Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Finds @ POE on till 12/31

POE or Peace on Earth is a unique hunt in SL... it offers really quality items for FREE -- 139 to be exact.  I have gone on the hunt... and this blog represents some of my favorites... mostly from  designers I don't know... and of course, some that I do... Check out this gorgeous gown by Glitterati by Sapphire #49!  I love the embellished floral  hemline on this gown and the fetching hat with the same floral pattern... both placed on an opulent background of white silk.   LM  Hint - Simone loves her brick and gold jumpsuit.

Another find is a gown  by  Mystic Dragons  called  Noel.   This  gown is sleek and sexy silk gown in deep burgundy with gold that  streaks down this  gown like  fireworks.... what could be better?  Hint A fountain replaces Atlas. 

Another find s the gorgeous snowflake white blue snowflake glittering gown by Angel Fae Boutique called Virgin Snow Mermaid Gown.  It  flows in the snow and is lovely and comes with  a gown, earrings, necklace and crown... fit for a queen... # 97 -- Hint - Under the  Tree  -

One more is  Ever an' Angel  Skate Outfit... how cute is this... with a    jeweled scarf,  leather belt and  flowing mini skirt....  I am in love with this.... the hint is--- I’ve got the whole world in my hooves and the LM is

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