Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mr. X -- Let Me See! New Finds @ Sneak Peek! Opens May 25

I told Mr. X that sometimes glamour comes in small packages like this new summer halter dress called "Let Me See" by ArisAris that is an exclusive at the May Sneak Peek.  It is perfect to beat the heat in !
I feel the rhythm of ancient lands in this colorful, raw edge patchwork mixture of patterns that is lively and festive making it the  perfect choice for summer fun. Let Me See is sexy in the front with it's low cut V neck and equally sexy from behind with a very low cut back perfect to show off a tattoo.

This breezy halter dress also comes with colorful beaded sandals that are made for slink flat feet.  Woven fabric, bows and beading add a globetrotting sensibility to these adorable sandals.  

I have also combined this with two more finds from Sneak Peek.  I am loving this two toned hair called Miss T-2 Must Haves that comes with a handy hud making it easy to change the color of your hair.  I am also wearing a fabulous filigree necklace by Kunglers Extra called Amala necklace that is punctuated with gorgeous pearls making it as versatile as it is beautiful.

Wearing Sneak Peek Exclusives:
Dress & Sandals: ArisAris - Let Me See
Hair: Vanity Miss T-2 Must Haves
Necklace: Kunglers Extra Amala
Sneak Peek LM

Skin: Rehana Pearl - October 4Season Skins

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pleasure Azure & Mr. X - *New* Sascha Designs

She steps onto the stone veranda, embracing (and enjoying) the late evening subtropical heat that is refusing to yield despite the fact that the sun has set hours ago.  Her waiter stands perfectly still, listening to her voice as it emerges like a small silver bell elegantly flirting, simmering in his ear.  Yes another gin and tonic will do.

Her well-appointed gentleman swoons over her in clumsy fashion, her eyes frolicking with shy intensity as she listens to him fumble with what is usually so easy for him.  It must be my new dress called Pleasure Azure from Sascha Designs with it's blue and copper ombre colored pattern that is beyond striking.  I love the sleek version of this gown for an elegant night out.

Is it her flowing ball  gown dress? It seems to blossom, like her friends say she has done over the past two years. Like she's growing younger, her smile more private and genuine (at least that is what her sister says).  Pleasure Azure also comes with fluff flexi skirts giving this gown a different and more classic look.

Another version of the dress comes with low silken flexi skirts and a dressy spiky collar and front deco piece giving this gown dimension and flair.  When purchasing Pleasure Azure it is like getting three gowns in one.
"Excuse me," she says politely, meandering away to the stone railing overlooking the ocean, adjusting with a flip of her hair to see the rising moon more clearly.  I have paired this with October 4 Seasons new skin Rehana Pearl, Flossy Eyeshadow collection and Captivating Mesh Lashes.

Another new release by Sascha Designs is appropriately called Froth Latte Gown.  With it's layers of flowing lace skirts it reminds me of the froth from the ocean as it rushes into the arms of the shoreline. This gown also comes with several skirt options -- a shorter version that lets you show off your legs and a grand flexi skirt that transforms this into a classic ballgown.  The gown also comes with Omega Appliers.


Gown in three Versions - Sascha Designs - *New* - Pleasure Azure Gown and Froth Latte Gown 

Shoes - Morphine - High Heel Sandals in White for Slink High Feet

Skin - October 4 Seasons Skins  * New* -Rehana Pearl
Eyeshadow -  October 4 Seasons Skins  * New* - Flossy- Blue Midnight
Lashes -  October 4 Seasons Skins  * New* - Captivating Mesh Lashes - Tri-Blue

Friday, May 22, 2015

Chun and Mr. X - Lybra Rage at Events@1st

On a mountain above the clouds, on the rim of sunrise she thought back and her thoughts turned to  him.  She is glimpsed through screens of knotted willows listing beside lily ponds filled with ornamental carp.  Her memories that have been locked away have begun to break free, like cherry blossoms floating in the wind.  In her garden, these blossoms float and linger toward the morning light of remembrance.

The stillness of the mountains awakens her spirit and takes her back. She hears him softly calling her name as she brings him a pot of tea and a plate of cut papaya. Today, she  recalls the soft wisteria breeze and the sounds of her beating heart as she looked at him and the world faded away.

We are like every single plant and stone and view in the garden, the distance between us is carefully measured.  We kept in touch over the years. I wait for him now, a "geisha" only to be found in his  dreams wearing this fabulous new release by Lybra Rage for Events @ 1st called Chun.

I love the floral lace centerpiece of the gown and the opulent silk jacket with it's lavish sash and oversized kimono sleeves --  I feel like a princess wearing this and so will you.  The matching headpiece is a must have with it's flowers and gems that add to the allure of this entire look.

I finish the mood of this gown, by wearing Keiko in Blossom by October 4 Season skins and the new Monroe Mesh Lashes in Frosted Raspberry. I love the oriental feel of this skin and the bold penciled eyebrows that add so much distinction to it.  Keiko Blossom comes with 5 make up choices and all appropriate appliers.

Gown - Lybra Rage - Chun
Headpiece - Lybra Rage - Chun Headpiece
Event LM:  Http://
Main Store:

Skin - October 4 Seasons -Keiko Blossom 
Eyelashes - October 4 Seasons - New Mesh - Monroe Frosted Raspberry

Hair Tukinowaguma - Yeon Hee

A Note about October 4 Season Skins:
Many of October's customers  have been with her since the brand change. She will offering special courses around season color theory and how to use your mesh bodies to all October's 4Seasons group members. These sessions will be small and you must own one of the O4S supported mesh body products and be a group member.  Please note that group gifts and lucky chair items are excluded.

So you have purchased one of the following mesh bodies:
Slink Physique
Maitreya Lara
or the TMP Body

and are confused in how to use them take the course to learn how to use them and how to wear them with mesh clothing.

October will also resume teaching seasonal color theory. All O4S skins are centered around seasonal color theory and she will explain what it means and how O4S makeups are organized to assist you in your clothing and makeup choices.

These courses will be limited to 5 students each and sorted by the type of mesh product being taught. If you wish to participate in the courses please send a notecard to either October Bouvier or Vanhessa6x.  Title the notecard - "Classes - (Your Name Here)." If possible, include your calling card within the notecard.  Notecards that say "New Note" will not be considered. When the class size is established a  date will be set. 

Mr. X. Queen Druantia Lady of the Moss New TWA

She heard me arrive -- undercover -- mist of the moors...  moss green and a quintessential opalescent jaded queen... to be  acknowledged, and respected.  I have learned, love comes later, if at all. And, to me, that matters not.  I am Queen Druantia and as the sun sets... they all want the lady in moss green ... Druantia a new gown by TWA and Dancing Anemone Jewelry by Muse. 
I see  the Princess Amethyst she comes with questions, she wants to retain her head... but I am the lady of the moss and moors and I  run..... sometimes you just must run... she knows he courts and sparks me... how can I tell her...  i tell her  the more I talk to him... (Mr. X) the more  I can never let go...after all she is the autumn bride... but I am spring... renewal....

I can almost see him standing on the chancel steps when i come through  the Abbey to a sudden crystal sound of trumpets that echo off the arches.  I stand alone in the arches.  His kind eyes fall on my face and we gaze at each other; and I think, yes, I have known Mr. X for thousands of years and in many lifetimes.

And then I think... didn't it feel good when ... we sit and talk " Lord" ---- and even not is just so good...  i am never  alone  you always watch me... and yet --- we both  are inspirations..  and yes, I am Queen Druantia  ---- but what about Princess Amethyst ?

I wait  alone, resplendent  in moss green wearing  TWA's new form fitting mesh gown called Queen Druantia   --- the King now listens to me -- always with great attention and for this I  love him more each day... and yet the Princess.....

Gown- TWA - The White Armory *NEW*  Queen Druantia Gown Moss

Jewelry - Muse - Dancing Anemone Accessories - Kelp (note the headpiece has been pushed down, it is not a tiaria)

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Rehana Pearl Auburn
Lashes - *NEW* October 4 Seasons - Enchanted Orange Tipped Mesh Eyelashes
 Landmark -

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mr. X and the 70's... Wicca's Wardrobe @ Ross Fair *new*

Food and beverage. Obviously a must. And never a shortage of either. Follow the rule of three as a standard minimum—three types of dessert. Three types of pickled food. Three types of fried food (make sure to have some comeback sauce). Three types of cocktail. Lime sorbet margaritas are a nice reprieve from the sweltering summer heat. And lots of iced sweet tea. Think the 70's. Ok there is an entourage of drugs  too shhhhhh!! 

Think disco, Saturday Night Fever, Derek on the beach carefree and running. James Taylor and Carly Simon. Charlie's Angels and this new  retro cool exclusive  by Wicca Merlin aka Wicca's Wardrobe called -Charlotte Jacket and Nora Pants that are Exclusives at Ross Fair.  I  am just  in love with Wicca's wide bellbottom pants that swirl and sway in geometric orange and navy blue/black -- it is beyond hip -- maybe even a trip! And then there is the jacket --- wow! 
The sleek jacket called Charlotte Tangerine is chic without even trying with a wide collar, accent zippers, and --oh la la silk  tank that gives this loads of yes, shhhh the 1970's  ... but then again, I never kiss and tell... someday I will write a kiss and tell blog........ but for now this  jacket rocks..... like "charlotte's web" another story sometime ....and the glasses are  just the ultimate to complete the look!  
I love the way the these pants lace all the way up... so does Mr. X..... it is simply too hard to resist!   Think secrets and sharing sodas and  tea and coffee... and I listen to Mr. X always... and give my answers... but he says I keep him  guessing....this is good I think.
Think... Joni Mitchell the queen of 70's and beyond.....Ladies of the Canyon, Court and Spark Mr. X.... and think Wicca's Wardrobe... this is an exclusive at Ross Fair that started on May 15 and will end on  June 4.  This is a three week event get there. 

Wicca's Wardrobe Exclusives at Ross Fair
Charlotte Tangerine and Nora Pants and Cosmo Glasses
Event LM:

Wicca's MP -

Skin: October 4 Seasons: Rehana Marigold
October 4Seasons LM:

A Note about October 4 Season Skins:

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dafne & Mr. X - New Release -Resun Fashion

Mr. X has invited me to a lavish party tonight and suggested that I dress elegantly and evocatively.  That is a high order...but I knew the I could find something absolutely tantalizing at Resun Fashion...and I did it's called Dafne.

I love the glimmering beaded texture that is set off with a dazzling floral  belt that hugs my waist and a cross your heart peek a boo top that shows just enough skin to be absolutely captivating!  A gold tattoo and matching gold arm bracelets completes this effortlessly chic look.

Best of all, Dafne is now compatible with mesh bodies. Omega Applier Clothes can be worn on other mesh bodies using the relevant converter Hud Kit which can be purchased on Marketplace and in some stores in world! Don't forget to check to see if your mesh body is compatible.  Some of the Mesh Body Brand Products which can be converted in this way are the following: Lolas Tango, Belleza, Maitreya, Eve, Phatazz and many others !

Once the relevant kit is purchased, add it and you will see it on your screen where it must stay, then add the omega applier outfit hud and apply as usual and the outfit will appear on your body.  It is easy and fun to use.

Resun Fashions - *NEW* Dafne in Gold & Brown and Silver & Black

October 4Seasons - *New* Rehana Marigold

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Eva and Mr. X - *NEW* Low Cost No Lag Shopping Event and Gotcha!

Eva is a new shopping and gatcha event that offers exclusives at prices that won't break the bank. They also offer three group gifts. I always find a fabulous variety of items from casual to formal here.  A perfect example is this cute silk shirt dress with a leather and gold accent belt by FLN Designs called Isabel.  This comes in six colors making it easy to match with your make-up palette. It's a steal at 150L.

I am wearing October 4 Seasons Skins, Laila Pear Strawberry with the new mesh lashes called Enchanted Mesh Lashes Forest Tipped and the new eyeshadow called Everlasting called Money Maker.

Another find is a cute ruffled mini skirt and top replete with ruffled sleeves and a low cut breezy top with a contrasting black and white polka dot collar by WTB called Renee Pois mesh skirt and top. This ensemble  comes in a variety of 8 colors and print patterns. I love the butterfly tattoo that is an option with the skin Rehana Marigold by October 4 Seasons.... oh la la!  Mr. X loves this option but I promised never to kiss and tell --- although someday......
I love this cute bare shoulder shift dress with it's wide belt at the waist that gives you an hourglass shape.  This mesh mini comes with a handy hud with 15 bold dress colors and 15 belt colors allowing you to mix and match endlessly.  You can even change the metal on the buckles and the color of the laces.
Another thing I really like about "Like" is that this dress is as cute from behind as it is in front with it's sexy lace up ties that start at the waist!  This tangerine color is so hot on RL runways now they call orange the new black!

I have paired this dress with October 4 Seasons Skins Rehana Marigold and her new orange tipped mesh lashes called Enchanted and Mr. X  certainly is with this look and this trio of great finds at Eve!

Wearing: Eva Exclusives - Two Week Event through end of May
FLN Designs-  Isabel
WTB - Renee Pois mesh skirt and top
LIKE Designs - dress

Eva Event LM:

Skin- October 4 Seasons -
With FLN - Laila Pear Strawberry, Enchanted Mesh Lashes Forest Tipped,  eyeshadow Everlasting Money Maker

With WTB and LIKE - Rehana Marigold and Enchanted Orange Tipped Mesh Lashes

October 4Seasons LM:

A Note about October 4 Season Skins:

Friday, May 15, 2015

Jitterbugging Encouraged -- Sonatta Morales -- New release

It is 1948 and the war is well over... A time for hope, again.  There is always hope, whatever your decade! For me, hope came in the form of this cheerful honey yellow colored dress with a fabulous tulle pattern called Tulla by Sonatta Morales.

Hands down,Sonatta Morales is the best vintage designer in SL and she proves this again and again with her classic and evocative period  dresses and gowns that range from the 1920s- 1950s.

Courage to stand -- again.  Passion to stand apart... and be noticed... again and oh la la in Sonatta Morales new  dress called  Tulla you will be noticed.  It has a faint rainbow glimmer in the swirling black pattern.  The dress is a classic fit with perfect pleating and a flair skirt over a pencil skirt in honey and black... sweet as sugar pie.... Mr. X loves his sugah pie :P  -- how can he resist?  This  dress is beyond a classic.... it simply is.

Think now or 1945 --- alive again -- "make do and notice" Should I arrive in this fabulous  yellow and black  skirt and top made with a swingy cotton fabric that gives me ample room for all my feminine attributes.... I think so  -- and all eyes will be on me... because  it has a timeless  style quality that pulls at our heartstrings.... and recalls days that are idyllic.

I see myself by a punch bowl surrounded by a flock of  men.... beyond polite --- but knowing that they all want to dance the Lindy Hop........ or the Jitterbug with me.....

Wearing *NEW* Sonatta Morales - Tulla

Skin *October 4 Seasons - Jewel Blossom
Eyemakeup *NEW* - October 4 Season Skins - Delight Eyeshadow Collection - Chai Tea

Shoes - *NEW* -ghee -  Chiffon Fringe

Hair - D!va - Astralia

Peals - Mandala - Black Maple

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Join Hands for Nepal - ghee

We've all seen news of the devastating earthquakes in Nepal over the past weeks, and some of us in SL want to play a small part in helping to bring relief to the many thousands of people whose lives have been torn apart.  Join Hands for Nepal will raise funds for the World Food Programme to support the survivors.
The event is from May 13 - May 16.  I am wearing the Nepali Ophelia Gown by ghee who is donating 100% of proceeds to Join Hands. The gown is made in the colors of the flag of Nepal and has matching shoes.



* May 13th @ 1PM SLT - Fashion Showcase by SCALA™Models 

* From May 13th to May 16th,  all outfits donated by all designers (listed below) will be for sale at Indian Paradise sim. 

* Celebration with several parties and DJs through the days of the event. 
We need to fill the space with your positive energy and joy,  in all our endeavor to help and succeed in doing so, with your generosity.

* Closing Party: May 16th with SCALA™ DJ - Seashell Dench.


69 Park Ave GQ
{Ana Markova} Designs
 ✿ AURALIA ::: Fashion Redefined ✿
Baboom Couture
★ [CIRCA] Living ★ 
C O R P U S Motion
Dual Fashion
Dulce Secrets
.::Fascino::. Couture
Glitterati by Sapphire
Hawker's House.
 [[ J 'a d o r e ]]
.:JUMO:. Fashion
• K E L I N I  •  Haute Couture
LUXE Paris fashion house
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Me Sew Sexy Clothier* 
Moondance Boutique
[         nº 7 ]
*Nya's Shop*
Athena Couture & Rouge
sf design
Silken Moon 
•• TASHI Owner ••
Totally Random
Vestige Pose
Xen's Hats

Indian Paradise - HUM (hum4ever magic)

Phish (thespician xue) 
Joycie L Warden (Joycieselphie Larimore)

SCALA™ Models
Krytptonia Paperdoll
Seashell Dench
Landa Crystal

Second Life© Residents Organization:
Ruby Ornamental

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Retro Fling & Mr. X - New Release - Rayne/Holy Shirt!

It ís the perfect patch of daffodils. Between the weeping willows. Looks out over the pond. No one ever goes that way. You never take anyone either. Only your favorite people. To your secret spot.  I take Mr. X. And, I suggest you do as well (no way my "Mr. X !!") .... and wearing a perfectly flirty dress... by Rayne aka Holy Shirt called Retro Fling and to me this is renewal and I  like that idea.

I take Mr. X to the daffodil fields --- (he knows the fields I mean)..... Sometimes to laugh. Sometimes to cry. Sometimes to just be.  And to wear this flirty new tulle skirt.  It has a sexy black slip skirt and a bustier top replete with polka dots and a fabulous wide belt with little polka dots -- love this detail --  that sets it all off...  Mr. X loves this look...because it is deceivingly demure. (Moi?)

As for makeup October 4 seasons and her new eye shadow and lashes....Flossy Eyeshadow -- Equaltity (love it) and Enchanted mesh eyelashes -- Forest.  It is so much fun to mix and match the eyeshadows and eye lashes  because at the end of the day  they give  you an instant couture look!

Wearing: *NEW*  -Rayne / Holy Shirt - Retro Fling in Mustard (also comes in blue, red. peach)
Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell Blossom
EYES - October 4 Seasons *NEW* -  Flossy Eye Shadows and Enchanted Lashes 
 Landmark -
A Note about October 4 Season Skins:
Hair: D!va - Rosa

Mr. X and Princess Amethyst *New* TWA & Muse

I hear them coming. The crunching footsteps on the gravel of the garden paths, then beneath my window, and then the clatter of the metal heels of their boots on the stones of the courtyard. Two heralds bearing the royal colors of court and my personal standard.  They blow the trumpets and hammer on my palace doors to inform me that the Lady Queen Mother is to honor me with a visit tomorrow.

As soon as the heralds depart and the door is closed I fall into a frenzy about my dress. Dark purple I think. It has got to be dark purple, an imperial color trimmed with gold. After all I am the Princess Amethyst !  I have chosen the new release by White Armory called  Royal Perpetua Gown in purple (of course) ! It also comes in a series of other opulent colors. 

The Royal Perpetua Gown is certainly fit for a princess or a formal event... it comes with a lavish full neck piece, and waistband that is decorated with gems.... Amethysts of course. I love the celtic dragon pattern in gold -- it is simply empowering. 

have combined this gown with the Maiden of Tuatha earrings and necklace a new release by Muse.(not worn is crown and veil that is entirely fabulous).  Dressed in  Royale Perpetua  opulent gown I wait in the presence chamber. He tells me I shall be an Autumn Bride.... I think ok, "My Lord"  autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  I trust in nature... and he like Mr. X is someone I will garner to the end of time.

As an Autumn bride I am wearing a garland of  grape vines and grapes by D!va and the new eye shadow and lashes by October 4 Season Skins called Enchanted Grape and Lavender Dreams...not to mention the elegant necklace and earrings by Muse....  what could be better than that for Princess Amethyst..............

An autumn Bride.... forever autumn....  reminds me of something... a chill in the air and a warm fire in my heart... I await you Mr. X.... as we will walk a path of  golden leaves......

Gown- TWA - The White Armory *NEW*  Royal Perpetua Gown  

Jewelry - Muse - *NEW* - Tuatha earrings and necklace ( set also comes with veil & crown)

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Jewell Marigold
Eyeshadow - *NEW* - October 4 Seasons - Delight Eyeshadow - Lavender Dreams
Lashes - *NEW* October 4 Seasons - Enchanted Grape Tipped Mesh Eyelashes
 Landmark -