Monday, February 8, 2016

Mr. X and Flair - *new* Luxe Paris

On this stormy winter day I am dreaming of Campbleton Bay Tobago.  The best way to get there is to descend through the picturesque village of Charlotteville... you'll see an overgrown  patch of grass and the beginning of a path.  It heads down to this secret bay that is not even listed on most maps. On your way, you may even spot vibrantly colored birds - look for the playful rufous-tailed jacamar...I am looking for Mr. X, this is his kinda beach...rustic and romantic.

At the bottom of the path is a small, heavenly beach where you won't see another living soul...and who would want to. Long vines hang down from towering trees; wading birds hunt fish in the river, the waves break gently on the unspoiled sand. I found the perfect outfit to wear by Luxe Paris... it has "flair" !!

I love this mini skirt by Luxe Paris and midriff top appropriately called "Flair"  in a joyful Caribbean mango colored orange with a grey/black floral pattern. You can also pick up the  matching gorgeous fur jacket that will keep you when the ocean breeze is cool and wafts through a group of almond and clove trees... the fragrance is pure --- crushed seashells mingle with sand making the beach glow pink and sparkle as the sun sets.

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Jacket - *new* - Fur Jacket - Luxe Paris - Charcoal
Outfit - *new* - Flair-Skirt and Top - Luxe Paris

Skin - *new* - October 4 Season Skins - Guiselle Cinnamon
Eyeshadow - October 4 Season Skins - Flossy

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