Friday, December 30, 2016

Mr. X and the Lady Broch Tuarach --- Silvan Moon Designs & White Armoury

"I am enchanted beyond measure by your arrival.  I thought,  Mr. X  -- I did not expect to arrive in such weather and the lack  of hot water...... My dear, sweet lady-  you look as fresh as rain and the mist of the moors.... must I really say Broch Tuarach, or won't it do if I only say Lady Tuarach?" 

I could not believe his words to me....I remember when Mr. X said these words to me.... and I dream of Mr. X and the lavender ladened moors of Scotland... especially when wearing the new gown called Lady Broch  Tuarach Gown by !!SMD!!

Named for an old broch on the land, Broch Tuarach means "north-facing tower" in Gaelic. I love the look of this gown with its lovely tartan in heather, brook or hunter... each one has its own beauty... and comes with a matching sweater  legs and tops that are compatible with all mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara. This gown is also compatible with  regular mesh bodies and classic.

Broch Tuarach also comes with a lovely floral embroidered bodice that is like a  gorgeous medieval  tapestry.  It also has  a handy pouch... that adds to the look of this gown... it is a wee bit fetching... Mr. X told me that he was enchanted by me in this gown beyond measure...and said, yes, indeed, you are my  lady with the hint of a question... 

I remember as i gaze out amid the  moors the night Mr. X said to me, when I talk to you it is as if I was talking to my soul....  there is no question here... I am his Lady.....

 Wearing Gown  Silvan Moon Designs
 Lady Broch Tuarach  in heather and Brook

Loch Ness Inn

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