Monday, May 16, 2022

Byrne - Like A Waterfall of Fun @ Swank

 I love this breezy tie-dye babydoll cotton dress and panties with the sexiest high heel lace-up shoes...It is like a waterfall washing you clean ---leaving you ready for something new and exciting. The tropical pattern and the lovely lace-up shoes are sweet and sexy... evocative don't you think?  This outfit is by  BYRNE called Tie Dye Dolly Outfit which is an exclusive @ May Swank.  

Wearing this makes me think of the fresh restart to a waterfall...and it is a baby doll is made for Maitreya (worn) and legacy. It comes in red/blue, pink/green(worn), and purple. 

Swank Exclusive 

Wearing - Tie-Dye babydoll cotton dress & panties with high 

Swank LM -

Saturday, May 14, 2022

On the Boardwalk... By the Oceanside

 I met him on the boardwalk... for the first and last time...on a misty morning in Miami. I could not think of anything to say to him...perhaps that is best. Seagulls stitch the sea to a subtle silver sky... I hear them call to one another... as they hover effortlessly entreating each other. I wander the boardwalk wondering... in an unhurried way if we shall meet again. I am certainly dolled up for the occasion in all my new finds from Swank!

For starters, I had to have the adorable sneakers that come with socks by Key Style called Martina Shoes. They are made for Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy, and Slink feet. They also have a cute color-changing hud. I especially love them because they have mesh insets rather than leather like my RL New Balance walking shoes have... 

I paired the sneakers with a really fun frock by AvaGirl called Blossom Dress. I love the flouncy ruffled skirt that cascades like a miniature waterfall, the tight ribbed belt with its cute buttons, and the lace accents on each sleeve. It is a romantic bo-ho look perfect for summer escapades. It is made for freya, hourglass, isis, legacy, Maitreya, and physique. and comes with a color-changing hud including pink, raspberry, green, blue, purple, and mint.

To really round out this romantic boho look, I couldn't resist the sunglasses by Paper Sparrow called Flower Glasses. Aren't they just adorable? I want them RL ! They come in Gold with pink, Cali, tropical, pink, and purple flowers.

So, here I am, back at the boardwalk... because exploring the windswept boardwalk makes me midday the water lights up like iridescent diamonds across miles of azure blue disappearing into the horizon. It is so perfect, it makes me forget what we once were.

Wearing Swank Exclusives 

Swank LM -

Dress - Blossom by AvaGirl 

Sunglasses - Flower Glasses By Paper Sparrow 

MP -

Shoes -  Martina Shoes By Key Style

Secrets in the Night... Jumo, Vips, and Hearsdale @ Swank

 I am alone in this gloomy castle... the candle is burning... I hope he comes... I crave his mouth, his lips on me... your hair wrapped between my fingers...I hunger for your voice... your laughter and your warmth... the hours pass so slowly...

I have a surprise for Mr. X... I went on a little shopping spree and Swank to create this look... and oh la la what a look it is! I am wearing a fabulous necklace that is an exclusive @ Swank by Heartsdale Designs called Madrid. I love the medley of stones - lapis, turquoise, rubies, carnelian, and jade that are so elegantly placed... and the drop earrings are fantastic! There are so many colors in this necklace making it easy to match for a dramatic look.

To top off Jumo's outfit, I decided to wear these new stiletto heels made by VIPS called Brigitte - they come with a fabulous color-changing hud of really 12 rich colors - pink, green, blue, turquoise, red, and more. They have artful gold or silver accents that you can also change with a hud. You can also change the color of the heel itself. So well done.  They are made for Belleza,  Slink, and Maitreya feet.

And this new bodysuit by Jumo called Astra has a countless number of color-changing huds... I was in a red hot mood so I opted for the red hud. The bodysuit comes in a floral pattern, rich silk, and a gorgeous lace option. The bolero jacket comes in three pattern choices as well including rich silk, a solid, and a tartan plaid that is great fun. Astra is made for Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy. Maitreya (worn), Maitreya Petite and Reborn.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

 Swank LM -

BodySuit and Bolero - Jumo - Astra

Shoes - VIPS - Brigitte

Necklace and Earrings - Madrid - Heartsdale Designs

Lost in the Garden of Dreams

 Follow me into the garden of your is a place to linger and wile the hours away... can you hear the song of birds amid the trees? Will you help me find the unicorn... that rare and mythical creature... I will show you that they are indeed real and alive and well in this secret garden of harmony where the legends of the ages come alive...

I just love this new exclusive boho-styled gown by La Feminique called Blossom. The flurry of flowers on this gown is so feminine and lovely. I like the detail of the sash at the waist and the satin insets on the skirt of the gown and on the cuffs of the magnificent half sleeves. 

Blossom is available in 6 color options or Fatpack.  Please try the demo and it is designed for Belleza//Legacy//Maitreya//Standard//Tonic (shown worn on Maitreya).

Wearing - Blossom by La Feminique - A Swank Exclusive

Swank LM -

La Feminique Marketplace

Hair - Blossom Vanity Hair

Headdress - Zenith and SKBW

Monday, May 9, 2022

Mr. X and Juliette - New Virtual Diva Couture

I met him in the Olive Grove... some of the trees there were centuries-old... I looked up and he was perched on a ladder looking down at me... as I wandered the grove... searching for nothing and waiting to be found. I am wearing the most decadent green gown by Diva Couture called Juliette which is an exclusive @ the Reborn Event.

Juliette is a sophisticated cutout gown with a sexy bra top... it is hard to resist and many find it hard to keep their eyes off you once you wear it. Juliette is made for legacy, perky, Maitreya, kupra and reborn and comes in a dazzling variety of colors... get the fatpack! 

I love the way Juliette shimmers in the light and the soft silky way it feels against my skin... so will you. The sun is sparkling in the olive grove... and his eyes are as green as the leaves... deep green eyes, those are the eyes that one can fall in love with before a blink!

Wearing Juliette by Diva Couture Exclusive @ Reborn

Even LM -

Virtual Diva Main Store LM

 Flower Headdress - Fellini

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Mr. X and Carmin... New Virtual Diva Couture

I love this new cocktail dress by Virtual Diva called Nora. It comes in Sea, Aqua, Carmin, crow, electro, mix, night, and violet. I fell in love with Carmin... because there is something intrinsically coy and yet naughty about this dress, Mr. X loves that... and so will you.... every eye will be on you when you wear this dress.

Nora is made for  Legacy, Perky, Hourglass Maitreya, Kupra, and REBORN body too! Looking at the details of this I know you want it... 

Wearing Virtual Diva Couture - Nora Dress
Virtual Diva Main Store LM

Hair - Vanity

Earrings - Violator - No Longer Available

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Follow Me into the Moonlight... Bryne @ Swank...

A great honeycomb of faces... we dream what we are and will be... the lattice of life and love. This is an outfit that is so sublime and well done from the headpiece to the sexy glitter of the entire look...  I am supposed to do just a photo and blurb for Instagram but... Mr. X has wanted to devour me in this and when you see it --- you will know why...

And when you look at me... you will wonder... are you merely questioning destiny or love? I  think of us like a comet floating and iridescent this is why I wear this glorious outfit I channel the best of Old Time Hollywood and those days you long for... In addition to the fabulous headpiece... check out these earrings... they are fabulous and  amazing.

Wearing Bryne  Hollywood @ Swank

Swank LM -

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Jazzing Up Spring... in Luxe Paris @ Swank

 I love to swing into spring, who doesn't? And the best way to do this is in a fab asymmetrical, polka-dotted skirt by Luxe Paris called Minelli with a cute plunging top and a feather collar... woot - gorgeous!  It is made for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink.

This is an exclusive @ Swank and is made for mesh bodies... I love the lace embellishments around the waist, bodice, and down the slit of my leg... oh la la!

Wearing Swank Exclusive -  Luxe Paris Minelli

Swank LM -

After Event Luxe Paris LM -

Monday, April 18, 2022

Wear Your Love Like Heaven... @ Swank Looking for Mr. X

 I am tired... oh so tired of so many things and then I think of the song... "Wear Your Love Like Heaven"  -- I like that vibe and I hope you do as well... I am in a new outfit - by Sentinus called Linda that is an exclusive @ Swank.

This luxe gown is made for  Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique, Maitreya (worn), and a dream...  and a must-have. It comes in a fat pack with an amazing color-changing hud.  Think spring and a new beginning!  It will fill you with joy and song... 

And there it is ...wear your love like heaven...crimson ball sinks from view... and ---  kiss me, once more... and we will wear our love... like heaven... I look for my Mr. X... 

Wearing Gown - Swank Exclusive  - Sentinus called Linda

Swank Event

Hat - No Longer Available

Monday, April 11, 2022

Please Upstairs... Need I Say More? La Feminique and Lyrical B!zzare

 I  dare you to come upstairs...  with me tonight...I am wearing a new exclusive from Swank by La Feminique-  called Gloria  .. it is fabulous... and you will follow me upstairs... I love the diaphanous jacket and the lovely bathing suit under it...  decadent and well done. La Feminique- Gloria  I hope you enjoy it! Exclusive for Swank Event until April 31. Available in 3 color options or Fatpack.  Includes Body Suit and Robe Designed for Belleza//Legacy//Maitreya//Slink//Tonic (shown worn on Maitreya) 

I paired this with a diamond necklace in platinum and earrings fit for a queen from one of my oldest and most revered designers #Lyrical B!zzar.. the necklace is great and so are the drop dimond earrings... 

Swank Event

Wearing -  Dress La Feminique- Gloria 

Necklace and Earrings - Nadine by  Lyrical Bizzare

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Follow me into.... @ Swank

 Ok my darling... I need to interrupt you from all your work -- I am in a new outfit from Swank by YoUnique  Couture called Janna and it is oh so sexy... I know you love that -- can I sit on your desk... oh la la! And then a  to die for M & T will not regret it... promise

As you look at me...  hmmm umm I  bet you can let me sit on your... desk...  this new outfit is an exclusive @ swank and is called Janna and is by YoUnique it is made for mesh bodies and comes with a color-changing hud... I love the button-up skirt and the corset top and also the bow tie necklace...a perfect touch! I also like the fact, for us modest gals, that it comes with matching sexy panties...  actually, I appreciate that a lot.

And,  is Let it Rain bt  M& T poses ...  I did not do this justice... it is a great pose combo and includes a fabulous rain hud, three scenes, and a posing chair and poses that go with everything.... you will get the idea... The package contains 3 bento poses, a chair and rain - 100% mesh, and a stand set... it is amazing!

Wearing  Exclusive @ Swank 

Swank LM

Dress -YoUnique Couture - Janna

Pose - M & T  Garage

Monday, April 4, 2022

On Fire with Darling New Virtual Diva Couture

 Tonight is all fire and desire... I am wearing the new ensemble by Virtual Diva... and I love what she does... and so does Mr. X... I am fireside and on fire...don't you think?  And, now I lost my last treasure, dreaming of him... fireside. Nothing in dreams take the place of his arms around me...

I love this new dress called Darling by Virtual Diva Couture it is made for  Legacy, Maitreya and Kupra and REBORN bodies And so will you... it is so sexy that it will make you hawt  inside and out... Mr. X loves that vibe... and so will your someone special....

Wearing - Darling - Virtual Diva Couture
Hair - D!va

Monday, March 28, 2022

Flower Dreams and More @ Swank

 I love the green of early spring when the earth takes time to renew itself. This new gown by Flower Dreams called Roxy is an exclusive @ Swank is the perfect spring gown. I love the asymmetrical sequinned top that drapes beautifully against flowing green netting... I feel like a butterfly wearing this! 

Roxy comes in black, green latte, navy, pink, and red. It is made for Belleza Freya, isis, and venus, fit mesh medium, Maitreya Laura, legacy, Ocacin, Slink hourglass, physique, tonic curvy, and fine and voluptuous. It also has Flexi skirts.

I paired this gown with another exclusive from Swank by SKBW called Flower Crown. I love this flower crown that is perfect for the goddess of spring renewal... it makes me feel happy just wearing it! The flower crown comes in blue, peach, pink, purple, turquoise, yellow and a variety of colors.

Wearing Exclusives @ Swank 

Swank LM

Gown - Flower Dreams - Roxy

Headpiece - SKBW - Flower Dreams Crown

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

New Jumo & VIPS @ Swank

 I love this sleek slip dress made of shimmering silk by Jumo called Morana. It has a gorgeous lace semi-transparent bodice that is oh so sexy and lace around the hemline of this sexy cocktail dress. Morana comes with many huds including rose, beige, orange, red, Steele, mint, yellow, navy, black, and pink. Each hud consists of two luscious patterns and solid color. This dress is made for Maitreya, signature, physique, and venus.

To be really fashionable, pick up the matching Teresa Hat that has a wide brim that is embellished with a ribbon. The hat comes with a color-changing hud - you can change the hat color itself along with the color of the ribbon. For the ribbon, you have a wonderful selection of floral and polka dot patterns - 16 choices in all!

I paired this outfit with the Candy Shoes offered by VIPS Creations. They are highly detailed with lots of rivets, rings, and buckles. I love the detail. The shoes are made for slink, Maitreya, and Belleza feet and come with a color-changing hud. You can change the color of the back and straps, heels, metal, and platforms. WOW! Plus the hud is loaded with 27 solid colors and patterns including animal prints - meow!

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Swank LM

Slip Dress - Jumo - Morana

Hat - Jumo - Teresa

Shoes - VIPS Creations - Candy

Friday, March 11, 2022

Wild Spring @ Swank ... Celebrating Sascha's Designs and Loordes of London

 I love this new silk mini dress and bolero jacket in black called Anais by Sascha's Designs...especially the swanky feather (PETA approved) embellishment on the sleeves... that adds a touch of sultry mystery to this look. It even comes with an elegant feather hat that ties this entire look together. I wonder if Sascha did this in tribute of Anais Nin... I do adore her....

I like the fact that you can wear it anywhere you like and still be in style... relaxing as you dream about spring flowers or out on the town looking the most elegant woman around! I like that thought a lot!. Anais is made for mesh bodies including Freya, hourglass, Maitreya(worn), and fit mesh and comes with a fabulous headpiece. 

I matched Anais by Sascha's Designs with some fabulous earrings by Loordes of London called MayansEarrings8. I love the unusual architectural look of these earrings that are embedded with black jet, onyx, and pearls, what a fantastic combination.

Wearing - Swank  Exclusives 
Earrings - Loordes of London called MayansEarrings8

Outfit and Hat - Sascha's Designs - Anais