Tuesday, June 23, 2015

LUXE Paris Fashion and Contest with Maniera

LUXE Paris fashion house was founded 3 years ago by Parisian Skytower, a financial consultant and graphic artist in RL and Mika Palmyra, journalist and fashion editor.... it is magic and -- I love what they create! They also have a  25,000 L contest going on...
LUXE Paris collections are made for the connoisseurs. I love the details they are amazing...   Jolie crop top has a off the shoulder retro funk vibe and  the skirt has perfectly placed buttons with a wide waistband that smooths and slims, Mr. X likes that.
This is one of a kind pattern that takes its inspiration from the 60's and implies...sun warmed hues with a dash of Timothy Leary --- Oh those heady days of the 60s...Mr. X let's find a retro sim and dance until the sun drops into the horizon...

Luxe Paris Fashion House - Jolie  Crop Top and Skirt and Salsa High Heel Shoes

LUXE Paris Fashion House http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magnum%20Spirit/99/79/27

Skin : October  4 Seasons - Rehana Pearl
Lashes- October 4 Seasons - Monroe Mesh - Cobalt

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