Monday, January 21, 2019

The Chill is on.. or is it... New Ghee Silky Sweet & New Emo-tions

I love a big winter coat... it is so alluring... and recalls those cold late nights... under a winter sky where the moon is bright and so reflective on the snow... our breath comes out-- so hot on the midnight air... we steam with a passion... I know you remember... that particular passion!

And if you do not remember then you are indeed a baffoon... silly and trite... I will not be in your arms this winter there is no way... unless of course, you learn to appreciate what you have.  These days, sometimes, we must just be happy for what we have -- our health... our SL friends and great designers like Ghee -- check out this fab new coat and jumpsuit--- it is irresistible!  The heels are Midori @ Darkness


 Outfit - Silky Halter Jumpsuit (mesh  bodies) - Ghee

Coat  - Blanket Coat - Ghee

Shoes - Midori Heels - Ghee @

Ghee - home  -

Hair -  Emotions - Kirsty

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