... all gorgeous.  Babs is made for Maitreya (worn)  GenX, Kupra, Legacy, and Reborn -- so are the fab opera gloves.

Wearing Sascha's Designs - Bab's in Red - Maitreya

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Spring Glooming with Old World Fantasy - Kitty Creations @ Swank

 A spring fairy of the marshes --- she loves the spring breeze and the call of the night... I will awaken you to a wonderful fantasy... and the dawn of rebirth...  wearing an Old World Fantasy  Necklace/ Scarf with jewels called Fabia  I just love it and best of all it comes with a color-changing hud. I paired it with a sexy dress called Andi also by  Old World Fantasy it is made for reborn, maitreya (worn), and  GenX... it is such a classic look and also has a color-changing hud...  it is enchanting.

and then... the stars are here and thoughts of times past images and secrets without words illustrated by a sigh, a touch, and a moan... pure joy... 


Wearing Swank Exclusives 

Dress - Andi -  by Old World Fantasy

Scraf - Fabia by Old World Fantasy

Friday, March 29, 2024

Spring twilight is so beautiful... the colors are soft as nature rebounds and comes alive again... Although I adore the spring colors... there is something classic about the monochromatic colors of late winter... the textured white, the grey sky... as the sun sets with a red glow and turns as black as onyx.  I decided to shoot this look, an exclusive at Swank in an SL Shui Mo  Hua art build. In a nutshell, it means ink-wash painting where each brushstroke tells a story just like this chic look by GGVG called Gazele with heels by Evie called Natalia.

Gazele comes with a very sexy red jacket with zippers, buttons, and buckles, so realistic,  a cute shirt, and shorts in contrasting black that really pull this look together. It is hip and chic at the same time, classy and oh so naughty! It is made for GenX - erika, cl, survey, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Maitreya Lara (worn), petite and petitex, reborn, and waifu. There is also a tattoo for black stockings.

I paired this look with shoes by Evie called Natalia. They are made for legacy, mairtreya (worn), and reborn. It comes with a large color-changing hud. I love the spike heels and straps with buckles... these are a go-to shoe for sure. 

I love this look because it looks as good from behind as it does in front... and Mr. X always liked that! 


Wearing Swank Exclusives 

Outfit - GGVG called Gazele

Shoes - Evie - Natalia

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Hop on Board... @ Swank

Looking to clear webs and calls and the internet from my mind and see only you... do you dare to hop aboard and ride with me...   I have so much to tell you and I know you have too much to share... and the fun we will have... and I am wearing a new option from  Swank called Clarisse by [If design] -  I just adore it... a sleek sweetheart necked dress with gold embellishments and a fantastic color changing hud.  and, best of all a cozy fur (PETA  approved) bolero jacket!  Clarisse is made for belleza,  maitreya(worn),  kupra.  reborn, legacy, and perky.

I paired Clarisse with BK  Drottns boots they are so cool...  they have a  amazing hud and  wildly interesting lights... a must have. These boots are made for genx, khara, lara  mairtreya (worn), legacy,  prima and reborn.

Wearing   Exclusive @ Swank 
 Swank LM - 
Boots - BK  Drottns boots 
Dress [If design]  Clarisse

Friday, March 22, 2024

Plunge into... Spring @ Swank

 So... here we are again...   I am in lavender and lace...   introspective and sexy... and I know you want me in this new outfit by Guilla  Designs... direct from Italy... wooot I am wearing Giulia's design called Aley that is made for  Lara (worn) Legacy, legacy perky,  reborn and reborn waifus.  It  is  fabs with a color-changing hud   -- a midriff with puff sleeves streaked with silver and a button-up mini with buttons and ruffles at the waist... it is retro coolio...  

I paired this with new shoes  from Swank --  by BA Store  the heels are called Marisol heels and are made for  matrreya (worn),  erika,  genx, kupra, legacy and  reborn.  The hud is amazing and lets you change the color of the  heels and shoes.  They are so  stylish  that they are a must have. 


Shoes BA  Marisol  Heels 

Outfit  Giulidesigns  -  Aley 


Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Addicted to Swank....Red Hot in Le'La

 Look at this...  it is red and short, swank, sunset dreams and ... fabulous... it makes me feel amazing... and whoever checks you out in this... by Le'La called Darina Dress will be licking his fingers... oh la la! Darina Dress is made for  Maitreya (worn),  GX classic and curvy, Kupra, LaraX , Legacy and Reborn.

Worn Swank Exclusive  Le'La - Darina Dress