Monday, May 11, 2015

Eve and Mr. X - New - Prey, October 4 Season Skins & MUA Poses!

I wait for Mr. X in the princedom of Ubud.  The prince  lounges in the in the emerald hills of the mystical island of Bali overlooking the translucent ocean - where women dance to enticing chants and bells as clear and new as the morning of the world.

In the distance; I hear the exuberant, clangorous gamelan and I am immediately entranced.  The air has a pale green cast---the moisture suspended in it  picks up the pervasive glow of verdure. Everything here is green and azure. The prince of Ubud knows I have arrived.

My surroundings appear all the greener for the scarlet hibiscus colored batik skirt the prince has sent me... he tells me his name on the sweet incense of the tropical breeze and I inhale his essence.... it is "X" rated!
  I love this summer skirt in the best batik fashion and tropical leaf top and leaf arm bracelet by Prey called Eve... when you wear it... there is a sensual innocence that it exudes. Prey also is running a contest for stylists with great prizes listed at the end of this blog. I am wearing ghee's new Dove strappy heels with this -- they are a must have for this summer and come in a rainbow of soft pastel colors.
Mua has come out with exclusive new poses called Euridice that have an asian flair that are offered at Event@ 1st.... I love them.  The pack comes with 10 unique poses nameste.
I paired all of this with the new skin by October 4 Season Skins as well as with her new eyeshadow and mesh lashes... they are simply a must have.  So Mr. X Prince of Ubud... send in the palquin.....


Shoes - *NEW* - ghee - Strappy Heels - Dove

Gown and Leaf bracelet - Prey - Eve
Stylist Contest for Prey: Join the PREY group to be informed of the contest, hunts and sales.
Choose any outfit from the store, style it however you like, join our inworld group and go to Flickr page and post your picture there. If for any reason you are unable to, then please pass the full perm picture to Adriel Huntress. You can enter up to 2 photos, but only one picture per outfit or clothing piece, so you need to be wearing a different outfit or clothing piece for each picture submitted, and remember freebies not permitted!.

Pictures accepted to the 25th of each month for that months judging, any received after that will be placed in the entries for the following month.The pictures will be judged by PREY Management and the management of Boccaccio Life, the winner will be announced the last day of every month.

Now the good stuff...
The winner will have their picture displayed in the store for the entire month.
They will receive 1000 Lindens
They can choose 2 items from the store.

In December, one of the monthly winners will be chosen as PREY's Top Model and will have an outfit created and named after them.They will also become a top model for the brand and be featured in ads and vendors throughout the year. Win 5000 Lindens Can Choose 4 items form PREY

Poses- Mu *New* - Euridice - Exclusive at Events @1st through May 25. And don't forget to enter the photo contest.  LM
To enter the contest run by Event@1st post a photo wearing to items from Event @ 1st. Name entry Your Name @ 1st then the month.  Entries accepted till the 25th. Prize: 5,000L and winning photo will be used advertising next Event @1st event and featured in sponsoring magazine Posting a photo not contained in event will be removed.

Skin- October 4 Seasons -*NEW* Rehana Marigold #4 with freckles and butterfly tattoo and dark brows
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons  *New* - Everlasting - Goldfinger
Lashes - October 4 Seasons *New* - Enchanted Mesh Lashes - Tipped Orange

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