Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mr. X and the Debutante - J&A exclusive, Sonatta Morales and October

I told Mr. X that the headband that I found at the J&A Event created by BamPu Legacies called  the Great Gatsby Headdress led me down the vintage path once again... it is one of my favorite looks. There has not been a decade since the roaring twenties that has loved bling,  beads and fringe more than the 1920s.  Notorious for beaded headbands with feathers, flowers, and artistic motifs, the 1920's women knew how to dress up their short hairdo's.

The Great Gatsby Headdress, an exclusive at the the Jewelry and Accessories  Expo through March 6 is an elegant 1920's styled headband made of finely wrought gold and studded with pearls that embellish it. The headband is highlighted by a jewel encrusted flower on one side with long strings of beads that dangle in a most sensational way.  This is something that Daisy, from the great Gatsby wore to entice.

Gatsby's personality is nothing short of gorgeous...and Daisy is the sought after debutante -- a paragon of perfection... with an aura of charm, wealth and sophistication... This new beaded dress by Sonatta Morales called Lin... exemplifies this -- it is simply exquisite with it's lavish gold beaded pattern.

Lin's silk blend is made to move and breath with you in all the right ways... the beadwork and salmon pink is just  brilliant and historically accurate.  The hair is also the new version of Lulu by Sonatta that comes in 10 fabulous colors that add to the vintage look. And the skin is the soon to be released Catalina Lily by October 4 Seasons comes with 5 skin tones and one nature tone and works with all mesh bodies that I can think of!!

The shoes are another find by the fabulous Lavian & Co by Sage called Petra.  I will be wearing these shows a great deal!  They are amazing  not only because of their classic style, but also because of the huds offered that include: art print, fun print, metals print, animal prints and pantone.  I could not help but wear the metal print that includes copper, silver, deep silver gold.  Best of all you can color the front, toe cap, sides, spikes and heel  individually.  These are must have shoes.

J&A Exclusives
More event info

Headdress -  BamPu Legacies - Great Gatsby Headdress (comes in other colors as well)
Shoes: Lavian & Co by Sage - Petra (metal hud but many others available)

Dress: *New* Sonatta Morales - Lin
Hair *New* - Sonatta Morales - Lulu 3

Skin - To be Released Soon - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Lily

Friday, February 26, 2016

J&A Opens Today - Son!a + Luxe Paris and October

London. I recall an evening with Mr. X...perched on top of Centre Point, 32 floors above the city; it has  a stunning 360 degree view. The lounge is sparse with views so spectacular it would be churlish to try to compete. Slow music. Beautiful couples dance.  The cocktails are made with real skill, we tried the inspired pairing of cucumber and absinthe in La Fontaine Flower.
 I am the new gown by Luxe Paris aptly called London.  I have paired London with exclusive new  jewelry by Son!a  that can be found at J&A Expo (2/26-3/6)  and a sneak peek of the new skin  by October 4 Seasons -- Catalina Lily  that will be available soon.

For me, London by Luxe Paris  has become one of my few  "go to" gowns  because  it is understatedly elegant, and so well made. London is perfect for any formal venue where elegant  gowns are de rigeur.  I love the top's strapless design made of  silk  jacquard brocade that is interwoven with  metallic thread in an intricate and sinuous pattern.   

The full length  skirt, made of  charmeuse silk  gathers at the waist and flares out  creating a flattering hourglass figure and is slightly flared at the hemline.  It is made of crepe backed silk satin that has a rich lush texture; it's lustrous shimmer cascades to the floor making it an instant classic.  I love the way it moves and changes with the light so will you - it's really amazing. 

Catalina Lily skin  by October 4 Seasons  soon to be released is sophisticated -- the tones are perfect and  it comes with 5 make -ups plus a natural option, it is  compatible with classic and mesh bodies and appliers and has tons of options.  I love the shape of the plump luscious lips--- full almost  pouty and oh so  kissable because they are naturally gorgeous.

Another offering by Son!a at the J&A  Expo is the Victorian styled  choker called Cabaret.   This  multi layered necklace is studded, jet  beads and an onyx gemstone is accented with  draping metal chains.  Cabaret  comes with matching filigree large drop earrings  and a spun silver bracelet set with a large onyx stone and filigree accents.  You can choose from silver or gold for the metal options  Cabaret is perfect for  the Victorian or Gothic enthusiast. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Mr. X and Miniel - Wicca's Wardrobe & Oct. 4

It was on the wind... rustling through the trees, wafting around the flowers... as the sun was dipping into the horizon... bleeding red and the edge --- so very far away... and yet, I knew...and a sense of impending doom settled over me.... I knew now that there was no going back.
I am not a princess of fine silks and jewels... my silk is my battle armour and my jewels are my chains, armbands and leg bands wrought of the finest electrum in the land and blessed by the high priest -- a magician that gave me a sacred icon to carry with me wherever my destiny took me. Maybe it will take me into your arms... and maybe not... only the gods know....

And,  yes, the gods are crazy..... The magician told me the magic resides deep within me... a hidden reservoir of strength and willpower... daring all to enter my space... like a true warrior queen... I dare you!

Mr. X, I know your heart lies deep in the forest... protected by sprites and nymphs, djinns and even your own wall of resolve... I   am  deep within ... a treasure to be glimpsed at...  a stolen  look ... the caress of  eyes... and then....

Shoes   Special @ The Instruments  - Wicca Merlin Spring Booties with color changing hud

Outfit - *New* Wicca Merlin - Miniel

Skin - October  4 Seasons - Zulay - Chocolate
Tattoo October 4 Season  - Feb Gift  that comes with skin
Eyeshadow - October  4 Seasons -  Flossy Shadow
Eyelashes - October 4 Seasons - Captivating Mesh Lashes Tri Blue

Hair - emo-tions - Sunburst

Mr. X and Acacia - Ghee @ the Instruments

Naughty school girls are terribly provocative...overpowered by their own budding sexuality. Almost by reflex, naughty school girls wear short dresses and act young and innocent on the outside while smouldering on the inside... you know the type!

For fun, Mr. X picked up the exclusive release by Ghee called Acacia in luxurious velvet and that reminds me of a sassy school girl or the teacher's pet.  It also makes me wonder if Mr. X has a libidinous fixation on a naughty schoolgirl is my understanding that most men do!  I love this sexy schoolgirl like mini A line dress in rich velvet with a contrasting peter pan collar and cuffs. Acacia comes in Garnet, Teal, Olive, Gold, and Grey.  This sexy outfit is guaranteed to have your parents called to the Principal's office for causing a ruckus.

You can accessorize this outfit with  with tons of matching separates -- boots, leggings plain and polka dots and glasses in round, heart and floral shapes.   So, if you are sick and tired of being the prim and proper daisy try this new exclusive by Ghee...that assures class will be dismissed early by the professor!

Outfit - dress, boots, leggings, glasses - Ghee at the Instruments - Acacia

Skin - October 4 Seasons *new* Gusielle Auburn

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mr. X and Lush... Sascha's Designs @ The Instruments and Bellefleurs

I told Mr. X that Sascha Designs has a new dress out at The Instruments called Lush -- it's red silk very red silk and makes me feel like a glamorous Hollywood film actress from the 1950s.  A low maintenance dress for a high maintenance starlet!  Mr. X smirks and says, you Sita... are never ever high maintenance...never!

Lush packs a high degree of elegance in the most flattering silhouette ever...with it's sexy slash up the leg and sexy drape to the neckline.  To add another layer of allure, this dress comes with a gorgeous wide brim hat that falls so gently creating an elegant wave that enhances my profile.

Meeting me for cocktails, I pretend I don't look beautiful.  He pretends to look surprised that I do. Mr. X reservations are at 9  -- shall we make them for 10 and have a dreadfully late night out?  He smiles...

The Instruments Exclusive
Dress and Hat - *new* Sascha Designs - Lush
Shoes *new* FP - Red Bunny Shoes

Skin - *new* October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Blossom

Shot at Bellefleurs - Waterside Terrace
Bellefleurs has been the seat of the Duchesses of Ominum since the 1590s. Built in the High English Renaissance style, it is home to the Canning Circle.  It offers a Salon Music series, dances, lectures, and other events, as well as an En Garde game.  Be sure to subscribe to their events group. This sim is open to the public.  Bellefleurs houses a collection of art and portraits from various periods and has beautiful outdoor terraces and gardens.  It is a pleasure to drop by.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mr. X and Elornia - New TWA

That last hot summer before the war everything was idyllic; few were apprehensive about what was to come. I remember flitting in and out of the flower beds in my light summer dress as beautiful as a flower itself I was told by a handsome officer.

I remember the ball at the White Palace... I can hear the dreamy lilt of a   Viennese waltz that drifted on the wind of that magical summer Crimean evening, and a great golden moon that hung low over the dark ruffled waters of the Black Sea, gilding the silhouettes of the tall cypress trees.

I am wearing a gorgeous new gown by TWA (The White Armoury) called Elornia Beliata Gown Set - Wisteria with it's empire waist and cuff sleeves set off by trailing sleeves. The floral embroidery around the bottom of this gown is absolutely superb and took many hours to complete. The petticoat has come to mean undergarment today, but they are worn like another layer of skirt with this gown which is historically accurate.


Gown - TWA - *new* - Elornia Beliata Gown Set - Wisteria

Shoes - Muse - White Diamond Princess Heels

Earrings - Muse - Camo;a Silver and Pink Cats Eye

Skin - October 4 Season Skins *new* Guiselle Blossom

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mr. X & YELIZ....... @ Instruments!

While La Rive Gauche may not be what it used to there are still some nooks and crannies of the old guard. Where a few people speak Latin the way the university students did in the ’20s.  Romantic hangouts to dance...  Mr. X told me that I am that ilk...with a this new fabulous outfit by YELIZ called Young Spirit that is an exclusive at the Instruments.

This is a new designer for me, one I want to get to know better -- so will you the textures and style of  Young Spirit  is fun, care free and outstanding.  It also comes with a cool and sophisticated coat attachment... but oh la la I am too "hawt"  and carefree for that!  Mr. X thinks so too --  and he is cranky -- sometimes and not always agrees -- but this  he does and really, hello.... how could he not!

I adore the lattice skirt with its silk pencil skirt under it and the sleek matching top. It is artfully done and best of all it comes with a fabulous color changing hud -- that I have played with for hours... each combination is better than the next.  You can choose from patterns or solid textures and mix them all up... and wow what an effect. The hud has


The Instruments Exclusives

YELIZ - Young  Spirit

Skin - October  4 Season Skins - Rehana Pearl Auburn

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mr. X and Kabuki @ the Instruments

There is something alluring and mysterious about Kabuki, that is, in a nutshell, classical Japanese dance -drama known for the elaborate makeup worn by some of the performers and for the drama.  It is believed that the verb kabuku means to lean or to be out of the ordinary, so in many ways, kabuki can be interpreted as avant garde theater...and anyone who has seen a live performance knows this artform borders on bizarre the most interesting way.

At the February round of the Instruments, I was so excited to see Kabuki Face Paint by Oceane.  Traditionally, the makeup is applied heavily to create a brightly painted mask of pure white.  The mask then uses colors in symbolic ways to indicate age, gender, and class of each character, as well as their moods and personalities.  This set comes with six dramatic makeup options.
The white coat of make up is called oshiroi, and is made of rice powder that covers the entire face. The white face creates a dramatic look onstage and many historians believe that the white faces were used because they could best seen on the stage before electricity.

For supernatural heroes and villains, there is a special style of makeup called Kumadori. The most commonly used colors are dark red that represents anger, passion or cruelty, dark blue that represents sadness, pink representing youth, light blue or green representing calm, brown for selfishness and black for fear. There are over 100 different mask styles of kumadori makeup.

I have paired this with the beautiful new gown by Jumo called Khan.  The multi-colored Khan gown has bell like kimono sleeves accentuated by flowing flexi prims and a sexy deep cut up the front of the dress.  Khan comes with an asian style necklace, earrings and gorgeous headpiece that will make you feel like a geisha.  Khan also comes in red, black, royal and red.

As for the poses, they can also be found at the Instruments, they are called Kabuki My Love of course and have been created by InMotion, this set comes with six delightful poses.

Exclusives at The Instruments through February 26

Gown - Jumo - Khan multi colored
Makeup - Oceane - Kabuki Face Paint - Fat Pack
Poses - Inmotion - Kabuki My Love
Shoes - Faster Pussycat - Red Snakeskin Bunny Shoes

Skin - Queen XXX - October 4 Season Skins

Hair - Eshi Otawara - Big Bun (no longer available)

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Mr. X and the February Girl - FP @ The Instruments

I told Mr. X that going out for the night means a million different things in the 21st century. Hitting the hottest nightclub in town or walking  the Vegas Strip requires the perfect look from head to toe. And, I found the look at the Instruments this month by Faster Pussycat called February Girl in red and gold-- it's so cute.
I love the gold snakeskin halter top and the high waisted flair skirt. This dress is why men have learned to whistle -- take my word for it.  And, truth be told, there is something about tasteful admiration... I like it !  What makes this outfit even more fun are the red snakeskin bunny shoes that are sexy and funky at the same time.
Another thing I adore about this dress is it's sexy back... the halter has two ties that beg to be played with... !  Whether you choose an updo hairstyle for a subtle sexy look or a free flowing style that makes you feel free -- you will definitely feel fabulous in this flirty outfit  that will be a head turner in any club on the grid.

Exclusive at The Instruments through Feb. 25.

Skirt and Top - February Girl in Red and Gold - Faster Pussycat
Shoes - Bunny Snakeskin Shoes - Red - Faster Pussycat

Skin - Guiselle Marigold - October 4 Seasons

Hair - D!via

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Friday, February 12, 2016

Mr. X and Lace Lover by Modern Couture @ The Instruments

Rose colored lace...  and a romantic floral pattern of roses... such lovely flowers... held  sacred by a number of goddesses...ah yes, the sweet rose of reason and virtue saves the hero from his bewitched life in the form of a donkey in one of my favorite classic tales, The Golden Ass... check out the version by Robert Graves.  This is an exclusive by Modern Couture at the Instruments.

 I told Mr. X that I think this gown, Lace Lovers Rose must be inspired by the goddess of love and beauty... he said... oh yes, and this goddess has  a dash of lust!  The gown I am talking about is by Modern Couture and it is called  Lover's Lace and  comes in 3 other pastel colors best of all it is an exclusive that is now open  till Feb.25 .

There is something romantic and old fashioned about lace...Mr. X loves those qualities... in all women... and I love the way this gown accentuates all my curves -- right to the deep slit up my thigh...oh la la! This gown comes in several  evocative pastel colors... all are so beautiful right down to the butterfly playing in the flowers....What makes this gown a stand out to me is the gorgeous floral neckline... that adorns this lovely gown with it's magnificent lace pattern in the best lace style with its wispy opaque skirts that inflame the heart... and set it on fire.

Instruments Exclusive Modern Couture
Modern Couture -  Lace Lovers Rose - Pink

Skin - October 4 Seasons -  October 4 Season's - Lily Guiselle

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mr. X and Penelope - New {~Sahara's~} @ The Instruments

Mr. X left me a message that The Instruments is opening tomorrow, Feb. 11 and exclusives will be available through February 25.  There are more than 42 designers all offering fabulous apparel that can only be found here.  So get there if you want to create a unique look and make a statement.
I am always on the lookout for new designers that I am not familiar with -- and decided to feature this gorgeous red sheath gown called Penelope created by {~Sahara's~}.  I love this minimalist chic crepe gown that makes me look classically flawless -- need I say that Mr. X likes that!
The gown in red is perfect for Valentine's Day with its strapless neckline and intricate silver and red cutout embellishment around the top of the dress.  Looking elegant has never been so effortless!

Gown - {~Sahara's~} - Exclusive @ the Instruments

Skin - *new* October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Marigold
Jewelry - Mandala Yakushi
Hair - Agrace - Haruka

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Mr. X and Flair - *new* Luxe Paris

On this stormy winter day I am dreaming of Campbleton Bay Tobago.  The best way to get there is to descend through the picturesque village of Charlotteville... you'll see an overgrown  patch of grass and the beginning of a path.  It heads down to this secret bay that is not even listed on most maps. On your way, you may even spot vibrantly colored birds - look for the playful rufous-tailed jacamar...I am looking for Mr. X, this is his kinda beach...rustic and romantic.

At the bottom of the path is a small, heavenly beach where you won't see another living soul...and who would want to. Long vines hang down from towering trees; wading birds hunt fish in the river, the waves break gently on the unspoiled sand. I found the perfect outfit to wear by Luxe Paris... it has "flair" !!

I love this mini skirt by Luxe Paris and midriff top appropriately called "Flair"  in a joyful Caribbean mango colored orange with a grey/black floral pattern. You can also pick up the  matching gorgeous fur jacket that will keep you when the ocean breeze is cool and wafts through a group of almond and clove trees... the fragrance is pure --- crushed seashells mingle with sand making the beach glow pink and sparkle as the sun sets.

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Jacket - *new* - Fur Jacket - Luxe Paris - Charcoal
Outfit - *new* - Flair-Skirt and Top - Luxe Paris

Skin - *new* - October 4 Season Skins - Guiselle Cinnamon
Eyeshadow - October 4 Season Skins - Flossy

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mr. X & Flower Power! New Culco @ The Instruments and Heart Homes for Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day and I love the new Valentine's Day Buffet Table by Aphrodite at Heart Homes... it is perfect for the surprise Valentine's Party I am planning for Mr. X.  If you are reading this... please don't tell him !!  You would not believe all the interactive items that this Valentine's Day Buffet comes with .... Chocolate Beer, a Heart shaped cheese Board, a Pizza Warmer, beef empanadas, Strawberry and Raspberry pie and Valentine donuts and cookies.

The set come with two buffet tables that are just loaded with goodies that you can attach. The table linens are a festive red and white and there are even roses and rose champagne and a delicious looking three layer Valentine's Day Cake --- chocolate of course!

I am also really excited about the new cocktail dress I found by Culco simply called Floral Print Dress. This dress is an exclusive at the Feb./ March Instruments and it's just gorgeous. I love it's sexy peek a boo floral bodice and it's full fit and flair bell skirt and with lace details.  This texture is as intricate as it is beautiful.
Tonight  Mr. X and I will dance and sing, laughing until late. We both try every vintage dance from the foxtrott to the jitterbug.  Later, it starts to rain.  He tells me a little rain never hurt anyone as we make our way hand in hand back to our hotel along the White Nile.

Dress - *Exclusive* at The Instruments
Culco - Floral Print Dress

Skin - *new* - Guiselle Blossom - October 4 Season Skins

Valentine's Day Buffet  *new*-- Aphrodite at Heart Homes

Hair - Vanity - LA Confidential

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Mr. X and Nancee - *new* Sascha Designs and October's new skin at TMR

Nancee is the new gown by Sasha Designs and Mr. X thinks it is stunning.  Nancee has sensible sex appeal that teases and pleases -- Mr. X appreciates this.  It comes in an array of stunning colors including seafoam... I love the soft green blue shade of this tone.

You will be sure to float across the dance floor in this sensuous off shoulder  gown with a chiffon full ruffle like swept train edged with silver. Feminine and sassy, it's a touch of beauty and a head turner.  The simple and elegant cut and color of the dress works for a variety of occasions that require a sexy and seductive look. It also comes with a bolero fur wrap.
I have also paired this gown with the exclusive skin by October 4 Seasons called Lily Guiselle that is at the TMR event through mid. February. This skin is clean and fresh and comes with two cleavage options, three make-ups plus three natural tone options  (I have on natural with freckles). The skin also comes with slink, omega, maitreya lara and belleza body appliers.  It is only at  TMR and once it's gone it's gone. I have also added October's Everlasting Mermaid Eyeshadow to the natural skin tone that matches the seafoam of this gown perfectly.

Gown - Sasha's Designs - *New* - Nancee in Seafoam
Skin - October 4 Season's - Lily Guiselle - *New & Exclusive* The Make Over Room
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Everlasting Mermaid
Hair - D!va - Manon
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