Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mr. X is Melting for ghee - new release in Ombre Silk

Sunset and summer dreams of my beloved Mr. X... the horizon fades over the ocean in  a multitude of colors that melt into one another much like the new Ombre Silk Pants & Cami Set artfully designed by Beatrice Serendipity in three optional colors. 
Chic from top to bottom these  palazzo pants with their elegantly wide legs flaring out from the waist are flattering in the summer breeze.  Palazzo pants harken back to the 1930's when the likes of Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietich wore them.
A playful baby doll cami with empire ruching, distinctive seaming and a flirty hem is perfect for a summer walk on the beach.
This outfit also comes in Sunset with delightful shades of  blue, pink and red that  meld together like magic hour --- that  time of night when sun sinks below the horizon.

A final option  is called  Tropical and indeed it is with its' vibrant shades of pink and green that are light and airy as a sweet summer breeze..

ghee - Ombre Silk Pants & Cami Storm Set, Tropical Set and Sunset


Hair: Ayashi - Hanako - Pink - New hair fair

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Madeleine - Gold - New

Skin: Morphine Skins - Ghail Tan

Shoes - Maryjanes - Morphine Skins

Necklace: Emo-tions -Fairytale - dark silver

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mr. X's Favorite "Position" - !Lyrical B!zarre for Month of Games!

Chess.... is one of the areas to explore during Siren Productions Month of Games that runs through July 31.  MOG features more than 50 fabulous designers offering exclusive items...like Position by !Lyrical B!zarre.
And, yes, the Black Queen has arrived --- the most powerful piece in the game draped in a magnificent gown of scarlet edged with gold.  She walks in grace and opulence... and knows her power. A glorious train  that can be attached flows behind her.
Free to move in any direction the black queen commands attention... as the queens of old commanded their empires.... Hatshepsut (I almost used that as my screen name!), Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella I of Castile, Victoria, Katherine the Great...
Position comes with an beautiful set of Art Deco styled gold and ruby  jewelry inspired by a geometric triangle design.  The symmetrical pattern of the triangle shapes in the necklace and earrings are elaborate and fit for a queen!

The Skin is by Morphine and is no longer available.... however I hear that an August release is planned for an update of this fabulous skin and others in Morphine's 5th wave.... I can't wait! Ok Mr. X.... it is your move... let's see what your favorite position is... on the chess board!

!Lyrical B!zarre - Gown & Jewelry - Position - Month of Games
Landing Point  MOG http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Veil/129/141/1997

Skin Morphine --Sangreia Void - no longer available.  Look for 5th wave skin to be released in August. In  the meantime

Eye Tattoo - Madrid Solo (gift 3/12) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jiradic/167/209/38

Eyeliner Zibska - tails red
Eyes - PS - Light Grey

Hair: Marzdark - Acedia Ablion - no longer available

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
join the flickr and share your photos http://www.flickr.com/groups/2087664@N25

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mr. X & Aviana - New Release- Styles by Danielle

 Once again, I am in Egypt...excavating... in Aviana Romper, a new release by Styles by Danielle. Aviana is available in Olive, Black, Wine, White, Beige & Prussian Blue.  Best of all, this casually chic outfit comes with a hud that changes the color of the metal accents and adds a floral texture that  dresses this up making it versatile. Matching slink shoes sold separately are a must have.
Aviana's top has a chic tailored look with 4 buttons, a side zipper and two buckles; on the left shoulder, and one in the back. The hud allows you to choose the color of these accents.

Avianna comes with cuffed shorts that are perfectly fitted through the waist and thighs.  The wide belt at the waist adds flair and the  side pockets have matching buttons.

Matching slink shoes for high slink feet are strapped and sexy with buckles and a sexy zipper that goes up the back of the sandel. The colors match this romper set perfectly.

The coolest thing about these shoes beside the look of them is that you are able to re-color them allowing for endless possibilities. For optimum look, Danielle has provided high quality textures for metals, shiny heels and outer sole and you can re-color the main part and the inner sole.

Tonight I am one with the wind as it blows through ancient  ruins --- through temples, around the columns and past fallen statues of mighty kings.
Whispering on the midnight wind, my lips move.... Mr. X can you hear me call?

Wearing Styles by Danielle New Release - Avianna- Romper
Shoes - Aviva Styles by Danielle (olive and prussian blue)

Skin: Morphine - Ghail Tan-

Hair: Exile- New - Hair Fair - Blown Away
MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/17591

Nails - ZOZ  - Who Mesh - MOG

Earrings: PC - Bell Earrings no longer available

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Queen Frostine & Mr. X --- Nico and ZOZ exlusives for Month of Games Siren Productions Event July 19

Mr. X has discovered that Queen Frostine resides by Snowflake Lake.  She is the beloved consort of King Candy and known far and wide for her grace, beauty and wit. Nico has made a artfully beaded gown called Ice Queen with a curve hugging bodice embellished by a beautiful snowflake shoulder corsage. 

 The skirt and snowflake train with a multitude of romantic ruffles billows as Queen Frostine glides through the snow covered forest of Candyland eating licorice iscles as she takes the path home to the castle she shares with her love, the Candy King.
Nails by ZOZ add to this elegant look and are easy to use because they come with in many sizes and slink hand options.
Queen Frostine is known to weave magical "love spells" and so much more and  often carries her Snowflake Scepter ...she is the Queen of Candyland afterall!

Do  not be fooled by the Queen's mild manners... those foolish enough to threaten her kingdom, her beloved, her friends and right to rule.... will be vanquished...

To see what threatens her kingdom and to watch her conquer them  you are cordially invited to join AIM and Siren Productions July 19 at 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. SL time.

Ice Queen comes with a color changing hud that is amazing. The main dress and all the ruffles can be changed and  mixed and matched...I played for hours with this as Mr. X patiently waited for me to join him....he is such a love.  There are 16 variations to choose from each one more beautiful than the next.

Month of Games Landing Point
Wearing Month of Games Exclusives
Gown & Wand- Nico - Ice Queen - Month of Games Exclusive
Nails - ZOZ - Month of Games Exclusive

NEXT SIREN EVENT: AIM and Siren Productions invites you to join them on July 19 at 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. SL time for an extravaganza to inspire and intrigue you.......

Skin: Morphine  - Ghail Ivory (blue/berrybrows 4 wave new) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sago%20Island/238/204/24

Hair: Emo-tions - Envy - New - Hair Fair

Jewelry: Finesmith - Ice Angel

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mrs. White and Mr. X -- Exclusive Release by Lybra

Mr. X told me he thinks that Mrs. White is up to NG --- NO GOOD... even though she seems to be very "black and white" about everything.  Having been married to a famous illusionist that disappeared under mysterious circumstances... he wonders about her...do you?
Mr. X says, Mrs. White dabbles in poison.... hard to believe that in this gorgeous gown by Lybra Rage called Miss White.  The main dress texture is a wild velvet floral pattern that is rich in dimension and so well done with a slight netting effect over it.
Miss White is festooned with a satin ribbon that runs from  the top of this sexy sleeveless gown to the waist... so alluring and the full lace skirt is evocative of a "black widow....
Miss White, you just never know with her where she is coming from.... two husbands disappeared under very mysterious circumstances.... watch out Mr. X --- they say she is very..... questionable....
or is she.... in any "case" this gown by Lybra... is a must have.... only the "clueless" won't have it!  And don't forget to look at these fabulous nails by ZOZ a must have that come in several hand styles for slink making them a  must have! Available at Siren Productions Month of Games.

Landing Point  For Month of Games

Wearing - Lybra - Miss White - Exclusive - Month of Games
inworld main store - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Citizen%20Kane/166/41/25
Nails - ZOZ - Black Queen Silver - Exclusive Month of Games

Skin: Morphine-Ghail - Smoke

Necklace: Finesmith- shameless black

Hair - D!va- ange

Miss Candy and Mr. X - Exclusive by Sonatta Morales

Let's face it, Candyland is a "vintage" board game, that said, it is timeless... and Mr. X with his extraordinary eye for fashion thinks the exclusive release called Miss Candy by Sonatta Morales is impeccable in its' timeless style.
This gorgeous satin soft white and pink dress with the hint of polka dots is sure to catch the eye of the Candy King. The fitted sleeveless bodice and gathered waist flows out to a full tulle skirt that flows on the sweet gum drop breeze.
The soft pink tulle bow at the waist embellished by gold accents adds allure. Wearing Miss Candy you will float through Candyland like a sweet summer dream !
Keeping it period in style Sonatta has added a voilette or fanciful headscarf and veil that adds a touch of intriguing sweetness to this look.  The gloves come with a clever hud that you can put on to position your hands and fingers adding another touch of elegance.

Landing Point  For Month of Games

Dress: Sonatta Morales - Miss Candy - Exclusive at Month of Games

Earrings and bracelet - Sonatta Morales - Vintage Four Strand Pearls

Hair: Vanity Fair - The Meadows- Vainille- Light Blondes

Skin: Morphine- Lusia Medium and Luisa Lipstick - 03

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Princess Lolly in Candyland & Mr. X & Son!a Exclusive MOG

Once upon a time, Siren Productions along with many magical designers and sponsors put together the Month of Games that is taking place through July 31.  There are three themed areas including....  Candyland... and who hasn't dreamed of exploring there! I asked Mr. X to find me in the Lollipop Forest!

Gum drop mountains, lollipop woods, ice cream seas, castles of licorice, swamps of molasses and peanut brittle houses... who could ask for more?  Son!a made this fabulous outfit called Son!a Candyland that is replete with all types of sweets.... cupcakes for my cupcake!  Mr. X has such a sweet tooth!
I love the details in this outfit - the sexy corset, silk stockings with sweet bows and confetti candy, and of course, the lollipop shoulder piece, and the sexy rainbow colored skirt topped off by sweets of all kinds... that look good enough to eat!
Mr. X count to five... then come and find me in the Lollipop Forest... but watch out for that crafty Mr. Licorice!

Landing Point  For Month of Games

Son!a Candyland - Exclusive at Month of Games

Skin: Morphine- Ghail with blue with berry brows

Hair - Eva - Pink Sweet Faces

July 19th @ 12noon SLT and 5PM SLT
Models represented by AIM, Boulevard and SCALA
July 26th @ 12 noon and 5PM SLT
Organized by SCALA

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Mr. X... Here's a Clue -- Month of Games !

Month of Games has officially opened today and what a fabulous area to explore.  Based on old fashioned game boards MOG offers three distinct areas to explore...Candyland, Clue and Chess.  Wandering around with Mr. X we came upon... the "Clue Library and a Murder Scene!  Are there clues around?

Mr. X told me that Miss Scarlet was and I quote, "a floozy!"  It is hard to believe she has a questionable reputation for promiscuity...or is it???  Purple Moon has created Miss Scarlet exclusively for this event and it is gorgeous.
Sleek and sexy this tight red satin gown designed by Purplemoon with high slits up both sides is elegant in detail and perfect for the sensational Miss Scarlet...she never ever kisses and tells.
Miss Scarlet comes with a highly detailed black mink (Peta friendly !!) stole that completes this dangerously glamourous look.

What are you waiting for... here's your clue... go check out World of Games because you never know what you will discover!

Landing Point  For Month of Games http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Veil/129/141/1997

Purple Moon - Miss Scarlet - Event Exclusive
Necklace - Violator - All things Forbidden
Skin - Morphine - Luisa Tan http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sago%20Island/238/204/24
Hair- Truth - Teddy Blonde