Saturday, June 29, 2019

Mr. X and Glorious.... Diva Couture

Sometimes you just feel like a star or at least wishing on one right... easy with this new couture gown by Divia Couture --- I definitely feel celestial and Mr. X loves that and so will you thanks to  Diva Couture in this  Gown that is simply called Glorious.

Yes... it is  elegant and glorious couture... no surprise... made by Virtual Couture... for Miss Virtual Diva 2019... it is mysteriously elegant... I love it... so will  you especially in this gorgeous pastel pink with all the added fluff and floral add ons...  and the hood ... amazing!


Diva Couture - Glorious

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Mr. X and Fiorellino - Fellini and TM Creations

It is officially beyond summer... the days are long and the nights are longer... it is hot and humid making it the perfect time to wear a flirty dress.  I love the new cute mini dress called Fiorellino by Fellini that comes in six fantastic patterns - each sold separately.  This fantastically romantic bench with flowers and a lantern and even dogs is new by TM Creations.

This dress has ultra-feminine details that include princess seams, thin spaghetti straps, and a frothy ruffle at the V-neck and around the hemline.  I love pattern #1 -- the soft colors of this dress is sweet and nostalgically neo- Japanese with lavish peony flowers and butterflies... I love the aqua blue background of this dress... so does Mr. X and I love the way it looks with this bench.

I also love pattern # 3 -- the soft green is a classic summer frock with lavish palm fronds and pink hibiscus flowers... it is simply yummy - Mr. X agrees... and everyone I know loves this look.   The bench is just amazing by TM Creations with so many options for solo and couples -- it even includes bento poses.  It is copy so you can copy them endlessly and it is very low prim -- less than 10.

I could not resist showing  pattern #6 of Fiorellino by Fellini -- it brings out the wild child in me... which mind you Mr. X says... "Sita -- doesn't take much to bring out the wild child in you!"  Pffft is what I say to Mr. X!!!   Fiorellino is made for  freya, hourglass, maitreya, venus and is mesh bodies. 


Dress - Fiorellino - Fellini

Bench - TM Creations - Love and Relax Bench Couple and Single Animations  Exclusive for A Dream Series Event thru July 5 then @ Main Store

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Mr. and Micaela Fucsia Anastyle @ Swank

I sit alone and wonder ---  should I call him... no - way... it is the way I felt -- it never would have been right... and for so many more reasons than I can even list... tonight I suppose is about the reflection... you know

He breaks my heart... and in this outfit, an exclusive at Swank by Anastyle called Micaela Fucsia it will break his heart to... and perhaps u will find solace... and better yet  FUN  -- YAY !

Wearing - Swank  Exclusive - AnaStyle - Micaela Fucsia

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Mr. X and Detta Guilia Designs @ Swank

The sun hung low in the northern sky...barely discernable. Again today, it rained... and was lashing down all around me... a cold rain, not the nice, warm -- wonderful rain of summer... in total defiance of the rain... I decided to wear a new exclusive at Swank called Detta by Guilia Designs. I love the cutout look of this dress that exposes just enough to be totally evocative with an understated intonation of allure... plus it has gold inlay on the bodice and at the bottom of the mini skirt that adds so much dimension and beauty.

Mr. X swooned when he saw me in this dress... and I liked that.  Detta comes in 8 different colors that range from a pretty pattern white on white floral pattern to lavender with white polka dots and solids like the classic black I am wearing.  This dress also comes with cute mesh mid.lenght slouchy boots made for freya, isis, venus, HG, phy, and maitreya feet.

Wearing  Swank Exclusives - Guilia Designs -- Detta O4

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Mr. X and Sita make a Splash! SKBW and Letituier

Trees reached their leafless fingers toward the expansive night sky, spreading above the ugly slush which covered elaborate gardens and broad avenues. In the dusk, the pastel palaces blaze like fire, their golden reflections mirrored in the river.  I glow as well in this new dress that is an exclusive @ Swank by SKBW called Splash.

Splash is made for mesh bodies including ebody, freya, hg, isis, physique,  lara, slink, and venus.  It comes in green, orange/pink, peacock, red and violet.

I am wearing the new hair by Letituier called Lola. I just love it!  The carefree curls are just glorious and I love the way it frames my face, so does Mr. X. This hair comes in: blondes, browns, reds, pastels, and fantasy... my advice get the fatpack for carefree summer fun!

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Dress - Splash - orange/pink - SKBW

Hair - Leitituier - Lola

Friday, June 21, 2019

Mr. X and Penelope *New* Jumo @ Swank

It is dark and wonderful... Jumo and I  feel like I  have arrived in lace and glory...  so sensual and so evocative...I love the lace train of this sexy gown that is made for belleza, maitreya, slink, venus, freya, hourglass, isis, and physique mesh bodies. I love the new Penelope Gown by Jumo that also comes with beautiful drop earrings.

The tight silk bodice top is provocative... and a highlight of this dress with its ruffle hemline that is lined with lace and cute satin bows on each side of the ruffle making this the ultimate in flattery and chic.  This gown comes with a massive color changing hud giving this gown a multitude of different vibes.

Gown - Penelope - Jumo

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mr. X and Helena Wandering in the Rain - Wild @ Swank

There is something refreshing about rain... the gentle patter on slate roofs and sidewalks.  I love to walk in the warm summer rain hand in hand with Mr. X.  I have found the perfect dress at swank for a late summer ramble through the city center with Mr. X called Helena by Wild.

Helena is made for Ebody, freya, hourglass, isis, maitreya, Ocacin, Physique, TMP, tonic curvy, tonic fine, venus.  It is also available in five mesh sizes from xs to xl.  It also has an outstanding nine color hud in various patterns, I have shown two.  The color palette includes rose, blue, silver, green brown, taupe and gold.  It has a snakeskin pattern, polka dots and abstract pattern giving this dress many lives

The highlight of this slink and sexy gown is the bow at the neckline that gracefully drapes down the bodice.

Dress - Helena - Wild @ Swank


Monday, June 3, 2019

Mr. X and Melinda - Virtual Diva

I am in a romantic mood and yet feeling trendy and Diva Couture had made the perfect cocktail dress that will make it easy to cross over... it reminds me of  a carnival song.... a dreamland...and dragons dancing....

Maybe it is because I love you most in the eternal classic half-lights where it blends with a perfect day or in the full glorious fan-fare of mid-night or perhaps in the lux of noon or that the dragons dance....

Anyway, I love you most when I think of you--  the connections on fiber and across the miles make me remember you...for hours.  It is like holding love in the hands of time that balances me.

Wearing... Melinda... Virtual Diva... 

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