Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mr. X and the Ranger of Islavare Dress Set *New* Silvan Moon

I follow my faithful Ariel... the Sprite of the frozen forest... she knows the way... wandering amid magical unicorns... so pure and beautiful... through tall evergreens glazed with a majestic mantle of snow that remind me of queens wrapped in white fur wraps  --  the trees shadow azure pools of frozen water... we look for footprints.

We look for him in this snow covered land under the pale winter moon of December -- I  wonder if we shall find what we seek... the secret garden... suddenly my ears... hear the far off tinkling of bells... like a spring rainfall... oh how I long for spring...

On the hunt in this frozen landscape... remembering when we danced under the harvest moon... my head was full of rainbows then... from too much pixie dust... the mist of fairy matter...

I cannot think of a better outfit to hunt in than this gorgeous tunic made of rich emerald velvet and edged with olive silk ruffles at the hem and embellished by the finest leather edging and rich gold brocade embroidery at each sleeve and at my neckline.  My cloak made of  the finest velvet is lined with ermine to keep me can be taken on or off.  The Ranger of Islavare Dress Set is made for classic and all mesh bodies, I am wearing Lara with it.  Ah, here is the gate to the garden...shall I enter ?

What is Silvan Moon Designs?

Silvan Moon Designs is a joining of two creators in Second Life
who share the same passion for beautiful Medieval and Fantasy clothing.

Solasnagealai of Blue Moon Enterprises, and Bee Dumpling of The White Armory.

Blue Moon Enterprise (BME) provides the original mesh work as well as the rigging.

The White Armory provides the texture work, promotional art and packaging.

Many hours of work go into each detail. We are so happy to be working together
and sharing our creations with you! Enjoy! ♥

Outfit - Silvan Moon @ The White Armoury - Ranger of Islavare Dress Set

We <3 Roleplay.

Boots -  Silk Worms Pan Boots - Black

Hair - Phoenix - Natalia

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