Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Mr. X and Carlota by Amui & jumo

waiting for you in the garden of forbidden things and yet you do not come... I am beyond hurt...  Mr. X how can you do this to me  -- and yet I wear the red rose of desire and this fabulous gown by  Amui called Carlota that is made for maitreya, Belleza, slink, ebody, and, tmp mesh.  It comes with a gorgeously textured gown and a lame gold cape that you can take on or off.

The cape is a lattice of coincidence and confidence and yet you have scrambled over the walls like a horse in heat and rambled and raced through the fields like a fox in the woods... I am beguiled and bewildered --- and it is Over....No more shall I wait on a rose... or another day when things are better... the only one that will make them better is me... so, Mr. X  is this the exit?  Perhaps.....

Wearing  Gown - Amui  - Carlota
Main Store - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kalamay/78/191/3951

MP - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/49559

Eyes - Jumo - Foxxie- https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Lodge/205/76/24

Hair - No Longer Available

Monday, April 29, 2019

Mr. X and Sarah - New Virtual Diva

The light of the dawn, the swans... they talk to me... and tell me to wait ... for the beauty of the dawn as it arrives with its purple legions... I stand amazed... wearing a fabulous new dress by Virtual Diva called Sara and I feel refreshed and so will you...  just look at the side detail of ties like a lattice of coincidence...

Sarah is made for Maitreya, Freya and Hourglass bodies mesh bodies and is available at the Sense event and afterward online.  So Mr. X come and fly to the horizon with me...  free and wild....

Wearing - Sarah   Virtual Diva 

LM - Sense Event https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/168/125/1501 for 

Mr. X and Amelia Giulia Designs @ Swank @ Jumo

Baby Love is what this reminds me of ... lipstick and sugar... what man including Mr. X doesn't like that!!!  Amelia by Guilia Designs comes with a fabulous skirt, top, and boots for mesh bodies.  The boots are made for maitreya, slink and, belleza and so is this entire outfit...

And, really, who doesn't like a babe... and kisses... and more kisses -- Mr. X... I adore this...

Wearing   - Swank exclusive
LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/178/114/24

Outfit -  Giulia  Designs - Amelia
LM - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/56982?id=56982

Hair - Jumo -Quinn - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Lodge/205/76/24

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Mr. X and Thelma -- New Fellini

Ah, remember the rebels, Thelma and Louise? I think Thelma would have loved this outfit called Thelma by Fellini called Thema that celebrated "girl" power... I mean just look at the short- shorts,  awesome high waisted belt, and cute V line top and those ZIPPERS!  I know I love it and so does Mr. X...

Remember these quotes... Thelma Dickinson: "Something's, like, crossed over in me and I can't go back. I mean I just couldn't live."   Louise Sawyer: "I know what you mean. Anyway, don't wanna end up on the damned Geraldo show." And you will never end up on the "Geraldo" show...in this... rather, you will be the show... oh la la, Mr. X loves that!   Thema made for Maitreya, Bellaza and Slink.

J.D. (played by Brad Pitt): "Now, I’ve always believed if done properly armed robbery doesn't have to be a totally unpleasant experience." Thelma Dickinson: "You’re a real live outlaw aren’t you?"  J.D. "Well, I may be the outlaw, darling, but you're the one stealin' my heart."  You got that right -- so Mr. X come and drift on a dandelion with me.

Wearing  Fellini  -  Outfit - Thelma -for  maitreya,  belleza and  slink bodies

Sense Event - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/DreamsLand/226/166/1501

Main Store- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ofelia/62/27/22

Friday, April 26, 2019

Mr. X A Little Birdie Told Me... new Jumo

Just a quickie blog and image... just thinking of girls wanna have fun...  we always have so much gossip and giggles...  a good friend... and talented DJ Idoru. I love this new dress by Jumo... called Birdie and so will you.  It is made for mesh bodies. by Jumo.

Sita Writer (on right)   Wearing - Jumo - Birdie Dress

LM -  https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Lodge/205/76/24

Mr. X and Bijou - New Jumo

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous so says   Coco Chanel and in this outfit, by Jumo I feel exactly that-- and so will you!  It is called Bijou and is made for mesh bodies... and comes with 24 different colors and patterns in an easy to change hud.

This look is beguiling and Mr. X loves it... as do I with the light ikat floral patterns and leather top with tails... short sleeves and bodice that clings like a night that you never want to forget and in this, you will not!  Jumo always has sensually alluring looks... and is one of my favorite designers ever.

I am also wearing new eye makeup by Jumo called Deborah... it comes in six colors for classic heads and letuka and catwa mesh heads plus it has omega appliers.  I love the glitter... and oh, my, look at the earrings that come with Bijou -- they are drop dead gorgeous!

Gown  - Bijou by Jumo

Eyes - Jumo - Deborah

LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Lodge/205/76/24

Sunday, April 21, 2019

BOHO Cool- SKBW @ Swank and Giant Gift Easter Egg Heart Homes, Jumo and Emo-tions

I love the boho look for spring and summer and this new outfit by SKBW called BoHo Dress that is an exclusive @ Swank fits the bill perfectly.  I also couldn't resist the customized Easter Egg by Heart Homes

I love the sweet top and the long flowing skirt By SKBW with its blue ruffle along the bottom and its swirling floral applique.  The midriff top is beyond adorable with a ruffle around the bottom that is set off by a stunning floral applique.

 I also love the sash at the waistline and how it ties the ruffles and the applique patterns together in a beautiful medley that says... hello spring has arrived!

I am also wearing new Jumo eyeshadow called Deborah it is so awesome -- look how it glitters and enhances my gorgeous eyes... Love this....eyeshadow... it is made for mesh heads catwa and letuka; it has an omega hud and is also made for classic heads.... just get it and glitter.... it is all the rage.

Finally a cute easter egg gift for someone special.... from Aphrodite @ Heart Homes....What you get in the box now, is just a demo of what the person that you choose will receive. The person will receive this Egg with a customized name on it. For this purpose, once you get your box, follow please these simple steps:
1) please send this notecard filled and back to Marina Ramer, she will make your own personalized bear for you within 48 hrs and send to the person you wish
a) Your account name & display name
b)  The Your Account name & Display name
2) Transaction copy: Please kindly copy and paste here your Transaction! (Very important)
Order #xxxxxxxxxx
2) Did you purchase in-store or Marketplace?
3) Please type your desired name: Keep in mind that the label is not too big.

Wearing Swank Exclusives

Dress - SKBW - Boho Dress

Eye makeup - Jumo - Deborah

Hair - Emo-tions - Leni

Easter Egg - Heart Homes

Friday, April 19, 2019

Hot in the Moonlight - New Sascha's Designs Blair Outfit

I love the idea of being hot in the moonlight. They say tonight we will have a rare pink moon... what to wear for that celestial event I wonder... I just got Blair, a sexy leather jacket, bra top and jacket from Sasha's Designs and it is outstanding...

The Blair outfit is made for slink, curvy, freya, fine, maitreya, venus, voluptuois mesh bodies.  It is also made for fit mesh bodies and comes in five sizes.  The bra top comes with a Maitreya applier and an omega applier.

Blair also comes in a wonderful selection of colors including black, white, nude, red, blue, and pink. The jacket is really terrific with lots of cool details from buckles to zippers... and I love that it is open and oh so sexy!


Sascha's Designs - Blair Outfit

Store LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pond/148/76/22

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Bunny Candy - irrISISTIBLE @ Swank

Really... how can you resist a bunny... and candy... for that matter!  This month @ Swank irrISISTIBLE created the perfect outfit for spring... Bunny Candy... Mr. X  says he wants to hop right on me when he saw me in this....  giggles.... but, you know, I never kiss and tell....

I love this new outfit by irrISISTIBLE called Bunny Candy... it is made for Maitreya, slink, and, Belleza mesh bodies and comes with appliers that are so easy to use.  It includes all the flowers, the cute boots, gloves, and the irresistible bunny ears and of course a cute bunny tail and we know how men love to chase that.  This is made in pink, blue and purple and has a color changing hud making this an instant bunny classic.

Wearing  Swank Exclusive
Swank LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/178/114/24
Outfit - irrISISTIBLE - Bunny Candy
MP - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/43334

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Spring Fair and More Lyrical Bizarre and Jumo

Do you long for her.... as stars shimmer like diamonds and form the mantel of Artemis, goddess of the moon... she lives in wild places and dances in sandals of silver... I love these new wings called Blanca and matching jewelry set Blanca byLyrical Bizarre that are an exclusive @ Spring Fair.

Lyrical Bizzare is also offering a gorgeous headpiece at this fair that shimmers and glitters, it is the perfect circular crown for a fairy.  It also comes with two beautiful matching bracelets.  Blanca Set  has a color changing hud that allows you to change the color of the metal and the gemstones. 

I am wearing a new eye makeup by Jumo called Celeste.  I love the shimmering effect. Celeste is made for catwa and letuka mesh heads and comes with omega appliers.  This eyes shadow can also be worn by classic heads and comes in six stunning colors.  The Earrings are also made by Jumo... and called Valencia they come with a massive color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of each individual stone and the colors of the metal... they are outstandingly beautiful.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Beloved Jewelry @ Dazzle and *New* Sascha's Designs, Jumo/NoMatch Hair

A classic exclusive fit for a princess @ Dazzle is a gorgeous necklace, choker, earrings, forehead Tierra and bracelet set by Beloved Jewelry called Ornella.   I love the fine filigree of the necklace and earrings they are delicate and elegant.   The Ornella is original non- rigged mesh and offers 12 metal choices, 33 gemstone, and 12 pearl colors.  There is a menu that makes changing the textures easy.

For Metals :
12 Etched Metals : Platinum, Silver, Palladium, Pewter, Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3, Gold 4 (Most Yellow), Rose Gold, Brass, Bronze, and Copper. 33 Gemstones (On 3 Menu Lists) For All Gemstones Options.  (If more than one gem size option, they will change separately.)  To HIDE the Accent Gems, click HIDE.  To Show, choose a gemstone option.

Gems 1-11-Alexandrite 1-Alexandrite 2 (More Green)-Amethyst -Amethyst 2-Ametrine-Aquamarine
Black Crystal-Blue Apatite (Blue-Green/Teal)-Blue Topaz-Chrysoberyl-Citrine * Gems 2-22Diamond-Diamond-Black, blue, pink yellow, dipside, emerald, 2 garnets, gold beryl, kunzite
* Gems 3-33 - Onyx-Peridot-Pink Spinel-Rhodolite (Magenta)-Ruby-Sapphire 1&2- Spessartite - Smoky Quartz (Brown-Gray)-Tanzanite and Tourmaline.

I paired this jewelry with an opulent new gown by Sascha's Designs called Nathalie... I love the sleek satin sheath portion of Nathalie and the way it explodes into a cascade of tulle ruffles that makes this gown distinctive and oh so very beautiful.  Nathalie is made for mesh bodies in 5 sizes, slink, Maitreya and Freya and comes with a color changing hud in a range of colors.  It also comes with gloves and a neck piece layer.  There are a series of attachments for the skirt.

So, Mr. X --- the night has fallen and arrived in this gown I arouse attention and joy... spontaneous laughter and ...as the morning fog rolls in off the ocean... Mr. X wonders how quietly I vanished into the horizon... without a trace... he will long for me today...


Jewelry - Dazzle Exclusive - Jewelry Set - Beloved Jewelry - Ornella

Dazzle Landmark - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scoopwing/121/155/22

Gown - Sascha's Designs -Nathalie - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pond/148/76/22

Hair - No. Match https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/174575

Hair - Jumo Amore - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Lodge/205/76/24

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Mr. X and Trixie - Ghee @ The Darkness Event

I entered his Lair... and the music vibrated through my body like a percussion instrument... I felt his heart beat faster when he saw me in Ghee's new three-piece outfit, top, short shorts and boots sold separately called Trixie that is an exclusive @ The Darkness through the end of April afterward it will be in the shop.  It makes me feel sexy and like a woman that can have just about anyone.....it will make you feel like that too!

The sexy peek-a-boo bra styled midriff top called Trixie that is casually unbuttoned is scintillating! XXX  is made for maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies and comes with a color-changing hud featuring six colors.  The matching short shorts called Trixie are trending in RL... short shorts are in.  These belted high waisted french cut shorts are smoking hot!  I love the detail of the buttons that match the buttons of the top.  The shorts come with hud that is color coordinated with the top and boots.

And what can I say about the Trixie combat boots ... they are amazing... and can be worn with so many different looks.  I love the detail on the boots... the layers of spikes and leather...There are 12  boot colors and six bootstrap colors oh la la.

I asked Mr. X.... if he knows the consequences of opening Pandora's Box... he smiled and said you are in my lair... what do you think...I said, Mr. X.... you don't know about my departures and inner explorations... do you want to come on a journey with me?  I shot this blog at a really cool club called The Lair... I like it.

Wearing - Ghee  - Exclusive @ The Darkness

Direct Event LM - -http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zen%20Soul/179/47/24

Main Store LM https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Qeestein/32/224/1501

Top - Trixie

Shorts - Trixie

Boots - Trixie Combat Boots

Necklace - Violator - Peace - no longer available

Hair - Monso

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Four Fabulous Finds @ Swank - Anastyle, Firelight, Deliciae and YGTL

Sitting with butterflies waiting for Mr. X in four *EXCLUSIVELY*  Fab finds at April Swank... woot!  For starters, I love love love this sexy midriff off the shoulder blouse and this ripped fringed mini skirt by AnaStyle... called Allie.

AnaStyle knows how to turn on the sex appeal for sure and is oh so trendy with this fab floral top because this summer on the runways large floral prints are the absolute rage and wearing Allie you will fit right in!  I love the fact that Allie has cute floral pockets in the back of the skirt and along the pockets that match the top.  I really appreciate this kind of attention to detail.   Allie is made for slink hourglass, physique, freya, venus, tmp, isis, maitreya, belleza and classic mesh bodies in five sizes.

Allie also comes with fabulously sexy sandals that are made for maitreya, slink high feet and Belleza mesh feet.  The straps and the chunky heel make these shoes make them boho perfection.

I have paired this look with a cute necklace by Deliciae that is composed of water-worn beach stones on a fine necklace.  This necklace comes with a choice of eight metal colors and six colors for each of the four stones.  It is really easy to resize and just perfect for the summer. Deliciae is offering a cool pipe for the guys at Swank.

My hair is gorgeous... long and flowing by Firelight called Trish.  The cool thing about Firelight's hair is that the color changing hud has a whispy and a rich full-color look.  The hud offers 24 shades of blonde which I wore... each color is pure sin!  This hair comes in black/white, browns, reds, darks, essentials and mega. 

I am also wearing YGTL eye make up called Bliss... it's great!  Bliss eye make up is made for Catwa, LAQ, Lelutka, Omega Advanced and Slink mesh heads and is offered in six "blissful" colors of really unique and wearable shades.

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Swank LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Swank%20Events/178/114/24

Outfit - AnaStyle - Allie
Necklace - Deliciae - Beach combers necklace
Hair - Firelight - Trish
Eye-Make Up - YGTL - Bliss

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Mr. X & Luxe Paris @ April Swank - three Looks and TM Creations!

Mr. X and I love the unfettered grace of the boho look... to us it is when the Epitome of enlightened effervescence emerges. During dusk dangling dreamy delectable delights ---Guileless gracefully guarded gem’s glow... just check out these three exclusives by Luxe Paris @ Swank this April... the first outfit is Indie Dress (my fav).
I love the bell sleeves, the mid-riff top with its Indian inspired boho pattern and the cute skirt with a red ribbon hemline that pulls it all together. The dress is made for classic bodies and fit mesh bodies, slink tmp,maitreya, ebody, belleza, and tonic mesh bodies. The glasses are Ghee's Flower Glasses.
Another outfit offered by Luxe Paris @ Swank this month is the Bohemian Jumpsuit that is so comfy and cool... I love the boho look of the shoulderless top and the snug pants. This is made for ebody, slink, maitreya tonic,freya, venus, ebody curvy mesh bodies.
The flirty Haven Dress and Sandals is cute and comes with Japanese inspired wedged sandals. The outfit is made for classic, classic fit mesh, ocacin, belleza, slink, tonic, ebocy, maitreya. The sandals are made for bellaza, maitreya and slink mesh feet.
I love the backdrop by TM Creation called Come with me Car... it is an adorable Bug replete with a siamese cat and a dalmation puppy... books and a duffle bag and loads of poses for single (bento and classic poses) for solo, couples and friends it is amazing and fun! It can be found at the Collaborative and at the main shop after April 21

Wearing - Luxe Paris for Swank  -Indie Dress, Bohemian Jumpsuit and Haven Dress

Glasses - Ghee - Flower Glasses

Hair - D!va

Set - TM Creations - Come with Me Car

Mr. X and Yuko - Fellini @ Neo Japan

Floating in the breeze,
A single butterfly.

ひらひらと 風に流れて 蝶一つ

Hira hira to/ Kaze ni nagarete/ Chou hitotsu

I love this new Japanese inspired dress that is an exclusive @ the Neo-Japan event.  Yuko is made for slink, maitreya, venus, freya, isis, hourglass, and physique mesh bodies and the texture is an elegant cascade of Koi fish renowned for its good luck and beauty.  I love the beautiful headpiece accessory that also comes with Yuko -- it is beautifully designed with bamboo, fragrant flowers and koi fish.

One Japanese legend tells the story of a koi climbing a waterfall on the Yellow River toward the Dragon’s Gate at the top of the falls. Many carp would try to swim through the water, but few would be brave enough to make the final stretch up the waterfall. If a carp was able to finish the journey through the Dragon’s Gate, it would be transformed into a powerful dragon.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Mr. X and Akane - Zoom @ Dazzle

Tonight I reflect... soon another birthday rolls around... and  I evoke the presence of great compassion...to all living things... you, me... all of us... with humility I try to face every day... with awareness and joy... I try to count moments... I love this new Kimono by Zoom...called Akane... it is an exclusive @ Dazzle... it is neo-Japanese in all perspectives

... cute and colorful replete with belled sleeves and a back obi bow... Akane is made for mesh bodies and comes with a 12 color changing hud in both patterns and solid colors.  Mr. X is so enthralled... I tell him... live neither in the entanglements of life nor in feeling empty... just be --  and, in that effort feel fulfillment....and think of me... and all we have... 

Wearing - Dazzle Exclusive by Zoom - Akane Kimono 
Dazzle LM - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Scoopwing/121/155/22