Monday, February 24, 2014

Mr. X and Power Flowers – Delice – New Release by Violator

Mr. X is anticipating spring… so is Violator with the new release called Delice made of heavy royal blue silk brocade with a hint of lavender shot through with silver thread flowers that are just dazzling.

On the runways from Paris to London, Milan to New York there were more floral prints than in an Impressionist garden… but not the delicate buds of Monet at Giverny.  Big bold floral prints are all the rage and Delice by Violator captures this trend eloquently.

The jacket of this outfit is emblazoned with big bold chrysanthemum flowers giving the texture an Asian twist.  The hat adds a dramatic flair to this look and is pure sculpture.

The cinched waist, wide belt and intricate shoulder pads give a nod to 1940s chic glamour while the sleek textured mini skirt is totally 60s mod.  Delice cleverly combines looks from different eras in a way that is smart and sophisticated and definitely not your common garden-variety design.

If you take off the chest ruffles, shoulder pads and skirt ruffles, you are left with a slimmed down sexy version of this outfit that holds its’ own.  As part of the Prêt-à-porter Line, Delice comes in black and silver, black and gold, red and gold and blue and silver.  There is an art to dressing well and you cannot miss out with this fantastic and versatile style.
I am wearing a new skin by Morphine -- it is fresh and dramatic with perfect shading and perfectly shaped lips.  I had the opportunity to interview the creator of this fine line of skins for an upcoming issue of

Wearing: Delice - Blue and Silver - Violator

Real Life Designs

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Mr. X and the Nude Beauty - new release by © Champagne! Sparkling Couture

There is something so elegant about understatement --- sometimes less is really more.  Nude Beauty, the newly released mesh gown by Enzo Champagne by © Champagne! Sparkling Couture that was worn by Miss Virtual World (MVW) Puerto Rico is a perfect example of this sentiment and it is simply magnificent.
 Men will melt at the soft silk pastel peach sweetheart cut bodice that traces your curves down to the mermaid skirt that cascades in translucent pale peach silk with a hint of delicate lace that is like the sunrise in Puerto Rico.

Mr. X tells me I make every moment breathtaking wearing this slender curve hugging dress.  Nude Beauty begins to flair at the knee with soft flowing layers of the sheerest silk  that seem to glimmer with gold creating an elegant mermaid ruffled bottom that produces a balanced and eye-catching look.

Gorgeous gold leaves embellish the front and back of this dress adding a touch of dramatic elegance that hints at the glittering golden sunsets of the Caribbean.  Ah tonight Mr. X and I will samba the night away in a hidden cove… a place for lovers to revel.

I paired this dress with the ever so delicate Embrace Asian peach and gold necklace, earrings and bracelet set created by Zuri Rayna along with her newly released Heart Ring in gold opal.  The Embrace Jewelry set is made in rich chocolate gold with heart shaped peach colored gems giving it a timeless look that endures through trends adding to the classic look of this gown.

Nude Beauty… is flirty and romantic…sure to become a favorite.

Wearing: Nude Beauty- © Champagne! Sparkling Couture

Jewelry- Zuri Rayna
Embrace Asian Peach and Gold Set
Heart Ring – Gold and Opal

Hair - - Wasabi Pills – Casey in Gingerbread

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Mr. X and Forgotten Realms - Violator's Valentines Day Group Gift...

 Lost in a lost world and Mr. X … forgotten realms… the promise of the night, of the land of dreams, of sensual pleasures that seduce the mind as smoke from a brazier… with the fire of Burmese rubies….
Violator…a special group gift… for Valentine’s Day… Forgotten Realms… it is unforgettable… with artfully placed --- vibrant textures – that are synonymous with a woman that is desired…
Forgotten Realms is a testament to Soraya’s skills as an artist with the expert way rigged mesh and alpha textures are placed…with an eye for precision and form.  Bell sleeves sway and are enhanced by blood red silk gloves…a beautiful gold ring is included.
The headdress with its’ veil and crop like decorative accessory is outstanding in its’ complex design that will turn heads where ever you go. Mr. X tells me this is an amazing Valentines Day Group Gift… if you are not a member of Violator, this is the time to join.
 Mr. X tells me he dreams of me… my sweet lovely curves, my eyes, as wide and deep as the river of his fondest hopes…an iridescent rainbow of things to come...together we hold enchantment.  Happy Valentine’s Day…Mr. X. 

Wearing: Violator -Forgotten Realms - Valentine's Day Group Gift
Necklace: Violator - Chained in gold

For RL -- check it out

Skin: Acedia Albion: Gothyblk-