Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mr. X and Exotica - NEW SKIN and Styles By Danielle

I make my way slowly to the Temple of Hatshepsut as the sun blazes like a great golden orb transforming the limestone cliffs of Thebes into electrum, the favorite metal of Hathor, my sister goddess.  It will be an evening to remember... of drink and dance and celebration.
I am wearing the *new* skin called Zulay by October 4 Seasons, and the opulent gown called Lynxa by Styles by Danielle -- it is one of my all time favorites.
Lynxa, a gown that is regal  with blazing gold sheer sleeves, the gold accents to the flowing train, the jeweled piece at the waist and the distinctively unforgettable texture. It also comes with a distinctive hat and  matching jewelry that is sold separately.
I feel like a goddess.  To me, this gown proves that if you are good enough in terms of textures and design,  you don't need mesh.

Zulay, October's new skin is the female version of Zulu meaning the heavens or brilliant --- and it is both--- I am in heaven wearing Chocolate Cosmos -- it is  a brilliant skin with so many options that offer stunningly  bold make-up options that run  from cool to  hot - they are all stunning. Let me show you.........
This is one of the softest of five make-up versions plus natural versions that is part of the Chocolate Cosmos (CC) skin pack.  This is make-up #1 with the black brows (also comes with  red brows).  CC comes with lush eyelashes that are oh so sultry!
Make-Up #4  has the most  delicious bright coral lips... I wore this make up with the lashes, the red eyebrow option and can't wait to show Mr. X... he will swoon with delight!
I just can't resist showing you make-up #2 with its' exotic  purple eyeshadow and perfectly shaded eggplant lips with just the right touch of gloss that make the world your arena!

Skin *NEW* Chocolate Cosmos -October 4 Season Skins

Gown- Lynxa - Styles By Danielle
Jewelry - Lynxa Gold and Garnet

Hair- Shena - Emotions

So Mr. X....

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  1. Thank you so much, Sita. Absolutely gorgeous goddess!