Sunday, July 5, 2015

Love Letters from Mars @ Events at 1st.

Mr. X asked me to write a love letter to him. To get into the mood, I decided to wear my new find from  Events @ 1st called Love Letters from Mars.  The theme this month is anime and I heard thru the inworld gossip mill that there were many fabulous new releases to be found there

Love Letters from Mars is a  brilliant collaboration of Lybra Fashions and h.m.a.e.m for Events @ 1st.  The outfit comes with  a striking tight pencil skirt (Mr. X loves these) and an ultra hip jacket with an intergalatic inspired collar.

The most striking aspect of this "out of this world" outfit is the texture; a snake like silver metallic weave complemented with metallic netting and flashes of lightening bolts.  Cleverly designed silver embellishments swathes your waistline and a long single silver inset down the side of the skirt guarantees unforgettable entrances.  As for my love letter from mars...
Clouds float like works of art,
Stars shoot with grief of heart.
Across the Milky Way the Cowherd meets the Maiden.
When autumn's golden wind embraces the dew of jade,
All the love scenes on earth, however many, fade.
Our passion flows like as stream, 
As you make your way to me; and yes, we dream.

Wearing Events@1st Exclusive
Outfit - Lybra Rage and h.m.a.e.m - Love Letters from Mars

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Keiko Blossom

Shoes: Violator - Pride in black and silver

Necklace and Earrings: Violator - All the Forbidden Things

Hair: SYS - Hanayo

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mr. X and the Mother of Dragons - !Lyrical B!zzare @ The Instruments

Mr. X often tells me there is an imperious regal side to my nature that he finds terribly attractive.  Waiting for Mr. X, I decided to tp over to the Instruments and I am glad I did.  I found the most regal sky blue and gold gown by !Lyrical B!zzare called Rhys.
Rhys is a replica of Daenerys Targaryen's blue and gold chiffon gown that she wears on Qarth!   I love the lavish yard upon yard of silk chiffon that billows and flows when I wear this masterpiece.
Wearing Rhys, I feel like the rightful Queen of Seven Kingdoms.  I shall claim the Ironethrone and people will remember me for the three dragons I have hatched..."All kneel for Daenerys Stormborn, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Shackles, and Mother of Dragons."

The belt and shoulder pieces that come with Rhys are modeled from pictures of the original outfit featured in the HBO Series, Game of Thrones. I love the way the belt laces in a corset like style in a decorative manner on the front and back of this gown and the lovely hand wrought gold and pearl necklace that are simply majestic.
Sky, elegant,, you too, can own the look and get in touch with your inner Fierce Queen.

Gown - !Lyrical B!zzare - Rhys - exclusive at The Instruments
Event LM-
Event thru July 9.

Skin: October 4Seasons - Keiko
Eyeshadow: October 4 Seasons - Flossy - Blue Midnight

Hair - Emo-tions- Semiramis

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Cat's MEOW - EVA round 7 & New Group Gift October 4 Seasons

Eden of Virtual Arts (EVA)  - Mr. X and I liked the sound of that... and the bargains to be found there are a bonus!  Here everything is exclusive and on wicked sale, under 150L and most way under that from fabulous designers. Check out this new dress by  WTB called Zoe... it has a rich floral texture like a fanciful moonlight garden with a ever so sexy criss cross bra top.

The keyhole back adds a bit more sexiness to this dress with the detailed straps...that is certainly the cat's meow.  Speaking of the cat's meow-- I am wearing October 4 Season Skins new group gift -- it is gorgeous in a sweet summer tan... check out the "Catnip" tattoo in the back.... "meow"!

I really love this group skin... simply called "Catnip" and yes, it is addictive -- just as my four cats.... hugs out to my chandni chowk... a grand Himalayan... he loved catnip.... and  I think of him when I look at these fun cat prints on my shoulder... and the sultry eyes of this skin and kissable red lips...and a special tattoo that is  well --- purr--fectly  placed by your navel --- its amazing.  It even comes with a special shape...get the group gift and check it out... it's fabulous...and, really generous and beyond well done.  The gift also comes with every applier  (that I know of) on the grid.

Another find is by NET called Lola,  a vibrant  floral mini -- talk about "flower power" !   This dress revives the graphics of the 60's --- mmmm the summer of love I heard it was called... but I never kiss and tell..... and for that matter, god alone knows what the cat will  drag in............

EVA Exclusives --
Net - Lola
Poses - Vestige - Model Pose: 5,6 and blood runway
EVA evet LM

Hair with WTB- Zoe and Lola by Net -Asset - Melly and Blitz

Skin- *New* October 4 Seasons Group Gift --- Catnip!

Mr. X and Allegra --- *New* - Resun

Mr. X said, "Oh my spontaneous sita, how I adore you"!  He asks if I would like to go on a little jaunt to Mallorca and conquer this lovely island paradise off the coast of Spain with him...
Would I like to join Mr. X ?  Of course I would. This new outfit by Resun called Allegra is perfect for sloth like days on the beach and long summer nights in search of adventure.

Allegra has micro mini short shorts and an elegant translucent tank top with floral insets on each side.  It's like cotton candy... sweet, satisfying and soft...and very sitaesque!  Allegra comes with a  cute silver necklace and is available in a variety of color combinations    that are fun to mix and match. It also comes with all mesh appliers.

Wearing -

Shorts, Tank and Necklace- *New* - Resun - Allegra
Sandals - *New* - Resun - Brenda for slink high feet

Skin: October 4Seasons - Jewell - Marigold

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Escape from Cocytus - Mr. X & Prey @ Events@ 1st

Escape from Cocytus, the 9th Circle of Hell built by Frankx Lefavre is now coming to a close at Lea 18.... Mr. X and I are running through the changing windlights... away from the tortured souls... we will not fall prey to their deceit... speaking of Prey, I am wearing the new outfit by Prey called Purr-fect featured at Events @1st.

I love the detailing in the these flamboyant pants  with their Bling that is sure to catch the eye from the glistening Celtic inspired lace embroidery to the silver criss cross front lacing...all set off by combat boots made for mid and low slink feet... they are so cool with their zippers and buckles. The mask adds allure and mystery...creating the air of an impetuous femme fatale.

Night is our day...moonlight our sunshine...Mr. X and I are waiting, with some trepidation... for the witching hour when we can make our move out of this labyrinth of tunnels and find the light...

This round at Events@1st is anime; so there are many fun things to discover and enjoy.... I told Mr. X it is time to have some fun... and leave all the darkness behind us... locked in a box made of chalcedony, symbolic of benevolence........

Events @ 1st -
Outfit- Prey - Purr-fect

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Jewell - Blossom #5

Tattoo - SYS- Cyber tattoo

Eye Make up - Nuuna -Azen

Hair - Mirror C10- no longer available

Shot at Lea 18 by Frankx Lefavre - Cocytus (now gone) but go check out his build at SLB - The Sarcophagus of Sleep

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mr. X and FAD Round #2 & Baboom Exclusives

Fad is now open... and goes through July 28!  The theme is Sunday Season and features soft pastels... Mr. X loves soft pinks and yellows, greens and yes, even  orange -- the color of mangos... the sexiest fruit on the planet -- so he says...and I agree.... do you?
I love the new outfit by Baboom.. called Joelina it is a dream in pastels... mint green, luscious peach and sunflowers... it is a perfect summer gown that will flow on the midnight wind... that is sure to resonate with the heart chakra... oh la la!


And then, there is the gown of sunflowers... they are bright and cheerful --- like the sun itself --- only in flower form... I can't think of another flower that lifts the spirit....and makes  you glow inside and out.... Mr. X always brings me sunshine.....

The necklace and earring set called MarieAnn is intricate and composed of the finest apple jade and rare pink star sapphires... the drop earrings cascade and hint at.... perhaps a mystery of a hidden past... that is expressed in the drape of the necklace and the dangle of the earrings.


Wearing FAD Exclusives by Baboom

Dress: Joelina - Green, Red and Sunflower... the Sunflower Dress is 30% off!

Jewelry: MarieAnn Mesh - Necklace and earrings

Shoes: Baboom - Sunny Day - Red Slink Feet and Green Sink


Skin:  Rehana Pearl - October 4Seasons

Hair - Vanity Hair - Emo

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Dragon is Dancing @ the Instruments - Wicca's Wardrobe

Wonder of wonders, the dragon is dancing...stealing the thunder with each eloquent movement... the dragon's beauty unfolds around us... like the blinding sun.... all are in awe...
Hunger of hunger, the dragon is thirsty... darkness is dissolving behind the dragon... a new dawn glows with the fire... flames flicker and turn to fire.... and, yes, the dragon is dancing... the dragon's heart belongs to the one from the mountains.......

This month's inspiration for the Instruments -- an exclusive shopping venu comes from the Game of Thrones -- "Fire and Blood"  and Wicca's creation called Visenya Dress is so hot that Mr. X is breathing fire! The outfit has copper dragon earrings that are simply a must have and shoes embellished with dragons on them. The Dragon headpiece is-- fierce!  It is original mesh and elegantly textured.

Wicca decided to choose one of the main houses of GoT and certainly her decision fell on the House Targaryen, the home of the dragons...we are glad it did.

Wearing - Wicca's Wardrobe
Dress: Visenya
Boots: Alysanne Booties
Headpiece - Dragon Queen
Earrings - Dragon
The Instruments thru July 9
Main Store

Skin - *New* Zulay Chocolate Cosmos - October 4 Season Skins
Eyeshadow * New* - Flossy - October 4 Season Skins

Eyeshadow #2 - Nuuna Glam Rock Orange

Hair - Raya - Emo-tions

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Miss Poland and Mr. X -Wicca Merlin's New Release

Poland, home of Wieliczka, the famous salt caves associated with Princess Kinga, patron saint of this historic site that has 4 cathedrals carved from salt and chandeliers that glisten like diamonds... a girl's best friend, so I have been told.  Mr. X promises to take me to Wielickza -- he always tells me I need to learn to relax!  To get in the mood, Mr. X bought me the most delicious gown that has just been released and is now available at Wicca's Wardrobe.

This gown is fit for a queen and was actually worn by Miss SL Poland. The colors are Poland's national colors - red and white whose origins go back to the Piast dynasty and related to the white eagle on a red field.  The elegant fan back of this dress makes it distinctive and perfect for any formal event where you want every eye on you in the room.

I love the delicate almost oriental feel to this dress with its sexy corset top embellished with flowers and its lavish swirling floral like patterns in black that float on this gown like wind rippling on the still waters of a pond.  I have paired it with  Wicca's artistically made Abigail Hat with its daring red flower and the dark desire collar.

New Exclusive at Wicca's Wardrobe Main Shop
Gown: JayJay Gown for Miss SL Poland
Hat:Abigail Hat
Shoes Carrie Heels
Necklace: Dark Desires

Skin: Rehana Marigold - October 4Season Skins

Hair: Vanity Hair - Love Affair Blacks

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Empress & Mr. X !Lyrical B!zzare's new exclusive @ Create Your Own Tarot

Create your own "Tarot” is a exclusive SL event exploring one  of the Major Arcana cards each month and features exclusive designs from 22 of the best creators in SL over a two week period; this one runs through July 1. !Lyrical B!zzare has created an opulent gown for this month's "card" -- The Empress.  This gown  with matching headpiece and jewelry is imperial, imposing, regal and just plain gorgeous.

The Empress is the embodiment of all things feminine. She is the alchemical symbol of Venus and is dressed in an opulent gown of red, gold and white -- the colors representing the ability to give and receive love. She is the door between earth and heaven, light and darkness. She is- above all things - universal fecundity.

The crown of the Empress is symbolic of the unification of the sun and moon and the beauty of the stars...representing the unification of the material and spiritual qualities... she is the soul of the earth. Her golden necklace with the symbol of all things feminine is life itself -- she nourishes creativity with every fiber of her being.

The Empress stands  in an open archway... a portal to the future that is something infinitely more beautiful and fulfilling.  Nearby is a bowl of pomegranates... a symbol of love and generosity, abundance and bliss... As  Mr. X and I eat this luscious fruit we recognize the wonder that surrounds us at every turn.

Wearing: Exclusive for Create your own Tarot (this round through July 1)
Wearing --- !Lyrical Bizzare -  The Empress (comes with pomegranate bowl, headpieceand gown)
Jewelry: Lyrical Bizzare - Venus
Create your own Tarot Location:

!Lyrical B!zzare Main Store

Skin - October 4 Seasons Skins - Rehana Marigold

Create Your Own Tarot Official webpage

Hair - D!va-  Miss Norway

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Smesh @ Sneak Peek Exclusive & New Release

It's early summer, just after dusk.  Mr. X suggests cocktails at sunset.  We are enjoying a slow, warm Balinese breeze oozing off the Flores Sea whose turquoise waters beguile like the new cocktail dress by Smesh.

This flirty summer frock comes in perfect pastel colors of pink, blue and yellow with matching sandals for high slink feet.  Mr. X and I are savoring how little has changed in the last 10 years, here in the south seas, me, him and even the way the plantation chairs creak.

I know it was different back then, but wearing this classic cocktail dress... I know that summer magic has arrived.

Smesh is also featuring a new and mod mini dress at Sneak Peak with a asymmetrical hemline, and a  belt that defines your  waist and adds the perfect touch to this look.
Sneak Peek Exclusive 

This mini comes in pink, beige and sky in a sexy lace texture that adds a dash of daintiness.  Matching mules  for high slink feet that are finely crafted with stylish cutouts are also included and complete this playful summer look.
Sneak Peek Exclusive and Muse Dancing Anemone Jewelry


Smesh - Cocktail Dress
Main Store LM

Smesh - Sneek Peak Exclusive -

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Rehana Auburn 

Jewelry - Muse Dancing Anemone Depths

A Note about October 4 Season Skins:
Many of October's customers  have been with her since the brand change. She will offering special courses around season color theory and how to use your mesh bodies to all October's 4Seasons group members. These sessions will be small and you must own one of the O4S supported mesh body products and be a group member.  Please note that group gifts and lucky chair items are excluded.

So you have purchased one of the following mesh bodies:
Slink Physique
Maitreya Lara
or the TMP Body

and are confused in how to use them take the course to learn how to use them and how to wear them with mesh clothing.

October will also resume teaching seasonal color theory. All O4S skins are centered around seasonal color theory and she will explain what it means and how O4S makeups are organized to assist you in your clothing and makeup choices.

These courses will be limited to 5 students each and sorted by the type of mesh product being taught. If you wish to participate in the courses please send a notecard to either October Bouvier or Vanhessa6x.  Title the notecard - "Classes - (Your Name Here)." If possible, include your calling card within the notecard.  Notecards that say "New Note" will not be considered. When the class size is established a  date will be set. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Decades Festival Vintage Fashion Show, Entertainment, Poetry and Ball June 27

Mr. X and I decided that part of the fun of SL is being able to dress and style with your imagination being the only limitation. As a lover of fashion and history I enjoy dressing up in period outfits from Elizabethan inspired gowns and gorgeously beaded dresses of the 1920s to the hipster clothes of the 1960s.
Sonatta Morales - Sol 

We are looking forward to attending the Decades Festival on June 27 beginning at 12 SL time that will bring the history of fashion to life. Decades was conceptualized and organized by  Freda Frostbite and SisterButta.

At 2:30 SL time, the "What Shall I wear?" fashion show takes place highlighting formal attire for both ladies and gentlemen from ancient Rome through the Boho 1970s.  This all-star fashion show is being produced by  Algezares Magic and Euridice Qork of aQuarela Models and will highlight many top period designers. "What Shall We Wear" showcases how people of different eras have presented themselves in public and how social roles and customs are expressed through their choices of clothing, jewelry, hairstyles and makeup.

L'Optimiste - Silver Elizabethan Gown

The gowns range from a formal toga that could be worn by the wife of a Roman senator to an extravagant 18th century Court gown worn for the most formal of balls held by the King and Queens of France to the panache of a 1930s socialite out for "lunch with the ladies" at the most exclusive of restaurants in Paris, London, or New York. The show ends with a drop-dead glamorous formal gown that reflects today's trends in haute couture.

In addition to the fashion exhibit and show, the DECADES Festival and Ball also features 14 additional major exhibits and 15 live performances and/or interactive events that run the gamut from Renaissance music and poetry to coffee house RP.

Totally non-commercial DECADES Festival on Vahalla Island is being held to raise awareness and funds to support historic and educational communities in the metaverse.

Event LM  (show schedule below)

Wearing Two Outfits that will be  featured exclusively in the Fashion Show

Dress -Sonnatta Morales - Sol
Main Store LM

Gown -L'Optimiste - Silver Elizabethan Gown
Main Store LM

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Jewel Blossom Make Up #3

Photo Studio - Mesh Photo- Image Photography

Performances: - All times are SLT (US Pacific Time)

1:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Ceci Dover will perform like no one but Ceci does.  If you have never seen her very high energy show, this is your chance.  Ceci does a wide variety of music from many eras.  Her voice is dazzling.  AND she   is wonderful to work with.  She is one of Second Life's true professionals.  (Streamed)
3:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Puss Applewhyte  will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.

4:30 AM
Decades Underground
*Lamentations of The Sabine Women* by Stephanie Mesler, performed by Avi Choice winner, Freda Frostbite.  This poem  cycle based on the mythology and history of early Rome will be published this summer in Mesler's   book,  *GodSongs.*  Decades Underground.  (Local Voice)

6:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!   Crazy lady and "mouth of the South" Trolley Trollop will get you laughing as she shares funny stories from some of her favorite Southern USA writers.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period. (Local Voice and Text)

7:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Pablo Meness, Classical Guitar.  Join this talented man as he brings great music to the Decades stage in the pavilion.  (Streamed)

7:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Saraphen Colliope is your host in the observatory coffee house.   IC event.  Come from your favorite time period. (Text)

8:00 AM
Decades Underground
Poetry from the last 2 1/2 Millenia with Sabreman Carter and Freda Frostbite.  From Sapphos to  Cisneros, Sabreman and Freda have selected some of their favorites to share with you in an hour of     historically significant poetry in The Decades Underground.  (Local Voice)
9:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Madmax Huet takes the stage with his great mix of rock and blues. We promise Max will have you shaking your groove thang, no matter what decade you are from!  (Streamed)

9:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Mary Von Hardenburg will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (Text)
10:00 AM
Decades Underground
18th century physician,  Dr. William Greymoon, will discuss advances in medicine and herbology.  IC event.   (Text)

11:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Lady Aph MacBain will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (Text)

12:00 NOON
Decades Ball in The Pavilion.  Freda will provide an eclectic stream of dance music from many, many time periods, from the time of the Pharaohs to the time of Lady Gaga.  Come decked out in dance garb from your favorite time period.  Balloons will be dropped!  Conversation will be scintillating!  Prizes will be awarded!  (Streamed and in Text)

2:00 PM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Hester Lynch Thrale Piozzi will be your barista (and bartender?) in The Decades Observatory Coffee House.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (In Text)

2:30 PM
Decades Fashion Tent
“What shall I wear?” Those four words must be among the first ever uttered. Our all-star fashion show produced by  Algezares Magic and Euridice Qork of aQuarela Models in Second Life will feature formal attire for both ladies and gentlemen from ancient Rome through the Boho 1970s. Come and see history walk the runway!  (Streamed)

4:00 PM
Decades Underground
Live Theater in The Decades Underground, organized by the phenomenally talented, Sere Timeless.  Featuring performances from ancient Rome, the ever-so- romantic Barretts, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez by some SL's best known and loved RP and spoken word talents.  (Local Voice)

5:30 PM
Pavilion Stage
Wald Schridde takes the Decades Festival Stage for an hour of Renaissance and Medieval music.  Wald is known throughout SL's historical RP communities.  You won't want to miss this talented musician.

Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Heximer Thane will be your barista for a half hour.  Be sure to ask him about jet engines. And entropy.  Don't forget to mention entropy.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (In Text)

7:00 PM
Decades Underground
Caledonia Skytower of the Seanchai Library (on THREE grids now) will share her unique talent as a storyteller when she performs historical prose at The Decades Festival.  (Local Voice)

8:00 PM

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jumo at June Sneak Peek & New Skin October 4Seasons

Mr. X told me to be on high alert... Sneak Peek is back for the month of June in a new location with so many fabulous designers that are offering exclusives to those in the know before they hit the mainstream grid.  Check out this gorgeous new gown by Jumo called Tropical that comes in a rainbow of colors.

Tropical also comes with two cuff bracelets, a gorgeous cameo pendant, earrings and gold sandals.  I am wearing the new skin by October 4 Seasons called Zulay in Walnut # 5 with this gown.

I love the opulent flowers and and the flowing skirt and relaxed top of this gown that comes in red, violet, pink and yellow.  There is a languid sensuality about the tropics... I dream of Tobago and Mr. X and learning to dance the calypso. Spending days exploring the islands blissful bays... I can hear the beat of the steel band .... on the soft summer breeze...

Zulay is as exotic as its' name and features bold makeups that run the gamut from hot to bold to stunning. Zulay is located in the newly opened Spring Season of October's main store.

 Zulay  comes with two eyebrow colors and a brand new trim. In addition the packing contains  5 makeup options in two brow colors, and 6 natural face options.  I have paired Zulay Walnut # 2 make-up with the Tropical Yellow gown by Jumo.  And below, I am wearing Jumo in Violet with Zulay #1 make-up.


Sneak Peek Exclusive - JUMO - * New* - Tropical in Pink, Yellow and Violet
comes with shoes, bracelets, earrings and necklace.
New Sneak Peek LM

Skin: *New* October 4Season Skins - Zulay Walnut