Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mr. X and the Mod Squad! NEW 60's styles by ghee

I told Mr. X... think mod... think London in the 1960s... think stylish, sharp, hip and smart...think ghee's new 60's mod line.
In the early 60s when mod was in it's hayday, women cut their hair short and used heavy eyeliner and lashes... think Twiggy an Icon of the Mod era.
Ghee has created the perfect 60's mod ensemble that comes with an unbelieveable hud boasting 10 brilliant colors...purple, white, deep blue, black, lime, red, green, tangerine, pink, lemon, and sky blue.
Change the color of the lapels, back tab, buttons and hooks with the hud -- it offers endless combinations allowing your fashion sense to go wild and enabling you to truly create your own look.
The boots, goggles and belt also come with the exact same color changing hud that enables you to change details such as the boots zipper and tab, the buckle of the belt and the rim, sides and color of the glass on the goggles.
The cap is the crowning glory of the mod look bringing this retro look full circle.  It comes with the same hud allowing you to match the lapels, boots, belt or slicker coat...whatever your heart desires and that is the fun of it!
Underneath, ghee has made leggings and a turtleneck top that can be worn in several different styles... they are the perfect way to show this hip outfit off.
New York is so romantic in the rain...I recall a light drizzle of rain, standing on the curb, at rush hour -- arm in arm with Mr. X... a hurried kiss I watched him walk into the fog that slowly enveloped him... leaving me standing alone.

ghee - Thermals - Marshmallow, Licorice, Lemon
ghee; Vinyl All Slicker coat, belt, hat, goggles and go-go boots
Vintage Fair thru Oct. 24 -


Morphine Skin - Luisa Medium

Lashes: Redgrave - Twiggy 

Hair: Dura 23

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