Monday, May 25, 2020

Mr. X and Emerald... Poison Rouge... the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are emerald and they glow like an effervescent angel of heaven -- constantly changing and, yet - still the same...  how Mr. X loves this gown by Poison Rouge called Audrey Emerald because it reminds him of the Northern Lights... a beautiful Aurora. This is a limited edition.

 I feel like the Northern Lights that shine in the skies... and only the lucky get to see the colors as they spill across the Milky Way... the carpet of the night.  I long to dance and swirl... and beckon Mr. X and the stars above to join us... oh emeralds... a girls best friend...

Audrey Emerald is limited and made for maitreya and legacy mesh bodies -- come to me  Mr. X - let us swirl across the sky... let us tiptoe over, under, and around rainbows of emerald green...  as we dance into eternity... 

Wearing - Poison Rouge -  Audrey Emerald - Limited Edition - Maitreya and Legacy

LM -

MP -

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Mr. X and Monika By Invitation Only! - Wild @ Swank

It was one of those nights where time seems endless -- and you enjoy every moment...realizing we have only so much time and hoping there is time enough.  I love the new retro 1950 ish cocktail dress by Wild called Monika that is an exclusive at Swank.

It has a cute flaring skirt and a  black and gold jeweled top -- my fav -- but no worries this dress comes loaded with 21 different colors and textures. It is made for bellaza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies.

Monika also comes with a fabulous heavy chain necklace that sets off this look... you will feel like a vision and you can kindly say... yes, I will see you soon --- and by invitation only! And, shhh I know who I want to invite.

Wearing - Wild @ Swank
Swank LM -

Dress - Wild @ Swank - Monika

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mr. X and Palmer - New Jumo @ SWank

Here is the scoop... I love this new gown called Palmer by Jumo... it is a floral classic with a deep slit all the way up my thigh... Mr. X loves the feel of my skin against him as we dance - and oh, how I love to dance with him in this elegant new gown that is an exclusive @ Swank. I adore the lace top with the cute bows at the shoulder and the way the lace drapes over my bodice that is accented with tight lace embellishments at the waist. And the necklace of flowers is amazing! 

I also love the way the gown drapes and flows like water... it is just gorgeous. It comes made for mesh bodies and has a 21 color changing hud that offers flowers and lace and solid colors and lace... there is so much variety in this elegant gown. I love the black and white version as it is so classic and sophisticated and, I am in that kinda mood tonight!  I am also wearing hair by Jumo that is whisp and cute with a small sexy braid down my back!  The hair is called  Lindsey.

Wearing Swank Exclusives
Swank LM -

Gown - Jumo - Palmer

Hair - Jumo - Lindsey
Jumo LM -

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Boho Happy - New Luxe Paris and !Lyrical B!zarre @ Swank

This month there are two fabulous outfits by Luxe Paris @ Swank... I can't figure which one I like better... they are both boho chic and fun --- GET BOTH!  Luxe Paris always is attentive to the details and textures -- I love that about this design house. Luxe Paris is always cutting edge.  The first outfit I am showing you is called Bohemian Rhapsody. I wear !Lyrical B!zarre  jewelry called Katya also an exclusive @ Swank.

Bohemian Rhapsody is made for mesh bodies - body, slink, maitreya, and belleza. I come with a cute mini skirt that is elegant with a silk mini embellished by golden silk lace that is as delicate as it is sexy. Bohemian Rhapsody comes with a bra top that matches the mini and  -- best of all  - hair and a headband that makes this a go-to boho outfit that you will love for years!

I paired the new exclusive necklace and earrings by! Lyrical B!zzare...called Katya with another exclusive @ Swank and one of my favorite designers... it is perfect for the boho look.  Check out these gorgeous feather earrings and the gorgeous feather necklace on a finely wrought gold knot necklace.

A second offering @ Swank by Luxe Paris is called  Slendor.. it is romantic  -- it consists of a long maxi skirt, bodysuit, and shoes.  

Wearing Swank Exclusives - LUXE PARIS

Outfit #1 - Luxe Paris - Bohemian Rhapsody
Outfit #2 - Luxe Paris - Slendor
Jewelry - !LyricalB!zaare

Mr. X and Frida irrlSISIBBLE @ Swank

Mr. X and I are fans of Frida Kahlo, the great reconstructionist and Mexican painter known for her exuberant style, colorful skirts, and flowers. This new outfit by irrlSISIBBLE  simply called Frida is exclusive at Swank this month. Like the woman herself, this outfit is brimming with a seething cauldron of emotion - anguish, devotion, desire, longing, joy.

Frida is made for skink, belleza, and maitreya mesh bodies. It comes with a gorgeous hat, the perfect hair, earrings, shoes, and lots of flower embellishments that reflect this painter's passionate nature. I love the added touch of the floral garter and the blossoms on the heels.

Did you know she wrote a series of love letters to Diego Rivera across a span of 27 years? Her letters transcend passion and show immense love. "Nothing compares to your hands, nothing like the green-gold of your eyes. My body is filled with you for days and days. you are the mirror of the night. the violent flash of lightning. the dampness of the earth."

"The hollow of your armpits is my shelter. my fingers touch your blood. All my joy is to feel life spring from your flower-fountain that mine keeps filling all the paths of my nerves which are yours."

Wearing Swank Exclusive -

Wearing - Chic Tcheque - irrlSISIBBLE

After event

Friday, May 15, 2020

Mr. X and Asopy - Lavender Nights - Key Style & Moonstone @ Swank

I  am in the boho mood... and these super double layered hip hugging bellbottoms are so retro 70s.... they even have a bit of lace... the cute bra top with frilly polka dot shoulders is so much fun. This outfit is by Key Style and called Asopy and is an exclusive @ Swank. Asopy even comes with super cool   silver rimmed mod  avaitor glasses and a  hud to die for! The earrings are by Moonstone  called BoHo and are fabulous  and even  come with a massive color changing hud.
I wait for Mr. X to fly in... he likes planes and I like him...  and sometimes during sunset  dreams, I see him... it is such a  surreal experience... he is always so much fun... and, yet I wonder... shall I  ... well, as you know, I am tempted and, sadly I never kiss and tell... but, I would love one kiss ... and dream of it as his plane lands....
And here he comes again, I cannot wait to see him... and... in the meantime, get Asopy by Key Style  it is made for mesh bodies and comes with shoes for slink and maitrya feet, coolio glasses and a great color changing hud. The earrings by Moonstone called Boho complete this look!

Wearing Swank  Exclusives - Key Style and MoonstoneOutfit - Asopy  and Earrings Moonstone - Boho 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Boho and Beautiful Kayla & Mr. X - GGVG @ Swank

I feel as though I should walk on moonlight... as I wish for you in my most kind and lovely dreams...  around you I know I can be me... I like that this is a  bohemian outfit by GGVG tank and skirt called Kayla makes me feel like I can not only dance on water --- I think I can dance on it --- and with you would be most delightful.

It is not always easy to be yourself... sometimes when I close my eyes... and  I dream of Bali - its luxuriant greens and muted tones and, the dream to live with you in magic... like a dream...  a romance of innocence and youth...renewal

I adore GGVG's Kayla's boho look that includes a flowing tank top and long silk hip-hugging maxi skirt that has a sensuous belt with silver studs that wraps around your hips... like a man in lust... for you... and, I like that!  So will you. 

Wearing  Swank  Exclusives GGVG - Kayla -Top and Skirt 
made for maitreya, slink, tmp, tonic, fit, slink, curvy 

Gown - GGVG Fashion - Tank and Skirt
LM after swank

Vanish and Mr. X - Sascha's Designs @ Swank

I have other gowns. Many, but not like this one, but I have them. I sometimes need special gowns to suit my mood and where I am going in SL. I am in love with the sophisticated 1940ish glamour of the new gown called Vanish that is an exclusive @ Swank by Sascha's Designs.

I mean what is there not to fall in love with! This gown is something else. Think sexier, but still elegant. Think dancing the night away at your favorite ballroom. Think scotch, neat. Think, omg, I don't mean to upstage everyone in the room.

Vanish is made for slink, belleza, maitreya, and fit mesh bodies. It comes with attachments for a mermaid skirt or you can wear this as a straight sheath. I liked the flexi flow of the mermaid skirt so that is the way I wore it.

Wearing Vanish - Sascha's Designs - Swank Exclusive
LM -

Sascha's Main Store -

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mr. X and the Flower... Giulia Designs @ Swank

Last night Mr. X told me he wished to lie in the garden of my soul... he is so romantic sometimes...even after all these years. I told him I wish to dwell in his heart always where each beat is a symphony of love and affection...together we have built a safe harbor where beauty abounds. I like that. I also like this new dress called Vanilla - Flowers made by Guilla Designs that is exclusive at this month's Swank.

I love the top of Vanilla Flowers with it's deep V neck in the front and in the back and the soft slowing feel of its silky texture against my skin... Mr. X says he likes the way it feels too!  The texture itself reminds me of a classic botanic print that one would find in an ancient catalog...I love the colors and the soft swirl of the flowers.

This outfit comes with a black mini- skirt, and matching shoes for slink and Maitreya feet.  Vanilla is made for slink, belleza, legacy, and maitreya mesh bodies. This dress is also available in five additional colors sold separately.

The shoes this outfit comes with are really great... they are white sandals with a sexy sheath front and stiletto heels. The shoes are made for maitreya and slink high feet...and will come in handy with so many looks.

Wearing  Giulia Designs - Swank Exclusive
Swank LM -
Giulia Designs -Outfit- Flower Dress - Vanilla and Vanilla #5
Giulia Designs MP -

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Swank is Boho in May - New Sexy Style Store!

It is boho time @ Swank in May and I am kicking off this May with a new designer to me, Sexy Style Store... with a fab boho crochet bra top and long skirt called Karim.  I think of summer rain... the west wind... it is as soft as my skin... and I wish he was here...  

Mr. X says I am as soft as the sunshine... can you believe it...  I hope we dance all summer long...  I can see us  under the moonlight... in the sand...  watching the sunset --- not a thought for tomorrow... just now... just us... now is all that is nice.... god alone knows what tomorrow is

Karim is made for Belleza, Slink, and Mesh Bodies and comes with ten options in a variety of artful colors and patterns and is exclusive @ Swank May 2020

Wearing - Swank Exclusive

Wearing - Sexy Style Store - Karim

Hair - DeLa

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Mr. X and Giselle Magdelina - Silvan Moon @ Fantasy Faire

Evangeline make your own magic!  This is what the wise Grand  Dutchess told me... "Men will write poetry about you once you have unleashed your magic... listen to the wind in the trees... watch the glimmering stars and shooting comets... you will know what to do...

I am as beautiful and beguiling as a fresh May Flower... and I wait for him... alone... in the deep forest... do you think he will find me?  I think to myself... “Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels... and yes, he will find me... don't you think? 

Slowly I sink into the moss and walls of the forest... I am surrounded by memories and thoughts of golden hours yet to come... can you take my hand... and come with me into the forest... 

Wearing- Gown -  Giselle Magdelina by Silvan Moon (for slink and Maitreya  mesh bodies)

 LM @ Fantasy   Faire

Main Store LM

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Mr. X and Hayley - New Jumo at Designers Showcase in May

I am in love with dusty rose pink... yes, really! It is a soft old-fashion color. And, if swirling in the spring breeze appeals to you, this is the gown that you will be noticed in. If an invitation comes your way to visit a splendid build fraught with fantasy, this gown by Jumo that is an exclusive @ May's Designer Showcase could work.

If you enjoy being called "his muse", then this dress will work! And of course, if you simply want to enjoy just to enjoy, ask no more, this gown is a must.  The HAYLEY Gown is a Rigged Mesh Gown for mesh bodies, Maitreya, Belleza, eBody and Slink, comes with 20 textures in a HUD to change it. You will find in this pack Hayley Earrings original mesh with 4 metals + 10 gems in a HUD.

I love the high waistline and the way the lace is draped off of it... so alluring. I also adore the lovely lace-edged scalloped sleeves and the way the neckline plunges. Mr. X told me I looked like romance in motion.

Wearing - *New* Jumo - Exclusive @ Designers Showcase - May
LM -

Main Store -

Mr. X and Haiku - New Sascha's Designs

I love the form of Haiku poetry... the romance of images it creates some sad, some happy, but all of them beautiful. The new mini dress by Sascha's Designs is like poetry in motion! It comes with a hud with six patterns that range from sexy lace to polka dots - all in monochromatic black and white... so sophisticated!

Haiku is made for the following mesh bodies slink, maitreya, belleza, fit mesh in 5 sizes, MB & FM Pic, TMP, Venus. It is downright glamourous and perfect for an evening out on the town.  If you consider that some lace is meant to create a stir and some is meant to make you unforgettable then you will begin to understand this dress.

Wearing - Haiku - Sascha's Designs

Main Store

MP -

Friday, May 1, 2020

Mr. X and Milia New Virtual Diva....

Opinions... the only thing worse than being over-opinionated is having nothing to say. And, Mr. X always has something to say... and sometimes actions are better than words... and looking at Milia by Virtual Diva, Mr. X has so many actions... that it makes me blush... 

You will say a lot in this outfit made for Maitreya bodies without uttering a word... and trust me you will like that... it comes with short shorts and a fab top... and when the dust settles... maybe you will return to the topics of the day... 

Wearing - *New* - Virtual Diva - Milia