Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mr. X --- SOS - *New* @ January Scala Event - BouBouKi and DoggMata

Have you ever felt adrift... like you need to slow down for an instant... or  a day or week... to determine what you really want... what you have and  why...  just why.... Mr. X tells me this introspection is important.... and this body suit called Moon @ Scala through Jan. by BouBouKi and poses by  DoggMata  Yin/Yang are inspiring!

Not only does this body suit by called Moon by  BouBouKi provide the perfect  feeling of  flexibility -- so do the exclusive and very cool poses by DoggMata they  are  also an exclusive at Scala--- ok Mr. X I am  head over heels for you!

SOS Mr. X... and, what a history...although it has a more linguistic origin than  the pragmatic approach of SOS, it seems to have a connection to the month of May (when I was born RL of course, in SL  June)... it might seem likely, it is actually the "english" way of saying the French... m'aidez or m'aider meaning... help me!   Others say it is of German origin with the suggestion of "save our ship" or "save our souls" --- speaking of "souls" -- yours will be on fire with the exclusive red hawt  body suit available at the January event for Scala

Moon is made for all mesh bodies... belleza, maitreya and slink... and comes with a sexy color changing hud... I love the lace down V-neck top of this sleek sends a message of "urgent appeal" -- or, as Mr. X said  the appeal is a call for "SOS" --- LOVE!

Wearing - Scala Exclusives @ Yin/Yang Event
LM -

Bodysuit - BouBouKi - Moon
Poses - DoggMata - Yin/Yang

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