Friday, January 23, 2015

Mr. X - Dancing Anemome -New - The White Armory & Muse

The daughter of the Lake waits for Mr. X close to the Ci-en Pagoda.  The moon dances on  the water just like my heart dances every time I see Mr. X.  I am magic tonight in gleaming jewelry called  Dancing Anemone by Muse and the magnificent  iridescent gown by The White Armory (TWA).

Dancing Anemone by Muse is pure magic.  This nine piece collection consists of  an ornate tikka forehead piece, necklace and earrings that are delicate as the light of a new dawn, plus two lavish arm torcs and two arm braces; a gown attachment that completes the look of this fabulous gown with its ephemeral air called Dancing Anemone by The White Armory. Both come in a rainbow of colors -- aqua, foam, depths, kelp, coral and abyss.

I love plunging scoop neckline of Dancing Anemone by The White Armory.  Mr. X adores the sheer magic of the long silk fibers and complicated weaving process that give this gown a ethereal luminous quality that glitters deep into the night with it's fine shell like texture.  Dancing Anemone comes in a rainbow of colors, just get the fatpack -- as one color is  more elegant than the next.

I wear Dancing Anemone in Coral for a reason -- it is trending and this is  a color that I love. In ancient times, the flame- colored sea creatures from which coral gets its name were revered as a talisman against evil. Even now, it is  impossible to resist this lustrous hue.

I wait for Mr. X on the shoreline of the Sun Moon Lake,  Many legends surround Sun Moon Lake, including one which says the lake was once inhabited by two dragons. These dragons used the sun and the moon as toys, causing the world to fall into darkness. Eventually, a young couple came and defeated the dragons, bringing light back to the world.


Jewelry - New - Muse - Dancing Anemone in Coral (also comes in

Gown - New - The White Armory - Dancing Anemone in Coral

Skin - New - October  4Seasons - Jewel

Hair - Violator - Amen - Black

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