Monday, December 30, 2019

Mr. X and Ghee - a new Gift... Crystal

It should be "crystal" clear... Eden the garden of or something like that I would like in 2020 a place where there are no secrets and a place where Genesis isn't a character or avatar development it is friendship... and SL is that always... for my friends here, I love you all then you will ever know...  It is that varied memories we recall and enjoy... those arguments, now so insignificant and yet part of the way we learn... and to all the designers that support and encourage my flights of fancy... I love you all...

Wearing  - Ghee  Crystal

Shabby Shinny

Main Store... Happy New Year  -

Saturday, December 28, 2019

In the Mint Garden -- Mr. X and Hedda - Opia

There are  high spots and low spots and minty fresh... and then Opia's new outfit called Hedda it is flirty and oh so...  seductive and... well, I never kiss and tell and in this, who can blame me...Did you ever just want to walk into a room where you can hear it all... the whispers, see the looks and know that it is all about you... and why not you...

Wearing - Opia Hedda Dress made for  Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, and Venus.



Saturday, December 21, 2019

Mr. X - Way Past Midnight... NEW FROM SONATTA MORALES - EXO

I thought I saw him... Mr. X and then, I did and it was  layer after layer of complications...and love and starlight...  it is always the same... Hobbit he says... and I -- turn and, think... where have you been...  in and out of my life... a pity

And, then... I found this new gown by Sonatta Morales... as sensual as an evanescent bubble of a vintage bottle of champagne that sparkles and bubbles and is a pure and utter joy!   This is a gown that is a must have... and made for mesh bodies... maitreya, slink and classic mesh!

Wearing  Excluisve New  Gown EXO
LM -

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Mr. X and Ava - Wild Fashion @ Swank

There is something about the elegance of wearing "winter white" this time of year. I love this short flirty mini cocktail dress by Wild that is an exclusive @ the December Swank Event. Personally, I adore the sexy chantilly lace overlay on silk of this dress...this mini dress says... winter romance... and that is something that is sure to warm you up!

There is something I love about wearing winter white... and, lucky for me and for you, Ava is made for Freya, hourglass, isis, Maitreya, physique, and Venus mesh bodies. It has a color-changing hud of 12 colors that range from solids to a romantic lace pattern.  Ava comes with matching boots with a color-changing hud. I love the lace embellishments up the side of the boots...YUM!

Wearing - Swank Exclusive  
Swank LM

Dress and Boots - Ava by Wild 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Mr. x -- Waiting Winter Solstice... Jumo Clementine @ Swank

The longest day of the year or is it the night... never the less, nights are always long and alone... in my frozen kingdom... I never get what I want... or even desire... and yet, I continue to give... yet over and over again...

I love this new gown by Jumo called Clementine... although it comes in many textures and colors from a jungle print with lace to a nature print with birds perched on branches-- I am wearing a solid red.  This gown also has a slit up the leg and deep V neckline and a lace trimmed hemline.  It also has ornate gold earrings that are so elegant and oh, so Jumo... welcome back June and Merry Christmas to one of my dearest friends... I have missed you tons!

Wearing - New Jumo @ Swank - Clementine
Swank LM -

Gown - Jumo - Clementine  exclusive @ Swank

Jumo LM -

Friday, December 13, 2019

Princess Goddess Future,Past and Lovely... irrISISTIBLE @ Swank

Wearing this I am the princess of joy and holiday of hope and happiness.  I love the way I feel when I wear this... and so does Mr. X.  This is amazing as always and no pun intended irresistible by irresistible... and you can get the Christmas Goddess exclusively @ Swank.

Christmas Goddess is made for mesh bodies and comes with this gorgeous hair and beautiful holiday wreaths... and flowers...making it a no brainer to wear. One thing I love about Irrisitible is that she most often includes custom hair that is just perfect for the look.  It saves me tons of time and I know I will always look gorgeous!  She also includes a necklace and all the wreaths in this look... it is a must-have not to mention the hair... it is simply amazing!

Mr. X... Can you hear me whisper?  I  feel the snowflakes fall on our hot skin and -- then the bells tingle in the cold air... carriage along a rocky path I feel you against me .. I  cannot wait until we arrive at home and sit before the fire and hug... it has been so long... I know you long for me... your  Christmas Present and Past... and perhaps your future... it is in your hands....

Swank Exclusive

Outfit -  Wearing irrlSISIBBLE -  Goddess Christmas @ Swank
Swank LM

After event

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Mr. X and Love Star StarGrunge - Byrne @ Swank

I love the glitter and glow of starlight any time of year but during the holidays, I like the way they shine even more. This month at Swank BYRNE's exclusive leatherette mini jumper with a silk shirt and gorgeous matching boots called StarGrunge is a must-have for the holidays.

For me, StarGrunge Dress & Boots is pure holiday magic and fun to wear. I love the feel of the cozy wool turtleneck sweater with star-patterned leatherette mini dress and over the knee boots. I have turned heads wearing this and so will you! 

StarGrunge Dress & Boots is materials enabled and are made for mesh bodies-SlinK, Belleza and Maitreya. It comes in two versions, BLACK/WHITE  and WHITE/BLACK.  Also at Swank is a
StarGrunge Hoodie & Bucket Hat for the guys that are made for male mesh bodies-Slink, Signature, and Belleza.

Byrne -  StarGrunge
Swank LM

Byrne LM

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Mr. X the other side Nala @ Swank

The word I heard on the streets tonight I heard is amazing...  get the ripped dress by Nala that is an exclusive @ Swank. I investigated and, yes, this dress called Moira is a must-have....  Get it--- take a risk... and have fun!  It is the perfect holiday party dress that will have them drooling!

Nothing says sexy like high black boots and I love the fact that Moira comes with them... they are the height of elegance in genuine leather that conjures a sexy goddess that reveals herself only to those that are worthy of attention... are you Mr. X?

I  love Moira and so does Mr. X because it gives a peek a boo of the contours of my body... it is daring... it is naughty and oh so very nice. It is made for mesh bodies.

Wearing - Dress -Moira  a Swank Exclusive by Nala 

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Snow Princess SKBW & MoonDance and Mr. X @ Swank + emo-tions hair

I just love this new gown called Winter Gown and it is an exclusive @ December Swank by SKBW... it is exquisite... the textures are amazingly real and the tones are beautiful...this winter gown is fit for a "winter" princess... and one that will turn heads with its graceful snowflakes that embellish this gown.

The Winter Gown is made for ebody, freya, HG, Isis, Lara, Physique, Standard, and Venus.  It comes in three colors - creme, frozen (worn) and red. I love each one although I was really drawn to frozen.  I love the artful belt that curls at the waist... it is as decorative as a holiday decoration classic and beautiful. The belt at the waist changes color with the color of the gown and is gold with the red and creme versions.  The gown also comes with a snowflake you can hold.

I am also wearing another Swank exclusive - bracelets that are part of a jewelry set by Moondance Boutique called Reignn Crown and Jewels.  The jewelry set comes with a massive color changing hud that allows you to change all the gemstones and several layers of metal.  This set includes a formal necklace and tiara as well as the bracelets I am wearing.

Swank Exclusives  LM

Gown - SKBW - Frozen (also comes in red and creme)

Bracelets - MoonDance Boutique - Reignn Crown and Jewels

Hair -  Emo-tions - Ice Queen 
Emo-tions - LM

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Beauty and Sensuality - Poison Rouge Black Swan Brocade

La Belle Époque’. Fin-de-siècle spirit of elegant decadence is captured perfectly in this gown by Poison Rouge called Black Swan Brocade.  I told Mr. X when I think of the black swan I think of sadness and sorrow and the love between a man and a women... it brings tears to my eyes... just like this gorgeous new cascading gown by Poison Rouge call Black Swan Brocade made for mesh bodies.

The deep black satin ruffles, sweetheart neckline, and perfectly textured velvet and silk brocade of the bodice are sophisticated and enticing... Mr. X likes this. This dark beauty hints at a romantic past that was not entirely innocent. Full of glamour and intrigue.   The spiked headpieces complete the look.


Gown - Poison Rouge - Black Swan Brocade Gown 

Inworld -

MarketPlace -

Friday, November 22, 2019

Mr. X and Irina - Wild, Luminesse and Firelight @ Swank

Sometimes we are left with a desert of feelings... empty and useless... and then the wicked scirocco wind blows --

 it howled down through the canyons... and along the ridges of the dunes... I stopped to listen... and thought I could hear you in my heart... a voice perhaps from my past...  

Irina... by Wild an exclusive at Swank with lace at the hemline and bodice... with an 18 color changing hud made for mesh bodies... this is sexy and sweet and carries the scent of the night, one that you will never forget... you will always hold me, dear.

I am wearing an opulent necklace and earrings by Luminesse called Miador Set, an exclusive at Swank.  The necklace has two layers in curling and curving warm gold with chocolate pearls and beading, pendulating are large teardrop gems in various colored gemstones held by decorative metalwork.  

Another Swank Exclusive is by Firelight called Saphira  Gen2Plus by Firelight  -- it is a classic updo with feminine curls that fall so gracefully... like mist in the wind... it is romantic and beautiful.

LM - Swank -

Wearing Swank Exclusives 

Dress - Wild - Irina

Jewelry - Luminesse - Miador Set

Hair - Firelight - Saphira  Gen2Plus 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Autumn - SKWB @ Swank

It is autumn and November has been an awful month for me so far, I hope it is better, I will know by 20th. It is not healthy, just dealing with idiots in rl. I was so exhausted I could not even come on her and yet, my friend said, Sita, go to SL, I finally did and I found this amazing gown called Autumn by SKWB and exclusive @ Swank... and, yes, I am behind on everything... but love this

I love the  luxurous  texture and the sash of autmn leaves fallin down the gown... and the sweet gold belt.. it is magic... it is autumn it is made for mesh bodies by SKWB and a Swank exclusive... get it... in all colors...

Wearing - GOWN - SKWB  @ Swank


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Goth Mood with TM Creations and Luxe Paris

I just love this great autumn scene by Tm:.Creation "Jack Buhhh" Halloween Decors H10 -- for me, it is great for autumn and for gothic houses, sims, and for those that love the darker side of sl--- I love the scarecrow with his goth face and fun makeup... and as always, the fence, pumpkins, leaves, stone, and lighting effects create a gothic autumn mood gothic mood and, I have a soft spot for all things goth! 

It is hard to believe the land impact is only six prims. It is about 2.2 meters wide x2 deep but you can stretch and modify it... I did and it was great. You can also unlink the pieces and modify and copy each piece making it great for autumn. I love that you can unlink and copy or copy the entire scene and make it bigger... I also love watching the pumpkins grow -- and, really love flirting with the scarecrow!  He is amazing! LOL -- I mean, look at that smile and pin strip suit!!!!!!! 

I am wearing one of my favorite outfits to go out to my new favorite club Vaxx Nation.  This cute ensemble created by Luxe Paris is called the Teutonic skirt and top and is made for slink, belleza and mesh bodies.  I love the diamond texture of the skirt and the drop shoulders on the sweater... and the stripes on the arms of the sweater  I like it so much that I copied it for a quick change! You will turn heads when you wear this outfit! 

Scene - Tm:.Creation "Jack Buhhh" Halloween Decors H10

Outfit Teutonic Skirt and Top - Luxe Paris 

LM -

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Mr. X and Grace of the Roses Lilya Sascha's Designs

Pink mist... I walk in it often... as I feel like a princess queen... of pink roses...  it casts no fear and it is kind... an unfathomable grace... Mr. X, you bring such great joy and such sadness into my life... I remember your sweet whispers... and your perfect touch... it is a mirage of mind... now... and...I wilt.

Sascha's latest Gown named Lilya which has been created in corroboration with Lauressa Serenity and is made for mesh bodies...  this is one of the most lovely gowns I have seen -- my advice... get it... it comes in many colors...  get the fatpack...I did... and you must too look at the sculpting of the roses... it is romantic and it goes into your heart... the detail and elegance is pure Sascha's Designs... 


Gown - Sascha's Designs - Lilya
LM -

Hair - Leni - Emo-tions

Monday, November 4, 2019

Mr. X and the Masked Stranger - Wicca's Originals... & VAXX

There is something mysterious about masks...and this one by Wicca's Originals is wicked steampunk cool!  Even Adonis is giving me the eye in the Havoc Mask...and, really, who can blame him!!!!  And,  he is evocative... ice-cold and... I love the Havoc Mask with its intricated network of leather, rivets, tubing, and metal. Just look at the detail in the mask!  Wearing it you will feel like you are ready to face down just about anything!!  

Like all of Wicca's Originals, this mask comes with a color-changing hud that allows you to change different parts of the mask to suit your mood!  The mask comes for him and for her and is resizeable. I have paired the mask with a cute corset outfit by Wicca called Brooke. And, yes -- time tells all... 

Wearing Wicca's Originals
Havoic Mask
Outfit - Brooke

Sunday, November 3, 2019

*NEW* Goodies from Wicca's Originals & VAXX Nation

If you like steampunk then the new legs and boots called Eagleden and Ryn Gloves with huge claws, are must-haves!  An exclusive @ The Ark is a pair of super cool gloves called Ryn Gloves by Wicca's Originals made for Maitreya.  If you ever dreamed of having a pair of gloves with tiger-like claws - get these gloves that have the added allure of a snakeskin texture in 13 different colors from pastels to deep dark colors. You can change the texture on the gloves and, you also have seven metal options for those decadent claws... I love this snakeskin texture and I hope that Wicca makes a dress from it...hint hint!

The Eagleden Boots are where steampunk meets techno mechanics -- they are so much fun to wear!  You will be ready to take almost any adventure that you can imagine. The Eagleden Boots/Legs are made for Freya, Hourglass, Maitreya legs. 

These boots have an 8 color-changing hud and a hud that offers four metallic colors including black, light gold, dark gold, and silver. These boots/legs are endlessly fun because you can change the following components' main area of the boot, shaft, caps, and straps.  The hud for the metal part of the leg also allows you to change a total of four components with one of the four metallic colors offered. 

Wearing Wicca's Originals
These three items like everything that is sold by Wicca's Originals are truly original and 100% handcrafted mesh... and, Wicca has been busy by the looks of the quality and detail of these items.

Dress - Jaenya 
Corset Outfit - Brooke 
Gloves Ryn
Legs/Boots - Eagleden

Hair - Eirne - shi

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Mr. X and the Ruins New Fellini

I love ruins of ancient civilizations... wandering through them makes me wonder how they lived and loved, what they ate, and how they dressed.  Speaking of dressing... Fellini has a wonderful new lace jumpsuit called Assoluto that has just been released. It is sexy, classy and perfect for exploration! 

Assoluto is made for Freya, Hourglass, Physique, and Maitreya mesh bodies. And, best of all it comes with three color-changing huds!  The belt that is draped gracefully across the bodice of the jumpsuit has 19 patterns to choose from.  The jewel on the belt has a color-changing hud of five different metal colors.

The lace jumpsuit has a color changing hud of 20 different colors  that range from pastels to primary colors -- I could have mixed and matched the suit and the hud for hours because there are so many interesting combinations to create! 

Wearing - Fellini - Assoluto @ Sense Event

Main Store

Hair - monso

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Mr. X and Adore - Virtual Diva -

I love the sound of the rails against the track ... it is so nostalgic... so tantalizing just like this new gown by Virtual Diva called Adore... it is elegant and slink and somewhat mysterious... Mr. X likes that.

And then again I stay in this old railroad car and listen to the click and clack... the movement of travel and wonder where is everyone going and do they know and appreciate where they have been?  Do we ever learn anything?

Wearing - Virtual Diva - Adore in Maitreya,Legacy, Hourglass


Saturday, October 26, 2019

A Halloween Story... Esmeralda - OPIA

Tonight -- I dreamed I was going back to that garden of gloom...the cemetary of forgotten souls... wishes and dreams... in the first glimmer of darkness... I saw him... could it be the elusive Mr. X the Saytr of my unspoken dreams?

Seeing him always brings me to my knees... in the most delicious way... he loves this new mini dress called Esmeralda by Opia with its halter top bodice and tight sensual velvet ruffles that cascade like a passionate river of texture... he is like Pan of the Nordic forests... or is he... I remember for some arcane way... he took my hand... and led me into the woods... and, then, he let go of my hand... and somehow I understood, this is a journey I must take alone... into the glooming night....

I set off and yet... he never wants to let me go... I try to pull away... and feel like I am slowly fighting against the current that runs between us... for every step, I take away... I somehow take three steps back as if I were frozen in a never-ending instant...  he is an angel that glistens in the distance... suspended in the tears of time.....


Wearing - OPIA  Esmeralda Velvet Burgundy
Esmeralda is made in velvet black, night blue, burgundy (worn) and red for slink and Maitreya mesh bodies.

Opia LM   

Opia Marketplace

All Goth and Chic - Lux Paris, Tryskamoon @ YGTL

One dark night... I told Mr.  X that it always surprises me at how many people look in the present or in the future when for answers that are always in the past.  Sometimes legends are whipped up to explain universal truths...I told Mr. X as I linger in the ghostly light, that slowly I am becoming part of a legend with no end in sight.

There are so few occasions in life that allow us to meander aimlessly through our most secret dreams and desires...maybe this is why SL is so much fun! I love this new Dress Coat Styled Gown by Luxe Paris called Goth and Chic that is an exclusive @ Swank.  I especially love the finely tooled velvet brocade of the coat and the shimmering collar.  I also like the way my gold and black gown peeks alluringly under the coat.  Goth and Chic are made for mesh bodies sizes XS-XL and  Maitreya.

Also @ Swank are the nails by YGTL.  These nails are so cool with great details they come in four spooktacular colors - magenta, black-red, and purple. they are made for slink, maitreya, Belleza, Signature, Catwa, Lelutka and Eve appliers available.  And, the earrings by Tryskamoon are drop-dead gorgeous and called Modern Goth Earrings...and they are!

Wearing: SWANK Exclusive

Gown - Lux Paris - Goth and Chic with boots
Main Store -

Jewelry - Tryskamoon - Modern Goth Earrings

Nails - YGTL - Web Nails

Main Store: