Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mr. X and a Thorne -- new release by JUMO

Mr. X loves simplicity in clothes with exotic textures that show off a woman's curves in a tasteful and alluring way. He adores me in the new iconic shift dress by Jumo called Thorne.  I just had to have it because it is simplicity at its finest.

I feel like a glamorous socialite ready for a cocktail party in an extravagant garden. The ornate floral texture has enough of a bedazzling glimmer to make eyes follow you wherever you go.

A gorgeous gold and diamond necklace, drop earrings and cuff bracelets with diamonds also come with this Thorne that is available in pink, royal, silver, copper and gold.

Mr. X said that "Thorne is simple the way an emerald pendant is simple, or the way Madison Ave. feels on a sundrenched afternoon in May."  I think he is correct... don't you?  I paired this with  the new Princess Shoes by Muse... they are elegantly jeweled and complete the look.

 It calls attention to you and with Mr.X on my arm, I am very happy indeed.

Mr. X -- you would, on the contrary, admire my eclecticism, would you not?   Wonders how Mr. X will respond..........


Dress - NEW - Jumo - Thorne Dress in  Royal, Pink and Gold


Jumo For: Be Fabulous Fashion and Modeling Consulting

Shoes - Muse: Princess Heels - NEW

Skin: October 4Seasons - Jewell and Lalia

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine's Day Ideas for Mr. X - Heart Homes and Zed Sensations - New Releases

Valentines Day is Around the corner and Aphrodite at Heart Homes has made a series of Gazebos that are romantic, fun and low prim.  Buy each individually or as a series of three romantic rooms reached by flower festooned romantic bridges loaded with animations for couples and singles from dancing and cuddles to sitting and dining. This comes with a handy rezzer that allows you to place the build perfectly.  Nothing is linked so you can pick and choose what you want to keep.  Here is the utube video A Cosmopolitan Exclusive

The Piano Gazebo is really romantic especially for music lovers, and lovers in general.  There are couple and solo poses for singing, sitting and playing. There are also a series of PG cuddles that are so sweet and a dance AO.

 If you click the song book on the piano, you will get a list of songs it will play.

The Cafe Gazebo is pure romance with a long bridge festooned with flowers.  This is just a gorgeous build at only 20 prims that is loaded with animations.  You can propose and kiss and dance on the bridge and then relax and chat over coffee.

I love the sweets and coffee on the table as well as the single and couple pose options.  You can even eat and drink together and can rezz coffee and sweets.  The detail is perfect right down to the heart shaped cookies.  I have my eye on that one Mr. X!

The Bridges leading to the Gazebo is animated and offers snuggles, dances and even a wedding proposal AO with a ring!  As for the flowers, click them for a menu and texture change.  I am wearing the gorgeous new release for Valentine's Day by Zed Sensations called MisJolie I love the lace trimmed sides that show off my curves and the scoop neckline.

The see through back of MisJolie is as sexy as the front of this dress.  The three gazebos sold individually come with animated, flower strewn bridges with working lights that lead to the themed room - with a piano, cafe table or fireplace and sitting room.

The Relaxing Gazebo has a romantic fireplace that you can control as well as a bottle of champagne on a fur rug.  This option also comes loaded with couples and single animations for romantic and casual fun.

Aphrodite at Heart Homes
Valentine Combo Gazebo
Valentine Gazebo with Cafe Set
Valentine Gazebo with romantic piano
Valentine Gazebo relaxing hang out



Dress: Zed Sensations - MisJolie in red

Shoes: Muse - Princess High heel shoes in White with diamonds

Skin: Ocotover 4Seasons - Laila Blossom

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mr. X and Shinobi MVW Japan Dead Dollz exclusive@ sneak peek

Mr. X comes to me like a soft wisteria breeze in the fading light of the afternoon.  Cherry blossoms and green tea...and long conversations as we watch the sunlight fade into dusk with her lavender legions.

Today, at Sneak Peek, I found something very special...Shinobi by Dead Dollz.  This is a very special version of Shinobi, originally created as the National Costume for MVW's candidate, Stregavento Nguya, Miss Virtual World, Japan, 2015.

Shinobi was a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan, more commonly known as a "ninja" --- and wearing this gown, men will surely fight for your attention!

This gown is a Sneak Peek Exclusive... if I were you, I'd snap it right up!  The tea is ready Mr. X and the leaves bode good tidings...

Sneak Peek Exclusive - New - Dead Dollz - Shinobi

Sneak Peak LM:

Hair: Tukinowaguma

Skin: Tuty's

This is the most powerful mesh photography studio built by Sparkie Hallard I have found in SL.  It not only holds unlimited avatars but the textures and avatars can be moved. There is no pose stand needed and you can rotate your avatar 360.  The size of the studio can be changed and comes with 110 animations, a series of different emitters and 65 textures.  It is also easy to add your own textures and AO.  It has a Flickr button to take you to the Flickr website to upload your photos and has a lighting drop menu that is easy to use and lets you control the intensity. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mr. X @ Sneak Peek! Nya, Lushby CoCO & AshmOot

I met Mr. X in a tiny town called Fira that clings to a cliff on a circular archipelago called Santorini. He told me I was like a water-filled caldera; a natural creation of arresting beauty and troubled youth, intoxicatingly dangerous.... Mr. X mutters, last time... she erupted she buried Atlantis.  At Sneak Peek, I kicked up a storm and notched up my dress, hair and shoe collection a bit. Oh what fun I had.

Nya, a long time favorite designer created a cute dress called Coleen with a deep plunging neckline, cinched belted waist and straight skirt in a series of four fabulous textures that make me recall long summer days picking flowers and shells on the beach on Nantucket Island.

With this dress, less can be more as you glide through SL with sheer grace and a flirtatious feel. The striking textures used to create Coleen from water colors to abstracts to a lavish floral print makes this dress a standout.

Conveniently, I found a new shoe designer, LushbyCoCo whose shoes called Safari at Sneak Peek are at the cutting edge of the fashion trends.  They are strappy high heeled sandals in those oh so hard to find colors -- tangerine, sandstone, custard, scuba,  lucite, treetops -- they are all pastels and come in colors that are all the rage on the RL runways.  They also match Nya's dresses perfectly.

AshmOot Hair  has just released two hairstyles, Monica in Dark Brown and Coll Ilenia in red.  Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love hair... this long mesh hair is parted on the side and is shown in red and dark brown...and adds so much to this look... one that Mr. X has fallen head over heels for!

Exclusives at Sneak Peek

Dress: Nya - Coleen Dress: Tangerine, Custard and Aquamarine 

Shoes:  LushByCoCo: Tangerine, Custard and Lucite

Hair: AshmOot Hair- Monica and Coll Ilenia  

Event LM _ Sneak Peek

Skin: New - Jewell October 4Seasons Skins

New - Photo Studio - The Pod - Image Photography

Monday, January 26, 2015

Fresh Styles Round 14 - Let the hunt begin!

Fresh Styles Round 14 has just started.  Here you will find deals from 25 to 150L.  Mr. X knows how much I love to treasure hunt at Fresh Styles, I always find a fabulous variety of items from casual to formal such as this over sized cozy fur lined sweater by JK Designs that has a boho look.

Finley by JK Designs comes with a handy hud that changes the color of the sweater in  8 shades including pink, purple, tan, orange, grey, blue, pink and sea green.

Finley also comes with blue and brown denim skinny jeans and four t-shirts to layer under the sweater plus sexy sandal heels.

I am wearing the new skin by 7 [deadly] skins called Indyana.  This skin comes with lovely pink natural lips and pink eyeshadow and plucked brows. This skin comes with tango and slink hand and feet appliers.

Indulge in a cute silk shift with spaghetti straps, a ruffled hemline and a unique floral print called Torie by EccentriciXi. The lady like ruffles provide romance for your date night and the unusual floral print is absolutely eye catching.

For a bit of whimsey and comic relief pick up the fun dress appropriately called Comical Dress by Cheeky Amour.  The cartoon  dress is colorful and fun...perfect to spice up a cold winter afternoon.  I love the wide belt at the waist that gives this frock a retro look.  Your  high spirits will flourish in this dress.

Cheeky Amour has also made matching "Batman Heels" for slink high feet that complete this fun look that is sure to bring a smile.

Wearing: Fresh Styles Exclusives
Jeans and Sweater Set - JK Designs  - Finley
Dress -  EccentriciXi - Torie
Dress & Shoes - Cheeky Amour - Comical Dress and Shoes
Fresh Styles LM:

Skin - New - 7 [deadly] skins - Indyana

Sunday, January 25, 2015

To "bear" in Mind Mr. X..two new releases Holy Shirt @ Sneak Peek!

Mr. X told me we have categories. It helps us avoid thinking. I tend to agree with him. But then again, some women transcend these.  Their faces are beautiful forever, rather than pretty for 15 minutes.

They change the world --- not the other way around.  They have a sense of style and are not afraid to step out -- carefree and happy.  Just like the new release called Bear Coat by Holy Shirt!
Bear coat with its hood replete with ears comes in lipstick, teal, animal and wild animal patterns.  I love the playful texture of this coat, the heart clasps and fur trimmed sleeves, hemline and hood.
The Bear coat is as cozy as wine by a blazing fire on a cold winter afternoon reading the paper to Mr. X.  Yes, the paper, not the kindle...we are old fashioned in that way.

Another new release by Holy Shirt is the show stopping beaded gown.  You will glitter to perfection when wearing this deep plunge gown that is sure to get you noticed.

I love the dazzling sparkle detailed beading that embellishes the plunging neckline.  The waistline is highlighted by a satin belt and bow.  This gown is simply elegant.

The Beaded Gown comes in navy, burgundy, white and turquoise.  I can't wait to go out dancing with Mr. X in this gown... I know all eyes will be on us.

Coat - New - Holy Shirt - Bear Coat - in Lipstick, Wild Animal and Animal Exlusive at Sneak Peak

Sneak Peek Landmark

Gown - New - Holy Shirt - Beaded Gown in Burgundy and White

Skin - Morphine Skins - Fujian Natural

New - Photo Studio - Image Photography

Friday, January 23, 2015

Mr. X - Dancing Anemome -New - The White Armory & Muse

The daughter of the Lake waits for Mr. X close to the Ci-en Pagoda.  The moon dances on  the water just like my heart dances every time I see Mr. X.  I am magic tonight in gleaming jewelry called  Dancing Anemone by Muse and the magnificent  iridescent gown by The White Armory (TWA).

Dancing Anemone by Muse is pure magic.  This nine piece collection consists of  an ornate tikka forehead piece, necklace and earrings that are delicate as the light of a new dawn, plus two lavish arm torcs and two arm braces; a gown attachment that completes the look of this fabulous gown with its ephemeral air called Dancing Anemone by The White Armory. Both come in a rainbow of colors -- aqua, foam, depths, kelp, coral and abyss.

I love plunging scoop neckline of Dancing Anemone by The White Armory.  Mr. X adores the sheer magic of the long silk fibers and complicated weaving process that give this gown a ethereal luminous quality that glitters deep into the night with it's fine shell like texture.  Dancing Anemone comes in a rainbow of colors, just get the fatpack -- as one color is  more elegant than the next.

I wear Dancing Anemone in Coral for a reason -- it is trending and this is  a color that I love. In ancient times, the flame- colored sea creatures from which coral gets its name were revered as a talisman against evil. Even now, it is  impossible to resist this lustrous hue.

I wait for Mr. X on the shoreline of the Sun Moon Lake,  Many legends surround Sun Moon Lake, including one which says the lake was once inhabited by two dragons. These dragons used the sun and the moon as toys, causing the world to fall into darkness. Eventually, a young couple came and defeated the dragons, bringing light back to the world.


Jewelry - New - Muse - Dancing Anemone in Coral (also comes in

Gown - New - The White Armory - Dancing Anemone in Coral

Skin - New - October  4Seasons - Jewel

Hair - Violator - Amen - Black

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mr. X and Shazz -- New gown - Sascha Designs

Envy in SL is a funny thing, we think the root of envy is moral indignation, which permits envy to be acted out under the guise of virtue and self righteousness.   There is good envy and bad envy, but whatever the case may be, Sascha's new gown called Shazz will make everyone envious of your style prowess!

Shazz is glorious with a sweeping floral silk brocade ballroom skirt made that flows and sways in the moonlight -- sure to cast admiring eyes and whispers that say.... that gown is simply enchanting and so are you.

I love the plunging neckline of this gown with it's artful corsage and veils.  The dress comes in magenta, pink, red, blue, and purple.

As Mr. X and I sway in the moonlight... he catches my tears on his shoulder --- pulling me  closer to him, he whispers,  "Sita, envy flourishes in those that are empty inside.  Invidia, Latin for envy, translates as non-sight.  If envy were a tangible shape, my darling, it would be a boomerang."  Well, he is an  Aussie, so we let him have the boomerang metaphor!

In the meantime, Mr. X holds me in this fabulous gown called Shazz by Sascha Designs.

Wearing: Sascha Designs - New - Shazz in Magenta and Purple

October 4Season Skins - New - Jewel

Hair - Vanity - Flirt - black

Monday, January 19, 2015

Right as Rain - ALL New Sonatta Morales, NSP, Muse and October 4Seasons

The evening yawned. The sky is bruise grey; and it is raining.  I stood long where Mr. X left me. The rain is kissing me, the only way it can, with big liquid silver drops.
The winter rain reverberates and freezes in the courtyard.Mr. X told me he loves the smell of the earth after a soft spring rainfall.  The new dress by Sonatta Morales simply called Rain is like that... fresh and vibrant with it's sleek art deco lines that glimmer like jewels.

The hat by NSP Florals called Madame de Floria is fabulous and comes in both a red and  navy blue leopard print.  The hat is fancifully embellished with feathers, lace and flowers and is sure to dress up any cocktail dress or formal derby attire.
Another new release by Muse, are the Princess Party Heels made for slink high feet.  I love these shoes because of all the thoughtful details -- the ruffles on the edge of the diamond studded heels and the diamond studded bow and the large gemstone at the toe surrounded by more diamonds.  The best news is these shoes come in many colors making them a go-to formal shoe that is just right.
October 4Seasons has introduced a new skin - Jewell in Marigold and it is gorgeous.  This skin is not dark or light, it is just right.   The skin comes with several types of sexy brows - natural, plucked and shaggy, each is distinctive and the detail is pure perfection. The shaggy and natural brows are thicker and sexy with a 50's retro vibe that is all the rage.

The plucked brows have a graceful arch that makes your eyes look bigger and more soulful....the choice is yours of course. The skin also has well toned abs that is beyond inviting, if you know what I mean.  There is even a choice of open or closed lips.  And, Jewell, that little vixen of a skin has a tattoo below the navel that is oh so evocative... just ask Mr. X!

Just to make sure you never ever get bored, October has included a series of 5 different make-ups that are offered with each style of eyebrow making this skin appropriate for endless styling fun.

In the mist of a long winter day,  I dream... thinking back --memories are translucent like the moon in a river.  I  feel the warmth of winter rain as I wait for Mr. X to return.

New- Skin - October 4Season - Jewell

New - Hat - NSP Florals
New - Shoes - Muse - Princess Party
New - Earrings - Muse - Dancing Anemone
New - Dress - Sonatta Morales - Rain
Hair- Sonatta Morales - Alene - black