Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mr. X and Marisol - BYRNE + Glitter Poses @ Swank + {Letituier }

I told Mr. X that nothing says summer like a floaty mini dress with an exuberant pattern of either large lush flowers or fruit... wandering around Swank, I came across the purrfect dress by BYRNE called Marisol that is an EXCLUSIVE at the July SWANK through the end of the month.

Marisol is a short-sleeved mini dress with a sexy fishnet pattern and a black latex corset.  It comes in a fruit called Fruta and floral pattern called Rosa and is made for slink, Maitreya and belleza mesh bodies.  Both the Fruta and Rosa includes fishnet stocking applier for Maitreya and OMEGA.

Fruta comes with a color changing hud in Teal, Sangria and Blue and Rosa comes with a color changing hud in Lime, Gold, and Green.  Both mini dresses are fun and flirty and absolutely a must have for summer fun!  I am also using the poses by Glitter that I picked up @ Swank, they imply movement and are so useful in showing off this dress! There are ten must-have poses called Janet -- one of Mr. X's very favorite names for women!

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Dress - Fruta (Blue) - Byrne

Dress - Rosa (Lime and Gold) - Byrne

Poses - Janet - Glitter

Hair - {Letituier } - Gatcha @ Store but she has a fab hair @ Swank as well called Tea Garden that will be featured in an upcoming blog!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mr. X and Strawberries! Moonstar and Ali and Ali

Where I live in RL it is strawberry season!  I could not resist this new dress from XXX called Strawberry that is an exclusive @ Dazzle. This dress has a four pattern color changing hud featuring strawberries on different backgrounds -- it is luscious!  Best of all this dress is made for classic avatar bodies as well as fit mesh, tonic, tmp, slink, belleza and maitreya mesh bodies. I wore it with my maitreya mesh body effortlessly.

The Strawberry Dress also comes with matching sandals and gorgeous strawberry drop earrings and a necklace that look good enough to eat!  This jewelry really completes the look.

I have paired this outfit with new Hair called Beach Bum by Ali and Ali.  It is great casual windblown hair for men as well as women. I love the variety pack.

Beach Bum comes with a fabulous hud that allows you to change the color of the hair as well as the color of the headscarf.  There are eight headscarf colors making it compatible with just about any color outfit you want to wear. It is also very easy to resize and you can wear it with the brights on or off. I love the fact that there are so many options for this fabulous hair offered by Ali and Ali.

I love strawberries -- I mean, who doesn't.  What is interesting is that in Native American culture they represent life and good health. To the Mohawks, the strawberry was the first berry food to appear and the plant was gathered and eaten as a blood purifier.  In California, the Pom hold special Strawberry Festivals and Dances representing the renewal of life.  To the Iroquois, strawberries are symbols of thanksgiving and blessings, the Cherokees believe the strawberry is associated with love and happiness and they consider it good luck to have strawberries in the house.  To the Navajo tribe, the strawberry is considered one of the sacred life medicines. To me, I just love them!

Wearing Dazzle Exclusives

LM -- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scoopwing/121/155/22

Strawberry Dress - Moonstar

Hair - Ali and Ali - Beach Bum - Variety Pack

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mr. X @ Summer Heat- D.E. Boutique and Firelight @ Swank

Summer... how I love the way it makes me feel... and, the way Mr. X knows what to do always...  it is unreal... to be honest...  and now, it is warm and I know... the rain on my skin soothes like the touch of Mr. X. Just like this new gown by DE Boutique called Summer Heat.  It is made for regular and maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies and comes with a six color changing hud for the top and skirt.  I love the floral patterns, especially the tropical rainforest green with the fern pattern top.

I feel so sensual in this with the cute Japanese belt at my crop top V neck top... with the sexiest slit open sleeves ever!  Mr. X loves the way they catch the breeze, and he especially loves the way he can slide his fingers on the soft skin of my arms as we walk.....

I have combined the gown by  Firelight with another find from Swank by Firelight called Dione  -- I love the long luxurious locks of this hair  that is elegant in its long lavish curls that are so more sophisticated and alluring than simple braids.... it is like the  summer night in a meadow as the morning dew kisses the  lady slipper flowers and the roses open to let the sun in...  Mr. X, that is you.

Swank Exclusives - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/178/114/24

Hair - Firelight - Dione

Outfit  DE Boutique - Summer Heat

Friday, July 6, 2018

Mr. X andy IrrlSIStible @ Swank Tropical Beauty

 You are my sunbeam --- it is like you came from love and Mr.  X  --- I am the fruit of life... this sim is about salt... and I  am all about  fruit as you know  as Khalil Gibran said, " Life without love is like a tree without  blossoms or fruit."  I love the Tropical Beauty  Shoes and Jewels by IrrlSIStible.

At Swank, we celebrate summer... and all  -- this is fantastic it has a butterscotch plaid and fruit of the tropics made for mesh belleza, slink, maitreya and regular mesh... easy to wear and oh so gorgeous... think the mother of the earth to feed all those in need... Mr. X and I  like that!

And now Mr. X... I wait for you... living with fear stops us from taking risks..so let's jump into it all and see where we surface...I am here...

Wearing  Swank Exclusive -  IrrlSIStibleTropical Beauty Mesh  Outfit
LM https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/178/114/24 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Mr. X and Jeannie - Moonstar @ Dazzle

Moonstar is a new brand for me...and it's cute!  I found them @ the July Dazzle Event.  Moonstar's outfits run the gamut from  Fun, Formal, Casual & Glamour wear. including Gowns, Cocktail Dresses, Skirts, Jeans, Pants & Complete Outfits in both MESH & NON-MESH.  They also make Fantasy, Fairy & Lingerie outfits.

I really liked the outfit called Jeannie with its adorable retro rose floral pattern capri pants that comes with a color changing hud featuring six of the summer's trendiest colors.  This outfit is compatible with classic avatar bodies as well as mesh bodies, plus belleza, slink and maitreya bodies.  I like the fact that these jeans come with shoes as well for classic, belleza, maitreya and slink feet. 

The tube top, sold separately is cute and not too lacey and matches perfectly with the capri pants.  It has a  complimentary six-color changing hud making mix and matching with the capri pants fun. The pants also come with a cute tie necklace and a whispy hairband with a flower on the top of it that really completes the look of this outfit.


Dazzle Exclusive -Moonstar
LM -- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scoopwing/121/155/22

V Jeannie Lace Tube Top

V Jeannie Necktie

V Jeannie Shoes

V Jeannie Capri Jeans

Moonstaar clothing catalogue

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Mr. X and Nicole - new Jumo

I found this gorgeous new gown by Jumo called  Nicole -- it is so sexy and romantic... it reminds me of  Mr. X and a Spanish  Lullaby I want to whisper in his ear...

Aromatic words kissed my wanton ears

Like soft drops of rain on arid ground

All I could I hear was my beloved’s beckoning sound

Jasmines and orchids coiled into a garland
My body became a fragrant paradise

Te amo te amo the wind whispered and sighed
Blushing, I brushed the hair away from my eyes
The sun kowtowed in the distance giving me a cue
Blinking once or twice to the stars swinging by

As the wind hastened to sing a lullaby of Spain

Wearing  Jumo
Gown - Nicole
Jewelry - Reilly  Necklace and Earrings

Friday, June 29, 2018

Mr. X -- Get the Gift @ Fellini, Jumo and More Salt Eliza Wierwight

Mr. X...come and run away...alone with me -- come and explore an amazing Lea sim -- #7 of course by  Eliza Wierwight called Salt.  And, better yet, Fellini has released a new gift gown and Jumo has gorgeous new jewelry... it is a perfect floral storm of pleasure!

I love this mermaidish styled gift gown by Fellini with its lavish floral and lace texture that is simply called Summer Gown, generous gift. It is made for mesh bodies in all five sizes and made for Maitreya bodies.   It also comes with a flower headpiece.

This installation created by Eliza Wierwight is a journey of reality and... dining --  truth wrapped in symbolism, real-life contexts of salt and philosophy.. much to ponder here.  Salt is after all part of life and more -- Eliza gets this quite well... and dares you to wonder...

I love the flowers that come with the Fellini  Gift, and I adore the pearls and finely wrought gold leaves and pearls, the finest, made by Jumo called Reily Jewelry.  This Jewelry Set by Jumo comes with a gorgeous drop pearl and gold necklace -- with a leaf that dangles in the wind, plus beautiful pearl and gold leaf earrings and a ring... it is a must-have.  So, Mr. X let's experience Salt... can you catch me?


Gown - Fellini -  Gift  June Summer Gown

Main Store - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ofelia/63/28/2001

Jewelry - Jumo - Reily

Sim - Lea 7 - Salt Eliza Wierwight

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mr. X... and Angel Blues - New Luxe Paris

I got lost going to the beach... especially in this new fab look by called Angel Blues by Luxe Paris... it is ultra summer chic... I mean... just gape at these fabulous lace palazzo pants, bikini bottoms and top with the translucent lace floral midriff shirt ...  this combo is beyond evocative... and is sure to put you in the summer mood... and, as Mr. X says, this is a very good thing indeed!

Have you ever done that--- gotten lost?  I can see it in my mind's eye... a lady... goes running through the meadow... the weather -- blue skies and sun... the waves... she hears  ... the tide rushing into the arms of the shore... and so many wonder... does she cry for him each day?  Or  does she  weave her life around an embroidery of experiences ...the lattice of coincidence...

And then... the long nights... how she longs to meet him... by the gate that leads through the meadow to the sea...  will he remember the path?   She looks to the west -- the sun dips into the horizon and seagulls weave in the waves.   I  sit alone,  embellished in lace waiting for Mr. X to find the path down the hill -- through the long grass... to the sea...  that is where he will find me... alone....

Wearing - Luxe Paris  Angel Blues


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mr. X Born to be Wild @ Swank - BYRNE

Sometimes wild and carefree is fun to wear... and Mr. X asked me to wear this find @ Swank by  Byrne called .... Harley and it is meow and hiss all at the same time!!  The Harley mystique is all about attitude and, this outfit that is an exclusive at the June  Swank thru the 30th -- dishes it out!

Harley Riders are said to be loyal and friends for life... I like that vibe and I think that anyone that dares to approach will be... and so will you.  This outfit simply exudes confidence and chic biker style, Mr. X is swooning, and I like that!

Swank LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/178/114/24 
Outfit - Swank Exclusive - BYRNE - Harley Outfit
Pose - LA BOS

Mr. X and Athena by Jumo

Feeling sultry and sexy in the new dress by Jumo...it is simply evocative... and yes, Mr.X... it is silk and lace --  oh  la la you  can see the fine line of my leg...  and yes... a little lace...and called Athena daughter of Zeus... not generated by any woman, she jumped from his head!  And, Athena by Jumo will make men's well -- never mind, I never kiss and tell....

Mr. X  tells me that xxx begs for seduction... this I don't believe...  maybe you should try it and let me know---- P.S.  this dress is hot in so many ways... the hud alone offers patterns and then solids with lace patterns... it is really gorgeous... and so ok, seductive!

Wearing --
Dress - Athena - Jumo


Hair - Grecian - Emo-tions

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mr. X and La Femme - Virtual Diva

White on white... the collar of this gown by Virtual Couture is like layers of snow... layers of white chiffon and whip cream... delicate and elegant -- the summer pine bows... whispering words of love...  this gown is called La Femme Gown Snow and it is a must-have.

Mr. X can you see that the moon and snow flowers pave our way -- passion drifts like a soft scented breeze on fire  -a  quiet night.  This gown is made for belleza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies. It is best worn with advanced lighting as it glimmers... either way, it will make you look like an Ice Empress.

If you listen closely the stars whisper endearments to each other. Mr. X can you hear my whisper on the hot summer wind of snow?

Gown - La Femme Snow - Virtual Diva
Shop - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Domain/30/205/4005
MP - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/39826?id=39826

Hair - Vanity - Moonriver

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mr. X and Bibi - New Sascha's Designs @ Swank

Mr. X told me in China and Japan, peonies represent female beauty...and that I look absolutely beautiful in this new exclusive by Sascha's Designs at Swank called Bibi.  This outfit has a sophisticated flair that is sure to turn heads where ever you go.

I love the Chinese red and peony pattern of this top.  It has a bandage wrap around the waist, a fabulous V neckline and really cute sleeves that bell out at the cuff. It is striking.  The long white pants add the perfect tailored balance to this chic and sexy look.

To really complete the look, Sascha has thrown in an elegant pair of oversized white sunglasses, they are just so cool and can be worn with many other looks for summer fun.  Bibi also comes in a variety of the hottest colors for the summer -- I loved it in red, but, trust me it is really pretty in pink, blue and aqua!  The beads are a free gift @ Vintage Fair from Ghee and the hair is by TWK.

At the moment, I am patiently waiting for Mr. X to come along... I am hungry looking at all the wonderful food in this street market... mmmm what shall I have?

Outfit -Wearing - Sascha's Designs - Bibi
Swank LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/178/114/24
Sascha's Designs LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Schlossberg/242/84/22

Friday, June 22, 2018

Mr. X and Daisy -- Jumping into a Ghee Jumpsuit

I Love the ease of a classic jumpsuit... they are just so cool...and, no I am no skydiver... as they were originally designed for parachutes.  I think what I like and what Ghee captured in the Daisy Jumpsuit is the simplicity of the design... then with the Ghee flair, they added a fabulous texture....need I say more?

Chic, uncomplicated -- like all woman... even Mr. X agrees with this (giggles) a jumpsuit is glamorous.  Its origins can be found in sport and work wear. In fact, the name “jumpsuit” is very literal- it began as an outfit for parachuters and skydivers. The suit’s specific purpose was for jumping from planes. Pilots and professional drivers also adopted this garment for their own lines of work, and it became synonymous not only with work but extremely dangerous work. Not exactly chic.

Ghee's Jumpsuit is exclusive at the Vintage Fair - and is a must-have for the summer... get the hat and hair, and look at these fabulous Orla platform heels -- made for  Maitreya, slink and Belleza mesh feet, they come with a color changing hud.

Direct Ghee Landmark @ Vintage Fair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caldonia/110/115/21
Ghee @ Vintage Fair
Outfit - Daisy Jumpsuit
Glasses - Daisy Glasses
Hair and Hat - Daisy - Blonde
Shoes - Orla Platforms

Mr. X and Ammer by Nala Designs @ Scala

Scala, one of SL's top modeling agencies has once again organized the popular Yin and Yang  Event that is through the end of June. And, I found a  gown by  Nala Designs called Ammer Mermaid Dress  that makes me feel like a "water lily" the pattern is so elegant and enchanting-- the sequins shimmer like starfish... Mr. X loves that.

I love the crop top of the Ammer Mermaid Gown that is embedded with pearls... it is so elegant and the floral pattern is beguiling.  Think about it --  water lilies are small and fragile...something that is a bright light and beautiful, like Mr. X says -- Sita you look beautiful in this gown... blooming into the bright light...Mr. X, the water lily is free... she floats but has an anchor in deep roots of feelings and love.  This gown is made for classic and fit mesh bodies, Maitreya, belleza and slink mesh and comes with wonderful shoes made for belleza, maitreya and mesh feet.

If you want something more modern she is also offering Marina a cute crop top with a wide collar and a cute flared mini skirt.  It also comes with boots and a color changing hud. This is made for fit mesh and maitreya, slink and belleza bodies.


Wearing - Scala Exclusives @ Yin/Yang Event
LM - 

Gown - Ammer Mermaid Gown - Nala Designs

Skirt and Crop top  & Boots - Marina - Nala Designs

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mr. X --Belleza - New Fellini + Salt @ Lea 7 + Jumo

There is lace and there is lace and sheer and Fellini's new outfit called Belleza is evocative... it is made for maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies and is a must have...  it is feminine and powerful.

This reminds me when time is unveiled like a cenotaph, opened for inspection, observe the beauty... in red... whippet-like a bronze statue...  think of the precise rhythm... and the rehearsed attitude... it took for us... you are enshrined in my heart Mr.  X...This fabulous dress with its crop top and skirt... ribboned with lace and satin...  is elegant and sexy... it is made with love that is for sure. It is sheer sensuality... and you will feel like the salt of the earth in it.  In this pic  I float thru salt!

Your love is like salt... it lies in my hands in sweet crystals...he said, I love you as much as water and salt -- and more than salt... this is what gives food taste ... life and more... I don't need the sea...  the waves make me sleep and dream of you in my arms... all at once, we become the pure movement...and I tremble awake alone.

And,  don't miss in the meantime the sim created by Eliza Wierwight called Salt.  This installation is a journey of reality and... dining --  truth wrapped in symbolism, real-life contexts of salt and philosophy.. much to ponder here.  Salt is after all part of life and more -- Eliza gets this quite well... and dares you to wonder...

Wearing - Fellini - Belleza - Sense Event
Event  LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/119/130/1589
Main Store - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ofelia/63/28/2001

Sim - LEA 7 -   https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA7/66/111/23

Hair - Jumo - Kardashian - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Lodge/205/76/24