Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Violator… Mr. X and Scheherazade

Scheherazade bewitched the Sultan with stories and poems, fables and songs---- she told him of princes and princesses, talismans -- precious rings, heros and villains….

She sang, chanted, and spoke in a melodic voice like the moon dancing on water… to entertain the Sultan through the night.

 At the break of dawn…. the Sultan spared her life… in order to spend another night with the ultimate temptress ---- to listen to the conclusion of one tale before another started…he could not get enough of her.

Violator’s Soraya Vaher has done it again the Prêt-à-porter Line features a fabulous catsuit called Scheherazade.  It is ravishing in claret red and streaked with gold embellishments.  The top’s V neck and sleek back is beautifully proportioned and the belled pants with gold stripes down each side make this outfit come together like a perfect opium dream.  It also comes in black and gold, silver and gold, and royal blue and gold.

 Enticing poetic images, chants, songs, lamentations, hymns, beseeching, praising, pleading, riddles and annotations ---- enchantment and dreams…. this is the power of Scheherazade.  Mr. X always tells me I am his muse, his love, his Scheherazade.

Photographer : Frankx Lefavre

Model:  Steele Sirnah

Outfit Prêt-à-porter Collection  - Violator-- Scheherazade

Shoes- Violator – Prêt-à-porter Collection   Pride 

Necklace and Earrings- Violator- Posh Glitter Red
For RL Designs of Violator http://www.luckynumberblack.com