Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mr. X and Megan --Giulia Designs and Heartsdale Designs @ Swank & Emotions

Oh, Megan is a sexy little minx... This is what Mr. X thinks anyway, and I do as well.  This mini dress by Guilinia Designs called Megan is an exclusive at the December holiday Swank event.  It is perfect for a city night out on the town or at home relaxing with someone you are sweet on by the roaring fire watching the snow fall.

I think Megan is the perfect combination of feminity and allure with its shimmering silk and sexy lace accents in all the right places!   I also love the fact that  Megan comes with gorgeous thigh hi black boots that compliment this outfit perfectly.   Megan comes with a six color changing hud.

The boots and mini dress with its cute V neckline and leather and lace up each side of the front of this dress is made for maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies.

I have combined Megan with gorgeous new boho type long hair by Emo-tions called Kylie I love the little side braid and the way this hair is angled along my face.  I am also wearing a holiday charm necklace and earrings by Heartsdale Designs called BoHo.  This exclusive set is also at this month's Swank.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Dress -Giulia Designs - Megan

Jewelry - Heartsdale Designs

Hair - Emo-tions - Kylie

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Mr. X and I Following the Fairy Dust - New Wicca's Wardrobe

I love this casually elegant and somewhat medieval feel to the new outfit by Wicca's Wardrobe called Allison that is an exclusive at the Sense event and will later be in her main shop.  This outfit is made for Maitreya and slink mesh bodies and comes with a  leather vest, silk scarf,  leather pants, a comfy sweater and cute ruffles for the cropped pants.

I love the fact that this also comes with a huge color changing hud that allows you to mix and match the colors of the sweater, vest, scarf, pants and even the ruffles of the pants.  The colors include black, white, red, blue, green, purple, gold and teal blue.  As always I had a blast changing the colors of all the items.  You can also change the metal of the buttons and the leather strap in the back of the vest.  Need I say that the options are endless?

Don't miss the Allison boots that are sold separately... they are absolutely gorgeous with tons of leather lacing in the front and in the back... they are way cool and you will be able to wear them with a ton of outfits in SL.  They also come with a color changing hud that allows you to change the color of the shoe, heel/sole, shaft of the boot and the laces!  How much fun is that!  I love them!  They are made for maitreya and slink high feet...and, if you ask me, a must have.

I have gotten into some trouble here in this sweet outfit following the fairy dust to a little gypsy camp deep in the forest... no one was there but me and the fairy... the fire was warm and glowing and the colors of the gypsy wagon were bright and colorful against the nite time sky... even the candles were lit.  As I sat amid the fairy dust... my mind drifted back to Mr. X and I wondered what on earth he was up to...


Outfit -Wicca's Wardrobe Allison
Boots - Wicca's Wardrobe - Allison

Main Store -
MP -

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Mr. X and the Snow Queen - Sascha's Designs, Heartsdale @ Swank & Jumo

You tell yourself he only left you for her--because of the wicked shard of glass in his eye,
but the truth is, every man wants an ice princess...He'd rather marvel at her tedious snowflakes,
caress her frosted hair, bask in her cold gaze --- she is a goddess frozen in time... forever.

He loves that veneer of can you rescue a man whose heart, transfixed by a skeletal crystal that craves the bruising of frost?  He runs to her thru mist covered mountains -- across ice fields and snow-covered valley's -- he burns for her warmth... deep and warm... alluring as the warmth of the north star that always guides him home to her... eternal warmth...

One way is to wear this great new gown by Sascha's Designs called Snow Queen.  It is an exclusive @ December Swank and  is made for regular mesh bodies and maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies and is a mix of mesh and  flexi prims.
I love the headpiece that comes with the Snow Queen by Sascha's Designs it is like a  winter water snowflake.  I have combined this with another exclusive from Swank, the BoHo Charm Necklace and drop earrings by Heartsdale.  The hair is new by Jumo... a perfect updo called Sugar Hair that is perfect for this look... elegant and evocative... just like a Snow Queen should be.

Gown - Sascha's Designs - Snow Queen

Necklace and Earrings - Heartsdale - Boho

Hair - Jumo - Sugar
main Store -

Monday, December 10, 2018

Mr. X and Petite Mort and Heart Homes @ Swank!

I love this time of year... when snow covers the landscape, the smell of gingerbread wafts through the air and candles glow from every window and people relax by the fire... Mr. X and I do anyway.  There is nothing more than I love than decorating a tree and Heart Homes has made a gorgeous tree for the holidays that is perfect for singles and couples and even includes bento poses.  WOW!   Touch the lights and the tree comes alive...

Plus, there are so many moments to experience with this tree from gift wrapping and rattling to see what is in the package to decorating the tree or just sitting and relaxing... it is a delight.  I especially like the rustic country look of it with its perfectly rendered Santa's that climb the tree and seem to greet you at every angle... I can almost hear them go ho- ho- ho !

As with all of the items from Heart Homes... I love the interactions.PG and Adult (I never ever kiss and tell!!!) ..and all the options... this is low prim and absolutely amazing at only 22 prims... I just loved wearing this clothing exclusive from  Swank by Petite Mort... it is cute and sassy ....Mr. X loves that!

I loved this sweet flirty mini skirt and sweater top by Petite Mort that is an exclusive at the December Swank.  Although available in four festive colors, I really loved the cranberry color as it reminds me of the rich reds of the holiday season and gets me thinking about the red berries of mistletoe!  This sweater and skirt are made for slink and maitreya mesh bodies.

Wearing  Swank Exclusives
LM -

Swank Exclusive - Petite Mort - Sweater and Skirt in Cranberry

Tree - 2018 Advent Christmas Tree @Swank -  Heart Homes

Heart Homes LM -

Sunday, December 9, 2018

New Hope Ball Dec. 9 & New Goodies by TM Creations, Feyline Fashions, Ali & Ali, Jumo, & CH

I love this new exclusive 100% ORIGINAL MESH scene called Nature Winter Scene by TM Creations that is an exclusive at Fashion for Life with 100% of the sales donated... wow.  The Winter scene comes with snow, rocks, plants, shrubs, grass, foxes, wolves, rabbits, and a fawn. All this with a Land Impact 18- Approximate sizes: meters 6.2 wide x 3.4 deep.  There is also extra decor including Winter Grass Land Impact 0.5 ~Snowy base (walkable) Land Impact 1 Material enabled You can unlink all pieces and use them as you wish.  Permission: COPY | MODIFY | NO TRANSFER.

I love the exclusive outfit at Fashion for Life by Feyline Fashions called snow Snowflake.  It is made for classic mesh avatars and comes with easy to use omega hud appliers for those of us with mesh bodies. It comes with fur trimmed boots and the most gorgeous wings ever.

I am wearing Ali and Ali Design's Unicorn Hair with Jumo Mother of Pearl Hair its fun and fanciful!  I am using the snow princess pose by CH poses that seemed entirely appropriate. Get to Fashion for Life, it is the last day and make sure to join the Relay For Life Community, Sunday, December 9th @ 1pm - 6pm as we celebrate the close of the 2018 Relay Season at the 9th Annual Holidays of Hope Gala Ball.  Held at the Music Box Ballroom high above the SL Christmas Expo the Ball will feature a Live Performance by Satin & Erin, Music by T1Radio and a Door Prize Giver loaded with more than L$40,000 of valuable Gift Certificates.  Formal Holiday Attire Requested.

Relay for Life Exclusives
Scene - TM Designs - Nature Winter Scene
Outfit - Feyline Designs - Snowflake
Direct TP -
Horn - Ali and Ali Designs Unicorn Horn

The SL Christmas Expo is Second Life's Premier Holiday Shopping & Entertainment Experience supporting the Relay For Life of Second Life.  More than 120 Merchants, 80 hours of entertainment, and lots more!  Join us at the Holly Jolly Cafe for Great Entertainment Now Through Dec 9th!
 Shopping, Fashion, Home & Garden, Breedables and more!  Skate the Canals! Lights of Hope and Snowman Contests! Christmas Trees, Gotchas, Raffles and Auctions!  
Don't Miss the 2018 SL Christmas Expo. Join Us and Give the Gifts.

Hair- Jumo - Mother of Pearl -
Eye Shadow - Jumo- Dirty Glitter

CH Poses - Snow Princess

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Mr. X and the Beautiful Gypsy - Exclusive @ Fashion for Life

Are you a gypsy soul that longs to sleep under the moonlight while the kettles whistle and colorful rooms with rainbow hues...fevered with the sunset... thirsty with wanderlust...always ready to go forth and find a new tomorrow?   When men look at her, they see wildfire in her eyes and a hunger for the open road....

I just love this new exclusive outfit at Fashion for Life by Feyline called Gypsty Natalia.  It is one of the finest gypsy outfits I have ever seen... I love the beautifully brocaded midriff bodice, artful neck shawl, neck ribbon and puff sleeves. It comes with a matching bracelet and boots as well. 

The skirt is colorful and swirls and sways as you move.  I love the paisley palette and the asymmetrical flowing layers of the texture.  This outfit is made for classic and mesh bodies using a handy omega system.  It is nice to see that this designer has such a fantastic outfit that fits the classic avatars as well as those of us with mesh bodies.

 I adore the details in this outfit... just look at this gorgeous neck shawl and you will see what I mean.  I have paired this outfit with new hair in a fabulous updo with wisps of hair falling around my cheeks by Emo-tions called Sia.Of mountains and forests... valleys and trees... mysterious adventures... locks and doors that open slowly... I dream of ships, I dream of seas... and the moment that the sails fill with the wind taking me to the east.

RFL Exclusive -  -- Feyline called Gypsty Natalia
Direct TP -

The SL Christmas Expo is Second Life's Premier Holiday Shopping & Entertainment Experience supporting the Relay For Life of Second Life.  More than 120 Merchants, 80 hours of entertainment, and lots more!  Join us at the Holly Jolly Cafe for Great Entertainment Now Through Dec 9th!
 Shopping, Fashion, Home & Garden, Breedables and more!  Skate the Canals! Lights of Hope and Snowman Contests! Christmas Trees, Gotchas, Raffles and Auctions!  
Don't Miss the 2018 SL Christmas Expo. Join Us and Give the Gifts.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

New @ Dazzle - Bonita by D!vine @ December Dazzle!

Have you ever wanted to break someone's heart with simplicity...?   This new jumpsuit created by  D!vine called Bonita -- an exclusive @ Dazzle is a heartbreaker for sure!   Even Mr. X agrees with that!

Mr. X tells me that there  is nothing more classy than a  body suit and D!vine @ Dazzle  delivers... wow... it is sexy, curvy and just enought to turn every head in the room-- I have to agree, this is a keeper and something that will "dazzle"  those you love... personally, the gorgeous understatement can be so much fun...especially with the intricate texture of this  jumpsuit.  There is something that is  herringbone pattern against  black silk that is so sensual

Bonita is made for slink, maitreya, belleza and standard mesh bodies.  It is gorgeous!  I love the simplicity and the almost black on black tone of this jumpsuit... it is elegance in motion... I love this type of look... so does Mr. X!

Wearing -- Dazzle Exclusive - D!vine - Bonita
Dazzle LM  -

Mr. X - Nerd Alert! Ugly Christmas Sweater @ Relay for Life

Ok all...  if you are looking for a smart ass sweater dress... to celebrate the holidays, I know, bahhhh humbug... get over to RFL and get this fun sweater dress by Nerd Alert -- hee hee the ugly Christmas Sweater Dress!  This is made for classic avatars, and mesh - tonic, slink, belleza, ebody, tmp, and classic mesh bodies... and it is fun!

I love the classic Nordic pattern of pine trees and deer on the perfect oatmeal colored wool texture -- just looking at it makes me feel -- well, naughty and nice! And, the saying on the sweater is for those feeling a bit naughty and playful... after all, it is SL and we should have some fun... and, no, I never kiss and tell!  I do suggest however for your holiday fun that you get over to RFL -- and pick this up... after all, this is an uber Nerd Alert!

RFL Exclusive -  -- NerdAlert - Ugly Christmas Sweater Dress
Direct TP -

The SL Christmas Expo is Second Life's Premier Holiday Shopping & Entertainment Experience supporting the Relay For Life of Second Life.  More than 120 Merchants, 80 hours of entertainment, and lots more!  Join us at the Holly Jolly Cafe for Great Entertainment Now Through Dec 9th!
 Shopping, Fashion, Home & Garden, Breedables and more!  Skate the Canals! Lights of Hope and Snowman Contests! Christmas Trees, Gotchas, Raffles and Auctions!  
Don't Miss the 2018 SL Christmas Expo. Join Us and Give the Gifts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Mr. X and Miranda - Get in the Spirit -- RFL Gown by Allure Couture

Get into the Spirit of the Season and do something really really good...visit  Relay for Life's  Holiday Extravaganza... there are so many designers participating and giving up to 100% to wipe out cancer.  I have been lucky enough to participate in this event that benefits the American Cancer Association for years... and once again, I am proud to do just that!   And, so many goodies check this out!

And look at this beautiful gown by Allure Couture called Miranda it is long and classic with a  mermaid hem and cape... not to mention the sheer deco pattern on the bodice... amazing!!! I love the gold accents and the combo of mesh and flexi prims...  get this... and celebrate the season.... for a good cause... and. fun!  It is sheer and sexy and, totally silk luster.... is great.  It is  made for  slink, belleza, maitreya (yay)  and tonic  mesh bodies.

Wearing Exclusive 
 Gown - Allure Couture - Miranda Exclusive for RFL

The SL Christmas Expo is Second Life's Premier Holiday Shopping & Entertainment Experience supporting the Relay For Life of Second Life.  More than 120 Merchants, 80 hours of entertainment, and lots more!  Join us at the Holly Jolly Cafe for Great Entertainment Now Through Dec 9th!
 Shopping, Fashion, Home & Garden, Breedables and more!  Skate the Canals! Lights of Hope and Snowman Contests! Christmas Trees, Gotchas, Raffles and Auctions!  
Don't Miss the 2018 SL Christmas Expo. Join Us and Give the Gifts.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Fashion EXPO 2018 is open get the Landmarks and info - featuring Pacifica Fashion!

The Relay for Lie Christmas Expo is in full gear and there are so many gorgeous gowns, accessories, fun items, landscaping and more that is available and everything most things are made exclusively for the expo.  I love this new gown by Pacifica Fashion called Eloise Glittery Gown that is made for Maitreya and Belleza bodies and has a fab color changing hud.

Not only do you get a beautiful outfit or the perfect piece for your land that is unusual and exclusive, but you also get something that is usually 100% donated to a good cause... to cure cancer.

Wearing - Gown - Pacifica Fashion called Eloise Glittery Gown.
Direct Teleport -

Click to  TP to the Expo

Shopping  Guide

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Mr. X and Carmine - New Virtual Diva! and Jumo Hair

Appropriately named... Carmine..."This love - It dazzles, it takes a breath- It's fascinating to feel
That it's made for me... I sink into deep fantasies- I ask for a rainbow and a garden- In a circus of flowers
I flood of emotions -Carmine...

This love impresses you in its splendor Like Van Gogh Watercolor to perfection...I sink into fantasies very deep--I ask for a rainbow and a garden--In a circus of flowers I flood of emotions--And stain my cheek of carmine...

This new gown, Carmine by Virtual Diva is a must have!  It is pure avant-garde couture with its high shouldered neckline and plunging V shape accented by a single beautiful flower on one side of this magnificent red floor length flowing gown that is perfect for the holidays and beyond.  I have combined this look with a classic updo by Jumo that has a cascade of unique buns!

Outfit -Virtual Diva - Carmine

Hair - Jumo -

Friday, November 30, 2018

Mr. X and Adriana - New Couture Outfit - Virtual Diva

It is such a drab and cold November afternoon... one of those long days when the sky is bruise grey and cloudy and daylight seems more like twilight than anything else.  To cheer myself up, I decided to style a new outfit by Virtual Dival called Adriana -- and I am glad I did because it is sexy as hell!

The texture of Adriana is fabulous... the high waisted skirt has a snakeskin pattern that takes on a life of its own.  I love the detail of the belt that cinches at my waist... Mr.  X likes that too.  This outfit should be worn with the materials enabled for the full effect.

The top is so stylish with a complimentary pattern leaving one shoulder bare... it is so alluring!  To top it all off,  Adriana comes with a fabulous feather collar that makes this outfit casually couture.  Adriana is a 100% Original Mesh Creation byVirtual Diva and is made for Maitreya Mesh Bodies.  I also like the fact that this outfit looks as good from the back as it does from the front!

Outfit -Virtual Diva - Adriana

Hair - Mina

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mr. X and Jet t' aime ... *NEW* Fellini @ Sense Opens tomorrow!

Have you ever stepped across the line and thought --  yes, he is right, the right one for me?   Joy Fellini has made the most gorgeous gown... and flowers for my reflects love--- and more...  flowers, and lace... soft breezes and walking hand in hand... after all we only have so much time... in any life...

My time is more limited in SL these days, I hate that, so -- wearing something elegant and fantastic is a joy...  Fellini of course...  butterflies and roses... lace and silk -- it is alluring and sensual... evocative and... yes... Mr. X -- I wait for you... and, Mr. X replies....
 I’ll be the warrior to fight for our love;  We’ll fly together, fly higher than the dove... I’ll be your wall and shield you from danger;  I’ll take all the pains, for to me they are no stranger. You’ll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart;  And then I’ll be the king, so we’ll never be apart. You’ll be my majesty— I will serve you forever;   And for all of the times, I will leave you never.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2018

    Mr. X and Alexa - new Jumo & Emotions

    Sometimes for the last dance you need pure elegance and this new gown by Jumo called XXX is simply elegant and stunning... as only Jumo can make it!  What a gorgeous gown to have to kick off the holidays!  Mr. X come and find me translucent and shimmering on the water.... if you dare!

    I love this new gown my Jumo called Alex... it is so elegant... I love the way it flows, glimmers and teases... and, especially the back of this gown is as gorgeous as the front of it...

    Jumo never misses a detail right down to these fantastic drop earrings... that come with the Alex Gown... how can you resist!  They have a color changing hud, just like this gown has.... so sweet!  The hair is  emo-tions called XXX... I just adore the jewlery with these earrings...and, so does Mr. X!

    So, it is late and I am sad to be honest, but this gown from Jumo has my blood going and, I am once again feeling happy... get Alex, it is made for all mesh bodies and comes with a fabulous color changing hud that ranges from duponi silk to lavish florals....

    Gown - Jumo - Alexa

    Jewelry - Jumo - Alexa

    Hair - Emo-tions -

    Monday, November 26, 2018

    Ice Queen and Mr. X .. irrISIStible and {Leuitieur} ... @ Swank

    She lived in a forest... snow covered, pine-scented... the owls hunt when the moon is bright...  the air is cold -- you can see your breath... and the stars, they glisten just like she does... your Ice Queen -- is she warm or cold... can you read the crystal of a snowflake?   Perhaps, only time will tell.

    I love all irrIsistible does... she is creative and whimsical... fun and frivolous... the sorta friend that you always need and want to be like.  And, this winter outfit for November Swank is a must have season premiere for  December... my advice... get it... it comes with everything - head to toe!

    This goes from a Snow Queen to a "Santa Baby Outfit" in an instant.  All of it is made for mesh bodies... belleza, slink, maitreya, and tmp. It has matching boots and a fabulous Globe Headpiece replete with a golden branch of ... well, what else...  goodness!  irrlSIStible has such fun... in SL and so do I especially when I wear her outfits!

    I have paired irrlSIStible with the fabulous long curls that are romantic and oh so sexy by {Leuitieur}  called Cher... they come in pastels, black/white, blonds, reds, blondes, and fantasy... all are great... I am wearing fantasy... of course!!!

    Wearing Swank Exclusives


    Wearing  -  irrISIStible

    Hair - {Leuitieur}  - Cher - Pastels

    Outfit  - irrlSIStible