Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Mr. X and the Autumn Angel... Giulia Design and Jumo

Autumn's fire colors is what this fabulous gown reminds me of by Giulia Design called Grimilde and Jumo's new Sheba eyeliners are perfect for an evening filled with the fire colors of the season!  I love the flowered bra top with the sparkling diamond spider ... and those spiders that cascade down my stomach... there is something so sexy about that --- this is what Mr. X tells me... and he is always right!

The eyeliners called Sheba by Jumo come in six colors.... they glimmer and glisten and are oh so exotic... you will be seeing more of these... I love them! The eyeliners are made for classic avatar heads as well as for catwa and letuka mesh heads. I also adore the exotic neckline of Grimilde that is indeed fit for the Queen of Sheba!

Grimilde is made for mesh bodies and comes in five sizes.  It also comes with a fabulous horned headdress that is jeweled beautiful made as well as wings...  wear both so the boys won't know if you are naughty or nice... I like to keep them guessing, don't you?   Grimilde also comes in black.


Eyeliner - Jumo - Sheba

Dress - Giulia Design  -Grimilde

Hair - Tukinowaguma - Cindy

Monday, October 30, 2017

A Trio of Finds @ Legendaire & Emo-tions

I love being from a small beautiful, cultured city... who doesn't like that... a place where there are a lot of choices and lots of wide open space... pretty lanes to wander down... terrific restaurants and great places to shop like Legendaire.  Check out Ellen... it is sophisticated and sexy at the same time.

Ellen is made for mesh bodies and comes with high high heels for mesh feet. Ellen has a fabulous color changing hud for the tie-up midriff top and crop pants with it's fancy gold studs at the waistline and matching gold heels. The hud offers eight choices for just about every mood from florals to solids. I decided to pair this outfit with the new Agatha lace up heels that are sold separately to complete this lace up look. The Agatha heels come with a hud of ten colors.

 I have paired this with the new hair by Emo-tions called Rona that is an exclusive @ Hairology. It is unisex and looks great on both men and women.  It has appliers for catwa and letluka mesh heads and comes in a large variety of huds. I love the sweep of these braids and the way it flows... so tribal chic.

Another offering by Legendaire is Sydney made for slink, maitreya and belleza mesh bodies.  The mini skit is just right with great detail that includes a big gold belt buckle and a color changing hud featuring four solid colors.

The top for Sidney is so darn cute!  I love the way this cute V neck crop top ties around my waist. The top has a four color changing hud that offers two patterns and two solid colors.  It is so much fun to wear. Sidney also comes with great shoes made for slink, maitreya and belleza mesh feet -- wow these great shoes have a ten color changing hud so you can wear them with lots of stuff!

Wearing - Legendaire
Outfit #1 - Ellen
Outfit #1 - Agatha heels
Outfit #2 - Sidney

Hair - Emo-tions - Rona
Main Store - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hells%20End/128/128/2
Thru Oct. 30 - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Waterton%20Way/47/178/2796

Spooktacular Finds @ Swank .:(CW):. and BPd/EEc

Dark and eerie... a haunted meadow... where skeletons lie-- pale and unsound... they roam this haunted place...zombies come unbidden... wandering in the endless night of their memories... and here I am -- lost in the middle.... wondering which way to go.... the cries of a cat echos.... in the trees. This new stage set called Blair Witchcraft Halloween Stage by .:(CW):. is great and so is the gown by BPd/EEc  also at Swank.

I have gone out, a possessed witch----haunting the black air, braver at night;  dreaming evil, wandering with the spirits... I am a lonely witch in this haunted meadow with my cauldron bubbling and my sister flying over head... a  woman like that is not a woman, quite.  I have been her kind.

This fabulous haunted halloween meadow called Blair Witchcraft Halloween Stage is an exclusive by .:(CW):. and comes loaded with all sorts of spooktacular items from flying witches to zombies, rabid dogs, skeleton trees piles of bones and black crows circling, this is a must have for Halloween fun.  It is an exclusive at this month's swank. It comes with an easy rezz box and is totally enclosed setting a frightfully delicious scene!

I am wearing another Swank exclusive by BPd/EEc called Eternal carnivale that evokes a  19th century stroll in NOLA.  This is a fabulous Victorian styled steampunk gothic gown replete with a bustle and flowers at my side, black of course. This gown is made for slink, belleza and maitreya mesh bodies.  I love the detail of the net dot lace overlay on the gown and the floral swirls mixed with stripes on the bodice and the way they fan out on the bustle.  The long sleeves have leather armbands and are so cool and unusual.

Eternal carnivale  also comes with a beautiful gothic necklace made of the finest black onyx and long drop earrings that glisten in the moonlight. The hat literally tops this outfit off with it's skulls, flowers and lace... making it the perfect finish to  haunt the night in.

Swank Exclusives

Set - Blair Witchcraft Halloween Stage is an exclusive by .:(CW):. 

Gown - BPd/EEc - Eternal carnivale

Hair - !Diva- Ange

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mr. X @ Love Potion #9 - Fad, Ghee, Emo-tions

Fad is back... a very popular shopping venue and what deals and steals they offer... great exclusives love this great look featuring  Ghee's  Fall Layering exclusives.  It is  made for  mesh bodies and all  elements - sweater dress, shirt, sweater neckline, boots, gloves (bento)  are sold separately with  matching huds.  And, it makes me  remember I meant to pick up a "love potion" #9 -- and the Hair... new  Emotions called Arizona... @ Boho.
Each part of this outfit is sold exclusively at FAD -- boots are fabulous - maitreya, slink and belleza mesh feet... gloves bento and  slink.  I am making my way to that  gypsy for my love potion... She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign ---- She said "What you need is love potion number nine"   The hud has 10 colors and  all mix and match -- get it all is my advice it is  so  different and comfy and take the wrap  shirt off and you get a sexy sweater dress... with a  hud....    
The hair is  gorgeous  new  by Emotions  called  Arizona it is  Boho Chic and tribal all at the same time... the flowing feathers of  Native  American Birds and Peacock  tell me that i am  powerfully boho, the silver band  around my forehead will lead Mr. X and I to  worship the  stars... or me...  get it at Boho.
So Mr. X....  let's go see that  Gypsy and have some fun... and drink some love potion # 9  -- and then... more love potion #9.....

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mr. X and a Hex by [Zex] @ Swank

When the days grow short and the nights grow long in autumn I love watching the trees turn from green to red, gold and orange... misty mornings, berries, patches of pumpkins and bales of hay...oh the lure of October.... and oh this alluring outfit by  [Zex]  called Gomory that is an exclusive @ Swank that is sure to bring out your darkest desires!!!

Made for mesh bodies, Gomory  has a sexy mini skirt, thong panties, and a very sexy bandage crop top.  It is perfect for watching ghostly shadows creep slowly by... as candlelights flickers making you wonder if witches roam the night...
Gomory  also comes loaded with accessories such as the fabulous horns and the wrist cuff.  I love the bejeweled details in these horns that studded with silver and have chains with silver gems hanging from their ends. Certainly in this outfit you will be ready to roam any night of fright!

Somehow to make this even more other worldly and exotic I decided to wear Violator, now only available on MP. I am wearing Chatelaine - the collar, headpiece, veil chest... after all who doesn't like forbidden things... this time of year....

Wearing - Swank Exclusive http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spring%20Retreat/160/138/3003
[Zex] - Gomory

Jewelry - Violator - Chatelaine

Hair - TKW - Talvikki

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mr. X and the Garden Gate @ Swank- CJ Creations and Wild

What strange spirit lead them to this gothic garden gate... they knew not... back, back into the long dead past they wander... endlessly...he could see her graceful approach to meet him...he repeated her name silently, willing her to come... once again to him...You can find this fab Arbor Gate by CJ Creations with Gothic peeps at Swank thru Oct. 31.

He half believed that at this dark hour under the silver moonlight if he went to the garden arbor that he should see her again under the slumbering roses, parasol in her hand... there is no doubt that the lady of the garden has put him under her spell...These lovely figures and the garden arbor, whose flowers change colors are an exclusive at Swank by CJ Creations called CJ Aura Gothic Archway.  These two are certain to spice up any Halloween Garden party with their elegant Victorian Gothic look!

Speaking of spicing it up... I love this new dress by Wild called Creepy Girl. It is made for classic bodies for you ladies that are not mesh and for those that are, this dress is also available in mesh (belleza, slink, maitreya and fit).  Creepy Girl comes with an amazing color changing hud with 12 textures... all more creepy than the next and so very festive for this time of year!

The garden pedestals are also by CJ Creations and come in a set of three.  They are  highly detailed and low prim and oh so gothically decorative. They are not linked and you can copy them making it really easy to landscape with them.

Shall I wait for him by the garden gate...I wait in the dusky light... straining for the first sound of his footsteps. Noiselessly as a penumbra of the moon he entered the garden, pale as pearl... Mr. X said there you are... aas always, softly radiant and your eyes, mysterious and unearthly from which the soup looks out...

Swank  Exclusives - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spring%20Retreat/160/138/3003
Set - CJ Creations - CJ Aura Gothic Archway and Aura Gothic Urns
Dress - Wild = Fashion Creepy Girl Dress
Necklace - HJ Gothika Necklace

Hair - Jumo - Quinn - Vibrant
Boots - Jumo - Mayuko (for classic and slink feet)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Mr. X and the Union of Souls...!!SMD!!

Did you know that we are witches -- that know the power of enchantment?  I parade down the stairs and my sister   brews... her... stew or is she  stewing..... (you never know with sisters, if you know what I mean).   She calls to me... do you really think you are a princess?  I think that you are a red headed.... spawn....of Lucifer.... and she laughs her laugh that echoes through the webs and wakes the spiders...

We are not  pink nor pale  we are  almost perfect said one witch to the other...she has more than she needs -- the bird--- he tweets and sings like  a raven... the spiders spin and the cat prowls... we are good witches that conjure our spells as the night covers us in its deep indigo splendor with the light of the stars so bright that it spills through the upper window.
Sister shall we  boil him or eat him alive or let him-- fly free -- so many  choices  but my witch sister is of the water and the stream of light and of dreams...  she stirs her pot and is always true to her word...a good witch for those whose hearts can stand the heat...I  watch my sister she is contemplating  choices....a dash of nutmeg perhaps...

 Whether it is fate  or lust... the knowledge enlightens, and we will know what to do... because, we see through you and we know what and who you are...  If I  were  Pygmalion or  God...  Mr. X says....  I will  brew you always exactly as the  double trouble  that you both are!

Gown - !!SMD!! -Union of Souls - Haunting Set

Hair - Superstar Acedia Albion (no longer available)

Make -up - Alge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ebony%20Coast/230/41/2501

Thanks to my friend Alexa -- she shot the third spooky photo as I had popped in when she was shooting this fabulous shoppe called  Spiritualists Shoppe by DRD @ Seasons of the Witch Event
For details on this please visit her blog post at https://bitsandpiecesofsl.wordpress.com/tag/alexa-maravilla... her images and creativity are so spooktacular!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Mr. X -- I'm going batty! New Finds at Scare Me Silly- LC Fashions

There is a  very special event -- happening for a very serious problem -- it is called  Scare Me Silly and it is for Team Diabetes in SL that  runs from  Oct. 13-31. Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorized team of The American Diabetes Association. I am  going "batty" about the new Halloween gown I found at Scare me Silly that is created by  LC Fashion.

I love the detail in this gown how the bodice is stripped then goes to bats and spiderwebs and finally, the lower part of the gown is a beautiful solid silk purple.  This lovely gown is made for fit mesh, slink, belleza and maitreya mesh bodies and also comes with appliers for the lovely bat gloves.  This Halloween gown also has a gorgeous bat necklace and a sexy lace mask, both resizeable that completes the look.

Another offering and more formal is the Darcey Formal Halloween Gown with a skull bodice with a sexy ruffle on one side, a cute leather tie necklace and flexi-prims with lace on the hemline. Darcy is made for classic and mesh avatars and comes with an applier for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza and Omega bodies.

LM for Scare Me Silly - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Water%20Haven/149/136/23

Hair - Emo-tions - Envy

Swank Exclusives
Event LM  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spring%20Retreat/160/138/3003
 Living Room Furniture - {CdB} - Luna Living Room

Make-up- Alge-http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ebony%20Coast/230/41/2501

Check out the Fab Events Planned @ Scare Me Silly!

Sunday, October 22, 2017:
1pm to 3pm slt-Seanchai Library
Monday, October 23, 2017:
-4pm to 6pm slt-Best in Black party with DJ John
Tuesday, October 24, 2017:
-12pm to 2pm slt-DJ Mia
-6pm to 7pm slt-Elysium Cabaret
Wednesday, October 25, 2017:
-12pm to 2pm slt-DJ Mia
Thursday, October 26, 2017:
-12pm to 2pm slt- DJ Mia
Saturday, October 28, 2017:
-4pm slt-Bad Amp Presents Ozzy Osborne
Sunday, October 29, 2017:
-12pm to 2pm slt-DJ John

Tuesday, October 31, 2017:
-4pm to 6pm slt-Halloween Costume Party with DJ Vee
-11:59 pm slt-Event, all hunts, and fishing tournaments end
The merchants in this  event include: @AdReNaLiZeD@, Albino Peacock, Babey, Bad Dragon Clothing, Beyond Persuasion Design, Blush, BRYNE, Candy’s Designs, Cats ‘n Kittens Boutique, Cazimi, ChiC buildings, Chiffon, Cleopatra Inc., Creepy Midget Designs, Dallas MacKenzie Designs, Dominique’s Designs, Epicine, Fae Fantasy Creations, Fashiowl Poses, Gidget’s Style, Gross Princess, GypsyRose Botanical, IMaGE Factory, Indigenous, Just Imagine, Just Ordinary, Kades, Kiliki Bikini, Kitty Creations, Kittycat’s Creations , LC Fashion, Lunar Seasonal Designs, MadCatCreations, Mahlberg Tailors, Mara’s Mysteries, Mariposa, Metal and Stone, Orchid Petal Designs, Park Place Home, ::Pharmacist::, Porcelan, Potomac Signature Homes, Queued, Redangel Designs, Rico’s Customs, Romance Couture, Roth’s, Rowanessque, Rush Love Your Look, Sasheba’s Closet, SpellBound Boutique, Sunspear Creations, Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions, The Crone’s Garden, The Little Bat, The Pumpkin Head, TRS Designs, Tylar’s Treasures, Unforgettable Temptations, Winx Trivium, Wood Works, & Zoom.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Mr. X and Carmen, The Opera .... *NEW* JUMO - Skin, Shape, Lips & Eyes- Carmen & Gown

Oh, the romance of Carmen... Mr. X... set in Seville around 1830... a Spanish gypsy and her love...I love this new shape and skin and eye and lip make-up by Jumo, not to mention the fabulous gown I am wearing called... Pollux Gown, the shape, skin, eyes, lips, skin and hair... all  Jumo... and wow new skin Carmen... fabulous! For classic and mesh bodies and for Letuka and Catwa Mesh Heads!

 Carmen is a Spanish gypsy girl who is working in a factory when the story opens. She sees the soldier Don José one lunchtime and decides to make him fall in love with her even though he already has a girlfriend. At first, he isn’t interested, but Carmen has a way with her and soon she captures his heart. This gown comes with a  huge color change hud that changes the textures from sexy lace to solid and the colors - even ombre. It also includes a fur wrap and long and short earrings.

Don José deserts the army and leaves his girlfriend Micaela to be with Carmen, but Carmen soon gets tired of him and instead takes up with Escamillo, the hunky bullfighter who she thinks is much more glamorous than Don José. José is desperately unhappy at this and tries very hard to persuade Carmen to come back to him. She refuses and instead goes to watch Escamillo in a major bullfight.
José waits for Carmen outside the ring and gives her one last chance to come back to him, but she only laughs at him. Then José says that if he can’t have her, no one will. He takes out a knife and stabs her. Carmen dies as José is arrested and led away, while inside the ring the crowd cheers as Escamillo wins the bullfight.

That’s love is sung by Carmen when she first appears on stage. The words tell the audience about her character, that she is fickle and faithless and just out for what she can get. Carmen is one of the most popular and famous operas in the world. It is performed many times each year. If you are able to listen to it, you will probably find that you already know several of the tunes because they are played so often.
Love the skin and eye makeup and lips that goes with the new Carmen Skin Package that comes in many shades for classic, and mesh bodies and also for Catwa and Letuka Mesh Heads (worn) and it also comes with a special  oh wow sexy Carmen shape, also worn.

Wearing - Jumo
LM- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropical%20Lodge/205/76/24

Skin - Carmen Honey
Eyes and Lips - Carmen
Gown - Pollux
Hair - Doutzen

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mr. X and Collins Manor- Swank - Glitter, {CdB} and Outside the Box, Lyrical

I love this time of year -- Halloween time and all the spooktacular items to be found in SL.... at Swank through October 31 they offer everything from  jewelry to clothes for men and women to  spooky garden stuff and furniture. Check out this fabulous living room set by {CdB} called Luna Living Room.  This set uses crushed velvet, leather, marble and touches for gild for the upholstery and tables.  The sofa and chair comes in a color changing hud of  jewel tones  plus a grey neutral as shown.

The set comes loaded with so many casual goth items. This set includes: {CdB} Luna Sofa, Luna Arm Chair, Luna Leather Bench, Buffalo Horn Table, Luna Flower Lamp, Cognac Set, Bowl of Acorns, Horror/Sci Fi  Books, Majesty Floor Mirror, and Tea Table - all shown.

I love the detail in the  Collins Manor Fireplace by Outside the Box with its skulls and candles and of course the lithographic print of my spooky dream house... Mr. X will you build this for me?  It will be ok if the floors are crooked and the windows are at a slant!!!  I also love the resize rug I have used on the floor called Collins Manor Rug.

I am wearing another exclusive by Swank by Glitter called Nova... it will make your Mr. X light up... like a super -Nova... and what could be better than that... of course, I am a lady, so I won't go there... you will have to figure it out on your own!!!!!

This is a Goth Harness Bodysuit with lace by Glitter  that is so sexy... it is made for fitmesh in five standard sizes, BELLEZA (Venus, Freya and Isis), MAITREYA, SLINK (Physique and Hourglass), it also comes with Appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, eBody, Slink and Omega. It is easy to use and oh so very evocatively goth....

Swank Exclusives
Event LM  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spring%20Retreat/160/138/3003
 Living Room Furniture - {CdB} - Luna Living Room

Fireplace and  Rug -  Outside the Box - Collins Manor Fireplace  and Collins Manor Rug

Wearing  Glitter - Nova - Black

Poses (some)  Glitter
Necklace #1 !Lyrical Bizzarre

Make up Alge http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ebony%20Coast/230/41/2501

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mr. X and Los Dias de los Muertos - *New* Wicca's Wardrobe

Los Dias de los Muertos -- the Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico, Latin America and  the United States on Nov. 1.  It is a time when people gather to remember friends and family members that have died. Whether you celebrate Halloween, All Saints Day or Day of the Dead, this dance of death is a reminder that every one of us faces the same fate.  And,  as I say, live it up while you can... and I am in this new outfit by Wicca's Wardrobe called Catrina that is an exclusive at @ The Dark Style Fair...and I am ready to  party!

I love the fact that Catrina comes loaded with a dress and coat - you can wear one or the other or both they are separate.  The hud is amazing and consists of eight colors: black, blue, deep red, gold, green, purple, red and white.  The hud also has eight gems for the interior of the buttons and  three metal options - gold, silver and black... WOW!

Wearing the hud  options  you can mix and match the colors for the  coat, dress, vest, ruffles and pinstripes on the coat and sleeves. You change the color of the buttons and the gems inset in the buttons themselves! Catrina is made for maitreya and slink mesh bodies. I didn't have to change a thing when I wore it with my Maitreya body... Mr. X likes that... a quick look and so many variations... so do I!  Wicca's Wardrobe is so easy to wear, and fun.

Soon will be The Day of the Dead
Nobody in the class will survive
If they don’t think with their head
Looking for a way to stay alive.
We love to eat lots of beans
But if you want false superstitions
You better celebrate Halloween.
 **  From Mexican Poet not sita!

Wearing - Wicca's Wardrobe - Catrina  - an exclusive at The Dark Style Fair that runs thru Nov. 2

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mr. X and the Night - Tiffany Design @ Swank

Alone tonight the absence of tranquility -- I wonder... if Mr. X can bewitch me...I know one thing for sure in this new gown by Tiffany Design called Gothic Gown, an exclusive at Swank through October 31, I will bewitch him! 

This sexy gothic mermaid styled gown has flexi sheer bell sleeves and a lace bodice that embraces my body like the stars embrace the cold deep dark night...It is crowned with a beautiful band of roses whose thorns shimmer in the night.  Gothic gown is made for fit mesh and mesh bodies and comes with all the appropriate appliers making it easy to wear. It also comes with drop pearl and diamond earrings and a lovely classic pearl necklace with a fine gold chain.

Mr. X, you say, I grace the concept of beauty by candlelight  ---- or is it by silence of a  sentimental night  you and I, Mr. X entwined... as dreary shadows cast a  pallid  light... 

No matter, my soul is  yours --  captive in the beauty of the night....Mr. X you hold me so dear.... and I  melt... in this  gorgeous Goth Gown  by Tiffany Design -- so come, let's discover the night together...and never return to our point of origin....

Wearing the exclusive Gothic Gown by Tiffany Design @ Swank
LM http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spring%20Retreat/160/138/3003