Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dove -Timeless Elegance Sonatta Morales New Release

Exquisite and striking...soft and shimmery.... you will take flight in this elegant aqua blue gown called Dove that is simply timeless.

Sonatta has just released her new spring collection...and Dove with it's sweetheart neckline and flaired feather brooch creates a distinctive and sexy silhouette that is utterly unforgettable.
Sensuously shaped, the aqua blue gown is embellished with white doves that are draped down the front of it in an artful pattern.
In the quiet golden dawn when Mr. X and I expect only the sound of gentle breezes and the sweet scent of honeysuckle... we hear the soft morning song of doves... as we close our eyes and enter the world of forgetting........

Wearing: Dove - Sonatta Morales
Necklace: Pearls - Sonatta Morales
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Veronica in Seafoam

Friday, April 18, 2014

Monochromatic Fair Opens today & New Release by ghee & Magic Easter Eggs....

The Monochromatic Fair opens today and ghee is participating in this extravaganza.  Generous as always, ghee is offering a gorgeous gown -- Lavender Sandwashed as the Monochromatic Exclusive at just $199.

This sleek lavender gown with its' deep slit up the side is sexy in a soft feminine way that is sure to turn heads. The soft pastel colors that this sandwashed gown comes in resonates with the latest runway trends.  This  gown is also available in peach, pink, gold, spring green, teal and grey.

ghee's new release, Water Color Silk Gown is a soft and subtle showstopper. Empire waisted the silky texture drapes you in shades of pink with the elegant wash of  a lavish floral print.  The spring trend is all about big bold floral prints so this gown is a must have.

Wearing it I feel as though this gown has been inspired by an impressionist painting by Monet... I love the sexy laced low back of this gown it makes an unforgettable impression.
Symphony, the new release by Zuri Jewelry is the perfect necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring set to wear and finishes this look with great elegance.

I shall tp Mr. X into the new garden I built...and we shall wander the woodland path hand and hand...
Wandering along the path as I wait for Mr. X I see that he has left me three scrumptious easter eggs, beautifully packaged by Aprohdite by Heart Homes... a perfect treat for that sweetheart in your life.
Inside each Easter Egg are a series of fantastic and fun gifts... the green is for him the red for her and the green is for him......

Direct SLurl to ~ghee~ @ The Monochromatic Fair
Wearing: ghee: Lavendar Sandwashed and Water Color Silk Gown Main Store

Hair:  D!va Asami: moonstone

Lipstick: Audrey 06 Morphine Skins

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sea of Dreams & Mr. X.... New release by Sascha Designs

Mr. X said, "imagine an idyllic stretch of the most perfect beach...

dazzling white sand that sprinkles ashore as a sugar soft treat for your toes... the warm sea of luminous turquoises, blues and greens...passing clouds and a ring of green palms swaying in the breeze...."  When I think of tropical colors, I think of the succulent fruits of the tropics... and the new dress by Sascha Designs called Tani that comes in a number of colors and print options.

Passionate orange like the fruit of the mango... the king of fruits, with its rich flavor that is unforgettable -- just like the colors of  Tani in Orange block print with it's elegant dash of hot pink down the center.
Tani also comes in "lemon"  both in solid lemon and a block print.  Lemon is embellished with the butterfly hat that you can wear on your left or right side.  I have paried lemon with the newly released shoes called Xana By Charmed Breedables -- they are just a perfect match for this ensemble.

Lemons....appealingly fresh and vibrant.... this dress makes a statement...with plenty of "zest" !

 Tani in Fuchia the color of sunsets -- and summer dreams -- much like the dragon fruit with its' bright fuchia skin and sweet creamy white flesh.... dotted with tasteful black seeds....

Tani in aqua ... a place where the sky meets the sea.... this dress is like the horizon at dawn with it's splash of pink and gold....

Tani is crowded with a butterfly hat that is elegant and adds allure.... Mr. X is on his way... and oh my what a night we have planned......

Wearing: Sascha  Designs - Tani

Vanity Hair - where the boys are

Skin and Makeup - Morphine Skins  Luisa Skin Medium, Audrey Lips and shadow

Nails: Nailed It! Nailed IT

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring into Deals... from fashion to home goods

Aphrodite from Heart Homes has just released "Seashell" Chairs that take their classic lines from the Fan chair style that was all the rage during the Art Deco period  of the 1920s and 1930s.

These chairs project pure glamour with their graceful fan backs. Best of all the chairs come in a variety of colors (7 textures)  from playful dots and vintage floral prints to several solid options including beige, sage green and red.  You can change the color of the chair with a click to the bottom of the chair.
As always, Aphrodite at Heart Homes includes chairs for the ladies with 14 poses and animations and chairs for the gentlemen with 14 poses and animations.  Some of the poses, like drink and read come with an attachable wine glass and book that rezzes when you click on that pose.
Another adorable find from Aphrodite at Heart Homes, just in time for Easter is a decorative table replete with a bunny, traditional egg bread and flowers.
This set comes with a pre-decorated table and three festive pictures that welcome spring in style!  At a mere 14 prims for the entire set, "Little Easter" is a must have for an Spring Celebration.  This was shot inside the Cozy winter cottage, also created by Aphrodite at Heart Homes.
Another find is the dress I am wearing from MC Fashions where everything is 30L to 100L.  This  Chinese Styled dress by Cila Fashions called Chinese QiPao is a must have and is beautifully textured in royal blue with a delicate chinese floral pattern and slits that beckon. MC Fashions is also hosting an Easter Egg Hunt through April 27.

7 Deadly s{K}ins has  just released a series of Gotcha  Easter Skins. I paired this dress with Easter Gotcha 02 skin with its' natural looking pink lips, (Mr. X loves those, sometimes he is such a kissy face)  smokey blue eyeshadow and a sweet kissable mole above my left lip.

Styles By Danielle has several April offerings not to be missed.  The April Group Gift for members of Styles by Danielle is this lovely gold and pink quartz necklace called Zoe.  The design of this necklace makes it a perfect accessory for a V neck gown. Don't forget to wear your group tag!

Another special by Styles By Danielle is the elegant Lorena gown just released in purple that is made of the finest silk texture.  The skirt drapes beautifully with black and purple silk and has an evocative slit up the left side making this dress a tad provocative.  My advice is that if you aren't a member of Styles By Danielle there is no time like the present to join!  This gown is perfect for a spring evening.  This gown is 30% discounted for all Danielle Group Members and is a steal at only $350L.

Danielle is also having a fantastic Easter Egg her main store.  One of my all time favorite dresses is on wicked sale - Ayanna in Creme is 50% off!

The hunt gift is a cute purple leopard top perfect for summer.  Hint:  Look for the Bunny!
I wait for Mr. X in a garden of lavender blossoms... definitely spring is in the air... I cannot wait to see him and whisper sweet nothings in his ear............pity, I never kiss and tell :p

Aphrodite for Heart Homes: Seashell Chairs and Little Easter Table and Frames

LM for MC Fashion Event and Hunt - Look for Cila Fashions called Chinese QiPao 

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Easter Gotcha 2

Wearing: Styles by Danielle – Lorena and Zoe Necklace

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Diwali and Mr. X... © Champagne! Sparkling Couture New Release

On the first night of the new moon of Kartika Mr. X and I plan to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light.  Diwali marks the triumphant return of Sita and Rama to their northern home of Ayodhya.
Enzo of © Champagne! Sparkling Couture has made the perfect dress to fete this time of year, appropriately named, Diwali.  This ensemble was the gown MVW India 2014 wore.  You don't have to be a contestant to wear this glorious dress... that is sure to bring out your inner goddess.
 The four arms of Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity represent the four directions.  Many celebrate Diwali believing that Sita is  an avatar of Lakshmi, both are known for their purity.  (No comments from the peanut gallery Mr. X). The details of this outfit with it's sacred lotus flowers and candles  that are lit during Diwali add authenticity to this fabulous outfit.
I love the jewel for my hair that comes with this dress along with the flaming halo much like  the one that Lord Shiva as Nataraja dances the universe into creation and destruction.
 Tonight I shall await Mr. X in the Gardens of Shalimar; they are overgrown and forgotten, heavily haunted by djinns.  It is a good place to sit and watch the sun go down.

Lakshmi Mantra:

Wearing: Diwali- MVW India by © Champagne! Sparkling Couture 

Call for Contest
Sparkling Face of the Monthly Champagne Contest! 

 This is a monthly contest for men and women.  The goal is to find beautiful, elegant people in SL, to represent the sparkling and glamorous flair of Champagne Designs. Competition Dates are always the 15th of every month. So submit your photos until 15th of each month; winners announced in the evening of the 15th

What do you have to do?
-  first join the CHAMPAGNE! contest  sparkling face of the month group on Flickr : and join  the contest group

-  make a nice picture , wearing one of the outfits of CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture ,
   you can place 3 maximun  per avatar (min. 512 x 512 pixels)

- rename them CHAMPAGNE CONTEST " your name"

Enzo Champagne will pick 3 names each 15th of month:

The Prizes
-3th Place win a store card value 500l
-2nd Place win a store card value 1500l
and the winner ,
-1st Place win to be in the AD of Champagne in  Magazines (So you have to be avaiable to do the photoshoot) and in stores,and vendor ad.
      And win too a storecard value 5000l

Rules of the Competition
1.You must be wearing a Champagne outfit  (male or female).   (In mainstore or )
2. You may submit a maximum of 3 photographs (each with different Champagne outfit).
3.  If possible , No logos, no signs and no names please!
4.  Size of the photos: 1024x1024 pixels, min 512
5. Champagne reserves the right to disqualify if the rules mentioned are not respected;
6.You give Champagne all your rights to use your pics for promotions ,etc..
7.Bloggers, if you have received a free outfit to blog, make an effort to do a pic with another outfit, to be fair with the other models

Friday, April 11, 2014

Japan Fair an Exclusive by Azul and Zuri's New Release

The Japan Fair is a Charity event by Shelter Box, an organization that sends aid and supports countries that have suffered from major natural disasters. As you may recall in 2011, Japan suffered an earthquake and tsunami and Shelter Box was one of the many organizations that supported Japan.
The Japan Fair has an amazing 62 brands that run the gamut from clothes and accessories to poses and animations and even cars!   The design of the Sim is a traditional Japanese Garden that is artful and serene. Runway and entertainment events are also planned.
In wandering around, I had to have the exclusive dress by one of my all time favorite SL designers, Azul.  The gown is called Limited for the Japan Fair - Naarnisse in Emerald and a gown  that MVW Spain wore in 2014. This cascading satin ruffles and the decorative flowers add grace and elegance to this Japan Fair Exclusive.
Paired with this gorgeous gown is the new release by Zuri Rayna called Symphony in Parrot Green.  The set with its' cleopatra like necklace, drop earrings, bangles and ring are a perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous gown.
A new charity account has been created for this event with proceeds of donations from 15% to 100% that will go to Shelter Box.  All transactions will be posed on the blog. The official website is

Landmark for Japan Fair

Wearing: Azul - Limited for the Japan Fair - Naarnisse in Emerald

Necklace: Zuri Jewelry- Symphony Parrot: Necklace, earrings, ring and bracelets: Zuri Jewelry

Schedule of Events

produced by BLVD Agency
4/12(Sat) 6:30amslt
MIX Brand SHOW 1
produced by Japanese Model team

Mix Show with 9 brands
4/13(Sun) 6amslt & 6pmslt
produced by BLVD Agency
4/19(Sat) 6:30amslt
Japanese Entertainment Night
Japanese style dance entertainment and
live “shamisen” (Japanese instrument) mix DJ show
4/19(Sat) 10amslt
MIX Brand SHOW 2
produced by Les Garcons
Mix Show by 2 mens brands
4/20(Sun) 6amslt / 6pmslt
produced by BLVD Agency & Japanese Model team

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Symphony and a Shimmer Gown and Mr. X

Black and white is classically beautiful and the gorgeous new gown  created by ghee called Vivid Garden Gown is a perfect example of just how sophisticated this color combination can be.

Recently featured at Fiera Spring Fair organized by Saviad, Vivid Garden Gown has several unique fashion embellishments that make it stand out from so many gowns.

Vivid Garden Gown has a skirt of the finest white silk with an iridescent veil that is artfully draped.  This shimmering skirt sparkles up the night and is sure to draw admiration.
The flower hat,  was an exclusive at Fiera Spring Fair.  The hat  is bold and beautiful adding an element of sophisticated glamour to this lovely gown.
The gown's lace bodice is punctuated with draped black silk that is tied with a bow at the side of this dress... making sure all your curves are accentuated.
Accessories are very important, especially when adding jewelry to such an amazing gown.  I have chosen to wear the new release by Zuri Rayna, of Zuri Jewelry Designs called Symphony Crystal V2- in Pink Opal, Onyx and Sterling.  This set comes with matching bracelets for each wrist.
The Cleopatra type necklace with matching earrings and ring add to the elegance of any formal look available on the grid.  It is beautifully textured and artfully created... and a must have for formal attire.  Now I await the arrival of Mr. X... I hope he is ready to dance the night away under a carpet of stars.

Wearing: ghee - Vivid Garden Gown and B&W Shimmer Bloom Hats

Necklace, earrings, ring and bracelets: Zuri Jewelry - Symphony Crystal V2- in Pink Opal, Onyx and Sterling.

Nails: Nailed It! Nailed IT

Monday, April 7, 2014

Song of Elegance & Mr. X ...

Zed Sensations has just released a rich garnet colored gown called Song of Elegance   Mr. X loves sleek elegant gowns where every curve beckons with delightful "eye candy".
The  bodice of this gown is beautifully draped and textured with a stunning V neckline.  The highlight of Song of Elegance is the sophisticated golden garland of roses laced with ribbon that embellishes this gown with feminine allure.

Another version of Song of Elegance comes in black and white -- a classic look for a classy gown.

A second new release by Zed Sensations called Defiant Flower is an attractive cocktail dress that drapes elegantly adding a touch of spice to a very sexy dress.
As an added bonus, this dress comes with a very sexy pair of boots that lace all the way up your leg.  They are the perfect accent to this butter creme colored dress.
I wait for Mr. X and think about taking him to a trendy lounge --- a place to people watch.. a place to be seen in... with the most wonderful man in SL...and RL too.

Wearing: Zed Sensations: Song of Elegance
Wearing: Zed Sensations Defiant Flower
Skin: Morphine Sapphire Medium Skin Tone
Lipstick: Morphine - Audrey Lips Shade 05 Dark