Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Battle Scars and Mr. X .....

Floating on the roaring cosmic wind... as streaks of teal, luminous green and electric white swirl around me... hitting my cheeks with almost an an abusive force... making my heart pound madly.  Every fiber of my being is on full alert.

My head spun back for a mere second .... as the creature approached... every hair stood at attention as the adrenaline coursed through my battle multiated body.  I wondered... and thought... this is it.  I am going to die.
Being a woman... and a flirt, I thought, why  don't you just talk to him ! Ladies you know what I mean.  I found out the creature was  kind... like Mr. X.  The creature  told me that I was a bright star in the darkness of night... alluring in my own battle scared way... lessons of life perhaps... the hard way... 
I have fallen, prey for Prey.  Cyber Chic includes a luminous green layered shift, sexy bra top and armored plates for the shoulders and a fascinating leg "gismo" as well as  gladiator heels. 

The skin is the new Cyborg Skin by October 4 Seasons called Battled and Damaged.  This skin also comes in a "beauty" rendition... but today, I am feeling like a "road warrior"  and this skin suits me fine.... and --- if you dare... it will suit you fine too -- it is X approved -- I told him I am  "borg" resistance is futile! And speaking of futile don't miss his new build at Lea 18...Cocytus  Dante's 9th circle of hell... resistance is futile!

Dress and Shoes - Prey *NEW* - Cyber Chic
LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bloodmoon/179/132/26
Stylist Contest for Prey: Join the PREY group to be informed of the contest, hunts and sales.
Choose any outfit from the store, style it however you like, join our inworld group and go to Flickr page https://www.flickr.com/groups/prey/ and post your picture there. If for any reason you are unable to, then please pass the full perm picture to Adriel Huntress. You can enter up to 2 photos, but only one picture per outfit or clothing piece, so you need to be wearing a different outfit or clothing piece for each picture submitted, and remember freebies not permitted!.

Pictures accepted to the 25th of each month for that months judging, any received after that will be placed in the entries for the following month.The pictures will be judged by PREY Management and the management of Boccaccio Life, the winner will be announced the last day of every month.

Now the good stuff...
The winner will have their picture displayed in the store for the entire month.
They will receive 1000 Lindens
They can choose 2 items from the store.

In December, one of the monthly winners will be chosen as PREY's Top Model and will have an outfit created and named after them.They will also become a top model for the brand and be featured in ads and vendors throughout the year. Win 5000 Lindens Can Choose 4 items form PREY

Skin: October  4 Seasons *New* Cyborg Skin Battled and Damaged

Eyelashes - October 4 Seasons - *New* - Captivating Mesh Lashes Black
Skin- October 4 Seasons -*NEW* Rehana Marigold #4 with freckles and butterfly tattoo and dark brows
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons  *New* - Everlasting - Goldfinger
Lashes - October 4 Seasons *New* - Enchanted Mesh Lashes - Tipped Orange  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/October%20Enterprises/115/126/3003

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