Friday, May 22, 2015

Chun and Mr. X - Lybra Rage at Events@1st

On a mountain above the clouds, on the rim of sunrise she thought back and her thoughts turned to  him.  She is glimpsed through screens of knotted willows listing beside lily ponds filled with ornamental carp.  Her memories that have been locked away have begun to break free, like cherry blossoms floating in the wind.  In her garden, these blossoms float and linger toward the morning light of remembrance.

The stillness of the mountains awakens her spirit and takes her back. She hears him softly calling her name as she brings him a pot of tea and a plate of cut papaya. Today, she  recalls the soft wisteria breeze and the sounds of her beating heart as she looked at him and the world faded away.

We are like every single plant and stone and view in the garden, the distance between us is carefully measured.  We kept in touch over the years. I wait for him now, a "geisha" only to be found in his  dreams wearing this fabulous new release by Lybra Rage for Events @ 1st called Chun.

I love the floral lace centerpiece of the gown and the opulent silk jacket with it's lavish sash and oversized kimono sleeves --  I feel like a princess wearing this and so will you.  The matching headpiece is a must have with it's flowers and gems that add to the allure of this entire look.

I finish the mood of this gown, by wearing Keiko in Blossom by October 4 Season skins and the new Monroe Mesh Lashes in Frosted Raspberry. I love the oriental feel of this skin and the bold penciled eyebrows that add so much distinction to it.  Keiko Blossom comes with 5 make up choices and all appropriate appliers.

Gown - Lybra Rage - Chun
Headpiece - Lybra Rage - Chun Headpiece
Event LM:  Http://
Main Store:

Skin - October 4 Seasons -Keiko Blossom 
Eyelashes - October 4 Seasons - New Mesh - Monroe Frosted Raspberry

Hair Tukinowaguma - Yeon Hee

A Note about October 4 Season Skins:
Many of October's customers  have been with her since the brand change. She will offering special courses around season color theory and how to use your mesh bodies to all October's 4Seasons group members. These sessions will be small and you must own one of the O4S supported mesh body products and be a group member.  Please note that group gifts and lucky chair items are excluded.

So you have purchased one of the following mesh bodies:
Slink Physique
Maitreya Lara
or the TMP Body

and are confused in how to use them take the course to learn how to use them and how to wear them with mesh clothing.

October will also resume teaching seasonal color theory. All O4S skins are centered around seasonal color theory and she will explain what it means and how O4S makeups are organized to assist you in your clothing and makeup choices.

These courses will be limited to 5 students each and sorted by the type of mesh product being taught. If you wish to participate in the courses please send a notecard to either October Bouvier or Vanhessa6x.  Title the notecard - "Classes - (Your Name Here)." If possible, include your calling card within the notecard.  Notecards that say "New Note" will not be considered. When the class size is established a  date will be set. 

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