Friday, November 11, 2022

Orange Crush --- Oh La la... Luxe Paris and Heartsdale @ Swank

 I love this new retro look by Luxe Paris called  Autumn Sunset ... All I could think of was orange crush because this look makes me happy -- it is total old-fashioned sunshine!  It has many meanings over the years from the drink developed in 1921  when Ward's extracted oils from orange skins to achieve the color of their signature drink --- orange crush!

Autumn Sunset is loaded with style... it comes with a stylish dress in ombre colors ranging from yellow to orange to pink... it reminds me of the sunset and dawn all at the same time, leggings, boots, gloves, and even an optional coat.

The killer here is the hat that Autumn Sunset also includes a beret-styled hat with a  fabulous bow... that just makes this look so adorable. I have also combined it with Hartsdale's new jewelry from Swank called Cascade Collection ...  the necklace, bracelets, and earrings have a vast color-changing hud that will work well with many looks and styles.

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Outfit - Luxe Paris - Autumn Sunset
Jewelry - Hartsdale Designs - Cascade

Monday, November 7, 2022

Sunrise Delights - New Wicca's Originals

Feeling fierce passion...wild, unpredictable, beautiful, and dangerous... the passion that makes me jump up and down on the bed with unbridled expectations... I live for nights thick with lust and romance... rum and naked kisses... all over.  Languid 

Some outfits just sizzle and this new outfit called Laurien Top and Hotpants by Wicca's Originals makes my body sing... and so do Liuva Boots... fabulous! The Liuva Boots are made by Wicca's Wardrobe and come with a color-changing hud that allows you to change almost everything on these sexy boots.

I love Laurien Hotpants and Top--- I mean, just look at elegantly sexy halter /bandaid top made of the finest leather... soft and supple. The top is complimented by string panties and hotpants complete with a beautiful belt and buckle... best of all like all of Wicca's Originals outfits it comes with a massive color-changing hud that changes fabric and metals. I am also wearing earrings and a ring called Valia by Wicca's Originals.

I can taste the salt on your lips, each kiss, like a summer wave rushing into the arms of the shore... 

Wearing- Wicca's Originals

Outfit - Laurien Hotpants and Top

Boots - Liuva Boots

Earrings - Valia 

Hair - Mono

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Lost in the mist... Adia -GGVG @ Swank

 Yes, I have fallen for him ...because hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees. That's the way I am. The unknown was always so attractive to me... and still is... I love this new Halloween elegant gown by GGVG -- it includes a well-done tube dress that you can just wear alone or embellish, chest decor, flexible skirts, and even horns with a flower crown... oh la la. 

The dress is made for maitreya Lara (worn), petite, legacy, belleza - freya, isis, venus, body classic and curvy, signature alice, slink hourglass, physique, survey, and fine. In addition, Adia is made in black, purple, blue, orange, pearl, red, rose, and teal. 

Out of breath, I have to sit and wonder... why --- home alone again ... the last time I saw him was beneath glistening constellations of stars - a spectrum of emotions --whirling and radiating - reflected and refracted a rainbow of feelings... like an afterglow of lovemaking.... 

Wearing Swank Exclusive GGVG Gown and horns - GGVG = Adia 

Friday, October 14, 2022

Hello I am not your fortune teller

Can I tell you a story... the lady fortune teller asks... where will you go... who will you love... what drives you? Your tale flows backward and forward...  like the way I feel and about your life... confusing with verses of promise music and more -- I remember the night our eyes were locked in a silent promise...a fortune teller's trance... that evaporates in a dream...

I love this new harness dress by Zex called  Selene maybe your fortune is already resolved....  shrugs...  who knows...  if you are worthy  --- as I am wearing... 

Selene by Zex is made for ebody, reborn, kupra original, legacy classic, Maitreya laura (worn) and Maitreya petite. I paired this sexy look with Tastic Luna Goth heels that are made for slink, belleza, maitreya, legacy, slink and tonic. They come with a color-changing hud that is awesome.

Wearing  Swank exclusives 

Outfit - Zex - Selene

Shoes - Tastic Luna Goth heels 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Spooktacular If Girl - Sexy Girl @ Swank

 Just in time for Halloween is a fabulous new outfit by If Girl called Sexy Girl - it is truly macabre and spooktacular... sure to send a shiver down your spine! Sexy Girl is so much fun to wear... I swear  I will rise like an ancient mischievous spirit from the grave and go out to play in all the haunted spots in SL. One of my favorite things to do is to head to Swank and participate in the annual Great Pumpkin Hunt going on there through October 31.

Sexy Girl comes with so many clever things... just check out the artistry in this super spookluscious outfit. First, there is a full skeleton...and then a ratty-looking skirt where the lace has unfortunately decayed... oh la la... and so has the gothic-inspired red lace and velvet corset... such a pity! And then there is the ratty-looking hair, replete with a brown rat in it... just hanging out! It even has a color changing hud that allows you to change the color of the corset, skeleton, ribbons and frame of the skirt.

And, for those that are extra bold -- get the special Halloween Aura by Magnetic... to scare the daylights out of those around you! These wonderful particles include skeletons, ghosts, coffins, bats, and pumpkins!

Wearing  Swank Exclusives

Outfit - Sexy Girl by If

Magnetic - Aura

Halloween goodies and the Pumpkin Hunt @ Swank + VIPS

 Halloween is around the corner. It is my favorite time of year on SL! In addition to offering freebies and gifts @ the annual pumpkin hunt which is great fun. Swank is a treasure trove of Halloween apparel for men and women. Just check out this fabulous Goth gown by Vips Creations called Dead Love!

Dead Love is made for classic bodies XXS-XL, maitreya, hourglass, venus, slink.  I love the embellishments this gown comes with... spooky skeletons hugging each side of the dress, a stylish hat with black lace hugged by a skeleton, and a beautiful diamond and ruby cross hanging from a delicate gold chain. Who could ask for more? So head to Swank and get your Goth on!

Wearing - Vips Creations - Dead Love

Swank Landmark

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

New Saschas Designs @ Swank - Nona

 I love the thought of a sultry low-cut blazer jacket and short shorts... how did Sascha read my mind? She always does... she is so clever, subtly sexy...and sophisticated... perfect for a night out... that will have all eyes on you! Mr. X might not like that... but it is ok... my heart is his alone... or is it? 

Nona is an exclusive @ Swank this month and comes with a blazer, shorts, and a hat. It is made for Belleza, slink, and Maitreya in a variety of colors including red, black, blue, purple, and many other colors. Whatever color you choose, my advice is to get this sweet and sexy Halloween outfit that is as naughty as it is nice... oh la la!

Wearing Nona - Swank Exclusive 

Swank Landmark

Saschas Designs

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Love & Lotus -- Like a WaterFall - New Fellini @ Neo Japan

 Sometimes when I think of him...  it is like a cascade of love... a waterfall of sweet desire and more... he makes me feel so natural ... out of bounds... and beautiful... like a beautiful water lily in full bloom in a sunlit pond... and wearing a gown by Fellini always makes me feel this way... and there is a new one out... an exclusive @ Neo - Japan called Lotus it not to be missed!

I love this new gown by Fellini one of the best designers ever in SL... an icon to me that always amazes me with what she creates. Lotus comes in ten patterns each one includes an alluring flower adornment that resembles an Avant Garde modern interpretation of a bustle that compliments the gown... it is incredible.  It even has a fantastic headpiece with a goldfish... that will make you want to swirl in the night... like me!

As the night draws in and the moon wanes... you will remember this fabulous dress... it is magical...  of water and flowers... beauty and fairy dust... you will blossom wearing it.  Lotus is an exclusive @ Neo Japan and will be in the Fellini Main Store when the event ends at the end of October.

Wearing - *NEW* Fellini  @ Neo - Japan  Lotus

Neo Japan LM

Fellini Main Store -


Thursday, September 8, 2022

Kirsten Nude... @ Swank....Sascha Designs

 I love this slip-like dress by Sascha's Designs that is and is exclusive at swank... it is silky, soft and feminine, and a must-have. Kirsten comes in many colors including black, mauve, nave, and my choice nude... how sexy is this?!  It is made for curvy, fine, freya, hourglass, and  Maitreya (worn). As always it is elegant and a must-have... just think of it as something as a dream  

As with this dress...  with the sexy and I love the lace at the bottom -- you can also be so out there and diverse... the choice is yours... and Sascha  Designs at Swank is one of my favorites....

Wearing Swank Exclusive 
Swank Landmark

Dress by  Sascha Designs called  Kirsten 

Monday, September 5, 2022

Mimy Virtual Diva... Let me roar

 Can he hear me call his name as it reverberates through the midnight sky Invoking the same wind that envelopes me to flow back ................ tonight I  wear a new outfit by  Virtual Diva  Couture called Mimy...  It is made for  Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, Juicy Reborn, and Kupra You can find it at the  Mainstore after the event @  Exclusive at Tokio Zero.

Wearing Diva  Couture - Exclusive at Tokio Zero Mimy Dress

Now @ Main Store  Virtual Diva Main Store LM

Friday, September 2, 2022

Feeling Savage - New Diva Couture @ Inithium Event

 I love this new sexy dress by Diva Couture...  called Savage... do you understand that... oh la la --- Let me tell you that whenever I wear  Diva Couture ... I not only feel like a Diva but I am in Couture...  I can never get enough of what Diva designs and neither will you!  I met someone in this dress... maybe he is supposed to be with me... from the beginning... omg.... sighs....   OH Deer -- do not read the background noise... it is the low spark of high heel boys....

This mini ultra reinvented bandage dress makes me cry  96  tears....  of fun and joy...   because everyone will want you in the room the way... the straps sweep ur body and the way this mini gathers itself and ... yeah.. it is so sexy... Savage is made for Bodies: Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, Juicy Reborn, Kupra, and Kupra Squeezed!  I am wearing Maitreya.

Wearing Savage by  Diva Couture  exclusive @ Inithium Event


After Event - Diva Couture 

Virtual Diva Main Store LM

Sunday, August 28, 2022

CY 3Fashions @ Swank

 I love this new off-the-shoulder oriental-styled mod dress called Eveline Dress by CY 3Fashions which is an exclusive @ Swank. It comes with two sets of patterns - some are traditional Japanese textures and others are exuberant floral textures that will make your heart sing. I am showing just two of the 16 patterns offered in the hud. There is also a hud that offers just solid colors.

Eveline  is made for so many mesh bodies including kupraErika, kups, squeezed), reborn (petite, perky) legacy, and Maitreya(worn)

Wearing -

Dress - 3CY Fashions  Eveline Dress 

Jewelry - Zuri

Swank Landmark

GGVG Satin Tara Gown @ Swank

 I love romantic gowns and this exclusive @ Swank called Tara with a lovely wrap is so romantic. It has a high empire waist and a sweet sweetheart neckline who could ask for more? Tara is made for altamura, belleza, body, maitreya, slink and tonic. It also has a beautiful flexi prim skirt to add depth to this gorgeous gown.

Tara comes in a wonderful palette of colors, light blue, black, white, pearl, lilac, and red. Go to  Swank and get it... and get ready to have your dance card filled!

Wearing Swank exclusive

Gown - GGVG - Tara 


Friday, August 26, 2022

Wild @ Swank

 Swank and Wild seem to go together... I love this new outfit called Shanti by Wild that is an exclusive at Swank... it does have a uber  Indian kinda vibe with its ikat top and sleek skirt made for body curvy, freya, hourglass, legacy, Maitreya (worn), and reborn. I love the come hither look... don't you?  Get it -- as an exclusive @ August Swank!

And, in the meantime, Mr. X... shall I dream dreams too wonderful to dare aloud? Let me think.... I am wavering -- feeling like I am capable of all tonalities… feeling like a caravan that is laden with exotic spices ---  Cardamom & saffron -- the fragrances of cedar, sandalwood, and sweet jasmine  Tonight I am embalmed in my own secret vertigos --- are you?

Wearing - Shanti by Wild - A swank Exclusive


Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Starlight @ Swank Bryne & Zuri

Standing at the edge of night and the flowing fountain... he saw me and said, may I have this dance... I could not believe it...  sighs...  looking at him - how could I  refuse.... mainly because I thought... he looks like a comet that shoots across the sky...  a good man and I am wearing a fabulous dress by Bryne called Bonita... it reminds me of stained glass flowers...

I love this mini by Bonitamade for mesh bodies (Maitreya& legacy) in blue, pink, and orange ... it is like a celebration of the stars and stained glass all at once -- it is unforgettable and iridescent... just like my love for Mr. X... and then... you must get this as you will be delectable! 

I paired with with a new necklace offered at Swank by Zuri called Fili Elite in steel... It is an elegant collar and elegant drop earrings... another must-have design that is delicate and alluring and mesh. This design comes in different colors and metals... check it out.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Dress - Bryne - Bonita 

Jewelry - Zuri - Fili Elite