Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mr. X and Heart Homes Easter & Sascha Designs - Spring is here

Mr. X left me a glorious  mini and gown  by Sascha Designs called Fioretta Peach... as always with Sascha not only are the textures gorgeous...but the dresses offer so many options -- mini sheath -- gown ... gown with flexi prims -- and the peach color is spring.... I love this gown....  it is gorgeous.

Easter is early this year... and Aphrodite at Heart Homes has prepared a fabulous low prim "Vintage botanical  Easter Corner ".  It comes with  a chair, rug,  table, flowers, books, candles and even a festive egg and bunny Easter Wreath and a spring Easter Bunny basket.  Best of all the chair comes loaded with tons of ao's from relaxing to reading to drinking a nice hot cuppa -- also is great with the mini that comes with Fioretta Peach by Sascha Designs!

One thing in addition to the low prim and great textures that is a constant with Aphrodite @ Heart Homes, this comes linked -- but  if you take it all  up it is copy and becomes unlinked (I always make a copy....)  so you really could put down two chairs here and use these items in other homes or places.

Mr. X put me in a "Spring" mood today with  Fioretta Peach by Sascha Designs -- I love it.... he especially loves the mini -- I love the gown as shown above !  It comes in a sheath like mini dress in the finest of silk  that is embellished with large flowers... anyone that knows runway trends knows that flowers have power on the runways!

 Gown and Dress - * New* Sascha Designs - Fioretta Peach (also comes in purple)

Skin - * new* - October 4 Seasons - Blossom - Catalina
LM -

Shoes - Lavian & Company - By Sage Petra base Pantone

Furniture -  Aphrodite@ Heart Homes - Vintage botanical  Easter Corner

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