Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Mr. X and Perla - *NEW* Fellini

I told Mr. X that there is nothing I love better than window shopping... he didn't buy this story of course because he knows how much I love to shop!  I mean really, who doesn't!  While wandering around SL "window shopping" I stumbled across the most glorious outfit by Fellini called Perla.

I love the vintage vibe of this retro-chic dress and hat it makes me want to channel Greta Garbo! If you take yourself out for an evening then why not wear a hat that is swathed in feathers and studded with gemstones... the hat that comes with Perla is as elegant as it is unapologetically feminine.  Need I tell you, Mr. X likes that! Perla has a pencil straight skirt that hugs you in all the right places...but that is not all, I love the marbling texture of this skirt... it is indulgent in its own way! I paired this with the retro sweet heels by Ghee called XXX

I love the lacy tube top that modernized this outfit and makes oh so very sexy -- Mr. X loves that!!  Perla also comes with a fabulously dramatic necklace and matching drop earrings of pearls with a diamond shaped pendant with crushed lapis lazuli and pearls inside --it really is gorgeous.  Perla is made for maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies and is a love story in motion.


Outfit - Perla  by Fellini Couture worn in Blue, it also comes in grey and tan...

Exclusive @ Ebento Event

Sense Event LM

Fellini Couture Main Store -

Shoes - Ghee -Pearl Trim Heels with Hud for Maitreya, slink and belleza -

Body - Poison Rouge

Hair - Shi

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mr. X and Ghee & TM Creations

Ok... here I am in a very cheeky outfit by Ghee for the Darkness event called Majorette Reloaded it has a flirty skirt .. and a sexier top... It is amazing from the front but, look at the fab belted detail in the back!  It is a must-have!   I am posed on a fabulous low prim bed by TMC Creations called Heart BenchSofa

Ghee has a cute fluted mini skirt with a fab hud and an adorable back belted midriff top... it is alluring and makes you want to play it like you feel it, and in SL and in RL, just go for it and this... well... you will see what I mean!   This is made for maitreya, slink and belleza bodies and is available at  The Darkness Event thru Feb. 28.

As for the bed, TM Creations @ SaeNae  -- it comes with adult and PG poses, including Bento poses and is only 11 prims.   I love this outdoor or indoor bed...  it is so well done and romantic!


 Ghee -Majorette Reloaded
@ The Darkness - Event LM -
Main store  -

Heels - Ghee - Midori

 Scene - TM Creations - Heart BenchSofa

TM Creation @ SWANK -- The Heart Key Love You Word! and AnaSTyle

I love February -- it is such a romantic month... and if you are a sincere and silly romantic like me, every month is romantic!  I love set scenes like The Heart Key Love U word is an exclusive @ Swank and oh so low prim. The Heart Key Love U  Word is a 100% original mesh item that comes in PG or Adult.  I have paired this with another Swank Exclusive by AnaSTyle called Dorothea.

 It has the Love word, perfect for the month of February as well as for the other 11 months plus a heart key, roses, rose petals, a pillow and ropes, best of all the Land Impact is only 9 prims!  The scene sequence plays up to 8 minutes!  I love meditating on love and can't wait for Mr. X to get here to check out even more animations!

The PG version has 264 animations in a 30-second loop and includes 89 couples poses  PG Scene Sequence for couple - Solo: 2 single sit (F/M 86 poses).  DULT Version: 424 animations 30 sec loop x each: 89 PG + 80 ADULT couple poses  - 7 PG + 6 ADULT Scene Sequence  for couple - Solo F or M: 2 single sit (F/M 86 poses).  The set is flexible and you can even unlink the pieces and use them as you wish.

I have paired this with a gorgeous new outfit that is also exclusively @ Swank by AnaSTyle called Dorothea.  I love the slit sleeves on this blouse and the way it ties around each wrist.  The color of the raspberry leopard print midriff top is just beautiful and looks gorgeous with the really sexy and I mean sexy slacks that tie up the back and have cutouts in the front... wow!

Dorothea is made for slink, belleza, maitreya mesh bodies.  It also comes with boots made for slink, belleza and Maitryea feet.  I love the beautiful leather and silver necklace also included that makes this outfit a red hot keeper... I mean, just check out the back of these leather pants... woot!

Wearing Swank Exclusives
LM -

Outfit - AnaSTyle called Dorothea

Pose Set and Scene - TM Creations - The Heart Key Love You Word!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Mr. X - Crazy In Love - irrISISTIBLE @ Swank

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts,
      All on a summer’s day;
The knave of Hearts, he stole the tarts,
      And took them clean away.

  The King of Hearts
  Called for the tarts,
  And beat the Knave full sore;
  The Knave of Hearts
  Brought back the tarts,
  And vowed he’d steal no more.

I just love this new fancy gown by irrISISTIBLE called Crazy in Love that is this month's exclusive @ Swank.  I love the cascading red ruffles that are outlined in black lace and the way the bows and sexy bodice with black embellishments set off the entire look.  And the flowing hearts and flowers... just crazy in love with this gown!

Crazy in Love is made for freya, hourglass, isis, Maitreya, sofia and physique mesh bodies.  It comes with an easy to use applier hud for the gloves that work with belleza, maitreya, omega and slink huds.  As an aside, omega can be used for TMP, AESTHETIC, Aesthetic and Signature mesh bodies as well if you have the appropriate omega system hud.  This outfit also comes with dramatic matching hair.  I also paired this look with Luminesses Heart Necklace and Drop Ruby Earrings.

Wearing irrISISTIBLE @ Swank

Swank LM -
Gown, Hair, Jewelry, Headpiece, bangle, appliers - Crazy in Love Gown

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Mr. X and Submissive Paris....@ Luxe Paris and Luminesse @ Swank

Submissive is such a tantalizing word but what does it really mean?  In terms of sensuality, most come to think of it as a trust issue and believing your partner won't betray you no matter what... I would like to think that anyway and I trust my partner and friends with all my heart and soul.  This new exclusive cocktail dress by Luxe Paris that is called Submission and is an exclusive @ Swank proves that there is always a bit of a wild side to an innocent face...I mean, in the right relationship at the right time with the right person... one can be a hundred different women... the only limit is imagination!
Submission is a standout with its sleek bodice, sweetheart neckline and rippling bell-shaped sleeves that is beyond alluring.  This dress is made for Altamura Sofia, Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and ebody curvy.   The Submission Dress is also available in brick, rose and flame and cherry.  I paired this with the gorgeous jewelry set also at Swank by Luminesse...  called  Corsisi Fiera Set it has   drop earrings and a beautiful matching necklace in rubies and  also an  option in opal.

A special edition of Submission comes with sexy lace-up heels and a mask.  The heels are made for belleza, maitreya and slink feet.  LUXE Paris is a high-quality fashion brand for women & men, inspired by the Parisian haute couture and created by the professional model Parisian Skytower and the fashion editor Mika Palmyra

Wearing - Swank - Luxe Paris and  Luminesse

Dress - Mask - Shoes - Luxe Paris - Submission

Necklace and Earrings - Luminesse - Corsisi Fiera Set 

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Mr. X and Lois Sascha Designs @ Swank

Whimsy & Wonder. Exquisite handpainted stripes hover in a burst of incandescent hues on this breathtaking jacket and sexy skirt. Each is artfully unique in soft black knit and cascades to the lettuce edge hemline that hangs longer in front. Long sleeves. exudes elegance.  Made for mesh bodies.

Swank LM

 Dress  - Sascha Designs - Red Black

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Mr. X and Anette.. new *Glitter* @ Swank

I know what your closet is missing -- this is what Mr. X told me.... pfffft --- but he was correct, as usual, I was missing Anette by Glitter, an exclusive @ Swank.

I love love love the retro art deco pattern of this sequin and silk dress that is made for fitmesh straps dress for bodies: Belleza (Venus, Freya), Maitreya, Slink. (Physique, Hourglass), Tonic (Fine, Curvy), Ocacin, Voluptuous and 3 fitmesh standard sizes. And, it also includes Alpha Layer for calssic avatars.     And, get this ---  Available in 8 colors and Fat Pack saving 50% Off &  SWANK  get there.

 And -- so Mr. X....  come and we will be  GLITTER... I promise and u made that promise to me too...

Wearing - Swank  Exclusive - GLITTER
Swank LM  -
Dress - Anette by Glitter

Monday, February 11, 2019

Mr. X and Darling Ruby - Flower Dreams

Ruby the color of love...  and is this not a fabulously sexy Valentine's Day Gown?    No worries if this is too see thru for u... it comes in two other versions... less see thru and beautifully done but no peeking... it could be a total strip tease throughout the night actually... oh la la... Mr. X ... when he gets wind of this he will just about ... never mind... I never kiss and tell.

 Ruby -- see what I mean... so alluring and  three  textures to die for...  Mr. X cannot decide which one he wants to see first, in my mind, I will tell him to slow  down -- one at a time....

In addition to coming with three options, Ruby by Flower  Dreams is made for classic bodies, as well as slink,  belleza and maitreya (worn) mesh bodies... trust me your love's heart is sure to throb a bit louder in this gown... whatever version you choose!

Wearing - Swank Exclusive
Swank LM -

Gown - Flower Dreams - Ruby

Mr. X and Vivian - *New Jumo* @ Swank

Mr. X tells me he loves the combination of lace and sheer gauze-like silk -- a gown that is sexy and not too puffy... he likes to be teased a bit out on the dance floor... and, grinning, I told him, well, Mr. X, by now you should know that I do indeed like to tease you!  I mean check out this new gown by Jumo called Vivian that is an exclusive @ the February Swank event!

Vivian comes with a fabulous color changing hud offering16 different colors and patterns... each more beguiling than the next.  I love the polka dots and lace... so sweet!  There are also swirling florals, intricate lace and see thru silk... what more could one ask for?  I especially like the silk accents on the top of the gown, around the hemline and at the waist... oh la la!

Vivian is made for mesh bodies - slink, belleza, and maitreya and comes with a gorgeous pair of big gold hoop earrings that set this gown off as totally decadent! Just look at the fabulous sheen of this gown... JUMO how do you do this?!!!!

 I have also paired this gown with the new hair from  Jumo called Amore. It comes in many colors and includes a free ribbon changing hud in four colors as well as a single bun and a double bun. The hair includes appliers for regular classic heads plus catwa and letluka mesh heads. I love the classic look of this bun... both of them and decided I wanted to wear the double bun with a red ribbon!


GOWN - Jumo @ Swank - Vivian
Swank LM

Hair  Amore  - Jumo

Monday, February 4, 2019

Mr. X Enduring Romance... Charme & D!vine Style @ Dazzle

I love this dress... by D!vine Style  called  Ruby Cold Shoulder -- it shows that time moves on and Mr. X the clock is ticking...and this time of year take me in your arms like in times past are reminiscent of  books... a book of memory that is written in our heart... it takes me back to the day of romantic  courtly love and this hair by Charme called Yumi a sultry exclusive @ Dazzle.

With Valentine's Day is around the corner and @ Dazzle, all of the designers are offering many options from super sexy to demure this cute, coy to sophisticated dress with 70 colors by D!vine is perfect with another hair by Charme called  Edith. I love the multi-colored options that this clever hair offers.. it is sooo sexy.

  One of the major components in styling on SL has to do with hair... and anyone that knows me, I love the hair... and the three new exclusives hair options are just gorgeous like xxx by Charme a cute romantic whispy pull-up hair.  It comes in many colors and shades... the choice is yours.   I paired this hair with another exclusive @  Dazzle by Charme called Elena and added  the heart-shaped swirling earrings by Glint, another exclusive @ Dazzle.


Dazzle Exclusives
Landmark -

Hair #1 - Charme - Yumi

Hair #2 -  Charme - Edith

Hair #3 - Charme - Elena

Earrings and Necklace - Glint  - Swirling Heart Earrings and Spiral Heart Necklace

Dress - D!vine Style  - Ruby Cold Shoulder

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Mr. X... it's bright out! New Virtual Diva Couture, Emo-tions and Jumo

There is shy and introverted sister and then there is coy, demure and not so innocent sister -- the one that spikes the punch bowl when no one is looking!  Shy and bashful are almost interchangeable, coy is more difficult to achieve.  When done right, coy is irresistible just like this new outfit by Virtual Diva Couture called Bright Couture.

I love the splendid deep blueish purple tone of this pencil thin skirt that is runched all the way down the center of the skirt.  The sexy bra top tied together with a bow... Mr. X told he wanted to unwrap me like a gift when he saw me in this!  He is such a naughty boy!  This two piece outfit is made for Maitreya Mesh bodies.

I have paired this with new makeup from Jumo called Charlotte Lips they are made for classic, Maitreya and Catwa mesh heads and come in six colors that range from a beautiful neutral, blush rose ,to a deep vibrant purplish red. They are an exclusive @ Feb. Makeover Room.

Another new find is this gorgeous new hair from Emo-tions called Ebba. I love the way it frames my face making it perfect to wear with earrings. It flows beautifully and can be used casually as well as formally.  I love this hair!  It also comes with appliers should you need them for catwa and letuka mesh heads as well as appliers for classic avatar heads.


Dress - Virtual Diva Couture - Bright Couture 

Eye make up - Jumo - Foxxie

Lipstick - Jumo - Charlotte Lips

Hair - Emo-tions - Ebba - brown pack

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Mr. X and Desire - Virtual Diva Couture.

ok... it is a new day and we all have new days... sometimes... they are amazing... like this new sexy uber cutout dress from Virtual Diva Couture... seriously, how much fun is this!!!!  Mr. X doesn't know where to begin, and, I seriously like that! And, who can resist something called  Desire!

 This is a cutout dress that is as sexy from the front as it is from the back and you can be sure that  you will be followed down the path... oh la la!     And, really, Desire looks as good from the front as the back....Mr, X loves this!   And of course  Desire is ... well  Desire!

Wearing  - Virtual Diva Couture -  Outfit - Desire!
Virtual Diva 

Mr X -- My Valentine - Emerald Couture @ Dazzle and *New* Emo-tions Hair!

 Some outfits can't wait to get out of the house to dance, to salsa, to funk, to flirt like this new exclusive at Dazzle called I Love You by Emerald Couture.  I love the cute rippling sheer hemline that is emblazoned with I love you on it making this sleek sweater dress perfect for Valentine's Day!  It is available in red, pink, blue, purple and teal.

The I Love You Dress (how irresistible is that name!!)  is made for Maitreya, Belleza, Altamura, eBody-curvy, Freya, Isis, TMP, Venus and Slink mesh bodies.  Dazzle officially opens February 1 and runs through the end of the month.  My advice is to get there well before Valentine's Day to pick up this exclusive!

I have paired this cute little frock with new hair by Emo-tions called Kirsty.  I love its wildly sexy cascading waves that are so darn hot! I am wearing it in the brown family but also love it in all colors offered.  All Emo-tion Hair comes with appliers for catwa and letuka mesh heads.


Dazzle Exclusive -

Dress - Emerald Couture - I Love You Dress

Hair - Emo-tions - *NEW* Kirsty

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Mr. X & Stella - Wish Upon A Star... New Fellini

Sighs... Fellini Couture has come out with the most romantic gown for Valentine's Day... sure to make you feel like everyone that looks at you in it is wishing on a star... and wants a taste of your luster .... oh la la  --- is golden and silver...

Looking at me, you better remember those white nights... the stars that gleamed and the full moon in the window --tears and laughter... the break in your whisper... the promises... and let it all go... like smoke from a candle... like a melody... you remember...

I love this new gown by Fellini Couture called Stella that is an exclusive at Sense.  It is made for Maitreya mesh bodies and has the added embellishments of flexiprims.  Stella comes in silver and gold with a gorgeous array of stars and a lovely hairpin of stars... it is truly "celestial".... can't wait to dance with Mr. X as a Star in his arms...


Fellini Couture - Gown - Stella @ Sense  Event

Main  Store -

Hair - Vanity - LA Confidential

Friday, January 25, 2019

Mr. X and Aurelia - Wicca's Wardrobe

I have a  heart... some wear it on their sleeve, some wear it in their mind and, many wear it in parts "unknown" or shall we say, those parts under the waist and before the legs.   I wear my heart where it should be and in SL  I can thanks to this new coat by Wicca's Wardrobe called Aurelia Coat.  I love Steampunk and so few here do it as well as Wicca Merlin, the Queen of Steam!!!   I love the way Steampunk portrays the heart and Wicca' Wardrobe does that so beautifully in her new coat that comes with a heart.... of sorts!  I mean really how cool is that! 

When you are surrounded by stupidity -- self-preservation isn't a sin... right... who cares where I am from or who I am... or what I believe in... frankly, I believe in me... that is because most people never believe of others what they can't imagine of themselves...after all, we all have a choice, and tonight my choice is this fabulous coat, hat, goggles and  boots by Wicca's Wardrobe.

It is uber sexy steampunk and I love it... after all, time is free and it up to us on how we spend it and I  delight in spending it in this new coat by Wicca Merlin called Aurelia Coat.  It is made for mesh bodies and as all her outfits do, it comes with a massive color changing hud...for the coat,  belt, buttons and buckles... and, ok I was just in a brown mood --- it's steamy!  I have combined it with  Wicca's Gypsy Boots, Chester Googles, and Alyward Hat.

Wearing - Wicca's Wardrobe
LM -

Coat - Aurelia (mesh with massive color changing hud)

Boots - Gypsy Allison Edition -Color changing hud,  boots made for  maitreya,  belleza and slink

Hat - Original Mesh - Alyward - in black and brown

Goggles  - Unisex Chester Goggles (love these!!)