Sunday, November 16, 2014

Snowflakes and Mr. X - Deals from Heart Homes & Fresh Styles

 I emerged into a winter wonderland last night...with the landscape painted in textured white. The snow  was clinging to evergreen trees like white fur stoles and the rain of snow flakes were swirling like flashing diamonds in the dark winter sky.
I told Mr. X it was time to unwind in a cozy new winter cottage... called Snowed Cozy Nest made by Heart Homes... it is adorable and romantic  a low prim beauty that is 35% off at the Cosmo Event.
One thing I love about this house is that it has three working fireplaces that are perfect for snuggling.  The custom wall pictures complete the cozy feel to this house which is totally customizable.
I love this red military styled coat with it's fine brass buttons and  the sleek black cat suit worn under the coat.  This outfit is called Zelda and was created by  StormCrow Design.  It is an exclusive at  Fresh Styles. I was told it was understatedly sexy... Mr. X loves that.  This look even comes with spike heels.
Dreaming of Mr. X, I am keeping warm by the fire in the Snowed Cozy Nest's living room in a seashell styled chair also by Heart Homes and sold separately.  The picture over the fireplace comes with the house.
The bedroom also has a working fireplace and long silk drapes giving this room a cozy feel.
Another find at Fresh Styles is the perfect short sleeve cocktail dress with a fitted velvet bodice, silk bow at the waist and a organza flirty flared skirt with a slight peplum creating a perfect silhouette.  Speaking of silhouette's I love this wall in the snowcozy nest house.
The final room of the cozy winter cottage has neutral wall paper with a shadow of bare branches and birds adding a whimsical touch  to this well built romantic getaway.....Mr. X the hot chocolate is come in from the cold!

House - Aphrodite at Heart Homes - Snowed Cozy Nest - Regular Price: $1450.  For Cosmo Round discounted to $950 - a 35% savings.  In addition to this house, there is a first snow couples tent marked down to $699 and a wild animals campfire set for $820.

Fresh Styles - Round 10 where everything is 25-150L

StormCrow Design's - Zelda includes catsuit, coat and shoes
EccentriciXi - Velvet Dress in Red

Hair - Exile - Vodoo - Naturals

Skin - October's 4Season - Liala Blossom Blonde (new)

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