Saturday, December 31, 2016

Final Day of POE Hunt

December 31 is the final day of the Peace on Earth Hunt where everything is free... it is one of the best hunts on the grid.  I have a few more of my favorite finds in this blog... and my advice is to go find them.  Check out this gorgeous red turtleneck and fancy long skirt with its laces up the front and it's lovely floral pattern in black lace by Styles By Danielle. The creator of this outfit passed away suddenly in December and was a dear friend of mine. A memorial fashion show is being planned as well as a series of memorial performances January 9 because Danni was not only a terrific designer but also a wonderful SL performer that sang like an angel.  The hint for this is Look for Love and Bow and the LM is

Another great find is a royal blue silk cocktail dress embellished with a gorgeous beaded heart on the bodice by {{Masoon}}.  The hint for this is Sexy knows no Season but Winter is best!  The LM is

Don't miss the lovely gown by Ghee... known for their clothes that range from formal and sophisticated to casually chic.  I love this petal ombre pink satin gown with its wide satin waistband that shows off my figure perfectly.  This is elegant... as all of Ghee's apparel... and free!  Their new shop has tons of eye candy!  The hint for this is Wherever I lay my hat it is home.  The LM is

Another really generous find @ Poe is by Cream Spaghetti Hair... it is flirty neon sweater mini dress with a scalloped hemline.  It comes with a color changing hud.  This fat is made for all mesh as well as classic bodies. It is so cute!  The hint is... I am in the back of the house and the  LM is

My final pic for 2016 Poe is by Sascha's Designs... always elegant, always varied and it is always easy to find something special!  It is a gorgeous gown with a feather bolero and hat.  The hint is find me at the wheelhub and the LM is

Friday, December 30, 2016

Mr. X and the Lady Broch Tuarach --- Silvan Moon Designs & White Armoury

"I am enchanted beyond measure by your arrival.  I thought,  Mr. X  -- I did not expect to arrive in such weather and the lack  of hot water...... My dear, sweet lady-  you look as fresh as rain and the mist of the moors.... must I really say Broch Tuarach, or won't it do if I only say Lady Tuarach?" 

I could not believe his words to me....I remember when Mr. X said these words to me.... and I dream of Mr. X and the lavender ladened moors of Scotland... especially when wearing the new gown called Lady Broch  Tuarach Gown by !!SMD!!

Named for an old broch on the land, Broch Tuarach means "north-facing tower" in Gaelic. I love the look of this gown with its lovely tartan in heather, brook or hunter... each one has its own beauty... and comes with a matching sweater  legs and tops that are compatible with all mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara. This gown is also compatible with  regular mesh bodies and classic.

Broch Tuarach also comes with a lovely floral embroidered bodice that is like a  gorgeous medieval  tapestry.  It also has  a handy pouch... that adds to the look of this gown... it is a wee bit fetching... Mr. X told me that he was enchanted by me in this gown beyond measure...and said, yes, indeed, you are my  lady with the hint of a question... 

I remember as i gaze out amid the  moors the night Mr. X said to me, when I talk to you it is as if I was talking to my soul....  there is no question here... I am his Lady.....

 Wearing Gown  Silvan Moon Designs
 Lady Broch Tuarach  in heather and Brook

Loch Ness Inn

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Finds @ POE on till 12/31

POE or Peace on Earth is a unique hunt in SL... it offers really quality items for FREE -- 139 to be exact.  I have gone on the hunt... and this blog represents some of my favorites... mostly from  designers I don't know... and of course, some that I do... Check out this gorgeous gown by Glitterati by Sapphire #49!  I love the embellished floral  hemline on this gown and the fetching hat with the same floral pattern... both placed on an opulent background of white silk.   LM  Hint - Simone loves her brick and gold jumpsuit.

Another find is a gown  by  Mystic Dragons  called  Noel.   This  gown is sleek and sexy silk gown in deep burgundy with gold that  streaks down this  gown like  fireworks.... what could be better?  Hint A fountain replaces Atlas. 

Another find s the gorgeous snowflake white blue snowflake glittering gown by Angel Fae Boutique called Virgin Snow Mermaid Gown.  It  flows in the snow and is lovely and comes with  a gown, earrings, necklace and crown... fit for a queen... # 97 -- Hint - Under the  Tree  -

One more is  Ever an' Angel  Skate Outfit... how cute is this... with a    jeweled scarf,  leather belt and  flowing mini skirt....  I am in love with this.... the hint is--- I’ve got the whole world in my hooves and the LM is

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Mr. X - Love me Tender... Prism & Luxe Paris @ Swank

Imagine a pre- New Years Eve Party at Graceland -- you know the home now museum of Elvis... what on earth would you wear.... I found two perfect cocktail dresses at Swank that fit the bill!  And, btw, I didn't realize Graceland (all decked out for Christmas) replete with an Elvis Tour was in SL... it is a fun place to visit for you Elvis fans!
The first dress is by Prism called Celebration Holiday Dress and Necklace by Journey and is made for mesh bodies.  I love the silver bra top and the cut of this cute sheath mini; it comes with a festive four fabric color changing hud in red, green, blue and black.  My favorite fabric of this holiday dress is the tasteful black fabric with silver ornaments --  to me this combo adds a touch of sophistication to the look.  Best of all, I love the silver scarf that is worn around the neck... it adds a bit of sparkle  and pulls the entire look together.  You are sure to get glances of admiration wherever you go.

Another find is the holiday dress by Luxe Paris called Halle -- it is simply elegant.  I love the way the bubble skirt drapes gracefully in the richest emerald green that is perfect for the season.  Halle is made for all mesh bodies from slink to belleza to the Lara, which I am wearing... Halle looks great from every angle.

I love this festive frock with its beautiful beaded bodice in green and silver holly leaves... I especially like the big bow that really makes this dress come alive.  The detail in the bow is amazing -- it is studded with beautiful clusters of sparkling diamonds... a girl's best friend!

I am wearing two more finds from Swank, the hair is by Letituier and is called Amy -- I loved the pulled back poofy retro ponytail look with Halle they match perfectly. Amy comes in a number of handy color changing huds, I am wearing Light Brown.  To add a bit more sparkle... I mean, this is the time of year for that, I am wearing the new Silver and Pearl necklace and earrings by Heartsdale Jewelry called Mangalsutra.  I love the gradation of the pearls and the simple disk at my throat.

Wearing - Swank Exclusives -

Dress #1 - Prism called Celebration Holiday Dress and Necklace

Dress # 2 - Luxe Paris - Halle

Hair - Letituier  - Amy

Jewelry - Heartsdale Jewelry - Mangalsutra


Friday, December 23, 2016

Sweets for my Sweet Mr. X - IrrlSIStible @ Swank

The holidays are on us... and like some of you... I have been making my list and checking it twice...and oh yes indeed Mr. X is on it!   As a matter of fact, I have prepared a Sweet Holiday banquet for him to choose from....

Christmas Bakery Mesh Outfit and Dress is from IrrilSIStible... and it is just that.  This fun dress is a veritable buffet  replete with cupcakes, strawberry tarts, cookies, cream puffs, peppermint frosted donuts...candy canes... artfully placed on a beautiful revolving yes... a revolving table that even has little gifts and candles! This dress is so much fun to wear!

I love the fact that it also comes with a "sweet" hat of cupcakes, cookies and creme puffs, shoes with candy cane embellishments and a cute  cupcake holiday necklace.... the only thing missing is the delicious smell of these baked goods... but, I have have a good imagination!

Another festive find from IrrlSIStible is the Magic Christmas Gown -- a evergreen tree dress with gold lame bodice and all the holiday fixings - garland, bows, ornaments, lights... even a Christmas Tree hat and a mistletoe  corsage... everything to  turn Mr. Scrooge into Mr. X!

Wearing - Christmas Bakery Mesh Outfit and Dress is from IrrlSIStible and Magic Christmas Gown

New Cat Blog

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mr. X and Delypop - New Jumo

Sometimes dreaming is good... a release of sorts... a time for the mind to wander randomly... a time for reflection... a time to explore a fabulously whimsical sim called Outer Garden... I really cannot wait to show Mr. X all its nooks and crannies. 

Delypop, a new couture gown by Jumo is a is a long sleek fitting silk gown made for mesh and classic bodies.  I love the couture waistline feature that gracefully feathers out on each side of the waistline complementing the mermaid skirt that flares out dramatically -- you will make a grand entrance wearing this  luxurious gown. The halter styled bodice is heavily jeweled in a lovely arabesque pattern that dazzles.

As with all of Jumo's gowns, Delypop comes loaded with the most beautiful jewelry. The large bejeweled cuff bracelet is something an empress would wear!   I love the great square earrings but most of all I love the head jewelry that reminds me of a classic Medieval jeweled hat a maid would wear...only this piece is absolutely opulent and adds immeasurably to the couture look of this gown.

Wearing - * New* Jumo - Delypop in River

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mr. X and the Ranger of Islavare Dress Set *New* Silvan Moon

I follow my faithful Ariel... the Sprite of the frozen forest... she knows the way... wandering amid magical unicorns... so pure and beautiful... through tall evergreens glazed with a majestic mantle of snow that remind me of queens wrapped in white fur wraps  --  the trees shadow azure pools of frozen water... we look for footprints.

We look for him in this snow covered land under the pale winter moon of December -- I  wonder if we shall find what we seek... the secret garden... suddenly my ears... hear the far off tinkling of bells... like a spring rainfall... oh how I long for spring...

On the hunt in this frozen landscape... remembering when we danced under the harvest moon... my head was full of rainbows then... from too much pixie dust... the mist of fairy matter...

I cannot think of a better outfit to hunt in than this gorgeous tunic made of rich emerald velvet and edged with olive silk ruffles at the hem and embellished by the finest leather edging and rich gold brocade embroidery at each sleeve and at my neckline.  My cloak made of  the finest velvet is lined with ermine to keep me can be taken on or off.  The Ranger of Islavare Dress Set is made for classic and all mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara with it.  Ah, here is the gate to the garden...shall I enter ?

What is Silvan Moon Designs?

Silvan Moon Designs is a joining of two creators in Second Life
who share the same passion for beautiful Medieval and Fantasy clothing.

Solasnagealai of Blue Moon Enterprises, and Bee Dumpling of The White Armory.

Blue Moon Enterprise (BME) provides the original mesh work as well as the rigging.

The White Armory provides the texture work, promotional art and packaging.

Many hours of work go into each detail. We are so happy to be working together
and sharing our creations with you! Enjoy! ♥

Outfit - Silvan Moon @ The White Armoury - Ranger of Islavare Dress Set

We <3 Roleplay.

Boots -  Silk Worms Pan Boots - Black

Hair - Phoenix - Natalia

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mr. X and Evangeline *NEW* !!SMD!! @ White Armoury

Evangeline make your own magic  this is what the wise Grand  Dutchess told me... Men will write poetry about you once you have unleashed your magic Evangeline... listen to the the wind in the trees... watch the glimmering stars and shooting comets... you will know what to do.... and, then, “Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, Blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots of the angels.” 

Yes... I thought as I put on my coat of rich purple velvet -- yes, the power of purple stirs a creative spirit deep within me.  This coat is luxurious in rich crushed velvet accented with a rich gold  and purple brocade collar. I love the tucked in waistline of this coat and the gold button loops. Completing the look of this coat is the lavish gold floral embroidery that lines the hem ... protecting me like the lavender twilight embraces the dark legions of nightfall...

The gown is fit for a queen and is made from a deep rich purple and gold satin brocade that shimmers in the light with its exquisite texture.  It  is soft against my skin.  I love the sweetheart neckline that is delicately trimmed with black lace... adding dimension to this beautiful gown.

The crowning glory of this outfit is the lovely box shaped hat that comes with it made of royal purple and gold silk brocade  embellished with the finest purple felt... it even has a bow and gold flower that picks up the floral print in the gown adding another dimension of style and flair to Evangeline.  I also love the detail of the  split sleeves of this gown that peek out from the coat... showing off more opulent embroidery... it is pure magic!

"Talk not of wasted affection, affection never was wasted. If it enrich not the heart of another, its waters, returning Back to their springs, like the rain, still fill them full of refreshment; That which the fountain sends forth returns again to the fountain."

Wearing - !!SMD!! at White Armoury - Evangeline Windlace Gown

Shop LM -

Hair - !Diva - Jasmine

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mr. X and Grace... Ghee @ Winter Showcase & Art Show Team Diabetes of SL

Ghee is participating in Team Diabetes of Second Life through December 18 in the 2016 Winter Showcase and Art Show! This event includes live djs, performers, tribute concerts, 2 hunts, photos with Santa, ice skating, ice fishing, fundraising and more! Ghee has a shop there where they are giving 100% of proceeds to Team Diabetes for the the Grace Gown.

Grace Gown is a classic ball gown with a cascading satin ball skirt that drapes magnificently. I love this gown in mustard gold -- it is as opulent in this color as a christmas ornament.  The hemline and drape of this gown is sure to have all eyes on you because it is downright glamorous!  I love the sleeveless bodice of Grace with its intricate pattern of  gold and black lace that spells magic!

For the holidays, Grace Aurora... is perfect.  It is crimson at it's best!  I can imagine that I am on the arm of Mr. X entering the Ostankino Palaces Opera House with its gilded hallways filled with art and, mirrors, paintings, vases, statues, marble and me in this red bejeweled gown that glimmers in the crystal lighting of the chandeliers. Let's talk glam!

Also available for purchase is the Gabriella dress  and matching platform shoes.  This is defined by a fancy ruffle skirt on a very sleek cocktail dress with the same elegant bodice as the gown... it is flirty and sexy at the same time and if you are not fond of ball gowns, then this is a must have festive frock for the season!

Ghee is a collaboration between Warm Clarity, a real world artist, and SL Top Model Beatrice Serendipity.  Stylish, elegant and wearable fashion, in unique textures and colors inspired by art, nature, and fine textiles is what Ghee is all about. We enjoy creating whole collections, with lots of options for mixing and matching, with co-ordinated accessories.

Event LM

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A trio of finds @ Swank from landscaping to a dress

I told Mr. X that I adore winter... when nature paints the landscape with so many beautiful white textures... I love the way the snow covers the landscape and how it covers rocks and leaves... how it sticks to the branches of trees... creating a wonderful fairytale landscape to explore...

I found some terrific landscaping low prim items at this month's Swank event perfect for winter landscaping such as TM Creation's Winter Snowy Rocks Plants arrangement that contains a winter scene placed on snow with rocks, plants and pine trees - it even comes with a bonus with winter ground cover pine leaves. This is a total of 5 prims and can be used linked or unlinked and is copy.

Another find created by TM Creation is the winter snowy fairytale tree (2 prims) with Ivy ground cover. (1 prim) You can decorate it (or not) and also create a step to walk on with the leaf ground cover option or you can create a shadow. This tree is just gorgeous and it is really hard to believe that it is only TWO prims!

I just can't wait to cuddle with Mr. X by the Winter Well by Outside the Box, another great landscaping find at Swank.  This cute well comes with 8 cuddle poses and even a sequence option... it is a perfect place for a winter cuddle with a sweet little racoon, a bright red cardinal and snow covered pine tree that completes the scene.

I am wearing another fabulous find at Swank by Pink Ice called Bianca. It comes for all mesh bodies and is beautifully textured with an elaborate sequin pattern making this outfit perfectly festive.  I love the lace up back on top of this dress giving it added sexy appeal!  Bianca comes in a myriad of attractive colors from red and silver to pink, salmon, blue, black and many more.

Swank LM
Landscape @ Swank
TM Creations - Fairy Tree and Winter Snowy Rocks Plants arrangement
Outside the Box - Stand Up Cuddle Wishing Well
Outfit - Pink Ice - Bianca in Red, Silver and Salmon
Swank LM

Jewelry - J&W Jewelers - Winter Wonderland Collection - Silver Raindeer and Gingerbread

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mr. X and Cici & Cathil - Swank Sascha's Designs and J&W Jewelers

Sascha is an icon in SL and she has designed two fabulous gowns for the holiday season... the first is called  Cici it is elegance in motion -- sparkles galore... and Mr. X loves that. Cici  comes fit for several mesh bodies - freya, isis, slink, venus and with some adjustments I am wearing it with my Maitreya Lara body... and loving it!
As with all of Sascha's Gowns,  you can wear Cici with or without flexi additions on arms,  waist and legs... anyway that you decide to  wear this elegant holiday gown... you will be the life of the party because you will be glowing... almost as much as the man you are with... oh  la la... so says, my beloved Mr. X.....

Sascha also has a exclusive @ Swank for the month of  December  called Cathil Silver/Red Gown... it is beyond  festive!  It is elegant and eye catching in  a silver white tone embellished with a rich floral border in red... it flows like a  beautiful  snowflake at sunset drop dead red on a silver white  horizon and it is simply gorgeous and easy to wear-- it is 50% mesh so everyone can wear it and it has tons of seductive flexi prims....the choice is yours... sleek or cape -- or mermaid or flowing gown...

I love the delicate Battenburg Lace at the hemline and the  sleeves... along with the  belt at the waist that  makes me totally an hourglass  figure. Cathil Silver is 50% mesh and comes in  5 sizes along with flexi prim additions... and also can be worn with Lara Maitreya.
What makes Cathil Silver/Red , the exclusive @ Swank distinctive it s the cowl neckline and the gorgeous white mantel that is both mysterious and seductive... Mr. X loves that.  I am also wearing irresistible  jewelry from  J&W Jewelers the Winter Wonderland Collection  --  I am wearing the cute Candykane Necklace and Earrings... who can resist that!


Sascha's Designs
Dress #1  Cici

Sascha Designs Exclusive @ Swank
Dress #2 - Cathil Silver/Red - Exclusive @ Swank
Swank LM

Jewelry - J&W Jewelers - Winter Wonderland Collection - CandyKane

Monday, December 12, 2016

Last Day for Christmas Expo - RFL December 12, 2016 & Thank You

Holiday Exclusive Limited Edition:  A special area has been designed for items that are New, Exclusive to the SL Christmas Expo and for sale as a Limited Edition item ONLY at the SL Christmas Expo December 1 – 12, 2016.  These items are not for sale before or after the Expo!  The Merchants are showcasing some of their best work in this collection.   
Stocking Stuffers.. look in the merchant shops for the Holiday Stocking. They have special gifts hidden in them just for you!  Breedable Auctions will take place over the 12 days of the Expo with some fantastic breedables up for auction.   Limited Editions in the shops, and special Expo exclusives can also be found.  And of course Santa and his elves will make an appearance throughout the Expo and Fair!
Take a ride with Santa and his reindeer to fly around all the expo sims or hop in one of the horse drawn carriages and enjoy a tour of each sim,  then enjoy an afternoon of ice skating on the pond. Build a snowman for the Snowman contest, write a story for our writing contest, purchase some raffle tickets, bid on silent auction items, or play the Gatya’s.

Silent Auctions & Raffles – many items and even special Christmas ornaments are up for auction and raffle in these events! 100% of the proceeds will go to Relay For Life of Second Life. There is a OOAK Ever An’ Angel gown in the Silent Auction Area…a must see… a must have!! And December 12, 2016 is the LAST DAY  to pick up these exclusives....Stop and enjoy some wonderful music at the entertainment stages before heading home with your parcels. It is 12 days of jammed pack Christmas Awesomeness all in support of the Relay For Life.

Wearing Ever An' Angel

Dress #1 - Jubilee - Garland   Dress #2 - Century - Wine

Thank you  to all the merchants, entertainers, sponsors, committee, visitors......everyone who helped make this such a successful and fun Epxo! 

Together we have raised over $10,500 US

That is  100 nights at an American Cancer Society Hope Lodge for a cancer patient who has to travel away from home for treatment.  One less financial worry for them so they can focus on getting better.

It is 1000 rides to and from treatment in the Road To Recovery Program!

Thank you all so very  much!
See you next year !