Monday, November 26, 2018

Ice Queen and Mr. X .. irrISIStible and {Leuitieur} ... @ Swank

She lived in a forest... snow covered, pine-scented... the owls hunt when the moon is bright...  the air is cold -- you can see your breath... and the stars, they glisten just like she does... your Ice Queen -- is she warm or cold... can you read the crystal of a snowflake?   Perhaps, only time will tell.

I love all irrIsistible does... she is creative and whimsical... fun and frivolous... the sorta friend that you always need and want to be like.  And, this winter outfit for November Swank is a must have season premiere for  December... my advice... get it... it comes with everything - head to toe!

This goes from a Snow Queen to a "Santa Baby Outfit" in an instant.  All of it is made for mesh bodies... belleza, slink, maitreya, and tmp. It has matching boots and a fabulous Globe Headpiece replete with a golden branch of ... well, what else...  goodness!  irrlSIStible has such fun... in SL and so do I especially when I wear her outfits!

I have paired irrlSIStible with the fabulous long curls that are romantic and oh so sexy by {Leuitieur}  called Cher... they come in pastels, black/white, blonds, reds, blondes, and fantasy... all are great... I am wearing fantasy... of course!!!

Wearing Swank Exclusives


Wearing  -  irrISIStible

Hair - {Leuitieur}  - Cher - Pastels

Outfit  - irrlSIStible

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