Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Rajkumari & Mr. X for Sneak Peek

The new gown by Masoom, designed by Amberchaudry Corpur can be found exclusively at Sneak Peak. The gown is aptly named, Rajkumari, the hindi name for Princess.  Rajkumari comes with two butterflies, one worn mid.-arm, the other as an elaborate  headpiece encrusted with gold and fit for a princess.
Rajkumari  has an ethereal quality with it's black silk skirt that flows gently on the breeze and the bodice with it's sweetheart neckline highlighted with shimmering gold thread in intricate designs as though it was created expressly for a butterfly princess.
Mr. X knows how much I love butterflies.  To me, butterflies are like floating flowers and in this non-mesh gown you will float across the ballroom floor...elegant and enchanting...
Mr. X describes a butterfly as happiness and me in his arms....and I couldn't agree more, I am indeed very happy in his arms......

Masoom - Rajkumari - Sneak Peak Exclusive
Sneak Peak LM:
Sneak Peek LM - Opens 25th of every month

Hair: Diva

Skin - Morphine Skin

Necklace - Zuri Rayna Jewelry - Brushed Gold Green Opal Moon Necklace & Earrings

Monday, October 27, 2014

Holy Shirt 4 Sneak Peek & Mr. X

It is hot in Hanoi.  The air is heavy with moisture and redolent with jasmine and hash... the sun is beginning to set as I wait for Mr. X... deep in a labyrinthine Asian Marketplace.... full of sights and sounds and smells that boggles the mind and jars the senses....
To greet Mr. X I have decided to wear this sexy silk maxi skirt with  deep daring slits up the front of each leg by Holy Shirt that was made exclusively for Sneak Peak organized by Penumbra.  This outfit comes in three versions. The black silk is sexy and sophisticated and can be worn just about anywhere on the grid.
The maxi skirt and cropped midriff top also comes in a silver white and black striped midriff skirt with a "little bitch" top that is flirty and fun -- Mr. X loves those qualities in women, he calls me "cheeky" all the time!
The high waist skirt and cropped top also comes in a warm gold color with brown leather trim that will set hearts on fire.  All three outfits come with a cascading  beaded necklace that completes this look that is hip and elegant at the same time.... a signature of Holy Shirt.

Sneak Peak Exclusive - Holy Shirt
 High waist skirt and cropped top in black, striped and gold
Sneak Peek LM - Opens 25th of every month

Hair: Exile

Skin and Shoes- Slink High Heel Sandals - Morphine Skin

Thursday, October 23, 2014

OMG Penumbra's Sneak Peek Openning Oct. 25!

After two fantastic seasons of unparalleled success, PENUMBRA is opening the way to new opportunities.  This year you will be able to benefit from their monthly event appropriately called SNEAK PEEK.  As a chosen blogger for this fabulous and exciting event, I will show my readers as many of the extraordinary offerings as possible to keep you inspired and styled!
SNEAK PEEK is a vamped up production and an effervescent style platform that will take you to the front row of upcoming trends throughout the SL grid as the Penumbra staff and their chosen designers, creators and bloggers kick off in full gear making sure you get the most from your SNEAK PEEK into the wonderful world of SL fashion.
The first monthly event will take place from the 25th of October to the 5th of November and you will have 10 magnificent days to shop and scout the latest trends!!!  
My first blog will appear with LM on Friday, Oct. 24.

Featured Designers:
Angel Dessous
Asteria Creations
BN designs
Dead Dollz
Deluxe Body Factory
Divalicious Designs
Ever An’ Angel
JUMO Fashion and Beauty
KL Couture
Leri Miles Designs
Linealrise Design [LRD]
Loovus Dzevavor
Lush By CoCo
Lyrical B!zarre Templates
Nya’s Shop
petit chat

. PENUMBRA. Website:  http://penumbrasl.com
. PENUMBRA. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/penumbrasl

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween at Fresh Style Round 8

 Bewitched, another exclusive at Fresh Styles  created by EccentriciXI has a vintage retro vibe.  Mr. X loves the classic lines of vintage fashions because they really show off a woman's curves!  Bewitched, appropriately named is timeless with its' velvet silk orange background and black floral brocade pattern.

The plunging neckline and wide collar is imaginatively designed and is the focal point of this dress... you are sure to cast a charmed spell!  Bewitched pairs perfectly with Styles by Danielle's Madame Majestic choker and earrings and group gift nails. (not part of  Fresh Styles)
When it comes to spinning and  weaving... spiders catch the fly!  I love the "Spider Dress" created by Izziejo, CEO of Izzie's Style Exclusives and featured at Fresh Styles.  The asymmetric hemline and hood adds to the playfulness of this dress.
To match the Spider Dress don't forget to "step out" wearing the matching thigh high boots.
I have paired the Spider Dress  with Gothic Madame Majestic choker and earrings  by Styles by Danielle.  This luscious necklace is striking with its' cascade of sparkling orange and black crystals.

Fresh Styles:
 EccentriciXI - Bewitched  - exclusive at Fresh Styles
Izzie's Style Exclusives - Spider Dress - exclusive at Fresh Styles
Fresh Style LM

Jewelry: Styles By Danielle
Jewelry: Madame Goth Jewelry and Earrings

Morphine Skins - Lauren Medium

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fresh Styles Round 8 and the Ghostly Living Room by Heart Homes

Fresh Style where exclusives cost 50L to 150L is offering as always high quality deals. Mr. X likes pumpkins, he carves the funniest faces on them; so how could I resist Days of Comfort Spooks Pumpkin created by Karakarkar  CEO of Impose.  This ensemble has both black and orange leggings with a flowing tunic festively festooned with pumpkins.  The skin, by Morphine is new and divine -- I love it --- Lauren Medium... it comes in all shades with tons of options... it is my new go to skin!
The Ghost Whisper Set, created by Heart Homes is offered at a 25% discount exclusively at the Cosmopolitan Birthday event.  The set has two chairs (3 animations each) and a sofa (3 ao's), two animated jars that must be seen to be  believed... and animated spider webs, even ghosts that rezz and  guests that fly!   This is Halloween fun at it's gruesome best!
 The "ghost" piano is the star of the set as far as I am concerned -- among the many animations, you can even cast spells --- and  I am casting a "ghastly love" spell on Mr. X!   And... the Zombie Girl  that is in desperate need of a make over watches me... well, all Zombies need a make over in my humble opinion.... Mr. X  likes to.... well shoot them!
As I  play a macabre tune on the  ghost piano a bench and spider web materializes.  My audience is the Zombie girl --- she moves and follows me around... and is simply gruesome!  The cool thing about Zombie girl is that you put the crack in the wall, walk by the crack and she emerges.....
You will also find the macabre story bedroom set at 35% off, a "totally nutz for you" at 60% off and a gift of pumpkin cider that is perfect to serve your guests at only 50L at the Cosmo Event.

Furniture at Heart Homes:
Bleeding Zombie
Inworld - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shopping%20City/244/7/23
MP https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/61699
Web: http://www.aphroditeshop-sl.com

Heart Homes Furniture - Ghostly Whisper - exclusive at Cosmo Birthday event
Cosmopolitan LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Happy%20Heaven/202/153/22

Fresh Styles
Wearing: Impose - Days of Comfort Spooks Pumpkin  - exclusive at Fresh Styles

Morphine Skins - Lauren Medium

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Mr. X and Arabella... Styles by Danielle & October's 4Seasons

Faintest scent of carnations.  Refined pale skin -- a tell tale sign of a society lady wearing the limited edition of Angelina Milk by October's 4Seasons.
 Tall. Grand lack of fuss -- code for  drama free.  Dressed elegantly in a bewitchingly fashionable new release called Arabella by Styles by Danielle that is discounted for group members.
Arabella is perfect for a formal October night out... and for that special Halloween event. Wear it with or without the train and side lace skirts. It has an intricate velvet silk brocade texture that is unforgettable.
The bustier top also comes with a high neckline and jewelry that is perfectly appointed.  Arabella comes in black and red as shown, also in blue and taupe. From Oct. 10- Nov. 10 Gothic Madame Blue is 50% off for group members.  The group gift of nails match this look.
Or, you can take off the neckline and sleeves and wear it with Madame Goth Jewelry and earrings also created by Styles by Danielle.  The antique gold and onyx filigree necklace  and classic drop earrings are sensational.
A new limited edition skin called Angelina Milk by October's 4Seasons has hit the grid and is superb.   Angelina Milk comes with heaps of coordinated eye and lip colors, slink appliers, no brow make-up, breast enhancements and even an open tooth tattoo!  As one of SL's best and most sought after photographers, October has an eye for beauty and style and this skin is proof!
Walking through the restaurant on a Sunday night like a filly in slow motion.  Sitting alone at a table... waiting for Mr. X .... I feel all eyes on me... he cannot help but stare. I am regal in Arabella and Milk (it is good for you!).... even across the room Mr. X hears me, "In my next life I'm going to write serious historical fiction and live in .......... you fill in the blanks Mr. X........"

Wearing: Styles by Danielle
Arabella - in Red and Black - NEW
Jewelry: Madame Goth Jewelry and Earrings

Skin: Angelina Milk by October's 4Seasons

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fashion Show by L'Amour Productions - Romance Couture, Violator, Chop Zuey

Ava Jhamin, CEO of L'Amour Productions in collaboration with  Eles ( Eleseren Brianna) CEO of Romance Couture,  along with sponsors, Soraya Vaher CEO of  Violator and Belle Roussel , CEO of  Chop Zuey cordially invites you  to "Amaterasu", a Fashion Show on  Sunday, October 19 at 10 a.m. SL Time.  The show's namesake, Amaterasu is the most  primeval Shinto  Japanese sun goddess that  represents the material world and light.... and this show will astound you!

Steele Sirnah (Violator), Ava Jhamin & Sita Writer (Romance Couture)

The "mythical deities" that will strut the runway include many of SL's best models: Nickle Sparrowtree , Angelica Carling, DiamondGem Destiny , JewelOfDeniel , Steele Sirnah , Monica Balut, Silly Avro , Trinity Aironaut and Taylor Falconvale.  "I have given the models the opportunity to be creative performers in their own right, posing as both models and butoh 'dancers'. They were given almost total freedom to perform and present the designs as they saw fit", says Else.
Ava tells me, "I love doing shows and it was so much fun to collaborate with  Eles, CEO of  Romance Couture."   Else adds, "I wanted the show to be an artistic collaboration that combines the creativity of the amazing SL Artist Frankx Lefavre, that constructed the runway and the musical set by DJ Adam01time who has created a selection of  remixed modern Japanese classical and butoh music.  Also, I am honored to have Violator and Chop Zuey as sponsors of the show."

Else, a model, designer and fashionista wanted to bring new life and ideas to Romance Couture so this summer she created an avant garde collection for her brand....and it is stunning. There are three segments to the show: a black collection, the contrasting white collection where Else explores deconstrucivision in  haute couture and the abstract collection."
The line created by Violator for men is another highlight of this show. Fashionable clothes for men (just ask that shopaholic Mr. X -- he changes his look so often that it is hard to keep up with him!) are difficult to find in SL.  Fortunately, Violator also creates a wide variety of striking clothes for men.
This is a must see show... plan on it!
Show Land Mark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LEA18/114/87/1128

Romance Couture - Abstracts #5 gown
Top Photo: From the Black and White Collection
Jewelry - Violator - Necklace: Aphorism - Gold & Black; Earrings: All the Forbidden things - Black
Skin: Morphine

Set Build and Runway -  Frankx Lefavre - Lea18

Photo Studio- Image Photography - Mesh Studio Photo Mesh 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pack light & Mr. X.... Tay - new release Sonatta Morales

Pack light... have you ever heard such a ridiculous thing in your life...this was the advice of Mr. X.... for my journey to meet him....and not a damn porter to be found... not even a sherpa.... but I like train travel... I love the sound of the whistles as they signal the beginning or continuation of a journey.
Most of all I love  the way trains snake along the tracks always providing something new to look at. I also love this new release called Tay by Sonatta Morales.  While I wait to board at least I am warm in this luxurious new velvet coat with its' fabulous fur collar.  If I am in luck, this station will serve tea at the very least... and maybe a stronger spirit to warm me up for this long journey...god knows I need it!
I don't know how Mr. X can miss me in the station when my train arrives... this coat is dazzles... with brilliant colors in a fabulous texture that is pure eye candy. It is as gorgeous from the back as it is from the front !
Oh no, he can't be late again can he?  And worse, the station is locked up tight... so no tea... no rum... not a drop of anything to keep me warm.... so  I snuggle deeper into this fabulous fur collar and wait for Mr. X....
To pass the time, I  light my pipe and send him SOS smoke signals..... "Mr. X Sita has arrived and is in desperate need of a sherpa.... hint --- hint!"  The moon is rising... and I am starving as well.... oh Mr. X --- where on earth are you? Men !!!!!!

Wearing: Sonatta Morales - Tay (new release) and leopard vintage sunglasses

ghee - GoGo Boots (new)

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Kat - seafoam

Skin - Morphine

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Covered Bridges and Mr. X -- Sascha's new design Sabine

I love the light of autumn... the golden cast... that makes me feel warm all over... and then there is Mr. X... well, never mind what he does..... !  And then, the new design called Sabine by Sascha.... I love the smart  blazer and tight pants....and lace top and all the details from the collar to the buttons... no detail missed.
Sabine by Sascha also has a ruffled skirt....  sexy, alluring and it will send "chills" up his spine... a good thing indeed !
 However  you wear this... it is fabulous....  as I wait for Mr. X in the glow of light..... we will walk through autumn's  gown of golden color....he says he struck gold with me....  sighs he is so romantic....
This comes in red, black, blue, gold, pink, beige, white.... a multitude of colors and choices... (like life)....  this is masterfully made and  sexy...... trust me on this... and thank you Sascha!
As for Mr. X.... shall we cross that bridge when we come to it?

Wearing - Sascha Designs - Sabine - Gold

Skin - Morphine

Hair - Wasabi Pills - New Kat

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mr. X and the Mod Squad! NEW 60's styles by ghee

I told Mr. X... think mod... think London in the 1960s... think stylish, sharp, hip and smart...think ghee's new 60's mod line.
In the early 60s when mod was in it's hayday, women cut their hair short and used heavy eyeliner and lashes... think Twiggy an Icon of the Mod era.
Ghee has created the perfect 60's mod ensemble that comes with an unbelieveable hud boasting 10 brilliant colors...purple, white, deep blue, black, lime, red, green, tangerine, pink, lemon, and sky blue.
Change the color of the lapels, back tab, buttons and hooks with the hud -- it offers endless combinations allowing your fashion sense to go wild and enabling you to truly create your own look.
The boots, goggles and belt also come with the exact same color changing hud that enables you to change details such as the boots zipper and tab, the buckle of the belt and the rim, sides and color of the glass on the goggles.
The cap is the crowning glory of the mod look bringing this retro look full circle.  It comes with the same hud allowing you to match the lapels, boots, belt or slicker coat...whatever your heart desires and that is the fun of it!
Underneath, ghee has made leggings and a turtleneck top that can be worn in several different styles... they are the perfect way to show this hip outfit off.
New York is so romantic in the rain...I recall a light drizzle of rain, standing on the curb, at rush hour -- arm in arm with Mr. X... a hurried kiss goodbye...as I watched him walk into the fog that slowly enveloped him... leaving me standing alone.

ghee - Thermals - Marshmallow, Licorice, Lemon
ghee; Vinyl All Slicker coat, belt, hat, goggles and go-go boots
Vintage Fair thru Oct. 24 - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wirefly/136/125/22

Marketplace:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/115023

Morphine Skin - Luisa Medium

Lashes: Redgrave - Twiggy 

Hair: Dura 23

ghee Blog: 
ghee Facebook: