Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mr. X and Courtney - New Jumo Gown and Hair... Wow!

Tonight Mr. X I am  feeling quite glam in this new gown by Jumo called  Courtney  and also her new hair called Cora... It  reminds me of a lingering under the midnight stars...I stood long where you left me...night enshrouded me... like the waves on the skirt of this gown... glistening and  wonderful...

I  stand alone here... desired  and yet... i  feel your arms around me... always... comforting,  true... constant... like the sun that rises  each day... and drops... into the horizon... I remember those  nights when you fell into my arms --- like a sunburst of color... and... you were total in my eyes... like sudden  blindness...  how happy we were....

This gorgeous gown by Jumo comes in 4 different patterns in  many different colors... this is  just one option of  24.  It is an amazing gown. It also comes with beautiful earrings and a necklace that are like a burst of fireworks in gold and diamonds.

These winter mornings are so hard...  it is cold and I am  sad... I  feel you  and I  try and try are indelible in my mind... and in my blood... my mind conceives you and... I am always yours-- I remember that night... so alone  together --sleepy as always after making love...  a cocoon of simplicity... warmth... sweetness --  I am yours whereever you go....

Gown - Jumo - Courtney

Jumo Hair -Cora  -Best of Ombres and Hair Crystal Roots

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mr X and Amber - GiuliaDesign & Alma & Swank

Some nights... you just have the blues... and this new outfit called Amber by Guilia  Designs in a dusty purple is  so royally great!  I love the low horseshoe neckline and spaghetti straps... and the sleek sexy bra top with embroidered lace...

Wearing a  bra top is  fashion central -- so pay attention! LOL !  And, the flowers lace adds a dash of fem fatale... Mr. X loves that.....And  look  at the  skirt... the weave is like the waves of the sea... and I have to think of the times that Mr. X rushes into my arms...  as I am the shore and.... yes!

The thing is  GiuliaDesign is always  sophisticated and  sensual... and always a surprise... don't miss Amber- it is made for  maitreya, belleza and slink bodies and comes with boots that  are also made for  slink and  belleza and maitreya  feet...  this is a must have....

Wearing Swank exclusive
Swank Landmark -

Outfit -  Giulia Designs - Amber
Lips - Alma - Kia -  Letuka (also for catwa)

Earrings and  Necklace - Jumo - Courtney  Gown

Monday, January 29, 2018

Mr. X and Desire... Diva Couture @ Swank and New Jumo Hair

The lawns are shaded by thousand year oaks, cedar, cypress, sequoia, juniper, palm, and ringed with herbaceous borders planted with roses, lilacs, jasmine, and wisteria. Fragrant magnolias spread over glades reached by narrow, twisting paths banked with laurel and azalea,  there are marble benches to unwind on and fountains that make music ... look for me in a gorgeous new gown by Diva Couture that is an exclusive @ Swank called Desire Gown Patel in Pastel.

 I love the soft amber rose color of this mesh gown made for maitreya mesh bodies... with its lavish ruffle in the front... it is so stylish and so very unique.  The sprinkling of soft sequins pattern adds allure to the pale pastel of this gown -- so glamorous.

Mr. X... the wind is up... from the east... and there is heat lightening ... Mr. X tells me this is no surprise regarding heat lightening  because I am  wearing this sexy gown!  I love the back  of Desire with its asymmetric slash... across the shoulders....  I paired it with new hair by Jumo called NIcoletti that is a classic updo with four buns in the front. a

 Come and join me by the wishing well... as we watch the lightening streak across the sky.....

Swank Exclusive - Wearing - Diva Couture - Desire Gown Patel Pastel
Swank LM

Jumo - Nicoletti Hair - blonde roots hud
Earrings - Jumo

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mr. X and Orient .. Luxe Paris @ Swank and... Jumo Hair / Jewelry

The feeling of going home... led on by the amber light... Mr. X said follow your heart and never -- ever  deny it...  your heart  will lead you on... it is good and kind... and elegant  always in Luxe Paris.... and this is one of the three exclusives at  Swank...  it is Paris Orient Top and Palazzo Pants... it is  all  evocative.... 

 I always feel elegant wearing Luxe Paris... Look at this intricate top Orient top... it is  absolutely lovely --- the  heavy silk ripples and the flowers and  authentic chinese  fabric  texture... amazing.....Mr. X cannot keep his hands off me... but  really --- shhh I  never kiss and tell.... do you?

I love these light,  flowing, wide  somewhat  coolio retro palazzo pants also by Luxe Paris  and the short midriff shirt with ties at each side... it is  elegant... and makes me feel poetically beautiful... after all, it is Luxe Paris... and we all know how romantic  these designs are....   I feel like  a poem.... 

They slumbered --  in the light from heaven -- the full moon is drawn --- in amber light
the sea glittering silver
glittering today
and so lighted up
the sorrow brightened up the joy

 over waters blue

Swank Exclusive

Outfit - Luxe Paris   Orient  Top and Palazzo  Pants
Main Store

Hair - Jumo - Quinn - Blonde

Jewelry - Jumo -  Ruth Bangles

Monday, January 22, 2018

Mr. X and Eclissi -- *new* Fellini

Oh the power of an eclipse... a sacred time when the sun loves the moon... with a love so bright that it changes the color of the daytime sky... in those brief seconds the sun is conquered by the Queen of Night... just as Mr. X was conquered once again, when he saw me in this fabulous sensual outfit called Eclissi by Fellini

Mr. X's heart skipped a beat when he saw me wearing this leather and lace wonder that lit up his night time sky.  He loved all the exquisite details and so will the floating feather epaulets at the shoulders and the  deep lace V neck of the bodice that is lined with lace and embellished with a feather texture at the waist line.

And, then there are the legs... oh la la !  Mr. X tells me there is nothing sexier than the combination of leather and lace... and in this regard,  Eclissi is heavenly!  Just  check out the clever way the lace and leather texture accentuates your legs... so sexy...  

I adore outfits that are as sexy in the back as they are in the front... and again, Eclissi makes a statement.... I love the the way the jacket flairs out from my hips and the way the lace  leggings and leather frame my legs...not to mention the lace design on the back of the top that begs to be touched.

As for details, Eclissi even comes with a beautiful necklace that echos the pattern of the lace... it drapes down the V of the top adding the right amount of  understated glamor to this look.... wearing this I feel the ocean of his eyes... and I dream of the day when the sun wraps his arms around the moon turning day into a vast night of romance... and magic.

Wearing -  Fellini - Eclissi

Hair - Cheaux

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mr. X... Come with Me - Sascha's Designs @ Swank and Ali and Ali

Mr. X told believes that there is something strange and powerful about black and white imagery – perhaps it is the simplicity of the combination of those two contrasting colors that makes them classics...I certainly think it is a classic look and so is this exclusive look by Sascha's Designs called Come With Me that is an exclusive @ Swank.

Few colors have been used in fashion as much as black and white. Separate or together it seems like these two are a safe bet for any occasion.   I love the sleek satin silk high waisted dress that you can wear with a coat slung over your shoulder or with a fur stole... either way, this dress screams sophistication.

Come with Me  is made for classic and mesh bodies (Slink, TMP, Venus, Belleza).  I wore the large with my Maitreya Mesh body.  It also comes with gloves for bento slink and maitreya hands as well as high heel shoes for slink feet.  I love the wide brim hat... it is just gorgeous... and so much fun to wear.  I have paired this hat with the vintage style hair -- sorta a 40's look by Ali and Ali called Catherine... I love this hair with this outfit and it comes in so many cool color variations...check it out!

Sascha's Designs - Swank Exclusive - Come with Me

Hair - Ali and Ali - Catherine - Blonde Tones - comes in  all  shades and huds...

Location - New York Lounge -

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mr. X and Daphne of Mistborn- NEW !!SMD!! and Emo-tions

Her home... with its golden fields of wheat and thick groves of trees, wide rivers flowing lazily through the flat countryside and peasant villages grouped around brightly painted churches... this is where Daphne of Mistborn... lives...I am wearing the gorgeous new gown called Daphne of Mistborn by !!SMD!!  It is made for Slink, Maitreya and Classic bodies...

Daphne of Mistborn  lives in a castle where the flat countryside gives way to low valleys bordered by steep hills, natural terraces cascade down the plateaus to clusters of  quaint homes and isolated monasteries... the hills cascade like the tears down her cheeks... as she stands alone in the amber light....

She dreams of a tropical sundrenched haven where palm trees sway and wisteria blooms... a place where roses scatter themselves over pathways  and wild strawberries climb the mountain sides.  A garden so lush were the flowers bloom as though they are the very soul of the land and the air is perfumed with their scent.

 I love the details in this lovely gown with its slight puff of the sleeves and the elegant floral motif around the V-neck line and around the sleeves... that are even slit  up the wrist. The vest is highly detailed and comes in colors that compliment the color of the gown which comes in green, burgundy, blue, purple, teal and black. I have paired this with the long hair by Emo-tions called Pippa it comes with a beautiful forhead jewel in red and blue and flowers at the top of the pony tail.

Daphne of Mistborn looks deep into the water... where the rose petals float from that famed garden just outside her palace walls... someday she thinks... the gates will open and I will stroll in the sunshine... amid rose petals and wisteria.....listening to the far off sound of the rolling waves ----

Wearing - NEW - !!SMD!! - Daphne of Mistborn in  Black, Burgundy and Green

Emo-tions- Pippa - Blonde Hud

Mr. X and Au Nom De La Rose - irrISIStible @ Swank

 This month's Swank is all about renewal in what is floated as the "Makeover Round"! There are new separate areas for men, women, beauty and home and garden aas well as an exclusive Gottcha area. What better way to freshen up your look than with this fabulous gown by  irrISIStible called Au Nom De La Rose.  I love the angle of  skirt that is delicately textured with pink roses and lace that drapes over a full gown skirt in a lighter creme tone with pink and peach roses. The texture is so gloriously old-fashioned and oh, so feminine... It is a show stopper of this I am sure.

This mesh dress is a combination of mesh for maitreya, belleza and slink bodies with prim attachments at the waist, spine and head. The waistline of this dress and the elegant tiara is festooned with roses and baby breath... a classic floral combination that is arrestingly beautiful.  The elegant flowers around the waist comes with a poem... in French... that can be loosely translates....

Bring up the clouds in your sky's mind
caress's fingers the night shadow
Make your dream possible and break the madness.
we  are bound by  blood Impose the needed to see your pain disappear
Compete with death and on her leaf drop the anchor
 Delight and amaze with these " I love you"

Wearing - Au Nom De La Rose-  irrISIStible - Exclusive @ Swank
Swank LM Hair - DIva- Ange - Red Amber

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mr. X and Babydoll by Ghee and hair by Jumo

Mr. X asked me when I was feeling most cynical... isn't there a little girl hidden deep inside of you... I said no way  -- then he said the magic words... ok my love, my "babydoll"....  and who can resist a babydoll especially this babydoll by Ghee that is an exclusive at the  Designers Showcase... it is  YUM!

I told Mr. X ok... let me see if I can explain -- he laughed calling me a totally heavenly sweetie pie that he sees in his mind's eye before he drifts off to sleep!   He tells me that I spin around in his head in constant circles making pie-faced smiles... Love that dream... don't you and this cute babydoll outfit by Ghee is unforgettably sweet...Love these lace rimmed stockings sold separately with their sexy cut out on the back legs accented by bows. 

This cute baby doll outfit by Ghee is an exclusive @ Designers  Showcase and is made for  slink, maitreya and  belleza mesh bodies.  The stockings (omega applier) and cute pumps are sold separately.   In this little  babydoll outfit... your love is sure to keep you in his heart and better yet... on speed dial!

Dress - Babydoll - Chilli - Ghee
Stockings Bow-Tie Stockings = 6 on one with Omega Appliers
Shoes - Duo-Pumps - Ghee
Designers showcase LM
LM :
Main Store -

Hair - Emma - Jumo-

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Mr. X and Splendida.... New Fellini Couture -- Let it Rain

Oh... Mr. X this new gown by Fellini called Splendida is  a dream in blue... it is so romantic and elegant... so feminine and so seductive... Mr. X tells me I look gorgeous....He especially loves the blue bodice of this gown... the lace corset is spectacular... the sheer amount of detail is beautiful  Mr. X  is speechless... I really like that!!

The ballroom skirt is opulent  in shades of blue with a hint of pewter and silver...that add an element of intrigue and style... Mr. X loves the way it flairs -- in  such a way that can only compliment the slink sexy lace corset.  It also comes with an artful architectural hat... no real lady enjoys a formal ball without one... and this hat is so elegant --- wearing it --- you will  "blossom" !

It is all in the details and the of the bodice  with a gorgeous high ruffle neckline in the front and the lace up in the back cinches for a flattering silhouette. Exquisitely delicate and light as air, this heavenly lace and satin gown is the splendid choice for romantic interludes.

Gown - Fellini Couture - Splendida

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Mr. x feelin Barbarella / Connie @ Swank Giz Seorn

Can the United Earth Government find me... my positronic ray can either seduce or  reduce... it's up to you!!! so says Barbarella and she is nothing to be messed with nor is this sheath  mini dress with  cut out netting sides... oh la this new exclusive @ Swank by Giz Seorn called Connie.

At the end of the day, who doesn't want a "excessive" pleasure machine...  we all have our   vices....  right?   As a  true Barbarella I am always  rescued  but.... then always those deadbeats in the labyrinth  -- --- such is life...   even in the movies  blind angels  fly... and an  angel is love.... Connie is made for mesh bodies and comes with a fabulous color changing hud... the  texture netting is some of best  I have seen and the colors are so much fun...  the details in this are outstanding.... get it!

Barbarella: I'm so grateful for what you've done, I hardly know how to begin to thank you. I'm positive I could get you some sort of recompense from my government. I mean if there's anything you need or that I can do, please tell me.
Mark Hand: Well, you could let me, make love to you.
Barbarella: Make love, did you say?
Mark Hand: Yes.
Barbarella: What do you mean? You don't even know my psychocardiogram?
Mark Hand: Heh?

Barbarella: Well, on Earth, for centuries, people haven't made love unless their psychocardiogram readings were in perfect compliments.
Mark Hand: I know nothing of that. You asked me for what you could do for me and I told you.
Barbarella: Well, alright. But, I don't see what good it will do? Do you have any pills?
Mark Hand: Pills?
Barbarella: Oh, never mind, I have some, here.
Mark Hand: Wha-wha-what is this pill?
Barbarella: Its an exultation transference pellant, of course.

Wearing - Swank  Exclusive

Dress - Giz Seorn - Connie

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mr. X --- SOS - *New* @ January Scala Event - BouBouKi and DoggMata

Have you ever felt adrift... like you need to slow down for an instant... or  a day or week... to determine what you really want... what you have and  why...  just why.... Mr. X tells me this introspection is important.... and this body suit called Moon @ Scala through Jan. by BouBouKi and poses by  DoggMata  Yin/Yang are inspiring!

Not only does this body suit by called Moon by  BouBouKi provide the perfect  feeling of  flexibility -- so do the exclusive and very cool poses by DoggMata they  are  also an exclusive at Scala--- ok Mr. X I am  head over heels for you!

SOS Mr. X... and, what a history...although it has a more linguistic origin than  the pragmatic approach of SOS, it seems to have a connection to the month of May (when I was born RL of course, in SL  June)... it might seem likely, it is actually the "english" way of saying the French... m'aidez or m'aider meaning... help me!   Others say it is of German origin with the suggestion of "save our ship" or "save our souls" --- speaking of "souls" -- yours will be on fire with the exclusive red hawt  body suit available at the January event for Scala

Moon is made for all mesh bodies... belleza, maitreya and slink... and comes with a sexy color changing hud... I love the lace down V-neck top of this sleek sends a message of "urgent appeal" -- or, as Mr. X said  the appeal is a call for "SOS" --- LOVE!

Wearing - Scala Exclusives @ Yin/Yang Event
LM -

Bodysuit - BouBouKi - Moon
Poses - DoggMata - Yin/Yang

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mr. X and Dreamland... Jamilah /Wild @ Swank @ Emo-tions

It is a long way from  the  snow -- and the northern  horizons.... I can hear a   samba beat...  as I drink...  something with rum and coconut... Coquito --- and wear Wild Fusion  in orange... it is so refreshing on a  cold winter day... harsh weather..... Mr. X he tells me all will be ok  even if  I am on a lonely  road....  I love him so--- I wanna be  so strong....

 Come on  -- we have  found  sweet romance ...  it has brought out the best in  me  and  I hope in you... you  renew me again and again... Mr. X..... I love this look...  its  soft spots....  and, yes, it is inspired by an exotic Eastern  design  the interplay of color and pattern ensures the irresistibility of this dress.... intricate and alluring
This gown has  9  jewel  color changing huds... it will give you nine looks.... see below the hud --- but I  somehow  got caught up in  the  winds of the trops sands and the heat -- and the  new Jumo  eye make -up called Pictorial six colors  love it and comes for  non mesh and   letuka and catawa mesh heads.... regardless... makes me...  say let's  go to my room and  we will arrange some  flowers --- and let it take us where the wind blows....

And, Mr. X... there is a foggy  lullaby... you  encourage and.... letters from  across the sea....   and    valentines...  memories...  i move... I  throw them all away...  I  found my he is  darker than than the seas.... not a golden prince... nor does he talk of  castles in sun...  

Wearing  Swank LM

 Swank  Exclusive  Jamilah by Wild  note all the hud colors and it is  available in  all mesh bodies

Eye Make Up  - * new * Jumo -  Pictorial --  for   non mesh heads, letuka,  catwa  and vista... i wear letuka.

 Hair - Emotions - Jade