Saturday, October 24, 2020

Mr. X and Kali ! Giulia Designs @ Swank

 It is my favorite time of year...autumn and Halloween... there are so many fun things to wear. I absolutely adore this new outfit by Giulia Designs called Kali that is an exclusive @ Swank which is running through October 31 so head down there for some boo-rific deals!

Mystery and magic are combined in this sexy corset-like top that fits so snug and sexy! I love the texture of it -- reminding me of an ancient reptile with a weblike structure. Kali comes with spooktacular lizard-like spikes that adorn your arm and chest that add just the right amount of fun to this beguiling look. I like the asymmetrical look with the sleeve on one side and the spikes on the other side. 

Kali pairs well with sleek silk tight black pants that are really low cut in the front. It also comes with boots and long fingernails that complete the look. It is made for slink, belleza and mairtreya mesh bodies.

Wearing Swank Exclusive - Kali -Giulia Designs

Swank LM

Giulia Designs -

Shot @ VaxxNation - a great club - music and even a fabulous Halloween treat!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The Devil In Me.... irrisistible @ Swank - Missing Mr. X...or Am I?

Is life a circus, I think it is sometimes.... and, let me say, we all have a little devil in us... some days, I think I have a lot of devil in me... or at least mischief! I was once called - affectionately, "my djinn" -- and this new exclusive by irrisistible @ Swank makes me think back to that... and of course Zigma, he is one in a million just like this outfit. I love the wings with the flames coming out of them and the gorgeous matching hair and a tail! Oh and, did I mention the skin...  oh la la!

The Devil in Me - there is also a male version is LOADED!  It comes with hair, wings, skin, jewelry, shoes, and of course, a fabulous outfit. It is really extraordinary. And, no worries about how to wear this... it is made for slink, Belleza, Maitreya (worn) bodies, also bom and it also has omega appliers for slink and Maitreya. I actually didn't need the appliers with my Lara body. Oh yes, even a trident! 

The entire outfit is a must-have... you will be spooktacular!  Just ask any mermaid or clown... you will fit right in... and -- if you don't --- because this is so unique.... good for you... 

Wearing irrisistible @ Swank 

Swank LM -

LM - irrisistible -

Mr. X and Lace for Halloween - VIPS @ Swank

 Do you want to leave him speechless?  You will... om this decadent and sexy ensemble that with its bandaid crisis cross halter top and mini skirt. It is so flattering and so extravagantly sexy. This is VIPS exclusive @ Swank and it is called Heather Lace. I love the fact it has a lace top and a different texture on the skirt. And, VaxxNation, one of my favorite clubs provides the perfect backdrop!

I love the finely crafted lace of this outfit that makes it almost feel like lingerie... it is so well done. Heather Lace is made for mesh bodies - Slink, Belleza, and Maitreya and comes with a handy six color changing hud. The colors in this hud are all deep dark colors... two reds, purple, black (worn), magenta and blue. I love the way it accentuates my body in a classic silhouette - making me feel like a "bombshell" and the center of attention...since it has been a while, I kinda like that and, I am guessing so will you.

Wearing Swank Exclusive - VIPS - Heather Lace

Swank LM - LM -


Shot @ VaxxNation - a great club - music and even a fabulous Halloween treat!

Monday, October 19, 2020

Gothic Elegance @ Swank - Flower Dreams

 Haunted... some people haunt your memories...the whispers in the night made up of false promises... I like to believe in the other half of the conversation... and whisper white lies to the dead... especially when wearing these two exclusives by Flower Dreams @ Swank. And the headpiece is fabulous...

Catrina is a cross between Vegas Show Girl and Gothic glamor and I adore it... the detail is stunning...the crop top with the gothic lace roses that cut down the middle... beyond sexy... it comes with a fabulous headpiece of fluff and feathers... to me it is a must-have as well as this sexy goth-inspired gown. And, then there is the skirt... it is so slim and trims with gorgeous sexy lingerie kinda vibe... it is like a sneak peek and, trust me, it is a total turn on... who doesn't like a sneak peek!

I love Isabel... it is made for belleza, slink, fit mesh, and Lara. It is glam goth for sure. Long, luxurious, with decadent flexi sleeves and skirts... and a slight glimmer... it is enchantment plus.

Wearing - Swank Exclusives - Flower Dreams
Two Exclusives Catrina and Isobel

Halloween... SKBW - Gothic Gown

 Oh, how I adore Halloween... my SL roots are Goth... and I use to frequent a wonderful club, now long gone called Stronghold.  I do adore Vaxx Nation... it is Gothic and fun... with a great crowd of people. I can't wait to show up in this new exclusive gown that is @ Swank by SKBW simply called Gothic Ball Gown.

This gown has elegant cascading lace that is artfully draped on the finest puffy mesh satin gown. The Gothic gown is made for Lara (worn), physique, isis, venus, freya, and hourglass. It comes in red, black and white, purple, white and red and black. I loved this gown best in red with the black lace that has a 3-d- effect. The red and black version has lace embedded into the design and is quite fetching.

Wearing - Swank Exclusive - SKBW - Goth Gown 

Swank LM-

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Vanish... Sascha's Designs... ... Mr. X let me evoke

 I love the idea of vanishing... I suppose we all do at some point...   and Mr. x has vanished... he is no more after many years and I am sad but... I know... sometimes  to vanish and  take stock and  get with it is important... and  this new  gown by Sascha's Designs  encouraged me... 

I feel like a goddess... and, really, don't I look like one... ... thanks to  Sascha's  Designs... vanish is made for  slink, belleza and mairtreya slink bodies and regular mesh... it is elegant and  ... a must-have -- it is sexy and sleek... and perfect for  autumn adventures....

Wearing... Vanish... Sascha's Designs...

Sascha's Designs LM -

MP -

Friday, October 2, 2020

LIS New Poison Rouge...Am I a Moonchild? Tres Chic

 I see Red... and perfection.. in this new jumpsuit... elegant... swank and a must-have.. . new from Poison Rouge and made for Maitreya legacy and Lara... I  am still Lara and I love it and ... wow factor +++  It comes in a fat pack but... tonight I see red... and.. 

Normally I  write about Mr. X -- not sure where he is at --- because I  have not seen him for  two years... so... I  put on this red jumpsuit  called LIS and I am  ready to jump in --- once again... so will you... in this  fab new jumpsuit

Wearing - LIS New Poison Rouge for Tres Chic

LM -

Inworld Poison Rouge

Poison Rouge Nadeshiko Pink

 So nice and so retro-cool plaid in neon pink sparkles with black and grey... it makes me sing and then the detailed of the straps... and the buckles... so much to be undone... yet again... this is exclusive @ Neo Japan.... only @  - Poison Rouge

Wearing - Nadeshiko Pink - Poison Rouge

 New and  Fab at Neo Japan fitted for  Legacy and Maitreya

Exclusive @ Neo Japan

Inworld  Store - Poison Rouge

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Mr. X and Dreams of the Nile - New Virtual Diva

 Poetry is the last forgotten pleasure of ancient  Egypt... they give us insights to our real life in the 21st century and back to 1589-2000 BC... do you  dare dream with me... and around me...  and...

To hear your voice is pomegranate wine to me:

I draw life from hearing it.
Could I see you with every glance,
It would be better for me
Than to eat or to drink.

 Wearing - Nilo - Virtual  Diva 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Mr. X and Lola... AnaStyle @ Swank

 No, I told Mr. X time and time again, I am not born to be wild...  and sometimes I feel like I am outside looking in but never in this fabulous look that is an exclusive @ Swank by AnaStyle called Lola is rock and roll late into the night... and, your Mr. X will agree... for sure! After all... Lola is a rocker... for decades! 

I love the cape-like red jacket it embellishes the tight perfectly colored jeans and the cute silk sexy shirt... so shear... it is a delight.. just ask ... Lola is made for mesh bodies and... most of all, it is fun to rock and roll in it! 

Outfit  - LOLA  -  AnaStyle @ Swank 

LM -

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mr. X and Steph by Byrne @ Swank

 Hand in hand through smoke and dreams I wander glittering in this new fabulous jacket and skirt with dazzling geometric patterns that glitter in the doom and dullness... this outfit called  Steph lights up the night... trust me! This is just gorgeous... it comes with pasties... and is very sexy... I wore it for my blog purpose with my Maiteraya bra.... without it  Steph is super sexy. 

This crop military style open jacket and high waist skirt also are packed with mod plastic boots....  it is an amazing look....  the boots are so cool...  This outfit and the boots are made for Mesh bodies-Slink, Belleza and Maitreya.  It comes in black and white... I love both and so will you! I love when designers do such excellent and complete looks... my advice... to turn heads... don't miss out on this exclusive @ Swank.

Wearing  BYRNE  exclusive @ Swank - Steph 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mr. X and remember... the wind...Mia and Flower Dreams @ Swank

 It was cool today... and I was feeling like Sita... a cool wind, the autumn sun on my face... and in a gorgeous new gown... exclusive @ Swank by Flower Dreams called Mia -- I love the juxtaposition of the silk and flowers and so will you...

I  think and remember things... I have come to the conclusion that when people leave our company in our time we are never certain of seeing them again, or seeing them unaltered... changed... and never ours again. This I believe is true. I can never understand someone by his strengths. Nothing is revealed there. I can only understand people by their weaknesses.

Wearing  Swank Exclusive -Gown - Flower Dreams - Mia

Friday, September 18, 2020

Mr. X and Micaela Giulia Design @ Swank

 Purple - Pink reminds me of the sunset and when relationships are over and when some begin... as for me, I really am looking forward to a new beginning in many ways -- even though there is always a Mr. X...  he has yet to find me... I found Micaela by Giulia Designs an exclusive @ Swank that is a cute mini skirt and mid-riff top... that is oh la la and made for mesh bodies. I love the  gold flower at the side and the cute cute tassel belt.

I want to remember nights... where Mr. X sits beside me... barely touching me with the tip of his finger.  When we are apart he wrote how he loved the sound of my breath in those moments, the intake and release of it, paced and constant, as if preparing, as if knowing there was to be long-distance ahead. And, it is eternity now.

Wearing Micaela - Giulia Design @ Swank

Swank LM -

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Mr. X and Brenda -- Glitter @ Swank

I love this jade green dress made of the finest silk texture... it reminds me of the jade green sea that glimmers and gleams - a vast expanse...the turbid ebb and flow... of time... of human hearts...of joy and love as the moon overhead glows... 

I told Mr. X like this cute mini dress called Brenda by Glitter that is an exclusive @ Swank this month is made for mesh bodies ebody, altamura, belleza, mairteya (worn), slink, tonic, curvey and comes with a ten-color changing hud - that features sumptuously folded silk in solid colors and two very sexy lace versions of Brenda.. you will never forget her.

When you think of me, think of timeless sea breezes and the reflection of the moon on jade green water... think of me as a beacon of light and hope, inspiration, and love.

Dress - Brenda - Glitter  Swank Exclusive

Poses - Glitter - Female Model

Glitter LM

Monday, September 7, 2020

Mr. X and Carolina - New Gown and Earrings by Jumo

 I love being the lady in red especially in this fabulous new gown by Jumo called Carolina. I love the high-waisted belt in black satin and the gorgeous ruffled neckline that is oh so feminine. Mr. X loves that!

Carolina is made for belleza, maietreya and slink mesh bodies and comes with a gorgeous color-changing hud that offers both solid colors and floral textures. I love the shade of this reddish-orange because it reminds me of autumn colors... and I love autumn, it is my favorite time of year.

I am also wearing earrings by Jumo -- they are so sexy... I love the way they drop to my shoulders. They are like dangling flowers -- the last flowers of summer... as we ready for autumn the most colorful of all seasons...

Wearing - Jumo

LM -

Gown - Jumo -Carolina

Earrings -  Jumo - Carolina with gown