Saturday, April 17, 2021

In the Pink - Joelle - Ghostess @ Swank

 I love this new mini dress in super silk that is so cute... it has a v neckline and thin straps with sequins...  that also go down the V neck and around the hemline... so much good detail and thought into this little dress... sexy and simple... I like that... 

I am wearing Joelle by  Ghostyss that is an exclusive @ Swank... it is made for  Belleza, maitreya (worn), slink, and tonic. It comes with a six color-changing hud... it is certainly swank! 

Wearing - Dress - Joelle - Ghosyss @ Swank 

Swank LM

Ghosyss  Main Store -

Hair - Shi

Friday, April 9, 2021

Jade - New Jumo @ Swank

 Jade is one of my very favorite stone... it does not need the sunlight to show its brilliance it has its own inner glow... especially apple jade... I treasure jade...and I was delighted to see a new exclusive gown @ Swank by Jumo called Jade... it certainly can stand on its own... with our without sunlight! I might even be best in the moonlight!

Jade is made for hourglass, Maitreya (worn), Maitreya 2, physique, legacy, kupra, freya and body. It comes in 10 color huds that contain a key pattern, a solid pattern and a polka dot pattern. I  love all of them - get the fatpack! I did and then offered Mr. X to meet me in a romantic grotto... where the light was just right!  Look at the buckle action of this gown... the criss-cross top  -- talk about being amazingly sensual! Mr. X loves them! And, I feel so sexy... so will you!

So Mr. X... follow the reflection of the moon on the water and the glimmer of stars above... to find me deep within the grotto... I wait for you with joy and in anticipation...


Jumo Exclusive @ Swank - Jade

Hair  Diva

Mr. X and Parthena and More.... New Wicca's Originals

I have been a fan of Wicca's Originals' wonderful designs for a very long time...her styles range from steampunk, sci-fi, grunge to classically chic and just about anything you can imagine. Wicca is a constant source of inspiration for me! Take this new midriff bolero-styled jacket...  called Parthena Top it is gorgeous! I love the wide collar with buttons and the stripes and patterns on the sleeves.  

Best of all with the color-changing hud you can change the color of the jacket as well as the collar and all the embellishments on the sleeves including elegant leather cross stitching and stripes. You can even change the metal of the buttons. As always, I could play with this Parthena Top forever! It is made for legacy, legacy perky, Maitreya (worn), and Maitreya petite. I paired the jacket with the skirt called Phoebe also created by Wicca's Original.

Another new release includes these fantastic boots called Lagoa Boots. They are made for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza mesh feet and are simply amazing. They make me jump for joy!  Look at all the detail in these boots from the narrow metal spike heels and the cross on the sole to the way these boots lace up! I can't imagine the hours it must have taken to create these masterpieces!

What makes these boots really stand out is the fact that you can change everything on them from the leather on the front and in the back to the metal on the heels to the laces and buckles...the color-changing hud is massive and so useful. Lagoa are my new go-to boots and they will be your go-to boots as well... 

Wicca's Originals 

Top - Parthena
Skirt - Phoebe
Boots - Lagoa

Hair - No Match

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Virgin Queen - White Armory/ Sylvan Moon

I love this new dress called the Virgin Queen by White Armory/ Sylvan Moon. It is so authentic and elegant. Queen Elizabeth, I dressed with restrained, graceful silhouettes that enhanced her natural beauty...just look at this gown... the Queen would approve!

Queen, Elizabeth I wore white, which had connotations of purity, virginity, and innocence. In contrast, she also wore black, enjoying its associations with wisdom and gravity. She embraced a range of sumptuous textures including satin, silk, and velvet, which were adorned with the finest gold and silver threads, hand-woven into flourishing floral patterns that swarmed over her with glistening regal beauty. Sprinkled over these details there were stitched in networks of pearls, sapphires, diamonds, and rubies – pearls, again symbolized purity and virginity, helping her convey her message of chastity.

The Virgin Queen is made for mesh bodies and comes in ruby (worn), sapphire, amethyst, emerald, onyx, and turquoise. It also comes with a ruffle collar and fabulous jewels.

Wearing - White Armory/Sylvan Moon - The Virgin Queen

LM -

MP -

Hair - Bliensen

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Berlin by Sascha's Designs

 Night in the city... waiting I love Berlin... it is a  classic city... with heritage and history, some good, some sad, I suppose it is like every other city in the world...  more or less... but there is a grittiness and sophistication to Berlin that draws me back --- always... just like this new dress by Sascha's Designs called Berlin.

I love this sexy new dress by Sascha -- it has a plunging V neckline and a satin sash at the waist... it is classically cool.  What sets this dress apart thought from so many others are the feathered epaulets on each shoulder... they add an aura of chic.

There are two different versions and huds for Berlin, hud 1 and 2 sold separately. I am wearing a selection from each hud that offers a selection of lavish patterns and beautiful silk solid colors. The dress is made for Freya, hourglass, isis, legacy, Maitreya (worn). Whatever hud you decide on you will find that this is a go-to dress for an evening out on the grid!


Berlin - Sascha's Designs

Sense Event LM -

Sascha's Designs Main Store

Hair - No Match

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Love and Hazami Gown - Fellini Couture @ Neo Japan

Sometimes life is like a dream... a pleasant dream where you remember golden moments that make you whole and those that are unforgettable... I am a curator, polishing my own favored look... memory... arranging them in order to create a narrative that pleases. This new dress and hat by Fellini called Hazami to please me and Mr. X... it is an exclusive @ Neo-Japan.

Hazami is an evocative dress with flowing polka net sleeves and satin cuffs and a flowing asymmetric dress that beguiles... is a powerful talisman... something that inspires stories that we tell ourselves and others... You will feel beautiful and that is a mantra for Joy Fellini creator of this wonderous gown.

Just look at this hat and think...  ah, Sita wisdom, there are few certainties in the world, but I know and understand one thing, the truth depends on who is telling the story.

Wearing  Hazami - Fellini Couture  - made for maitreya (worn) and maitreya legacy - it comes in a variety of patterns and colors... all are gorgeous, I recommend the fat pack. 

LM  - Neo Japan -

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mr. X and JIAO @ Sense by Jumo

 Seen before and, yet again... our paths meet... and I am happy and hopeful... although... I am rather scared... wouldn't you be?  And, yet, in this new gown called Jiao by Jumo, I am confident in rose... and hopefully all will be fine... and my fears are those of the past... and ... things better left unsaid.

Another beautiful look by Jumo... called Jiao made for a multitude of mesh bodies... just look at the colors and the shading and the lace... I love the intricate top that is complemented by a gorgeous ball gown... it is amazing.

I love the way this ball gown skirt is made, so much detail. There are many huds - too many colors to name, I chose the rose... as it is spring... but the green and yellow and orange etc. are equally as gorgeous! Just get the fat pack! And again, wow at the architecture of this top! Woot June ... this is amazing in every color! 

Wearing - Jiao Gown for Sense Event By Jumo

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Babette - Jumo @ Sense Event... so Sexy!

This new outfit by Jumo made me feel like spring and butterflies! It is called Babette and is an exclusive @ the Sense Event. Babette is made for Freya, Altamura, Ebodyclassic & curvy, Hourglass & physique,, Isis, Legacy, Legacy perky, Maitreya (worn), Maitreya perky, signature, tonic - curvy, fine & min, venus bodies. It comes in eight color-changing huds - rose, orange, yellow, red, green, navy, black, extra and each hud comes with one solid in an ombre-like texture and two patterns.

I love the green - hud that is as fresh as spring on a silvery background with beautiful lavish blossoms... it just makes me happy to wear it. I also love the snug top that is arched at the midline exposing just a peek of skin, just like spring teases us with warm then cool temperatures.

And, then there is the skirt with its asymmetric hemline and ruffles... oh la la -- the interesting thing about this skirt is how high it is cut in the back... it is surprising and sexy... Mr. X approves... but, then again, I cannot kiss and tell... but.....

Wearing - Jumo Exclusive - Babette  @ Sense Event 

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Fruity & Mr. X SKBW @ Swank

I love this fun new dress by SKBW -- they have made a Fruity Collection for Swank... and who can resist ... Lime... when I think of Lime... I think of... Lime Pie.... this outfit comes in the following fruits berry, dragonfruit, grapefruit, lemon, lime, melon, and is made for freya, hourglass, maitreya, isis, and legacy.

"Have a little slice of key lime pie; get down on your knees and get real high, 

'cause mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie! 

Spank step, toe hop, cramp-shuffle, paddle, and roll;

Mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie.

Dig deep, riff-walk, clunk-click, scuff those feet;
Mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!
Soft shoe or metal tap on the heel or toe, get your shoes on honey here we go!

Tastes so good -- tastes so neat,
it’s a sweet and salty treat!
'cause mamma’s gone and cut you a slice of key lime pie!

Wearing - Swank Exclusive - SKBW - Fruity - Lime

Monday, March 22, 2021

Is Mr. X my.... Hero @ Swank - Amelia

 This outfit by Hero called Amelia is an exclusive @ Swank... sweet and sassy and oh so much fun to wear. It is made from a stylish brown and white plaid. I love the rugged brown denim look to this outfit.

The midriff top has distinctive features like the cutouts around the arms and the sexy long sleeves. It even comes with boots made for  Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza feet - wow!

The V mini skirt with textured leather and ties is sweet and sexy. Wearing this reminds me of the rhythm and blues song, Mustang Sally only this is Amelia... it is fun and ultimately swank!

Wearing Hero - Amelia  - Swank Exclusive 

Swank LM -

Hero Main Store -

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Exhilarate New Gown - Sascha's Designs

Exhilaration in Pink... that is what Mr. X told me I looked like in this fabulous new gown by Sascha's Designs called Exhilaration... it is poetry in motion and an exclusive @ the Sense Event. I just love the Cinderella ball gown feel of this look...

Do you ever look at the sky Mr. the stars come out at night? The milky beams of moonlight...listening to words as sweet as dawn's dew... magic moments embraces...and that fleeting feeling as my heart flutters when I think of you...

Alone now, soft silver stars and tears... of pure joy... at last in this enchanting moonlight mist...I will dream dreams too wonderful to dare aloud.

Wearing - Exhilaration - Sascha's Designs 

 Sense Event LM -

Sascha's Designs Main Store

Hair - Diva - Victoria

A Duo of Spring Fun - Luxe Paris @ Swank

 There is something so classically cool about denim and lace... almost a cliche...but not really - I just love it and so does Mr. X. I just had to have the new tailored denim skirt by Luxe Paris with the matching midriff denim top embellished by one of the best Belgium lace patterns that I have seen to date in SL. 

Happy Camper is perfect for a springtime walk in the sunshine... with someone very special...get it and see what happens! It is an exclusive @ Swank this month and made for tonic, belleza, maitreya and slink mesh bodies.

And, then, there is a cocktail dress called Oregano by Luxe Paris... another special at Swank... it makes me think of spring -- not only because this herb is in the mint family but this herb was created by the Goddess Aphrodite...  The word “oregano”  comes from the  Greek words oros, for “mountain,” and ganos, for “joy” meaning “ joy of the mountains”. Oregano with its lavish shawl and heels is the perfect dress for stepping out into spring!

Wearing - Luxe Paris @ Swank - Outfit #1 -Happy Camper and  Outfit #2 - dress, shawl, and heels - Oregano

Swank LM

Luxe Paris Main Store - (after event)

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Mix it Up with Giulia Designs @ Swank

I love Giulia Designs' new outfit at Swank... it is so much fun to wear especially if you like a slightly sexy grunge look replete with netting and a coolio cat head! The outfit is called Mira it comes with cat top pants and legwarmers. There is just something so sexy about these leather legwarmers with their zipper all the way up the front of my legs that make them irresistible! I also love the strategic threadbare way these shorts shows off my bum!

I just love the midriff top hoodie with its fine netting and the cute cat with the half-moon on its forehead and that adorable pink little nose ... she is just perfect to wear @ the "witching hour" after midnight don't you think? I will have to ask Mr. X what he thinks!

Mira is made for freya, hourglass, legacy, and Maitreya. The top comes in black, coral, nude, pink, pink kiss, purple, white, white cat and white xoxo. There are ten different color shredded short threadbare jeans to choose from.

Wearing Giulia Designs @ Swank

Outfit - Top - Mira White Cat Top - Mira Jeans and Legwarmers

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Sugar and Mr. X... AnaSTYle @ Swank

Feeling so sweet... in this new outfit that is an exclusive @ Swank called Morena Pink2 by AnaSTYle. This sugar-coated outfit is made for Maitreya, Slink, and Belleza mesh bodies. If you are thinking as sweet as sugha.. or candy... get Morena.

There are two things with Morena that make it so much fun... the first is the off-the-shoulder midriff top that has mid-arm sleeves with floral lace embellished at each wrist... oh la la.. so tantalizing! And then there is the double buckle belt... wow... not to mention the "boots" that are also made for slink, Belleza, and Maitreya feet.

Wearing  morena pink2 AnaSTYle  @ Swank URL Event:

INworld Store

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Mr. X and Aeon - Jumo @ SWANK

 Aeon Flux would love this sexy outfit... it comes with massive color-changing huds in black, blue, yellow, mint, beige, rose, orange, red...and each has six unusual textures. There are also textured matching pants and a textured mini skirt... I really loved the look of the pants... so that is what I am showing in the blog... the mini skirt is equally as nice.... just look at the textures... aren't they just GORGEOUS!

Aeon is made for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Altamura, Legacy, Tonic, and Isis mesh bodies and is so easy to wear. Remember.... Trevor Goodchild: I lost you during the disease and you couldn't be brought back. I've lived and died seven times since then, and each time I taught myself about you. You were an idea I kept alive, something I had to imagine. But when I saw you, what I felt was real, and I knew you, I remembered you. What we had together has survived all that time…Æon Flux: …and I was looking for you. Trevor Goodchild: …and I've been waiting.Æon Flux: We were different people. Trevor Goodchild: We were. Æon Flux: Those people are gone…Trevor Goodchild: …but something in them came back.

This combo is my favorite... I love the mixture of textures and the tribal vibe I get from this top... and pants... my advice... just get Aeon... it is amazing...

Wearing - Jumo - Swank Exclusive