Friday, November 30, 2018

Mr. X and Adriana - New Couture Outfit - Virtual Diva

It is such a drab and cold November afternoon... one of those long days when the sky is bruise grey and cloudy and daylight seems more like twilight than anything else.  To cheer myself up, I decided to style a new outfit by Virtual Dival called Adriana -- and I am glad I did because it is sexy as hell!

The texture of Adriana is fabulous... the high waisted skirt has a snakeskin pattern that takes on a life of its own.  I love the detail of the belt that cinches at my waist... Mr.  X likes that too.  This outfit should be worn with the materials enabled for the full effect.

The top is so stylish with a complimentary pattern leaving one shoulder bare... it is so alluring!  To top it all off,  Adriana comes with a fabulous feather collar that makes this outfit casually couture.  Adriana is a 100% Original Mesh Creation byVirtual Diva and is made for Maitreya Mesh Bodies.  I also like the fact that this outfit looks as good from the back as it does from the front!

Outfit -Virtual Diva - Adriana

Hair - Mina

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Mr. X and Jet t' aime ... *NEW* Fellini @ Sense Opens tomorrow!

Have you ever stepped across the line and thought --  yes, he is right, the right one for me?   Joy Fellini has made the most gorgeous gown... and flowers for my reflects love--- and more...  flowers, and lace... soft breezes and walking hand in hand... after all we only have so much time... in any life...

My time is more limited in SL these days, I hate that, so -- wearing something elegant and fantastic is a joy...  Fellini of course...  butterflies and roses... lace and silk -- it is alluring and sensual... evocative and... yes... Mr. X -- I wait for you... and, Mr. X replies....
 I’ll be the warrior to fight for our love;  We’ll fly together, fly higher than the dove... I’ll be your wall and shield you from danger;  I’ll take all the pains, for to me they are no stranger. You’ll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart;  And then I’ll be the king, so we’ll never be apart. You’ll be my majesty— I will serve you forever;   And for all of the times, I will leave you never.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2018

    Mr. X and Alexa - new Jumo & Emotions

    Sometimes for the last dance you need pure elegance and this new gown by Jumo called XXX is simply elegant and stunning... as only Jumo can make it!  What a gorgeous gown to have to kick off the holidays!  Mr. X come and find me translucent and shimmering on the water.... if you dare!

    I love this new gown my Jumo called Alex... it is so elegant... I love the way it flows, glimmers and teases... and, especially the back of this gown is as gorgeous as the front of it...

    Jumo never misses a detail right down to these fantastic drop earrings... that come with the Alex Gown... how can you resist!  They have a color changing hud, just like this gown has.... so sweet!  The hair is  emo-tions called XXX... I just adore the jewlery with these earrings...and, so does Mr. X!

    So, it is late and I am sad to be honest, but this gown from Jumo has my blood going and, I am once again feeling happy... get Alex, it is made for all mesh bodies and comes with a fabulous color changing hud that ranges from duponi silk to lavish florals....

    Gown - Jumo - Alexa

    Jewelry - Jumo - Alexa

    Hair - Emo-tions -

    Monday, November 26, 2018

    Ice Queen and Mr. X .. irrISIStible and {Leuitieur} ... @ Swank

    She lived in a forest... snow covered, pine-scented... the owls hunt when the moon is bright...  the air is cold -- you can see your breath... and the stars, they glisten just like she does... your Ice Queen -- is she warm or cold... can you read the crystal of a snowflake?   Perhaps, only time will tell.

    I love all irrIsistible does... she is creative and whimsical... fun and frivolous... the sorta friend that you always need and want to be like.  And, this winter outfit for November Swank is a must have season premiere for  December... my advice... get it... it comes with everything - head to toe!

    This goes from a Snow Queen to a "Santa Baby Outfit" in an instant.  All of it is made for mesh bodies... belleza, slink, maitreya, and tmp. It has matching boots and a fabulous Globe Headpiece replete with a golden branch of ... well, what else...  goodness!  irrlSIStible has such fun... in SL and so do I especially when I wear her outfits!

    I have paired irrlSIStible with the fabulous long curls that are romantic and oh so sexy by {Leuitieur}  called Cher... they come in pastels, black/white, blonds, reds, blondes, and fantasy... all are great... I am wearing fantasy... of course!!!

    Wearing Swank Exclusives


    Wearing  -  irrISIStible

    Hair - {Leuitieur}  - Cher - Pastels

    Outfit  - irrlSIStible

    Sunday, November 25, 2018

    Mr. X & Giulia Designs @ Swank & Shanghai

    Twinkle Twinkle... oh this new outfit by Giulia Designs called  Fedora at Swank and the new necklace by Shanghai called Jaguar, another exclusive @ Swank makes me want to meow!

    Giulia's Designs comes is made for belleza, maitreya and slink bodies. It has a sexy lace bodice and a cute mini skirt with slits up the side of the skirt that will make the boys... well their eyes will roll right into the back of their head again and again... really how much fun is that.  This  dress by  Giulia Designs  also comes with high high heels made for maitreya and slink high feet.

    I love the Jaguar necklace and earrings by Shanghai, another exclusive @ Swank.   The bold gold necklace with its interlacing diamonds and lovely drop diamond earrings are simply purrfect!

    Wearing --Swank Exclusives

    Swank LM -

    Outfit -  Giulia Designs - Fedora

    Necklace -  Shanghai - Jaguar

    Monday, November 12, 2018

    Mr. X and Stella Oameo, Luminess and Charme @Swank

    Do you remember those sweet nights... the nights when the wind was cool and the scent of the air was a mixture of cinnamon and the cardamom...the moon was a crescent shape and we were standing on a balcony... overlooking the sea... and the relentless motion of the waves.

    In your arms, I felt like a beautiful mermaid -- just like I feel now wearing this gorgeous gown by OAMEO called Stella.  It is a classic mermaid gown with a flair bottom skirt  and a  snug sheath that gives Stella a sensual appeal.  The intricate design on the sheath is waves...  like your love that flows and ebbs....

    Stella is made for Belleza, slink and Maitreya, Tonic mesh bodies and comes with a color changing hud of 30 different shades for the dress, skirt, lower dress,  upper dress, and straps.  WOW!  It is so so well done.

    I paired this with two more finds from Swank..the elegant updo hair by Charme called  Gabie... it is a classic and can be worn with so many looks.   I am also wearing the new exclusive at Swank by Luminesse called Shandace. You can change the size and brightness of this intriguingly well-made design... it is timeless.

    Swank LM -

    Outfit -  OAMEO - Stella

    Hair -  Charme Gabie

    Neclace  earrings Luminesse Shandace Eudocia

    Sunday, November 11, 2018

    Mr. X and Monique -- New Tarten Dress - Glitter and YGTL @ Swank

    Nothing says November like Tartan wool fabric.  In the US this fabric is known as plaid that is commonly made from tartan cloth so the confusion is understandable.  In a nutshell, tartan refers to the pattern of interlocking stripes running horizontally and vertically.  I found the cutest dress made from tartan fabric by Glitter called Monique that is an exclusive at this month's Swank.

    Monique is a fitmesh dress for the following mesh bodies - Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya), Maitreya, Slink. (Physique, Hourglass) and Tonic (Fine, Curvy).  It fit perfectly with my Maitreya body.  Monique is available in eight different tartan prints that are sold separately, but if you opt to go with the fat pack with the texture hud of all eight patterns you will save a lot of Lindens because it is 50% off exclusively at Swank.

    Monique is flirty and fun, Mr. X likes that and so do I.  I love the scoop neckline and the slight slit up the front of the dress that gives it an updated look.  I don't see many items for women made from a tartan texture so I think Monique's Glitter is not only unique but a must have!  I paired this with another Swank Exclusive -- the new Fall Eye make up in glorious shades of glittering brown by YGTL.  It is made for classic avatars and mesh heads catwa and Lelutka.  Fall eye make up comes in six versions of various brown tones.


    Swank LM

    Outfit - Swank Exclusive - Tartan Dress - Glitter --  Each dress sold separately, Fatpack with hud @ 50% off only at Swank

    Eyeshadow - YGTL Fall

    Hair - Mina

    Friday, November 9, 2018

    Mr. X and Magdalena Wild @ Swank - CH Poses and Emo-tions

    Mr. X can you hear this melody that I am playing on the piano wafting on the breeze... my fingers waltz along the keys... can you feel my love for you on this interplay of the black and white keys...does my melody reach you?  I love this new pose prop called Piano by CH Poses and the new exclusive by Wild @ Swank called Magdalena.

    I love the detail in both the Piano Prop and the sexy jumpsuit by Wild.  This jumpsuit by Wild is made for Maitreya and slink bodies and comes with a color changing hud of 25 patterns from tiger prints to solids with a few surprises in between in a vivid color palette.

    Magdalena is perfectly "wild" -- with its decadent laces up the legs and sexy scoop neckline with a high collar. I love the detail around the neckline and the zipper that goes all the way up the front...Mr. X tells me it is so tempting...but, you know me, I never kiss and tell.

    I love the fact that Magdalena even comes with gorgeous drop diamond earrings in an open pearl drop shape. So, Mr. X.... do you remember the sound we touched with our eyes... a circling spin... I would play for you in endless depths until the end of time.....

    Wearing - Swank Exclusive
    Swank LM

    Outfit - Wild - XXXX

    Hair - Emo-tions - Kylie -  -

    Pose and Pose Prop - CH Poses

    Tuesday, November 6, 2018

    Mr. X and Kamasutra by Fellini and TM Creations & New Emotions

    Mr. X whispered to me,   in Hindi... kama is love and sutra is a book... so the essence of the Kamasutra is the book of love... and Fellini  Designs has made is so much more than that with sexy lace and filmy satin... alluringly sensual...  called  Kamasutra Pizzo I have paired with the new hair by  Emo-tions called Kylie new at this month Cosmopolitan.  I love the way the braid glides down my back... so does Mr. X.  I lie on the passion lounge by TM Creations... a perfect recamier.

    Kamasutra Pizzo by  Fellini is made for mesh avatars and comes in black, red, blue, tan, and white... it is gorgeous in its fine lace and pattern that is expertly textured... as all of the items are made by Joy Fellini... a true SL  artist... that is adored by so many.  Mr. X loves the lace and the delicate texture... it is as he said... well, never mind.... I never kiss and tell!!!

    Kamasutra.. has so many meanings and I also am  featuring the new  love bed by TM Creations that has so many interesting positions for singles and couples and it even has  cats, as a cat lady I was happy to move around the cat blanket... one of them  looks like my  rl Tonkinese... so for me it is hard to resist, for you peeps it is well made, had tons of single, couples both pg and adult options and is wicked low prim.  It comes with cats in a blanket, a rug, and rose petals.

    Wearing - Fellini - Kamasutra Pizzo
    Main Store -

    Hair - Emotions -  Kylie  - New at Cosmopolitan
    Cosmo Event LM  -

    Passion Lounge  - TM Creations MARKETPLACE

    Passion Lounge - Tm:. Creation Page Second Life Store

    Saturday, November 3, 2018

    Mr. X and "Wild Roses" *New* TM Creations @ SANARAE Event and Giz

    I love low prim landscapes that are well done and TM Creations makes some of the most versatile and best landscapes around.  I am just in love with the new original mesh creation called "Wild Roses" Nature Scene with animals and tons of animations that is an exclusive @ the SaNaRae event that is going on through November 17.  Wild Roses will be available in the TM Creation store after November 18 just in case you don't get to the event in time.

    Best of all, Wild Roses which is only 12 prims and is approximately 6.9 wide by 5.1 deep is 10% off at theSaNaRae Event.  This scene comes in a PG or Adult version and you can copy and modify the scene giving you endless possibilities. 

    Wild Roses is a nature scene with rocks, a blanket with pillows, beautifully made red roses, realistic grass, and wild grass and even comes with two beautiful deer that really add a splash of realism to this scene.  It has to believe that the deer are only 2 prims.

    There are tons of poses for singles men and women including bento poses, couples pg poses and adult poses. The PG Version has 264 animations and includes a 30-sec loop for each.  There are  89 PG couple poses and 7 PG Scene Sequences for couples.  The Solo poses consist of two single sit poses for men and women with a combined number of 86 poses!!  WOW.  The ADULT Version has 424 animations with a 30-sec loop for each: 89 PG + 80 ADULT couple poses.   In the adult version, there are 7 PG + 6 ADULT Scene Sequences for couples as well as Solo poses consisting of two single sit male and female poses totaling 86 poses.  I am wearing a really cute outfit by GIZ called Scarlet shorts and boho-inspired top sold separately for belleza, slink, and maitreya mesh bodies, each has an extensive color changing hud that offers endless mixing and matching!  I love the tassels and the way the top ties together.  The shorts are classic and oh so comfortable!  You can even change the color of the belt.

    Outfit - GIZ - Scarlet 
    MP -
    INworld -

    SaNaRae Event LM:

    TM Creations MARKETPLACE

    Tm:. Creation Page Second Life Store

    Mr. X and Face Paint @ Dazzle

    I love bright colors -- they make me feel happy!  I absolutely fell in love with a new dress that is so adorable by a new designer for me and, an old friend that is a creator... Trinity AIronaut.   Not only does her shop feature great clothes - everything from gowns to casual wear, the store also offers eyeshadow, lashes, lipstick and more for catwa and lelutka mesh heads that come with omega appliers.

    The Runched mini dress has a 1960s vibe and is something I would imagine Twiggy would have worn.  It is made for Slink, Freya, Maitreya mesh bodies.

    The Runched dress also comes with absolutely adorable heel replete with gaitors.  The heels are made for Maitreya and slink feet and come with a color changing hud making them a terrific choice for a variety of looks.

    And, to top it all off, the Runched Dress by Face Paint and Face Paint Style comes with an umbrella that is as sweet as it is unique.  I love the way it is embellished with flowers!  This is an exclusive buy at Dazzle and an absolute must-have!

    Wearing Runched Dress - Exclusive @ Dazzle by Face Paint
    Dazzle LM -

    Face Paint Main Store

    Hair - Kardashian - Jumo

    Friday, November 2, 2018

    Mr. X and the Secret Agent - Couture Chapeau new @ Dazzle

    I told Mr. X that there is something so secret agent about trench coats and this outfit by Couture Chapeau called "Singing in the Rain" @ Dazzle doesn't disappoint.  It makes me feel like a supernatural sleuth checking out the typical and not so typical whodunnits!  As a matter of fact, Mr. X thinks I should write a book about the revelations of a female investigator... and, this outfit has put me in the mood.

    The trench coat is made for classic avatar bodies and comes in five sizes; I am wearing it with my mesh Lara Body by Maitreya and have used a lot of alpha layers to get it just right.  As one of my favorites said, "The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes."

    Singing in the  Rain by Couture Chapeau also comes with a cute fedora hat and sunglasses.   I coupled this outfit with hair from Emo-tions called Kaya.  I love the long (innocent) braids and the way that it fits perfectly with the hat.   The umbrella is highly detailed and a real perk of this outfit.  The umbrella has a hand holding pose and one where you can just put the umbrella on the ground -- it also has a make rain option that is so much fun.  The umbrella opens and closes as well.  So don't get caught in the rain!!!


     Dazzle LM -

    Outfit -  Couture Chapeau - Singing in the Rain

    Hair - Emo-tions - Kaya - blonde hud

    Shoes - Ghee - Caged

    Mr. X and Anna & an Amazing Umbrella! - AvaGirl @ Dazzle

    Another outfit that is available by AvaGirl is a sexy cocktail dress perfect for the autumn weather called Anna. This dress is made for classic bodies in five sizes as well as for Belleza, Tonic, TMP, Slink, Ocacin, Maitreua  mesh  bodies.

    It comes with a color changing hud that features twelve colors.  The cape is made for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies and is sold separately from Anna.  If you ask me, the cloak is a must have.  It also has a color changing hud that allows you to change the color of the fur collar.  You have a choice of zebra, snow leopard, tiger and a classic leopard print.  I love the little bow that ties this collar together... it definitely gives the cloak a vintage vibe...and Mr. X loves that!

    I really had fun playing with this umbrella also by AvaGirl.  When you touch the umbrella a menu comes up and you can change the inside color of the umbrella and you can choose your weather!  Pick bubbles, stars or pouring rain... the choice is yours!

    Wearing Dazzle Exclusives - AvaGirl
    Dazzle LM -
    Dress - Anna
    Umbrella - AvaGirl
    Cloak - AvaGirl

    Thursday, November 1, 2018

    Mr. X and Rayne AvaGirl @ Dazzle

    The November Dazzle Event has opened its doors for November and is offering loads of lovely exclusives that are high quality and very well priced.  I fell in love with two outfits available by AvaGirl that are being offered this November @ Dazzle.  The first is a gorgeous outfit called Rayne that is exclusive for this event.

    Rayne is a very chic outfit that consists of a dungaree jacket and pants with a beautiful silk shirt in a complementary color.  I love the detailing on the jacket and the way it blends with the top-- which gives this outfit a touch of rough and tumble elegance.

    And, the detailing of the jeans themselves is amazing.  The jeans pick up the detailing in the jacket and run down the front of each leg adding depth and elegance to plain old blue jeans... these are anything but that!  I love the front pockets of these bell bottom jeans that add such a realistic touch.

    Rayne by AvaGirl is made for classic avatars and comes in Large, Medium, Small, Xtra small and XXSmall.  Not to worry, this also is made for Maitreya, Slink, TMP, Tonic and Belleza mesh bodies.  It fit perfectly with my Lara Maitreya Body.

    Wearing Dazzle Exclusive - Rayne by AvaGirl
    Dazzle LM -