Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pleasure Azure & Mr. X - *New* Sascha Designs

She steps onto the stone veranda, embracing (and enjoying) the late evening subtropical heat that is refusing to yield despite the fact that the sun has set hours ago.  Her waiter stands perfectly still, listening to her voice as it emerges like a small silver bell elegantly flirting, simmering in his ear.  Yes another gin and tonic will do.

Her well-appointed gentleman swoons over her in clumsy fashion, her eyes frolicking with shy intensity as she listens to him fumble with what is usually so easy for him.  It must be my new dress called Pleasure Azure from Sascha Designs with it's blue and copper ombre colored pattern that is beyond striking.  I love the sleek version of this gown for an elegant night out.

Is it her flowing ball  gown dress? It seems to blossom, like her friends say she has done over the past two years. Like she's growing younger, her smile more private and genuine (at least that is what her sister says).  Pleasure Azure also comes with fluff flexi skirts giving this gown a different and more classic look.

Another version of the dress comes with low silken flexi skirts and a dressy spiky collar and front deco piece giving this gown dimension and flair.  When purchasing Pleasure Azure it is like getting three gowns in one.
"Excuse me," she says politely, meandering away to the stone railing overlooking the ocean, adjusting with a flip of her hair to see the rising moon more clearly.  I have paired this with October 4 Seasons new skin Rehana Pearl, Flossy Eyeshadow collection and Captivating Mesh Lashes.

Another new release by Sascha Designs is appropriately called Froth Latte Gown.  With it's layers of flowing lace skirts it reminds me of the froth from the ocean as it rushes into the arms of the shoreline. This gown also comes with several skirt options -- a shorter version that lets you show off your legs and a grand flexi skirt that transforms this into a classic ballgown.  The gown also comes with Omega Appliers.


Gown in three Versions - Sascha Designs - *New* - Pleasure Azure Gown and Froth Latte Gown 

Shoes - Morphine - High Heel Sandals in White for Slink High Feet

Skin - October 4 Seasons Skins  * New* -Rehana Pearl
Eyeshadow -  October 4 Seasons Skins  * New* - Flossy- Blue Midnight
Lashes -  October 4 Seasons Skins  * New* - Captivating Mesh Lashes - Tri-Blue

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