Friday, December 4, 2020

Delight Dress by Virtual D!va

This dress by Virtual Diva is truely a "Delight" and so trendy in RL and SL... it is a slip sheath dress that hugs all my curves perfectly and, it comes in so many colors and patterns that it makes "Delight" verstile for those of us that love to style. It is made for Legacy, Legacy Perky and Maitreya,Lara Petite and Hourglass Bodies
For example, look at the elegant art deco like pattern for Delight in Gold. This pattern is elegantly striking and complex. I love it... most of all because it is truly unsual.
I especially love this dress because it is as sexy from the back as it is in the front. The keyhole bare back is oh so sexy... And look at that high neckline... and the way this dress also shows off my shoulders... oh la la... this dress is one of my new favorite go to dresses... it will be yours too.
Another version of this dress is in Rouge Mix and has such an artful color pallette for this look, I went neo Japanese... look at me posing in a red light district...LOL! I love the colors in this dress -- they are so sophisticated.
Finally I fell in love with the plaid option... and gave it a sorta gothic look... but you can always also style a sexy school girlish look with this pattern too.
Wearing New - Dress - Delight - Virtual Diva LM -

Loretta and Mr. X - Exclusive @ Tres Chic - Poison Rouge

As I wait for him in my winter garden my mind drifts back... he was like a sweep of Moonglow that late November afternoon... he told me I looked like the finest pearl in the crown of the empress. The moon gravitated toward him and in its warm, soft glow he appeared illuminated. I can still see it in my mind's eye. 

Mr. X loved the new dress called Loretta with its artful transulcent puffy sleeves and sleek white satin slip dress called Loretta, an exclusive by Poison Rouge that is an exclusive at Tres Chic through December 10, 2020.

Loretta is elegant in its simplicity and is made for Maitreya and Legacy bodies. It comes in Pearl (worn), indigo, black, bluish-black (worn), celeste, emerald, green, magenta, and pink.


Dress - Loretta by  Poison Rouge @ Tres Chic through December 10

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