Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mr. X - Refresh your Memory - New Release by Zed Sensations and ghee

Mr. X, warm memories keep me cozy under the brisk bruise grey sky of autumn.  I  recall roaming the streets with you and flashing neon; somewhere a clock struck 10 p.m.
I am  dressed for the occasion in Zed Sensation's new Mesh sweater dress called Loozeta that features a color changing hud so it is like getting ten dresses in one.  I have paired Loozeta  with ghee's new Essential Stockings that come as stockings, panties and a tattoo with three shades of the same color.  The stockings match the new Essential Nails also by ghee.

Do u remember the afternoon, chugging up the Nile in an aging steamer, hand in hand  gazing in awe at the colossal monuments of Luxor...later sunset drinks in Aswan at the Old Cataract Hotel on the threshold of the Tropic of Cancer.

And, who could forget watching the graceful moves of Balinese dancers moving like apsara's to the rhythm of a gamelan orchestra that sounds like moonlight dancing on water.
And,  .. then....  always yours.... and the new skin by October 4Seasons... Liala Blossom Blonde -- with  tons of appliers, lipsticks and eye shadows that make your look perfection...and easy, I like that.... so does Mr. X as it takes me a nano second to look  great!

Wearing - Zed Sensations - Loozeta Dress  - New

Nails &Tights ghee - Nails & magic Tights Essentials New -

Skin - Liala - Blossom Blonde - October 4Seasons

Hair - Truth & Vanity Fair

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mr. X and the Vortex... new release by Sonatta Morales

You don't know her.  Not formally anyway.  You have seen her on Madison Ave., once at the bar in Hotel Nacional de Cuba, and more than once at the notorious Eldorado in Berlin.
Her companions bend their head toward her as if she speaks in whispers... she is faultlessly alluring in a new red gown by Sonatta Morales called Vintage Vortex --  perfectly named for the whirlwind of netting and glowing red silk that composes this gown.
You've noticed her at times when your life has seemed ordinarily repetitive.  You can't miss her in this "Vortex" of silk  with it's artful netting forming graceful Art Deco lines that flatters every move creating a perfect silhouette.

Vortex is made for witty conversation and romantic innuendo... parties, dancing in the moonlight... slow fade....

Wearing: Vintage Vortex - Sonatta Morales - NEW
Hair: Adelle - Gold - Sonatta Morales

Skin - Morphine - Luisa Medium

Jewelry: Forever Ruby Chocolate/Gold Collection - Zuri Rayna

Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Haiku & Mr. X - October's 4Seasons & ghee & SYS - New

The experience of  calligraphed  Haiku is  sensual in all ways... just like the new skin by October's 4Seasons called Keiko.  It is traditionally unique and unforgettable... like the most romantic Haiku.  And, ghee has just released fabulous nails in opulent shades in a rainbow of colors with every shade in the color group accounted for... I love the reds as they come in 8 tones...making them easy to match.

The new dress by SYS called Gem in red and black is modern with artfully angular pleats and a classic Japanese bun.

Asagao no  - I love the rest of my life 
Hanada no awaki  - Though it is transitory
Inochi oshi - Like a light azure morning glory

Aka-tombo - Red dragon flies 
Sara-sara nagaru - Flowing like a ripple 
Akane-zora - Toward the crimson sky
Ichi-rin no - A new year begins 
Shimo no bara yori - With the blooming 
Toshi akuru - Of a single frosty rose

Wearing --  

New Skin - October's 4Seasons - Keiko

New Nails - ghee - Essential Nails - Scarlet for Slink Hands (also just released essential opaque tights)

Jewelry - Violator - All the Forbidden Things and Aphorism

Hair and Dress - SYS - Hanayo Hair and Gem dress/ black/red

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bedtime Stories by Mr. X and SYS...

As much as Mr. X loves me in a gown... there is something even more evocative, so he says, when I wear something urban chic... and one of my favorite designers for that is SYS.   I am loving this worn deconstructed leather jacket with it's silver chains and black leather collar paired with a black ripped midriff shirt also by SYS.
Speaking of urban, Mr. X is a big fan of urban legends... like the one about the bunyip, a mythical Australian creature that is an evil spirit that lives in swamps and creeks and other murky waters (a big croc comes to my mind!).
He tells me another tale of the yowie... a giant creature that is the equivalent of the yeti or sasquatch in North America.  Some say he is the hulking beast that hides from people and will only engage when provoked.  Others say that the creature is very aggressive.  Either way, there is no way I want to meet the Yowie!
To complete this look, I am wearing wild black and teal  leggings from SYS and fabulous cyber -punk platform work boots... hoping not to step on any toes in these!
Mr. X's final bedtime urban legend was about the choking doberman. A couple who had been out drinking came home to find their beloved dobbie choking and rushed it to the  vet only to find out it was choking on a burglar's finger... eeeks -- that was still in their home!  The owner found the burglar in their bedroom unconscious...I guess if you are going to have a guard dog... that is the kind to have!!!!

Wearing - SYS
Doom Boots in Blue
Bomber - Destroy Shirt
Vega Jacket
SubLM Leggings - cyan
Bomber- Tanga 1
MP -
Inworld -

Hair - Vanity Hair - Driven to Tears - red
MP -
inworld -

Morphine Skin

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snowflakes and Mr. X - Deals from Heart Homes & Fresh Styles

 I emerged into a winter wonderland last night...with the landscape painted in textured white. The snow  was clinging to evergreen trees like white fur stoles and the rain of snow flakes were swirling like flashing diamonds in the dark winter sky.
I told Mr. X it was time to unwind in a cozy new winter cottage... called Snowed Cozy Nest made by Heart Homes... it is adorable and romantic  a low prim beauty that is 35% off at the Cosmo Event.
One thing I love about this house is that it has three working fireplaces that are perfect for snuggling.  The custom wall pictures complete the cozy feel to this house which is totally customizable.
I love this red military styled coat with it's fine brass buttons and  the sleek black cat suit worn under the coat.  This outfit is called Zelda and was created by  StormCrow Design.  It is an exclusive at  Fresh Styles. I was told it was understatedly sexy... Mr. X loves that.  This look even comes with spike heels.
Dreaming of Mr. X, I am keeping warm by the fire in the Snowed Cozy Nest's living room in a seashell styled chair also by Heart Homes and sold separately.  The picture over the fireplace comes with the house.
The bedroom also has a working fireplace and long silk drapes giving this room a cozy feel.
Another find at Fresh Styles is the perfect short sleeve cocktail dress with a fitted velvet bodice, silk bow at the waist and a organza flirty flared skirt with a slight peplum creating a perfect silhouette.  Speaking of silhouette's I love this wall in the snowcozy nest house.
The final room of the cozy winter cottage has neutral wall paper with a shadow of bare branches and birds adding a whimsical touch  to this well built romantic getaway.....Mr. X the hot chocolate is come in from the cold!

House - Aphrodite at Heart Homes - Snowed Cozy Nest - Regular Price: $1450.  For Cosmo Round discounted to $950 - a 35% savings.  In addition to this house, there is a first snow couples tent marked down to $699 and a wild animals campfire set for $820.

Fresh Styles - Round 10 where everything is 25-150L

StormCrow Design's - Zelda includes catsuit, coat and shoes
EccentriciXi - Velvet Dress in Red

Hair - Exile - Vodoo - Naturals

Skin - October's 4Season - Liala Blossom Blonde (new)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Mr. X & the Sister of Light.... Ayesha - Sascha's New Release

As Mr. X drifted to sleep listening to the sweet voice of the Lady of the Rivers, just as she predicted.... he had a vision....
Colonnades fading in the lazy afternoon light-- sunlight filtered through tangerine...tones of oyster and violet...  the light of his smoldering eyes. Unforgettable.
The moon is on the wax, like a round silver seal, low on the horizon, sinking down.  But in the sky, toward the east, there is a great bright light...
She emerges in a whirlwind of light.... beckoning him... in a silk gem encrusted skirt and midriff top with a stole of white feathers -- a new release by Sascha Designs called- Ayesha with hints of the magic of Aladdin.
Like a seer, the sister of light always knows the answer... while Mr. X holds this thought like enchantment dreaming......

Wearing- Sascha's Designs - Aeysha - New

Hair - Emo-tions - Semiramis - Snow

Skin and Shoes Slink High Heels in White - Morphine

Nails - Nailed It - Gemstones - Diamond

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mr. X and Lady of the Rivers - NSP Dream Weaver & Celtic Wedding Dress

In the misty woods Mr. X encountered the Lady of the Rivers... ephemeral as running water that glides through fingers... he listens to her call his name in a sweet voice, very high and very thin.
She sings to him of mystical nights when the earth was young and the forests alive with elves and fairies, goblins and yes, even hobbits, a favorite of Mr. X's.
The trees of the great forest surround the lakes and rivers blanketing them in lush greens in shades from emerald to olive... swallows and brightly colored birds swirl through the forest like glimmering gems... the Lady of the Rivers tells Mr. X that when he wants to know something very important... to choose three charms that signify what that thing might be....
Drop the charms in the nearest river in the silence of the night when you can only hear the voice of the river... as she whispers your fondest desires...
As night falls so does Mr. X into an enchanted dream where the rivers run cool and deep...knowing the river holds all the answers.... when the moon is new he will know what must be done.

Wearing: NSP -Dream Weaver - Arm piece, gown attachment, earrings, necklace and crown

Dress: Quality Designs - Celtic Wedding Dress -

Skin - Morphine

Hair - Truth - Carrie - white

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Carefree & Mr. X new boho release by Holy Shirt

There is something so carefree about the boho style... and Holy Shirt has just released two great boho styled dresses that are as cool as a long awaited summer breeze.... think long romantic nights in Tobago and the sound of steel drums echoing over the water.
I love the eye catching bricolage of blossom and ethnic styled prints of these maxi dresses.  Holy Shirt's boho maxi  dresses remind me of fine resort wear that reflect a relaxed and carefree spirit...just like Mr. X's demeanor at the beach...
A low cut back with playful criss cross straps and the wavy lines of embroidered rickrack make this dress fun to wear.  When you stride into the bar at NoMad Hotel, heads will turn with neck swiveling more appropriate for a Wimbledon match!
I love the new floral bouquet called Orange Speckled Orchids by Noreen Florals and the new 55L Skin called Giselle Cinnamon Special Skin Package by October's 4Season's. This skin also comes with appliers for slink hands and feet a gorgeous skin for 55L.

Wearing: Holy Shirt -Boho Dress Peacock and Striped - New

Holding - NPS FLorals - Speckled Orchids in Orange  - New

Skin - Giselle Cinnamon Special Skin Package by October's 4Season's

Hair - Hair: Tukinowaguma -Rocca ebony

Photo Studio 
Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fresh Styles and Mr. X Round 10

Fresh Styles is the area where everything costs between 25L and is no more than 150L and they have just started Round 10 on an updated sim shopping area.  I love going there with Mr. X to look for deals!
The gown designed by Trinite called Sweet Black Stripe Gown is not only a deal but a "steal".  If you are drawn to the unusual this abstract striped dress is for you. The intricate asymmetric stripes is what sets this gown apart and is sure to have every eye on you in the room.

I have paired the Black Stripe Gown with a necklace, earrings and bracelets called Idioma by Finesmith  and Jute by Tukinowaguma. The skin is October's 4Seasons Marigold Henna November Group Gift.
Another find is the Sgt. Sally's Sexy Halter Dress that comes in  21 different camo textures from olives and greys to pinks, reds and blues. Sgt. Sally features a sexy plunging cowl neck and an open back, exclusively at Fresh Styles.
Another find at Fresh Styles is by Impose called Garage.  A tight pair of black distressed mesh jeans that are oh so snug and a fetching sweater top that shows just enough skin to be evocative!

I paired Garage with the Victorian Necklace also made  by Impose to add a little glamour to this "distressed" look !

Wearing Exclusives for Fresh Styles:

Trinite- Sweet Black Stripe Gown

::C S:: - Camellia's Sanctuary - Sgt. Sally's Sexy Halter Dress #4

Impose - Garage and Victorian Necklace

Skin: October's 4Seasons - Marigold Henna November Gift


Monday, November 10, 2014

Brooklyn and Mr. X new release by Jumo

I put this gown on with a smirk for Mr. X.  I know what he will do.  He will pause, ever so slightly like one does before......
entering a danger zone of silk and satin, flowers, and his favorite perfume... that lingers --- calling him like the enticing borough of Brooklyn...Tonight I let him wait for me!
Arriving... in red a swirl of silk and feathers.... stunning...and elaborate a new release  that is featured at Be Fabulous Fashion and Modeling Consulting by Jumo...  called Brooklyn.

This dazzling gown  comes in black or cerise and is glorious as the romance found on the city streets of Brooklyn... you never know who or what you might run into...
Don't miss the matching shoes called Monticello, they are elegant sparkling spikes that will go with many outfits.  They come in blue, gold, and silver and are made for slink high feet.

Jumo - Brooklyn in Cerise - exclusive for Be Fabulous Fashion
Shoes - Jumo - Monticello in Gold

Jumo For: Be Fabulous Fashion and Modeling Consulting

Hair: Vanity Fair - the Meadow - dark blondes

Jewelry - Finesmith - Iris

Skin - Morphine - Lauren