Friday, January 18, 2019

Mr. X and Emma A Night in Shanghai - New VIPS and Shanghai @ Swank

Playing with colors in a muted palette like creme and pewter is a highlight of the creative process.  Just look at this new sequined mini dress by Vips Creating called Emma that is an exclusive @ Swank.  I adore the sexy lace insets in the top with its sexy satin straps -- it is so unusual and just pure pleasure to wear.

Emma is made for mesh bodies and reminds me of muted winter landscapes that are both earthy and expansive.  I have paired Emma with another exclusive @ Swank by Shanghai called Acacia Black.  I love the cascading floral bloom of this onyx necklace that comes with dynamite floral drop earrings -- the set is simply stunning and is available in a wide variety of gemstones from rubies and sapphires to diamonds and more.


Dress - Vips Creating - Emma

Necklace and Earrings - Shanghai - Acacia - Black

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mr. X and Capucine New Ghostyss and Firelight @ Swank

Do angels exist?  How we approach this question is deeply private and individual, of course. But to be sure wise words or a helping hand from our fellow humans can be perceived as angelic  - just like this new outfit called Eglantine by Ghostyss that is an exclusive at this month's Swank.

Capucine is made for slink, belleza, ebodycurvy, venus, freya, Isis, and maitreya mesh bodies and comes with a color changing hud featuring eight fabulous colors.  I love the sexy black lace on this dress as well as the sexy polka dot midriff that adds a touch of elegance to this sexy cocktail dress.

I have paired Capucine with new hair called Candy by Firelight that is also an exclusive at this month's Swank.  I love the ponytail that is styled on the side and cascades down this dress.  The hair comes in two sizes and offers huds in black, blondes, reds, browns, essentials (worn blonde) and pastels.

Another really sexy offering by Ghostyss @ Swank is Eglantine - made for mesh bodies (TMP, Slink, Belleza, Maitreya, Ebody) and comes with a color changing hud in vibrant colors.


Swank Exclusives 

Outfit - Capucine - Ghostyss

Hair - Candy - Firelight 

Boots - Minaj - Wild

Dress #2 - Eglantine

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Mr. X and the Fairytale Princess - irrISISTIBLE @ Swank

Whenever I see Mr. X I feel like a fairy princess... really!   And the new exclusive at Swank makes me feel just that way... it is absolutely enchanting and called Dust Spring Dress... it will surely get you out of the winter doldrums, I promise.  It is this month's exclusive @ Swank!  I  just love it.

The Dust Spring Dress is made for freya, hourglass, isis, Maitreya, sofia and physique mesh bodies.  It comes with an easy to use applier hud for the gloves that work with belleza, maitreya, omega and slink huds.  As an aside, omega can be used for TMP , AESTHETIC, Aesthetic and Signature mesh bodies as well if you have the appropriate omega system hud.

I love the details in this gorgeous gown with it's lavish necklace collar... that is oh so elegant with roses and pearls... and a beautiful floral pearl bangle on my elbow... how utterly romantic!  And, then, of course, there are the flower gloves that match the cascading skirt that comes in waves of green and blue, sweet peach and pink... embellished in a silken sea of ruffles.    One of my favorite parts of this gown is the waistline... with its matching cascading flowers and pearls and the beautiful silk bow that ties it all together... just beautiful.

If you can believe it, this outfit even comes with the perfect hair so there is no fiddling around with the headpiece... it crowns the outfit in such a fitting way... so Mr. X... shall we create a new story for 2019.....

Wearing irrISISTIBLE @ Swank

Swank LM -

Gown, Hair, Jewelry, Headpiece, bangle, appliers - Dust Spring Gown

Monday, January 7, 2019

Mr. X and Minaj -- Wild and Luminesse @ Swank

I like being on the go--- Jamaica in January, Mauritius in March... the Azores in April... my traditions are constantly updated...I find it exhilarating to explore all SL and RL has to offer.  Speaking of being on the go )and dreaming of tropical climates) I found the most sensational wrap dress at Swank by Wild called Minaj.

I love the sexy, silk-like texture of this flirty frock that is this month's exclusive @ Swank.  Minaj comes with a color changing hud that offers four solid colors, four leaf print colors that remind me of tropical breeze and mojitos and four artful patterns that are reminiscent of the beautiful mosaics found throughout  Europe.

Minaj is made for fit mesh, maitreya, slink and belleza bodies.  Best of all, Minaj comes with a fabulous pair of thigh high boots for slink, belleza and maitreya feet.  The boots come with a color changing hud that allows you to match the colors of the boots with the dress perfectly.  The boots are so well done and also can be worn with so many other outfits because of the color changing hud.  Minaj is a must have and the entire look is totally high voltage!!

I have paired this look with the new necklace and earrings by Luminesse called Kindari Orah Set and also the Kindari Riva Set.  One set is blue sapphires and the other set is black diamonds. Both include a combo of two necklaces that are perfectly matched and I always say, two is better than one as well as with long glamorous drop earrings.  They are exclusive @ Swank.

Wearing - Swank Exclusives
LM -

Outfit - Minaj - Wild

Jewelry - Kindari Riva Set and Kindari Orah Set  Luminesse

Mr. X and Corinna - AnaSTyle @ Jan. Swank 2019

Swank opens its doors 2019 on January 7th with fantastic exclusives in apparel for men and women, accessories, home accessories and much more making Swank one of the best shopping venues on the grid year after year.  I think it is one of the best shopping venus ever!  One of the Swankest finds at Swank this January  -- and there are so many -- to tell you about is called  Corinna created by AnaSTyle --- one of my longtime favorite designers.

I love the fact that Corinna is in red, Mr. X just loves me in that color.  The outfit is complete comes with the jacket and skirt that is made for mesh bodies (5 sizes) and mesh bodies including Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink Hourglass and Physique, TMP, Tonic Curvy and Fine, Voluptuous, Freya, Isis, and Belleza.   I love the fringe and the ties on each side of this pleated mini skirt... so does Mr. X !   Corinna also comes with gorgeous spike heeled highly detail boots made for bellaza, maitreya and slink feet.  Corinna even comes with cool arm bracelets that add to the retro coolio vibe.

Corinna is all about urban chic with a dash of retro sophistication.  Corinna's midriff jacket is so much fun to wear with its large silver buckles and its retro stylish zippers -- and cool silver snaps.  The jacket is part of the Corinna outfit, an exclusive at this month's Swank, it is also sold separately in a variety of colors and made for fit mesh and Maitreya, ocain, belleza, slink, tonic, TMP mesh bodies.

Wearing Swank Exclusive

Outfit - AnaSTyle - Corinna

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Mr. X and Incanto - New Fellini

Sparkling floral embroideries embellishes this cute jacket and short suit outfit called Incanto that is new by Fellini Couture.  The glamorous beaded floral pattern along the shoulders and sleeves takes on a starring role that will make you shine like the sun in any venue.  This new outfit is an exclusive @ Sense Event.

The beautiful silken sheen of Incanto makes it easy to dress up or down.  The mini-shorts drape more like a skirt than a pair of shorts and have a touch of glitz with sequins mixed into their center setting off the applique on the shoulders and sleeves. This is casually chic and with the interplay of applique and sequins mixing at whim, it is more sophisticated when everything is not matchy matchy.

Incanto is made for slink, Maitreya and mesh bodies and consists of three pieces the shorts, jacket and the very sexy tank stop that has a stripe of heavy luxuriant silk followed by a translucent layer of skin that shows just enough to be totally tantalizing.  Incanto comes in four primary colors, each more evocative than the next including red, blue, green and purple.

Incanto is the perfect outfit to step out and start to enjoy 2019 -- it is chic and sexy -- beautifully created with thoughtful embellishments and sure to keep every eye on you in the room... Mr. X likes that... especially when I am admired from afar!


Outfit - Incanto by Fellini Couture

Exclusive @ Sense Event

Sense Event LM

Fellini Couture Main Store -

Hair - Shi

Friday, January 4, 2019

Mr. X and Moonstar @ Dazzle !

The January 2019 Dazzle Fashion event is open and features tons of exclusives at affordable prices that are created by top SL designers... just like this exclusive called Time Melt Sage by Moonstar.  This is a new designer for me and I love what she has created exclusively for Dazzle.

Time Melt Sage is the perfect combination that is elegantly casual.  I love silky green tank top that is embellished with a fabulous clock that is slowly melting...  just like 2018 has melted away and is now but a memory.  The top is a really beautiful shade of jade green... one of my favorite colors... and one of Mr. X's favorites too!

The slacks have an urban cool vibe with zipper pockets and zippers up the cuffs giving them a really unique look in a contrasting green that blends perfectly with the top.  I love the fact that Time Melt Sage also comes with strappy high heels... that are made for Belleza, Maitreya and slink feet. Here is the really good news ...  The top and pants of Time Melt Sage are made for classic bodies with alpha textures in XS, S, M. L, XL.   The top and pants are also made for Fit Mesh bodies including:  Maitreya (yay), Belleza, freya, Isis, and Venus, Ebody, Fitmesh XS, S, M, L and XL, Ocacin, Slink Hourglass and Physique, TMP, Tonic Curvy, Tonic Fine, Voluptuous, The heels are made for belleza, maitreya (yay) and slink feet.

Moonstar's designs run the gamut of clothing genres from gowns and cocktail dresses to casual apparel to fantasy, fairy and even lingerie made for classic and mesh avatars.  Another offering at  Dazzle is Snowy Winter Gown with boots and headband that is a beautiful example of Moonstar's elegant gown offerings.  This gown comes with a color changing hud in four colors - pink, black, green and deep royal blue.

I love the Snowy Winter Gown with its cascading velvet furlined tiers that drape beautifully.  This gown is made for classic and mesh avatars and comes with beautiful leather boots and a fur headband and cape that can be added for extra warmth!

Wearing -

Two Exclusives @ Jan. Dazzle

Outfit 1 - Moonstar - Time Melt Sage
Outfit 2 - Moonstar -Snowy Winter Gown

Dazzle LM -

Hair - Emo-tions Ourfit 2 - Ice Queen

Eyeliner - Jumo - Foxxie