Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mr. X and Myth @ May Instruments and sounds of the sea....

I love things that the North Atlantic calls home...  salt crusted gray wooden docks aged by storms and  sea urchins,  buoys that signal the safest path home... red right return even... and of course lobster boats... I am wearing a new summer frock  by Myth called  Jolie skirt and top that is an exclusive at the May Instruments.  It comes in lots of summer colors -- this is strawberry and who can resist those.... !!

I love the stripe top and high collar of  Jolie  and yes it makes me and Mr. X happy  to  wear this ....  I adore the midriff that has a retro feel to it and of course, the mini skirt that just billows and sways in the breeze -- it is airy and perfect for a hot summer night... even Mr. X agrees with that.

Our favorite time down by the harbor is just after dawn -- we love watching the fishermen load up and go out and face the sea in search of their catch of the day.... I tell Mr. X he is the catch of the century!

Wearing --

Exclusive @ The May Instruments -  Myth - Jolie   - Skirt and top

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Catalina Papavar

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mr. X - and Anything Goes in Ghees Paranoia Dress

Sometimes I told Mr. X it is good to be naughty... or is it... I get the nod... in this new dress by Ghee called Paranoia Dress -- shall I send Mr. X an invitation to join me in .... in a dark celebrated place... oh my that does sound naughty indeed.... I am thinking cocktails with Mr. X (no pun intended)  perhaps in a crowded room....

When he saw me enter in this  new dress replete with a fabulous red snakeskin collar and belts... in this skin tight silver -gray mini dress he whispers... you are mine as he  pats the floor and asks me to sit next to him... I -- pause and say --- no.... let's dance..... This collar treatment of  Paranoia Dress  is fantabulous and sexy too... it just is  pure... sin.... well, at least it is pure!

I can barely hear him over the the room roar and the cocktail shaker rhythm -- that  fills my mind's eye with so many pleasures to come... he says -- let's go home.... think of that room with all the mirrored walls and how beautiful we will look together... after all I am your Mistress of Mayhem!

 I think... tonight... "anything goes" --- don't you?  Mr. X are you ready --- or do I have to put you on speed dial....  and no way are we Paranoid!

Wearing -- Ghee - Paranoia Dress
dress is no longer available but word has it on the street a new color version of this will be at the main shop soon -- here's hoping!

Skin  - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Papavar Make up 2
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons Skins - Flossy

Jewelry - Violator - Leash Me Up  Silver and Black  ( don't miss Violator's real life website with fantastic jewelry
SL Store -

Real life catblog -- its cool

Boots - Eshi Otawara - Lady Red - no longer available

Hair - envogue - Leticia

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mr X and LEA 23 - Serotonin Reuptake & Luxe Paris - No Me Toque

 We all wear our battle scars -- mostly on the inside -- it is life -- I suppose.  Sometimes, we are lucky enough to encounter  an intimately sensitive build that makes us think...  about how close we are  to the abyss.  Almost  every day there is so much stress in the world and sometimes it overwhelms us ... Frankx  has the courage and integrity to show us his voyage into the abyss and the way out...Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor is a personal  journey in a  sometimes cold and cruel world -- this is  not only refreshing it is ... just go --  you will see.. exactly what I mean ... because....

most of us are fortunate to elude it's dark tendrils... even though they  creep in  and are always with us in the undercurrent of our reality.  To have a glimmer of the undercurrent visit  Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor ... it is simply... well, I never kiss and tell but you will be  amazed... and do take the bubble down... thru it all ... you know how bubbles are --- stand up and they pop... but the glide is amazing...

And,  you  will find amazing light in the darkness...  that to me is the essence of hope and love... and of course... it is my Mr. X....  no doubt about that.    As always, he brings me  a  tidbit of  news one of our favorite designers, Luxe Paris  is  supporting ''Noli me tangere - No me toques!'' (Don't touch me! in Latin and Spanish) and it is a worldwide campaign to eliminate Violence Against Women.  Mr. X and I  love this idea...  we hate the idea of  violence and hurtful things  on any level.

This outfit called,  No Me  Toques  top and  palazzo pants made by  Luxe Paris   was created to make all of us aware of  unspeakable acts against women  happening all over the planet --- we will not go into the gory details here but we are happy to promote a message of non violence against women (animals and  people too).

This group will publish information of places where women can find help.  The ''Noli me tangere! No me toques'' group fights all kinds of violence against women: slaving, violence in the family, violence in relationships, psychological violence, rape, sexual exploitation, clitoris ablation and femicide (murder of a women because of her gender).

Sim --   Lea 23  Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor

ô€€‡LUXE PARIS - No Me  Toques  top and  palazzo pants

Marketplace Store:


Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Papavar
Eye Make-up - October 4 Seasons Flossy

Face Markings - Nuuna

Hair -No Match - No Promise

Monday, May 2, 2016

Mr. X and Maya of Moonlight Hollow New TWA & MFGC

I am alone in the mist...  and moonlight... midnight  ----and in my mind I hear the voice of Mr. X... be safe my Princess  in the mist... I remember when his lips floated against mine... and when my hands crept around his back and shyly slid down. The result was neither slight nor subtle...

I always tell Mr. X I am a Fairy Godmother.... he laughs and  kisses me  on the cheek --and says, yes -- Sita  yes.  Late at night, I hear a knock on my door -- it is midnight... I raise my head off the pillow and say, come in my Mr. Postman....I am served a letter on a silver platter... it says... " Come soon... I miss you in these difficult days,  My eyes  flew over his  sentences -- and then, I clutch his letter to me.. and think of....melting  wax on candles.. that never extinguish

I love Mr. X... he is  and yes, his voice began with a note of kiss demanded  to tell me what the problem was -- he asked if I was his... and the answer is yes, and yes again... and we are still  just one...  and yes, the candles are  lit in the darkest of night.... I await Mr.  X.... can he resist?


 Gown -  TWA -  Moonlight Hollow New  TWA

Earrings and  Pendant - Seraph Dark

Bracelets - Muse - Perputua

Skin - October 4 Seasons -  Captiva - Lily

Necklace and Earrings
!Musa! Seraph - Dark


Hair - New - D!va  - Jasmine

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mr. X and London Calling - Jumo

It is a night for black and gold... it is a sweltering hot night... and I hear the sounds of the emergence of spring all around the countryside... it is a London night... perfect for the new gown by Jumo simply called.... London.

I love the miles of pearls and gold chains that come with this gown that is elegant and heavily beaded... The style is alluring with deep slits up each side and  a halter like top giving it a more modern look than a traditional gown look.  Mr. X likes that!

Gown - Jumo - London

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *new* - Catalina Lily

Poses - Ultimate Poses - LA BoS


Friday, April 22, 2016

Mr. X and Fionia -- Baboom @ Swank & April Gift Skin October 4 Seasons

Mr. X  -- let's always keep living the dream.... smiles... all I have to say is that this dress by Baboom an exclusive at Swank called Fiona is steamy and sweet at the same time.....
Mr. X can hardly keep his hands off me in this cute slip dress in white with a dashing rose at the hemline... it is just so feminine and sexy at the same time... I love it!  As all of Baboom's styles... and the textures as always are perfect.

This dress, Fiona is a go to dress and must have. It is made for classic bodies in 5 mesh sizes. It also comes in a  black and rose as well as white and rose, get both I did and it makes me feel  like flying!

I paired it with the new Gift Skin by October 4 Seasons  for the month of April... Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds....  don't miss it...

Adorned with diamond accents on two of the skins and one without, Diamonds in the Sky also comes with Mendi inspired tattoos for both the Aries and Taurus signs. And for those of you who are freckle lovers, you will get that and more!  Oh and this skin has appliers galore - for slink, belleza, omega and maiytra.

Wearing - Dress -  Baboom - Fiona 
Swank LM  -
Skin - *NEW GIFT* - October 4 Seasons - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mr. X and Miranda- Jumo @ The Instruments plus new lipstick and poses

Mr. X can you get here  by ferry or small plane and please hurry... it is still unspoiled... Sighs, sometimes it is our imagination that gets us there...and because I am blue, I will dream in all shades of this fabulous color... as I think of your gorgeous blue eyes and how they gaze at me... my beloved Mr. X.

I am wearing a mermaid styled gown in red by Jumo called Miranda that is an exclusive at the Instruments and available there through April 25.  It comes in many colors and is mesh in 5 sizes and made for classic bodies.  I  love the rich jewel floral embossing on this gown that looks like a fine satin brocade; Mr. X is entranced by the way the mermaid hemline flows and glimmers in the blue.

Like all of Jumo's outfits this one comes with gorgeous matching jewelry-  a pearl choker with a floral clasp (so classy), a matching pearl and floral bracelet and ring and even two floral head pins that look fabulous with the hair I found at The Instruments by {Letituier} called Daisy.  This hair also comes with two flowers that can be worn.  I am also wearing the new lipstick from October 4 Seasons called Urban Matte that features 10 fabulous envogue colors that range from very pale pink to the deep dark sapphire

 So Mr. X...give yourself up to me in the blue ---  let's take in the moonrise and the star studded sky... see how the moon as it sparkles on the west shore... you will  swear I was born Father Neptune's Daughter...  

Exclusives @ The Instruments
Gown - Jumo - Miranda
Hair - {Letituier} - Daisy

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *new* - Catalina Lily
Lipstick - October 4 Seasons - *new*  Urban Matte
Eyeshadow - October 4Seasons - Delicious

Poses - Ultimate Poses - LA BoS


Shot at -

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mr. X and the band of gypsies! - Folkorica and IO & LA BoS

There is something wonderful about the  freedom of a gypsy... Mr. X and I found the most fabulous wagon called Gypsy Vardo by Folklorica at the Fair Play event via MFGC --  and we  just had to have it to live out our bohemian fantasy --- Mr. X tells me all the time he is a wanna be hippie!  Best of all Vardo comes loaded with tons of fun accessories and is simply beautifully done both inside and out.  It has a land impact of 28 prims.

On the outside this sweet gypsy wagon has a gorgeous front porch colorfully painted and enhanced with cascades of flowers... in my two favorite colors... pink and yellow.  The sides of the wagon is also colorfully painted with ancient symbols sure to get the attention of all things that can't quite be explained....This specially-textured set is designed to be multipurpose - for either medieval, gorean roleplay, home or whatever you can imagine. As such, the creators have even included a crystal ball and tarot cards as unlinked accessories for you to use.  We think this set has the added bonus of being pretty as well as fun and that it will look good in a garden or wooded setting.

Inside you will find  all the necessary items for alchemical fun from a medicine cabinet loaded with bottles to an intricately stenciled table and two chair set replete with a crystal ball.  A mirror on the wall adds the perfect touch.

The bed has adult and pg animations and is  beautifully made with an Indian styled wall hanging made of old sari remnants and delicately patterned semi transparent and absolutely luscious -- pink curtains that seem to float on the midnight wind.

This  wagon would not be complete without the shaman's workbench... I asked  Mr. X to get going with that and bubble up some mischief!

I am wearing another find at MFGC called Dormish by *IO*.  This outfit comes with pants and a top in  red, brown or black, a highly detailed pair of boots, and a fabulous coat that has a color changing hud so you can mix and match this look to  your heart's desire.  This outfit is made for classic bodies as well as for mesh bodies by belleza, maitreya and slink.
The back of this coat is as gorgeous and detailed as the front of it and is so versatile -- that it can be worn with many different looks.


Structure - Gypsy Vardo by Folklorica
Main Store -

Outfit - Dormish by *IO* (Independent Objects)
Main Store -

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina - Lily

Poses - Ultimate Poses - LA BoS


Mr. X and all the right curves {BLB} @ The Instruments

Mr. X let's take a timeout today.  It is a warm spring afternoon -- finally...the daffodils have emerged and asparagus is sprouting...spring is here Mr. X... making it a  perfect time to wander the market for spring produce and flowers.   Let's make a SL garden of delightful plants and flowers!

Before we play in the dirt, I have to wear this chic new outfit by {BLB} that is an exclusive at The Instruments called  HiiRize.  This outfit comes in 6 fabulous colors: Lilacgrey, snorkle (worn), serenity,noir, fiesta, coffee and rose.  It can be worn with classic and mesh bodies including:maitreya, slink and belleza.

Mr. X let out a soft whistle when he saw me in HiiRize -- this outfit shows off all the right curves with its skin tight pleated high waisted silk pants accented with a shiny silver zipper.   Mr. X takes my hand and gallantly kisses it... and makes me feel like a movie star.

The sexy tunic styled sleeveless top drapes gracefully down your torso showing just enough skin to make it oh so eyecatching.  I have paired these pants with gladiator styled shoes to show off my legs by Lavian & Co.

And, now, Mr. X -- let's get shopping... spring is here and we have a garden to create so that we can wile away the warm spring nights amid the scent of roses and watch our garden grow... just as our love has over the years.......and, ah oh, Mr. X has caught me shopping for "things" not flowers!!!

Wearing - Exclusives at the Instruments - thru April 25

Outfit - {BLB} - HiiRize in Snorkle
Poses - Inmotion - Urban Chick

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Mocha
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Flossy Eyeshadow Collection

Shoes - Lavian & Co. - Davinia Heels

Hair - Emo-tions - Jade

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Mr. X and Perrine Selene Creations @ The Instruments

Mr. X and I wandered down a maze of cobbled streets and dimly lit narrow alleys that were lined with opium dens, fan-tan and other gambling parlors, chophouses and brothels that never closed. The population was mixed - Chinese, Portuguese, Macanese, Indian and natives of Cameroons.  There was a seductive beauty here...especially when wearing this gorgeous exclusive from the Instruments through April 25 called Perrine by Selene Creations.

I love the clean lines of this sexy black dress with its full skirt and deep V neck plunging neckline that adds style and allure.  What finishes Perrine off is the luxurious sash around the waistline. It reminds me of a modern rendition of an Obi -- a sash for a traditional Japanese dress. There are many types of obis and this sash reminds me of the yukata style obi.

Slowly, Mr. X and I make our way to the harbor. Pinks, blues, and yellow of the ocean set against the curling grey tiles of Japanese rooftops. Overlooking the bay as the sun sets, we plan our voyage on the Golden Dragon.

Wearing: The Instruments Exclusive -
Dress Selene Creations - Perrine in Red and Black

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Blossom

Hair - Vanity - Stoned Love - Ombre

Friday, April 15, 2016

Mr. X & Tenue Gladys by Belles Parisiennes @ The Instruments

Sometimes life is a tilt a whirl... that old fashion ride you find at retro carnivals...  to me they signify the ups and downs of life... as you whirl around trying to make sense of it all.  Some days are easier than others... isn't that the truth!  To brighten my day, Mr. X found a new dress  by Belles Parisie called  Tenue Gladys that is an exclusive at this month's The Instruments.

You know how it goes...  up and down ... life that is and sometimes... between all the BS there are  birds that fly to the mountains... the fresh spring air... that let's you flow and  embrace your dreams.... and the pure white rain that softly falls... and you think... I will return to the mountain of his heart.... do you have someone like that?

Wearing: The Instruments - Exclusives:

 Dress  - Belles Parisiennes - Tenue Gladys - White  - also comes in natural (not shown)

Poses -  Nantra - Downtown

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Lily Catalina

Hair - Vanity - Stoned Love - Ombre

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mr. X and the Blue Moon (Enterprises) at MFGC

As I wait for Mr. X in the ruins of the castle... I look around... stars dance and hills meet clasping each other like lovers... night is all around me... and I think... tonight, the time  is right... especially wearing this new find by Blue Moon Enterprises at MFGC called Lady Dazie that is made for Classic bodies plus Slink and Belleza mesh bodies. A matching purse and umbrella is sold separately.

The pattern texture of this gown is  lovely and made by an expert in the design field in RL for 25 years.... it shows.  Lady Dazie has a  heavily embroidered flowers down the front and the flowing overskirt and the maiden like drop shoulders giving this gown a distinctly medieval flair...Mr. X likes that!  I have added another find from Fair Play called Spring Circlet by Jinx that comes with a color changing hud in four colors - blue, orange (worn), pink and purple.

Mr. X... I am hypnotized by the whisper of the wind in the trees, the smell of jasmine and the faint sound of flutes... playing in the distance... calling me to  come and dance... shall we....

Wearing -
Jewelry - Jinx - Spring Circlet  exclusive @ Fair Play
Gown - Blue Moon Enterprises  - Lady Dazie
Main LM -

Skin - October 4Seasons - *new* - Catalina - Lily

Monday, April 11, 2016

Mr. X and Riley - Purplemoon exclusive @ The Instruments

Mr. X told me that the Instruments opens today, April 11 and features exclusives from some of SL's most creative fashion designers in a beautiful easy to navigate setting.  I found the perfect outfit called Riley by PurpleMoon for example that is ideal for an urban outing.

The wide bell bottom slacks seem made of fine linen make you gild across the grid with grace. They are very fitted and sexy at the hip and they have a lavish button down embellishment that accentuates the waistline before they start to flair out at the knee. The pants are made for mesh bodies as well as classic and come with a color changing hud.

The 70's bellbottom, or flair pant leg look is modernized with a beautifully tailored silk blouse that keeps this look contemporary rather than 70s retro.  Put together, this outfit is urban chic.  This blouse is made for mesh bodies and classic avatar shapes and comes with a color coordinating hud that includes a solid as well as four floral prints.   I could go on and on this is great hud !


 Exclusive @ The Instruments -  Riley (fab color changing hud)  - Purplemoon

Skin - * new * October 4 Seasons - Blossom
Jewelry - Jumo with  Gown -Toronto
Hair - Rezology - Siren
Shoes - Lavian  & Co. Faith
Real Life Blog

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Mr. X and Sensua- New- 55L !Lyrical Bizzare

Mr. X and the Lady in Red.... he plans to meet her for breakfast at a small French Cafe. He knows what to look for.... smoldering elegance... and you will be in this fabulous red bandage style dress by !Lyrical Bizarre called  Sensua that is 55L at a new event called  Fi*Fridays.  Sensua is available through April 13 - 9 p.m. SL time.

Sensua is a  Bandage  styled dress and  is perfect if you are telling the world you are sexy, fierce and confident --- as a matter of fact, Mr. X told me he likes strong, intelligent women!  Bandage dresses were invented in the 1980's by Azzedine Alaia.... dubbed as the "King of Cling" and for good reason, just look at the way Sensua hugs your curves and molds to your body... you will love wearing this "second skin" in Second Life!

So Mr. X what shall it be for breakfast, one of my very favorite meals of the day... we can sit in a small French cafe, sip coffee and eat croissants... a fabulous patisserie comes to mind... L'Artiste...and we will read interesting newspaper articles to each other from real newspapers.... as wile away the day.


Dress - *new* - !Lyrical B!zzare - Sensua

Skin - *new* - October 4Seasons - Catalina  Blossom

Jewelry - Jumo with  Gown -Toronto
Hair - Rezology - Siren