Friday, August 22, 2014

Mr. X in the Mist ---- Violator's Swan..

It is your dharma Mr. X... no apologies here. Late morning in the mystic grove --- the mist finds you deep in the wetlands and you look for her... again.   The Black Swan by Violator.
A classic of swirling tentacles that entice and beguile... you love the way they touch you... lightly... a soft touch ----  skin to skin.... beckoning you to follow....

The intricate patterns and textures of this non mesh haute couture gown is as fresh and amazing as the day it was first made.... it creates a sensation that defies imagination... but this is no surprise... Soraya  is simply brilliant.

Let's not forget the always brilliant Eshi Otawara with the red bindi and black necklace and Morphine Skins by Ydreece Forster  for the best white skin on the grid!
Mr. X is energized by the sun that is slowly emerging from the mist... he tells me I have lit up something inside him that has been dark for too long......... P.S. isn't the back of this dress gorgeous!

Wearing: Violator - Death of the  Black Swan

Earrings - Violator - Scream of the Raptors

Soraya Vayher, one of SL’s most imaginative and skillful creators is designing in RL…   Indulge in something special RL!

Bindi - Eshi Otawara - Shakti - with color changing hud

Hair - Emotions - Envy - Black faded

Skin - Morphine - New  Aunrae Skin

Eye tattoo - Nuuna - Red Glam Rock

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Sunset and Mr. X -- two ghee deals -- one dress is 10L

Yes, its all about silk and sunset summer dreams.  Silk against your skin, soft in the late summer breeze. Maybe it is the sun. I imagine things....and yes, he's watching.

In this gown... Mr. X cannot get his eyes off me... it shimmers in the light  -- like the perfect tropical sunset... I love the way Mr. X holds me as we watch the sun dip gracefully into the lavender horizon....
The Summer Sunset Gown by ghee is on special offer for only 299L at The Fashion Collective till the end of August. After that it will be at the main store for 499L, so it's a great saving! Matching shoes for Slink High Feet are also available.  Nails and the  jewelry called Sunset Jewels....that match the gown, also at TFC is a must have.
On another note, ghee has a new satellite store at Regal Estate, and an exclusive special offer to mark the occasion! The Regal Dress is a form fitting sleeveless sheath dress with a stunning metallic snakeskin texture, and is available now for only 10L --- I will have about 25 of these it is stunning!

The stars are glowing and tonight  -- I just dream........

Wearing - ghee - Summer Sunset: Summer Sunset gown, Summer sunset jewelry, shoes and mani pedi
Available at The Fashion Collective

Regal Dress - ghee --- (10L)
Regal Estate

Skin: Morphine - Jade Tan

Hair - Exile

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mr. X and Divinia Gold in the Night - new release

Late afternoon, when the sun hits the water at a slant, my mind wanders back to the first time I saw Mr. X -- eyes locked and I knew there was something extraordinary about him.

Today, Mr. X left me a box containing a new release by the talented Elisea Carter...."Sita you are my gold in the night... this dress was made for you and it is called... Divina."

Richly textured in an antique rose color or a soft creme, this dress is an instant classic with its straight narrow skirt accented with soft feathers that flow as you walk.  The back has a deep scoop adding a bit of daring allure.
Divina's feathered hat adds another layer of sophistication to this look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

The waist and neckline are embellished with the finest lace and has a delicate rose adding a touch of romance. Wear this gown with or without the stole, either way, Divina was made for dancing on the edge.

Gown: Elisa Carter Divina Dress in Antique pink and creme

Hair- Argrace haruka

Skin: Morphine - Jade-Tan

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hemlock and Mr. X - New Release Poet's Heart

Hemlock Windglimmer brings gentle breezes to change the weather... and can only be seen in the lazy afternoons of a warm summer's day... which is the time when Mr. X decided to go to the blackberry bushes...
Seems Mr. X was on the  hunt for the perfect berry bush ladened with ripe fruit...for his pie...  while looking for the berry bush he found a shimmering almost translucent fae.... with wings like gossamer silk... and big green eyes... reminding Mr. X of a frolic long ago in  flower strewn summer meadow.

Hemlock Windglimmer wears a beautiful green silk skirt... made by Poet's Heart that is embellished with beautiful blue flowers and bees... her special friends that make honey for her because she is soooo sweet... this fae dress is an exclusive at  Seelie Court and also comes in orange, lavender and pink as well as the blue and green shown here.

As she sprinkles fairy dust on Mr. X ... he forgets all about making a delicious blackberry pie... she whispers to him... you will see me again in the enchanted moment between sleep and waking... as he closes his eyes and dreams dreams too wonderful to dare aloud.

Wearing: Poet's Heart - Tinka
Available at The Seelie Court -
Main Store

Wings - Natsuki Gaeline Fairy Shop

Skin - Jade - Mediwum - Morphine Skins
Exclusively at the Black Fair

New Address for Morphine Skins

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mr. X and the mermaid...Colabor88 & Heart Homes

I have looked long and hard for the perfect low prim -- only 7 Mermaid Bed... and finally I found it... at Colabor88 by Aphrodite at Heart Homes. The bed is embellished by sweet pink scallop shells and wonderful solo and cuddle poses perfect for you with or without fins. You can even light the shell with a pearl!  The bed is called "Pure Seashell."
In addition to the bed, Aphrodite for Heart Homes has also created a  three prim  - must have Octopus Lamp.  The cool thing about this is that it comes in four sizes - table, ground, garden and temple and it is a mere three prims I love the weathered texture on this lamp and I am delighted it comes in so many versions.
There is something so serene about swimming underwater... plus -- Mr. X loves chasing my tail and who can blame him... in this gorgeous mermaid outfit by Purplemoon.

And, to keep Mr. X happy,  he loves the chase,  I have gotten him the Poseidon Fishing Chair by Heart Homes. This colorful chair has singles, couples  and really fun fishing poses. This chair is whimsically painted with a fabulous seahorse motif.  This low prim chair is also available at Colaboro88.

And, yes, Mr. X... take my hand... and follow me deep down into the indigo sea.... we will leave all our cares behind.... and dance under the diamond dancing night.......let's drift in the sea --- together...... how can  you resist the call of a siren of the sea ?

Heart Homes - Aphrodite Shop - Fishermans House
Inworld Store:

Mermaid  World made by Frankx Lefavre

Wearing: Purplemoon - Lorilee -
Skin: Morphine - Jade@ Aloha Fair 
New Home for Morphine Skins....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gone Fishin' with Mr. X... Aphrodite @ Heart Homes @ Colabor88

There is nothing quite as romantic as a soft summer breeze, the sound of the waves as it sighs into the arms of the shore only to flow away... to be renewed.  Mr. X on the other hand thinks fishing is romantic!

 Well I suppose there is something relaxing about trolling around with your line to catch the right "fish"!  With that in mind, I went to Colabor88 and found the Fishermans House by Heart Homes.This fabulously low primhouse comes with a rezzer as shown that makes set up a breeze.  This house is a classic fisherman's cottage with plenty of romance and details.
Take for example the fabulous pier perfect for dancing or... ok, fishing.... !  With all the detail of this deck and the realistic rustic textures it is hard to believe that it is only 5 prims!
The porch is great -- with classic weathered Adirondack Chairs delightfully painted with flowers (yes, I would do that!) and lots of bait and fishing poles that work.  The chairs are loaded with AOs for singles and couples... and just so much fun!  Maybe, Mr. X has a point -- fishing is ok!  Actually, there could be a fish on the end of your line...

The house comes fully decorated it is beyond cozy! The  shabby chic couch and chairs, a cozy woodstove (it crackles)  and loads of single and couples ao make this fun.  I love the way Heart Homes has brought the outside in with the details of the aquarium on the wall with moving fish and the net on the ceiling... replete  with starfish!

As for the bedroom... well all I want to do is "rock" that boat  (Mr. X tells me that  I rock the boat always... but not in the way all of you are thinking!!) . The bed is actually a boat... how much fun is that!  It looks out on an aquarium and has couples and singles poses... and artwork and unique port windows.
Ah, Mr. X.....  as always, I write and wait for  you.... but you know I am always your girl.... I have loving eyes.... for you..... sighs.  Ohh... look at the writing on the wall above the door to this house.....

Heart Homes - Aphrodite Shop - Fishermans House
Inworld Store:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Mr. X and Queen of the Night... new finds at the Black Fair

Mr. X follows the Queen of the Night into the darkness... how can he resist?   Her skin so pale  that she stands in relief against the gloomy landscape...  glistening in the moonlight like an alluring opal... beckoning... Mr. X to the shadows.
As Mr. X beholds her -- he sees a glimmer of understanding and more... perhaps desire... as she holds the keys to 1001 promises of the night.  Mr. X, she asks... "do you like the night"?
Could she be Kali... the blood thirsty goddess of the night -- her skull crown glowing defying all who claim dominion...hands gripping many lethal weapons --

 swift swords and whirling discs lightening cracks open a labyrinthine chain of thoughts and desires... convoluted darkness - chilling.
Slowly Mr. X takes a step toward her.. and she is gone like the midnight fog on the moors or mist rising into the blackness from a bottomless lake... Now he spends his days dreaming of her...waiting for their nocturnal souls to unite...and for the dark journey to begin.  Love for us is dark.

Wearing Black Fair Exclusives
Dress - ghee Black Burn Out Velvet Gown and Shoes
Skin - Morphine - Aunrae Quin smokey

Not at Fair
Hair - Vampire Queen Crown Hair

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fresh Styles is in Round #3 Deals from 45L- 100L

Better than ever, Fresh Styles is now in round #3 through August 14.  Here you will find a multitude of exclusive offers by some of the most skillful designers on the grid for 45-100 L with no item exceeding 150L. The Link is
Take for example this flowy one shoulder tunic dress by Pippi Moonites, owner of  R&B Ro e Buni with a lovely cameo pin holding it together. The asymmetric ruffle down the front adds a final touch of glamour. This style also comes in red, blue and green with matching patterns.
Another find is called Just a little Flirty.  It is a  sweet off the shoulder tunic styled dress with a relaxed casual fit embellished by an accent belt designed by bdazzleme of B-{DaZZled}.  This dress comes with a handy hud that lets you choose from over 20 colors -- giving you 20 dresses with one click!
It was hard to resist the name D.o.R.k and the cute little silk mini dress called Umiko Burnt Butterfly made by Vicki Waydelich. This mini shimmers in burnt orange and is artfully embellished with golden butterflies.  The poses are by Belle Poses the Urbanize pack.
Mazarin Drake, owner of Squish is offering a flirty outfit called, Vintage Styled Halter Dress replete with cherries on top!  It reminds me of long summer days overlooking the ocean... reading and relaxing with Mr. X.....
This dress come with a handy color changing hud that allows you to change the texture as well as the patterns of this dress ! Go from different colors to different patterns for ten different is great fun and easy to do!

AsHmOoT owned by Kristabel Ashmoot if offering a fluttering  mini skirt festooned with satin ribbons and accented with a peek-a boo lace hemline.  Add a gorgeous corset in a soft teal color and throw on a casual hoodie with floral accents and you cannot help but look as adorable as it gets!  Mr. X loves adorable!!  A pair of pink non- slink glittering pink pumps rounds out the look.
For a final touch of romance... check out the Romance Mask designed by Lissa Bohm.  The sweet netting and flowers add a flair of romance to any formal attire.  The mask comes in red, blue, pink and orange.

All the above Fashions can be Found at Fresh Styles.... through August 15

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Morphine Releases 4 New Skins and More at the Black Fair

The Black Fair has begun and features some fabulous exclusive offers. Morphine Skins has just released the 5th Wave Skin Series that can be found exclusively at this event.  The first skin is called Quin and it is perfect for a pale goth look. There is a wonderful elegance to this skin with its soft white tone, petal pink lips and slight smokey eye-shadow.
Quin comes with a variety of brow and eyemake up options including a white eyebrow.  It is also easy to embellish with additional eye shadow and lipstick to "goth it up"!

Another skin in the 5th Wave Series is Aunrae Bronze.  This is a gorgeous textured golden bronze skin that comes with Lush, Phat Azz and Mirage appliers as well as eyes and a special shape, as all Morphine skin packages do.  Slink hand and feet appliers, all in one hud are available separately and so convenient to use.
Mr. X told me to go out and find a cocktail dress and -- I looked no further than Morphine.  Jade, another Black Fair exclusive is both simple and sexy at the same time.
Bare shoulders and a flirtatious neckline adds a  hint of sexy to this fit and flare dress with a cute leather belt emphasizing the waistline.  This dress in black and ivory with matching black and ivory sandals for slink high feet is an instant classic.
Jade comes in a multitude of colors including red/black, white/black, blue/black, purple/black and pink/black. Each set also comes with gorgeous matching strappy sandals with a hud that matches all the color combinations of the dresses as well as solid colors.
Morphine Skin- Quin - Exclusive at the Black Fair
Hair & Outfit - Acedia Albion - Truth
Tattoos - Zibska

Skin- Morphine - Aunrae  Exclusive at the Black Fair
Dress- Vero Modero - African Dress4
Hair - Shiloh Jun - Puff Afro 1 Side
Jewelry - Finesmith - Safari Necklace and Earrings

Morphine Skin - Jade Medium with Audrey Lipstick, Jade Dress and Slink High Heel Sandals -- All Exclusively at the Black Fair

New Address for Morphine Skins

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mr. X and Carlita - new release by Zed Sensations

Mr. X told me that sometimes it is fun to look trendy and hip... and I couldn't agree more.  I was so delighted that Mr. X left me a beautiful bouquet of roses, a Zed Sensations signature package  from Mr. X..."darling, I think you will look fabulous in this.... enjoy it...."
It is the attention to detail that makes Carlita sizzle!  The oversized tank styled top features pintucks that give it dimension that makes it eye catching.
This made to be seen in top's scoop neckline is embellished with an intricate silver chain that echos the chain hanging off the belt of the mini skirt.

The sexy mini is  sensually shaped and comes with a wide black belt and side chain that is sure to turn heads. Best of all Carlita comes for regular shaped avatars and is also sold separately for those with the Eve body and appliers.
Best of all Carlita comes with a color changing hud for the the outfit and for the matching shoes that come with this. You can choose from raspberry, red, white and black.


Dress & Shoes - Zed Sensations - 399 Carlita

Hair - Exile - Blown Away

Skin: Morphine - Jade@ Aloha Fair 
New Home for Morphine Skins....