Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mr. X on the Peace by Peace Hunt May 1-31!

The first annual Peace by Peace Hunt begins May 1 -31 and is a sister hunt of the  Peace on Earth Hunt.  All hunt items are 1L and of high quality.  There are hints for each item. Just look for the poster pictured at the end of this blog and touch it to join the group for FREE and get the clues. There are 50 free gifts to find that run the gamut from hip new outfits for men and women, to furniture and home decor as well as landscaping items.  Many top designers are participating so make sure you visit their stores for their fantastic gifts... it is their way of saying thank-you to their clients.  Each shop will give you the LM for the next store on the hunt.

Check out this fab boho jumpsuit called Tranquility offered by Posh Pixels... it has a hip white on white floral pattern and comes with a  Native American dreamcatcher necklace made of horsehair, leather, feathers and beads that is thought to give its owner good dreams. Tranquility also comes with cute white fringe sandals that are made for slink flat feet. This can be worn with mesh and classic bodies. I love the fact that this is a complete look.

The Hint for Tranquility is: Peace By Peace 1 Hint Giver: Feeling sleepy?  Grab a cup of our award winning coffee.  The LM is  And, remember to pick up a copy of the latest Mode Magazine!

Look for this poster!

More information on Hunt Gifts here

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Mr. X and the Dragonfly Princess - Poet's Heart & Jumo Iridescent

The sun settles like a mist of  warmth  on the lake. The dragonfly princess flies low, hovering above the tranquil water --refracting light off her wings -- the colors of her dress reflect the pattern on her delicate wings.  

The colors tilt and shift as the dragonfly princess lands softly in a magical glen.. listening to the hum of life around her...floating between two different worlds,  it is like a dream where wonderful thoughts are separated from reality, and are scattered like refracted light for us to assemble.  
I will not disappear as the dawn approaches rather I shall weave the sunlight and make the rays dance on my wings ... the colors will deepen with the shadows of the day... I Princess of the Dragonflies shall live on the whim of the winds... they will carry me in directions that I can only dream about....

Oh how I adore this new outfit by Poet's Heart called Dragonfly. It is made for classic mesh and Maitreya, Slink and Belleza Mesh bodies. Wear the dress with or without sleeves.  It has matching  boots, sleeves and wings.  It even has a special headdress for fun fantasy play.

Dragonfly is an exclusive at Fantasy Faire and will also be found at Poet's Heart Main Shop. In addition to dragonfly, this comes in grasshopper, bumblebee, fly, flower beetle,and ladybug... and who can resist a sweet little ladybug?

I have paired this with the *New* iridescent lipstick and with the new Olympia eye-make -up for classic heads and for Lelutka and Catwa, Omega mesh  heads . 

Dress - Instecta  Dragonfly and Ladybug - Poet's Heart

Eyemake - up -Jumo - Olympia
Lips - Jumo - Iridescent

Hair - Truth - Solas

Friday, April 28, 2017

Mr. X and Luxe Paris - A Trio of Gorgeous Dresses plus New Make-up from Jumo and Hair by Emo-tions + Swank

LUXE Paris is a high quality fashion brand for women & men, inspired by the Parisian haute couture and created by the professional model Parisian Skytower and the fashion editor Mika Palmyra. And, they have a fabulous new collection out for spring. All outfits shown are  made for the alpha huds of Maitreya, Slink and Belleza and classic mesh bodies. Check out one of my favorites, Feulles  Dress. I love the simple lines of this dress with its tantalizing abstract leaf pattern using the hottest spring colors that are trending on the runways in RL.

I also love this form fitting dress called Dalhia in an elegantly retro blue and gold floral pattern.  I told Mr. X that flowers have their own language -- it is why we put them in our homes, plant them in our gardens and embellish fabric with them...there is something soft and alluring about the floral pattern on this dress that can easily go from an afternoon tea to dinner on the town.

Robin Eggs Blue Dress is fun and it is an exclusive at Swank this month. It has a hip mod twist with the silver harness  and belt and the sexy slit up the side of this dress.. I for one love this color blue... it reminds me of freedom... of the sky and the sea... and of the expansive nature of inspiration... without that... we are useless.

I could not help but pair this dress with the new Asian Styled Hair by Emo-tions called Jia. This hair has a traditional bun and even comes with kanzashi (a gorgeous traditional Japanese hair ornament) that comes in blue, rose and red.  Jia also comes with chopsticks.  Jia is made for classic and mesh heads and comes with special appliers for Lelutka and Catwa mesh heads.

The make-up  has just been released by Jumo and it is  just gorgeous!  It is called Olympia and I feel like a goddess wearing it! Olympia Lips comes in 20 colors made for classic heads as well as Lelutka, Lelutka + Omega, Catwa bento mesh heads.

The Olympia Eyeshadow also new by Jumo comes in six jewel tones including brown, red, green, violet, pink and blue (worn).  I love the iridescent glitter in the corner of the eyes and the artful use of eyeliner that will make your eyes smoking hawt!

Luxe Paris-
Dress #1 - Feulles  Dress; Hair - Emo-tions - Before and After - Blondes
Dress # 2 - Dahlia, Hair - Emo-tions - Before and After - Blondes
Dress # 3 - Robins Egg Blue Hair -Emo-tions - Jia

Hair - Emo-tions - Before and After and Jia

Make-up - *NEW* Jumo - Olympia Eyeshadow and Olympia  Lipstick

Bracelet - Peace on Earth Hunt Beloved Jewelry - Forsythia Bracelet (also has tiaria)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mr. X and Hella Isa D'Orable Creations and Park Place @ Swank

This morning I asked Mr. X to come and help me straighten a few things out... I  have a love hate relationship with placing things -- love to decorate -- but hate trying to get it all straight -- there are XYZ tricks for that as Mr. X showed me.... I just love the new contemporary set offered by Park Place @ Swank. There are many low prim items available perfect to mix and match your home decor.

The items include an array of plants, I really liked the bamboo (3 prims), the lanterns that  can be made larger or smaller and they click on and off.  The fabulous fireplace that  you can turn up the fire... or not (1 prim and wow), a black and silver sofa table, the  cosmopolitan coffee table with accessories (3 prims another wow)  and a great herringbone patterned rug.

These lovely and comfortable cityscape chairs ( with or without pillows) plus throw pillows are 3 and 2 prims respectively. Both come with 14 interactive male and female poses.  The chairs are experience enabled giving a smoother transition between aos and props.  There are props for coffee, drinks, cell phone, notes, computer and more.

I am wearing another Swank Exclusive by Isa D'Orable Creations... called Hella. It is so sexy -- naughty and nice all at the same time and so well made and textures. I love the quilted leather and fine black lace, the high waisted belt that shows off my figure and the sexy side laces (Mr. X loves those)!  The fire is burning Mr. X and this little number is sure to make you hawt !! Hella is made for mesh and classic bodies -- and I am  wearing it  with my  Maitreya Mesh  body.  The boots are Pointy Boots by Muse, also at Swank.
One last find at Swank... in anticipation of summer are the patio lounge chairs... that beckon... they come with 10 poses and are so low prim and stylish that they are hard to resist. There is also a line of plants that complete this look along with a table and lights.

Swank Exclusives
LM -

Park Place - Cosmopolitan Chairs Cosmopolitan Sofa table, silver black table, space saver Cosmopolitan Fireplace, Lanterns,  bamboo,  Patio lounge chairs, herringbone rug and picture.

Dress -Hella - Isa D'Orable Creations

Shoes - Muse - Pointy Boots

Newsflash -Just Announced -Third Annual Medieval Faire May 19-June 18

Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life Team (#38) presents the Third Annual Medieval Faire, running from May 19 through June 18, 2017.

The faire, similar to a real world "Ren Faire", offers medieval tournaments in jousting, swordplay, magic, archery, and horse racing.

There are over 50 merchants supporting Relay For Life, each featuring items that will be sold for 100% profit to Relay. On the entertainment front, a dozen live performers and many DJs are all donating their time and talents to Relay For Life.

Don't miss this exciting month-long event; try your hand at all the sports, find that perfect outfit or decor item, or enjoy live musicians and dj sets!


Twitter: @unmaskingacure and @mary_teodosio

Monday, April 24, 2017

Mr. X and the Spirit Maiden --Six Looks by Silvan Moon @ Fantasy Faire -

Silvan Moon is a  sponsor for the 2017 Fantasy Faire!  Their  *NEW* Exclusive @ Fantasy Fair is called  Spirit Maiden and can be found at Spirit Pool (direct shop LM at end of blog).  Spirit Maiden will bring out the beauty in you... as it is just such a  downright pretty gown that is good for any occasion... fantasy or formal... you will be the most beautiful spirit in the room.

This is a perfect example of a  feminine Medieval inspired gown with a soft floral pattern and puff sleeves. Regardless if you are simple maiden or the empress ready to take a midnight stroll through her garden of delight... this gown is a must have. It comes in a multitude of soft romantic colors and is made for mesh bodies.

The Spirit Maiden... she sings a lilting melody that lifts to the moon as a single sparrow sings... she is no longer a decorative asset to her lord, the mother of his heirs and arbiter of good taste and modesty... she is the Spirit Maiden of  undying creativity that echoes even now through the years.

Another offering by Silvan Moon is Lilly of Hollowdell that reminds me of a combination of gown and sari with its wide silk trim skirt and tiered  artfully belted overskirt and short paisley patterned vest that reminds me of the wood block prints of Moghul India... wearing Lily of Hollowdell  you are fit for a Sultan! Lily of Hollowdell  is compatible with mesh bodies, I am wearing my Maitreya Lara body with it!  I have paired the new hair by Emo-tions called Stella with this lovely gown.

Another find reminds me of the best of Scottish Tartan and is called Broch Tuarach.  Named for an old broch on the land, Broch Tuarach means "north-facing tower" in Gaelic. I love the look of this gown with its lovely tartan in heather, brook or hunter... each one has its own beauty... and comes with a matching sweater  legs and tops that are compatible with all mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara. This gown is also compatible with  regular mesh bodies and classic.

Ranger of Islavare Dress Set is perfect for roleplay.  As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a better outfit to hunt in than this gorgeous tunic made of rich emerald velvet and edged with olive silk ruffles at the hem and embellished by the finest leather edging and rich gold brocade embroidery at each sleeve and at my neckline.  My cloak made of  the finest velvet is lined with ermine to keep me can be taken on or off.  The Ranger of Islavare Dress Set is made for classic and all mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara with it.  It also comes in a wide range of colors.

I love the whisper of chiffon skirts and overlay skirt as light as a breeze not to mention the sexy corset top with lace insets and lace around the sweetheart neckline...Lady Rhapsody is all this and more.  This gown is like wearing a dream. It comes in colors such as tea rose, wheat, hyacinth and orchid and is made for slink and maitreya (worn) mesh bodies. I love the roses at the waist... it sets this gown off perfectly.
And who doesn't need one... a "fairy godmother" that is!  Never fear Silvan Moon to the rescue! It would be hard to leave as quietly as I arrived because this Fairy Godmother Gown is so intricate and lavish.  I love the bodice that is embellished with stars and ruffles... the bell shaped skirt has the most intricate texture... the sleeves are belled and so elegant and yes, look at those wings... and high collar they just glisten.... the Fairy Godmother gowns comes for standard bodies with an alpha plus it come for those that wear Slink and Maitreya (worn) mesh bodies making this easy to wear.

Wearing  Silvan Moon
Direct  Store LM to Silvan Moon

Main Store LM

Gown # 1  Spirit Maiden
Hair - D!Va

Gown #2 Lilly of Hollowdell 

Gown #3 - Broch Tuarach

Outfit #4 -Ranger of Islavare  

Outfit #5 - Lady of Rhapsody

Outfit #6 Fairy Godmother

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mr. X & Carefree Ghee @ Designers Show Case & Emo-tions

I told Mr. X when I saw the carefree spring shift called  Peony at the April the Designer Showcase I knew that this dress was for me!  Just looking at the delightful colors -- I knew this  Spring would be one of total renwel.   Peony comes in ten seasonal shades that range from deep tropic pink to azure blue like the crystal clear water of the islands... orange and yellow that remind me of a glorious sunset to light pink and porcelain, there is a shade for everyone!

Wearing this dress is like wearing a timeless design... it is a stylish shift dress with a trendy with its handkerchief hemline and deep V neckline.  Ghee has cleverly etched the subtle pattern of a  peony in silk -- it has the softest sheen -- Mr. X loved the artistry of this.  Peony is made for mesh bodies only and includes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, TMP.

As the flower... Peonies are pretty amazing as these ruffled beauties are able to bloom each spring for more than 100 years!  And this dress... with all the  options well you will enjoy it for whatever  SL life equated to ...  RL  for me... it is  easy breezy spring go to.... and yes, I am loving the  sunset.... so is Mr. X --hint... to get to Mr. X put on  a sunset and a  tad of   wine or whatever wear this and ... you may find  the delight of your own  MR. X!

Don't miss out on the matching new shoes by  Ghee called the Ghee Curve Appeal Heels.
Rocking one of the season's hottest footwear trends, the curved heel, Ghee's Curve Appeal Heels come with a texture HUD for the metal parts. In 10 shades to coordinate with the Peony Dress.  The shoes are for Rigged mesh. Slink High, Belleza and Maitreya feet sizes included.

Add the Chunky Beads Necklace that is all the rage on the runways and you are good to go! This chunky necklace comes with a texture HUD with 12 color options for the cord, small and large beads - giving you endless possibilities for personalisation.

Wearing: Ghee  exclusive @ Designers  Showcase thru  4/34 -

LM :

Outfit: Ghee   Dress - Peony in  flame and porcelain and dawn
Shoes - Ghee - Ghee Curve Appeal Heels
Necklace - Ghee -  Chunky Beads Necklace (16L)

Ghee LM

Hair - Emo-tions -  Stella - Reds

Mr. X and DS Destiny Style and HJM Furniture Designs @ Swank

There is nothing more comfortable on a lazy, rainy cool spring afternoon than to kick back and unwind after a hectic week in a pair of well worn ripped  denim jeans and I found the perfect pair at this month's Swank by DS Destiny Style called Destiny Style Jeans Angels.

I love the way they ride low on my hips  and more, the texture is perfectly worn and embellished with Angel wings.  The jeans are available in Grey, Light denim, black, dark denim and dark grey. They fit frey, slink, isis, lara, tmp, tonic curvy and fine and venus shapes.

Sold separately is a fab matching top called Destiny Style Shirt "Angels that comes in a large variety of colors including: three packs that include: red-black-grey, turquoise-lilac-green and white-pink-yellow. Crop tops sold separately come in  black, green, grey, lilac,pink, red, turquoise, and yellow. The crop top is made for slink, isis, maitreya, tmp, venus and regular bodies that includes an alpha layer.  I love the angel wing accent on the back of the crop top that makes this look absolutely heavenly!

I have combined this look with the Angel Loft Furniture set that is an elegant exclusive at Swank and heavily discounted. The entire set is just 35 prims. The entire set is regularly $349L and is selling through the end of April for $259L.  The fireplace is 27 prims and regularly sells for $199L and is on sale at Swank for $150L and the Loft leather Chair at 4 prims is regularly priced at $199L and is also on sale for $150L.

The Angel Loft Set uses 35 prims of your land impact, it is copy/modify and made from mesh.
The Leather Chair has 45 single and 15 couple animations. The props in the chair will ask you to attach to your avatar or you can enable the experience from AVsitter by Code Violet on your land.

Swank Exclusives:

Swank LM

Outfit: DS Destiny Style - Destiny Style Jeans Angels in dark grey and black
Top: Destiny Style - Destiny Style Shirt in White and Green
Boots: Muse - Harnessed  Pointed boots
Furniture HJM Designs Angel Loft

Pendant - Exclusive  ON9 - Emo-tions - Andy
ON9 SLurl:

Friday, April 21, 2017

Mr. X and Heavenly - Glitter and Muse @ Swank

I dreamt a dream! What can it mean?
And that I was a maiden Queen
Guarded by an Angel mild:
Witless woe was ne'er beguiled!

And I wept both night and day,
And he wiped my tears away
And I wept both day and night,
And hid from him my heart's delight.

So he took his wings, and fled
Then the morn blushed rosy red.
I dried my tears, and armed my fears
With ten-thousand shields and spears.

Soon my Angel came again;
I was armed, he came in vain;
For the time of youth was fled,
And grey hairs were on my head. 

Gown - Glitter - Heavenly - Ciel
Wings - Glitter - Heavenly - Ciel
Poses - Glitter - Sunshine
Hair and Crown - Muse - Angelic Hair Naturals Relaxed

Eyemake Up - Jumo - Stylisque

Poem - William Blake

Mr. X and Amanda Femme Fatale *New Resun* and Emo-tions

Urban legends, those quintessential incredible stories spawned by fertile imaginations... and sometimes at their core, there is a bit of truth.  It reminds me of this new outfit by Resun called Amanda -- it sure fired up Mr. X's imagination and will spawn a few stories on its own!

I love the way the silk top drapes provocatively down to my upper thighs as the wide cutouts on each side seems to flow on the cool night breeze.  Mr. X loves the sexy way the lace bra peeks out... what a sensual femme fatale tease!  Best of all Amanda is made for  belleza, freya, slink venus, isis, maitreya (worn) mesh bodies. it also comes with a color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of the shirt, panties and bra.

To finish off this look, be sure to pick up the very sexy lace up boots by Resun called Jessica Boots. They are made for   Maitreya (worn), Isis, Slink, Venus, Freya  and classic feet and bodies.

And, speaking of urban legends... a femme fatale is a classic... and is noted as a beautiful, seductive, and sometimes evil female character in drama and literature. She is usually shown as a cruel, man-eating seductress. Men fall victim to her beauty and are eventually brought to ruin by her. It is whispered that a femme fatale is often a secret agent and/or a spy... so Mr. X are you ready to roll with this femme fatale?


Dress - *New* Resun - Amanda
Boots - *New* Resun - Jessica Boots

Hair - Emo-tions - Before and After

Tattoo - White Widow Midnight in Paris


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mr. X and Selina - Posh Pixels & GW Boots & Jumo Hair

Lace is so  feminine... and I love it when -- designers use it in an evocative way... like this new mini dress by Posh Pixels... called Selina that comes with a lavish  20 plus color changing hud.

I love the feel and look of this  Venetian Lace... that  embellishes my torso... this lace is so delicate and intricate and all the lace points are worked in double and triple relief and exquisite stitches that beguile the eye... I like that!

Selina  fits just below my hips... talk about how to show off your figure... Mr. X assures me the men will take notice!!   And, so do I !  I really love the hud... it comes in an amazing array of colors. I paired this with boots from Swank, by  GW called Angels Gold Wings. And my favorite thing about this... is that it looks as fab from the front as it does from the back... oh la la!!


 Dress - Posh Pixels - Selina

Hair - Doutzen - Roots - blondes -Jumo -

Boots - Swank Exclusive - Grafenwalder Zone - Angel's Gold Wings High Heeled Boots