Monday, June 29, 2020

Desiree and More... Poison Rouge @ Tres Chic

He said to me, we become what we dream...and I said, one makes love only to confirm one's loneliness... please leave me.  We achieve in reality only the pictures and images in our imaginations... I look ravishing in this new dress called Desiree by Poison Rouge -Opia... its etiolated beauty is timeless.

I thought to myself, my best love letters will be to the man I am I stand alone on this empty corniche with the palm leaves swaying and the wind in my hair...  All  Clothes & Accessories Original Mesh 100% - I am wearing Desiree. It is made for Legacy, Maitreya (worn), and Freya. It comes in Peach (worn), pink, viridian, rose, gold, silver, purple, white, celeste, and coral. This is  an exclusive @ Tres Chic 

Wearing Poison Rouge - Desiree

Friday, June 26, 2020

Vintage Beauty - Roslyn @ Ghee

How to face the city again. It is time like these you remember who your friends are. I have long dreamed of the smoke-filled lounge, the sound of a jazz trumpet, and... Mr. X standing across the room. I think to myself, we or at least I have been living against the grain of intelligence.  But, I came to my senses with this new vintage look.   Roslyn by Ghee is now at the main store and fabulous. It comes with a sexy pencil skirt sleek and sensual with a wide belt and a cute laced blouse with puff sleeves.

Roslyn is made for mesh bodies  Lara and Legacy included and the belt comes with a color texture hud. The Roselyn comes in bubblegum, frenchie, licorice (worn), lipstick, meringue, and porcelain. Ghee was founded in 2012 by artist Warm Clarity.. She was joined by SL Top Model Beatrice Serendipity who took ownership of Ghee in 2017. 2017 also saw a new arrival in the Ghee family - 
Baby Ghee by Sophia Paez, bringing clothing and accessories for the Baby Divas in your life!

Wearing - Ghee - Roslyn

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Mr. X and Patching it up! New Byrne and Alma @ Swank

I wrote it for you... word for word in my head... spelling it out word for magical word. I know that in your happiness you would turn to me to express passionate gratitude for what I have given you... part of my heart. And, still, I stand, alone waiting for a message... perhaps it will come today. 

In the meantime, I am wearing the Patch Dress by BYRNE. It is a free-flowing single-shoulder dress with fringe at the shoulder and around the hemline that also comes with a belt and arm pieces. I love that it comes in orange (worn), pink, and purple (worn). It is made for Maitreya only.

I am also wearing another Swank Exclusive by Alma Cosmetics called Cordelia. This fabulous eyeshadow comes in six colorful shades and it is compatible with Lelutka, Lelutka Evolution, Catwa, Genus, Omega & BoM Tattoos.

Wearing  BYRNE - Patch Dress and Alma Eyeshadow - Cordelia

After Event - Eyeshadow - Alma - Cordelia -

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Mr. X and Adele -- I could have danced all night --Vips @ Bundle of Dove

This gown is so sexy ... it is simple and I like that... it has a  pearl shoulder and a  pearl at your hip 
Adele by Vipps is so gorgeous it has a V slit and lace fancy pants so lacey and so much xxxfun...even Mr. X has to say... well I never kiss and tell

Sometimes you find yourself adrift again, to float upon the shallows... with old appetites and desires...refunded into the history of a place of a time... of time, lost in time and only in the glow of the golden hours of memory..forgotten scenes and conversations... a treasure key to the dreams yet to come.

Wearing  Vips - Adele @ Bundle of Dove

Monday, June 22, 2020

Looking Retro in 2020 @ Bundle of Dove... Summer Retro Vibes Flower Dreams

There is something so coolio about sock hops... it is where rock and roll started and, best of all they were held, just for fun... imagine that. The reason why they were called sock hops is that they were held for students in the mid-1940s and 1950s in school gyms!  All students had to take off their shoes so they wouldn't ruin the floor! 

Really, how much is that to think about! Almost as much joy as wearing this retro summer fling dress by Flower Dreams called Emina... I love the sweetheart neckline and the flared skirt... it is ideal for a summer party and maybe even a sock hop!  Emina is made for fit mesh bodies xs-xl and comes with an alpha mask and panties, it is also made for Maitreya (worn),  and slink.  It is perfect for a summer retro night... and in bubble gum pink... purrfect for a sock hop... and to dance the night away!

Wearing - Flower Dreams - Emina - Exclusive @ Bundle of Dove

Melting for Melt -- Tropicana @ The Summer Bundle of Dove

I am in love with this new mini dress that is an exclusive @ the Summer Bundle @ Dove the Dazzle event and the texture of this dress is really amazing... it is called Tropicana and it does recall wonderful sunsets and the glorious sea-green of the tropic oceans.

Tropicana comes with a 12  color-changing hud and is made for e-body, Freya, hourglass, Isis, Maitreya (worn), slink, and venus bodies. And, perhaps this cute dress brings new beginnings... as  I have heard, it is good sometimes to take a chance and in this dress, you will have the confidence to do just that!

wearing - Melt  Tropicana @ Summer Bundle of Dove

Questions... and... SKBW @ Swank

I adore this new cocktail dress by SKBW that is an exclusive @ Swank called Blousey Dress and indeed it has sleeves that flair and an asymmetric hemline and gorgeously hand-embroidered flowers that flow on the neckline, hemline and on the sleeves... it is a must-have! I was so hawt I had to stand next to a fire extinguisher! LOL -- Mr. X agreed... it is a hawt look.....

The Blousey dress is made for mesh bodies and comes with a color-changing hud... it is romantic and reminds me of the way summer burns into long hot nights... that you spend languorously and happy.....

 Wearing Swank Exclusive -  SKBW - Blousy Dress

Friday, June 19, 2020

Mr. X and Robin - *New* Jumo @ Swank

Robin the new exclusive @ Swank by Jumo is a love story in pattern and texture, satin and lace... it is so romantic. This ethereal style is dreamy with ultra sexy details like the stunning satin bow that runs from the neckline and wraps around your hips... as alluring as the sea rushes into the arms of the shore.

Robbin is an exclusive at Swank and comes with a color-changing hud that includes colors and different textures. It is made for maitreya (worn), BOM,  Slink, and Belleza mesh bodies. Robbin also comes with gorgeous gold filigree earrings! 

Tonight, I will wait, once again for Mr. X, he never disappoints me... I am so lucky... and I can't wait until he sees me in this new gown by the very talented Jumo!

Wearing New Jumo  Robbin Gown - @ Swank

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Let's Get "Tanked" --- New irrisistible @ Swank

What can I say...  I adore this outfit for three reasons -- it is "drunkenness" and it gets a lot of attention! It also reminds me of a very old song... called ... Let's Get Tanked or... Wet Dream...(62 fish puns...  it is about well marlin... and he does things for the "halibut" and marlin is surrounded by screaming "groupers" ... and a cute little... yellowtail... the song is as amusing as this outfit called Drunkeness by irrisistible. 

This sexy outfit comes with trays, drinks, hat, skirt, sexy barmaid top replete with a bowtie, panties, and bra top and is made for maitreya, belleza, slink and BOM.  This outfit is loaded and comes with maitreya, slink and belleza appliers for sexy heels, socks and gloves.  

And wouldn't it be fun to mix drinks... magical elixirs... and this outfit does just that... it is nostalgically and oh so very special... I am having so much fun with this... and, trust me... so will you! I love the extra details like the lights -- you can light up with it (in addition to getting others lit up) and you can even balance two trays. I adore the open sign necklace... open to what -- well I never kiss and tell!!

Wearing Irrisistible - DRUNKENNESS OUTFIT : for SWANK event 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Waiting and... Mr. X and Kristen - Sascha's Designs @ Swank

Ok... I have been RL busy and distracted... but who can resist this cutie pie style from Sascha's Designs that is an exclusive @ Swank... called Kristen... I adore it... and so will you and your Mr. X... where ever he is!  Kristen is made for mesh bodies and comes with a cute mini skirt and a  top that drapes beautifully from shoulders to sweet ruffles at the waist... it is alluring and dreamy... flowing and flattering.. it will become one of your favorites... and it is exclusive@ Swank!

Wearing - Kristen by Sascha's Designs @ Swank

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Mr. X and Sugar - Opia Exclusive

I  have not been on for a week... ugh but when I was... I had to wear this by Opia... it is sweet and sassy... what better to wear this summer... Mr. X is melting... and I like that...  I love the silky feel of this V neck top and the fabulous mother of pearl buttons .. so does Mr. X it is so sensual and the plaid mini skirt is just so classy and fun...

I know you want your sugar to enjoy... my advice... oh la la... just get sugar baby! This is made for maitreya, legacy, belleza, and slink. It comes in celeste. pink, beige, and purple. So tonight I close my eyes and I dream of you...wonderful dreams... to wonderful to say aloud...  can you hear me call your name?

Wearing - Opia -Sugar
@ Sense

MP -

Monday, May 25, 2020

Mr. X and Emerald... Poison Rouge... the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are emerald and they glow like an effervescent angel of heaven -- constantly changing and, yet - still the same...  how Mr. X loves this gown by Poison Rouge called Audrey Emerald because it reminds him of the Northern Lights... a beautiful Aurora. This is a limited edition.

 I feel like the Northern Lights that shine in the skies... and only the lucky get to see the colors as they spill across the Milky Way... the carpet of the night.  I long to dance and swirl... and beckon Mr. X and the stars above to join us... oh emeralds... a girls best friend...

Audrey Emerald is limited and made for maitreya and legacy mesh bodies -- come to me  Mr. X - let us swirl across the sky... let us tiptoe over, under, and around rainbows of emerald green...  as we dance into eternity... 

Wearing - Poison Rouge -  Audrey Emerald - Limited Edition - Maitreya and Legacy

LM -

MP -

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Mr. X and Monika By Invitation Only! - Wild @ Swank

It was one of those nights where time seems endless -- and you enjoy every moment...realizing we have only so much time and hoping there is time enough.  I love the new retro 1950 ish cocktail dress by Wild called Monika that is an exclusive at Swank.

It has a cute flaring skirt and a  black and gold jeweled top -- my fav -- but no worries this dress comes loaded with 21 different colors and textures. It is made for bellaza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies.

Monika also comes with a fabulous heavy chain necklace that sets off this look... you will feel like a vision and you can kindly say... yes, I will see you soon --- and by invitation only! And, shhh I know who I want to invite.

Wearing - Wild @ Swank
Swank LM -

Dress - Wild @ Swank - Monika

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mr. X and Palmer - New Jumo @ SWank

Here is the scoop... I love this new gown called Palmer by Jumo... it is a floral classic with a deep slit all the way up my thigh... Mr. X loves the feel of my skin against him as we dance - and oh, how I love to dance with him in this elegant new gown that is an exclusive @ Swank. I adore the lace top with the cute bows at the shoulder and the way the lace drapes over my bodice that is accented with tight lace embellishments at the waist. And the necklace of flowers is amazing! 

I also love the way the gown drapes and flows like water... it is just gorgeous. It comes made for mesh bodies and has a 21 color changing hud that offers flowers and lace and solid colors and lace... there is so much variety in this elegant gown. I love the black and white version as it is so classic and sophisticated and, I am in that kinda mood tonight!  I am also wearing hair by Jumo that is whisp and cute with a small sexy braid down my back!  The hair is called  Lindsey.

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Swank LM -

Gown - Jumo - Palmer

Hair - Jumo - Lindsey
Jumo LM -

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Boho Happy - New Luxe Paris and !Lyrical B!zarre @ Swank

This month there are two fabulous outfits by Luxe Paris @ Swank... I can't figure which one I like better... they are both boho chic and fun --- GET BOTH!  Luxe Paris always is attentive to the details and textures -- I love that about this design house. Luxe Paris is always cutting edge.  The first outfit I am showing you is called Bohemian Rhapsody. I wear !Lyrical B!zarre  jewelry called Katya also an exclusive @ Swank.

Bohemian Rhapsody is made for mesh bodies - body, slink, maitreya, and belleza. I come with a cute mini skirt that is elegant with a silk mini embellished by golden silk lace that is as delicate as it is sexy. Bohemian Rhapsody comes with a bra top that matches the mini and  -- best of all  - hair and a headband that makes this a go-to boho outfit that you will love for years!

I paired the new exclusive necklace and earrings by! Lyrical B!zzare...called Katya with another exclusive @ Swank and one of my favorite designers... it is perfect for the boho look.  Check out these gorgeous feather earrings and the gorgeous feather necklace on a finely wrought gold knot necklace.

A second offering @ Swank by Luxe Paris is called  Slendor.. it is romantic  -- it consists of a long maxi skirt, bodysuit, and shoes.  

Wearing Swank Exclusives - LUXE PARIS

Outfit #1 - Luxe Paris - Bohemian Rhapsody
Outfit #2 - Luxe Paris - Slendor
Jewelry - !LyricalB!zaare