Sunday, January 25, 2015

To "bear" in Mind Mr. X..two new releases Holy Shirt @ Sneak Peek!

Mr. X told me we have categories. It helps us avoid thinking. I tend to agree with him. But then again, some women transcend these.  Their faces are beautiful forever, rather than pretty for 15 minutes.

They change the world --- not the other way around.  They have a sense of style and are not afraid to step out -- carefree and happy.  Just like the new release called Bear Coat by Holy Shirt!
Bear coat with its hood replete with ears comes in lipstick, teal, animal and wild animal patterns.  I love the playful texture of this coat, the heart clasps and fur trimmed sleeves, hemline and hood.
The Bear coat is as cozy as wine by a blazing fire on a cold winter afternoon reading the paper to Mr. X.  Yes, the paper, not the kindle...we are old fashioned in that way.

Another new release by Holy Shirt is the show stopping beaded gown.  You will glitter to perfection when wearing this deep plunge gown that is sure to get you noticed.

I love the dazzling sparkle detailed beading that embellishes the plunging neckline.  The waistline is highlighted by a satin belt and bow.  This gown is simply elegant.

The Beaded Gown comes in navy, burgundy, white and turquoise.  I can't wait to go out dancing with Mr. X in this gown... I know all eyes will be on us.

Coat - New - Holy Shirt - Bear Coat - in Lipstick, Wild Animal and Animal Exlusive at Sneak Peak

Sneak Peek Landmark

Gown - New - Holy Shirt - Beaded Gown in Burgundy and White

Skin - Morphine Skins - Fujian Natural

New - Photo Studio - Image Photography

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