Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mr. X and Ghee's NEW Fall Fashion Collection - WOW

Newsflash... Ghee's new 2015 fall collection has arrived.   The rich color palette is inspired by seasonal color trends -- think orange, turquoise, orchid, purple, gold.... think tweed, satin, knit, leather, crocodile skin and Eastern  European embroidered applique textures. Ghee's new fall collection is cutting edge and Mr. X and I have one word...WOW! 
The first item I would like to  feature is the Westwood Suit -- I didn't know tweed with a satin  finish and crocodile trim could be so sexy (Mr. X knew it  he told me so!).  I love the  hemline of the skirt and the deep V of the jacket.  I added the new scarf in carbon to accessorize  Westwood. The scarf comes in 12 colors and is sold separately. 
I combined  Westwood with three more amazing new fall accessory items from ghee including the new fall nail hud in all 12 colors. The 3 strap heels with a hud featuring the  12 new fall colors the  volta bag also comes with a color changing hud.
The back of  the Westwood Suit with it's high cut shoulder pads and tux like elegant back compliments the skirt's hemline makeing this an instant must have go to classic.

Westwood comes in Maize, Artichoke, Cerulean, Orchid, Marsala and Persimmon.  Mr. X and I think this suit is a brilliant salute to Dame Vivienne Westwood named Britain's Greatest British Fashion  Designer in 2011.  I think she would love this suit.

Wearing New Ghee Fall Collection 2015 

Dress - Westwood Suit (Maize, Persimmon, Orchid)

Shoes - ghee 3 strap heels with 12 color hud

Nails - ghee - New Fall 2015 with 12 colors

Volta Bag - ghee with  color changing  hud 12 colors

Scarf - ghee carbon

Skin - *new* October 4 Seasons - J'Adore Pearl
Skin with Orchid -October 4 Seasons -  Rehana Auburn

Warm and Bea enjoy creating  collections, with lots of options for mixing and matching, with co-ordinated accessories. The Ghee Fall15 Collection includes footwear, tights, jewelry, clothing, bags, scarves and hats, system layers and appliers for layering, and even nails appliers. Ghee aims to dress SL fashionistas from head to toe this season! Can't wait to feature more in this blog... many are must have's!

You can see the collection worn on the runway in the Ghee Fall 15 Fashion Show video here:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mr. X and Lazy Bish (no more!)- Rayne Couture @ BOSL

I am inspired today...  I was once in the habit of walking every day with Mr. X... walking and talking about life and enjoying the beauty of the landscape around us...

Rayne Couture's new running suit  called Lazy Bish (love her sense of humor) will be featured at BOSL has gotten me in a walking mood... again... so did guilt!

I love the velour  look and feel of this "Lazy bish" and the stylish cuffs at the pant legs and hoodie sleeves... love the touch of the stitching and the fine gold ties... gold of course...  so Mr. X will you  join me on this walk of guilt and many more to come?  Please say yes!  Flutters eyelashes even...... (that always works!)

Oh no Mr. X I think I have a rock in these sneakers... and very fine sneakers at that -- new to me, my first pair by Venus Shoes  called Sandy with a hud of 40 patterns... for mesh flat feet. And as for this skin by October 4 Seasons, J'adore Marigold... I just can't seem to stop wearing it... my advice is to just get it!

Outfit - *NEW* - Rayne Couture - Lazy Bish
Skin - *New* -- October 4 Seasons - J'adore PEARL ( can't seem to take this skin off)

Belly Ring - Violator - Down Cross

Photo Studio: Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography

Sneakers - Vernus Shoes - Sandy

Hair - Cheveux Party Mix FO48

Friday, October 23, 2015

Mr. X and Champagne Kisses Lavian at FAD

I don't  like to go out... but there are "certain" occasions and... Mr. X and I are close to yet another anniversary... the lace in this jacket is so romantic as Mr. X and I always are.... especially now... we can hardly believe it!  The lace in this blouse and the  wild  20  or so color changing hud for the jacket-- sleeves, blouse, and  pants... in this outfit by LaVian called Essentials @ Champagne Kisses #2 an exclusive at FAD  is  the best fall colors is a must have!
This new LaVienne, Champagne Kisses #2  is well --- to sum it up -- amazing with a hud that changes the jacket, sleeves, blouse and  pants -- there are 20  artful fall combinations....  this brand is simply amazing......  I love everything they do!  And the  ruffle lace blouse is  like  the  sexiest lingerie outside the bedroom and ... to die for  !   There is also a fabulous Champagne Kisses #1 ---  Mr. X is not fussy... he loves both... so do I! But... #2  with the sexy white lace my favorite....

FAD Exclusive
Lavian -  Essentials - Champagne Kisses #2 (comes with uber hud -- this is just one of 20 options! for sleeves, coat, pants bouse)
JLZ - Black Kitty Shoes

Skin - October  4 Seasons - Zulay - Marigold

Hair - Exile -Aon

Mr. X and Sookie - Wicca's Wardrobe @ The Instruments

The room whispers,  I love her style, the way she holds herself as cool as November winds splashing through open doors into all the ordinary looks -- she is refreshing, confident, couture.

I love the soft laces and shining buckles that criss cross over the taut fabric of this mini dress called Sookie Dress by Wicca's Wardrobe that is an exclusive at The Instruments the Evils through November 5.  I have paired this with new shoes from Masoom called Devils Glare Pumps that come with a color changing hud of 6 colors with devils and lightening bolts!  With a slight smile I whisper to Mr. X shall we go to the club and rock out?

Another exclusive find by Wiccas Wardrobe at The Instruments is the artful headpiece called Volucris... part bird, part bat...riddled with barb wire it makes an elegantly spooktacular statement!

The Instruments  Exclusives
Dress - Wicca's Wardrobe - Sookie Dress
Headpiece - Wicca's Wardrobe - Volucris
Shoes - Masoom - Devil's Glare Pumps

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *new* J'Adore Pearl

Hair - Truth - Freya

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mr. X and Lupe - Jumo at The Instruments

I recalled and hated the phrase my mother used, "a matter of necessity."  I once thought she applied that like a tarp over selfish desires...speaking of selfish desires... I think I shall whisk Mr. X away to my favorite symphony -- after cocktails on the veranda... he needs a break from building.  I have found a most elegant  gown to wear by Jumo called Lupe that is an exclusive at the Instruments.

Lupe can be worn with the stunning cape jacket and bell sleeves or without; either way this gown with it's low cut back and gold collar necklace and cuff bracelet is sure to be noticed and admired. Lupe comes in deep red, black, purple, envy and azure... all are stunning. 

Exclusive at The Instruments
Gown - Jumo  - Lupe
Nails - Tashi - Malicent
Shoes - Masoom - Devil's Glare Pumps

Skin - October 4 Seasons *new* J'adore Pearl

Hair - Emo-tions - Yeriak

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mr. X and The Instruments... the Evils.....Coquette

This round at the Instruments is festive for Halloween with the theme "the evils" and it is great fun to see what the talented designers have created for our Halloween fun!  This round featuring 28 designers runs through November 28.  I fell in love with the mask by Coquette called Darkness Reigns.  The leather like texture of the mask and details right down to the jeweled cross that hangs for the horn of this mask is excellent.

I am wearing TWA's new Fiona of Ferndale, Elven tunic making me bit of a dark mysterious elf or djinn as Mr. X likes to call me!  This outfit inspires me to go cavorting through the forest, singing songs that only those that really know how to listen can hear... like the siren's call... tantalizing!

So Mr. X.... it is time to play hide and seek... catch me if you can... or should I say, if you dare!


Exclusive at The Instruments through November 5
Mask - Coquette - Darkness Reigns

Outfit - TWA - *new* Fiona of Ferndale, Elven tunic - blue

Skin - *new* - October 4 Seasons - J'Adore - Blossom

Hair - no match no trouble blonde

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mr. X and Hepburn - *New* Rayne Couture

Classic and simple, the two words that come to mind when I think of Audrey Hepburn...a charismatic muse... something I always try to be for Mr. X. The new retro dress featured at Solaris called Hepburn by Rayne Couture is a classic sheath styled black dress...

And, every gal knows, the power of the little black dress. Hepburn's name is synonymous with styles of the 50's and 60's, the popularity of lounge music and nightclubs, the pleasure of playing board games while sipping cocktails, supper-club style.

This iconic cocktail dress is sleek and simple with an emphasis on your delicate curves... as Audrey once said, "the beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place  where love resides."


Dress - Rayne Couture * New* - Hepburn
Glasses - Rayne Couture * New * - Hepburn

Hair and Pearl Necklace - Gold in the Night - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *New* Pearl J'adore

Nail - Nailed It! - Monochromatic

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mr. X and Chakyra - New TWA, Muse & October 4 Seasons

She was a child of the purest morning -- like the brilliant sun peeking above the horizon on a perfect day.  And, she was considered an oracle.  Her deep blue eyes reflect the Nile and all your hopes and dreams.

I turn my face in the direction of the sea, where the lighthouse of my ancestors had been built on the island of Pharos to the east. I can trace my lineage back to Alexander of Macedon.  I remember the night I first saw my beloved regal and tall crossing the corniche.

Later when the river lays heavy on the desert, bright as a spill of molten metal from a furnace, I shall think of him, his body caressed by the sun was the color of oiled cedar wood from the mountains beyond Byblos.
It is the third month of Akhet, and I await the return of my beloved Mr. X.  The wind carries with it the scents of zaatar and myrrh. With each breeze, the long linen curtains dance wrapping themselves around the columns of my palace, just as I wish to be wrapped in the arms of Mr, X....

Gown - TWA - *New* -- Chakyra Gown Mystique

Headpiece - [MUSE] Miss TWA Collection  - *New* -- Bride of Apocalypse - Vintage Please note - this is a sneak peek of this fabulous collection much more is on its way and it comes in a variety of fantastic colors.

Skin - October 4 Seasons *New* - Zulay Marigold

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mr. X and Valeska - *New* Sascha's Designs

Late one evening, Mr. X asked her if she would take a stroll with him in the garden. She had no desire to go home. They strolled along, talking as they always talked, of casual things, and he never asked her where she was going for the winter. She did not look at him, but she was conscious of his appearance.
He did not stir. The wind was down to a quiet lull. I fell in love with you the first time I met you -- Mr. X admitted.  She felt in some mysterious way, his love was something special, something she had never experienced before.  She felt lucky.

Thoughts of us together float in my mind like little white clouds reflected on a crystal clear cool lake. Yes, together. He told me he loves my elegant reflection in this new ensemble by Sascha's Designs called Valeska that comes in black or white.  It also comes with a luxurious fur bolero jacket and a color changing hud featuring 5 sparkling black or white textures.
I have paired Valeska with the BomBom hat that comes in both black and silver by Sascha's Designs and the Rocher Silver necklace and earrings that complete this elegant look.  Rocher is also available in black and in beige.

So Mr. X, perhaps it is the intoxication of the midnight dew on the wisteria and the jasmine blossoms that float languidly in the wind...and, yes, I think we shall spend the winter together dreaming dreams too wonderful to dare aloud........

Dress - Sascha's Designs *New* - Valeska in Black and White
Hat - Sascha's Designs  *New* - Bombom Hat
Necklace & Earrings  -Sascha's Designs  *New* - Rocher Silver 

Skin - October 4 Seasons *New*  J'adore - Pearl
Hair - Vanity Hair

Monday, October 12, 2015

Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Halloween Party & Fright Night by Ghee

If you are not planning to have a Halloween Party this year, after you see this new creation called "Halloween Party" by Aphrodite at Heart Homes... you will start planning your guest list because the goodies and decor are all taken care of.
Mr. X and I have so much fun with everything Aphrodite at Heart Homes makes... this set comes complete with two bewitching tables and spooktacular balloons... and lots of "interactive" food for you and your guests.   None of the items are linked, once you rezz them you can place them in your home or in your venue any way you like. And, best of all, since they are copy you can also set up multiple tables, food, drinks and balloons.
Mr. X and I took a fancy to the witch's fingers centerpiece, I mean, really, who can resist that!   Your guests can choose from many  items such as: "Mummy Pops" - a holiday favorite, Banana Ghost for fruit lovers, Monster Cookies for big eaters (!), Mummy Sodas, Puff Pastry Intestines for meat eaters, deviled eyeballs and my favorite, Black Cat Cookies!
I am wearing a new release by Ghee called "Fright Night" that is available at the main store for just 25 L -- it is made of the sleekest red silk embellished with a black outline and has a "devilish" symbol emblazed on the front of the gown.

Table and Goodies - *New* Halloween Exclusive - Aphrodite at Heart Homes - "Halloween Party"

Gown - *New* 25L Exclusive - Ghee - Fright Night

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Queen of Hearts - White Dahila

Jewelry - Violator - DownCross- Unisex - Platinum

Eye make - up - Madrid Solo - Tentacles

Hair - Nikita - Gothic III

Mr. X and Harlow - AnaMarkova @FAD

Mr. X told me he was star struck by this new vintage vibe dress by AnaMarkova called Harlow.  This dress, an exclusive at FAD through Oct. 28 comes in three colors, Sage, Onyx and Pumpkin.
He loves the high turtleneck combined with the harlequin midriff top and the deep slashed front that is styled after a wrap cocktail dress. A wrap is a dress with a front closure where one side wraps around the other... oh la la  a style that is quite... scintillating!
The wrap was popular in the 1960's and Harlow with it's deep V- slash down the front and asymmetric  hemline adds a modern touch to this style.  Mr. X thinks Harlow has lots of "meow" power -- and I think you will agree!

Wearing Fad Exclusive
Dress - AnaMarkova - Harlow in Onyx, Sage and Pumpkin

Skin - *New* October 4 Seasons - J'adore - Pearl

Hair - Exile - City Princess - Reds

Friday, October 9, 2015

Mr. X and Nymphalis - * New * Fellini and J'adore Pearl by October

The color blue... Mr. X has the bluest eyes -- tonight when I think of him, I think of all the varieties of love... love achieved, love lost, love persevering.   Mr. X's eyes sparkle like the stars on the deep blue canvas of the midnight sky... and, yes, I love him.
I asked him to meet me by a frozen fountain tonight... he cannot mistake me in the elegant flower festooned perfectly textured gown by Fellini called Nymphalis.  The blue flowers of this dress contain every shade of Mr. X's blue eyes.  I love the sweeping navy blue outer skirt that flirts with the eye and the flower petal bodice... that beckons....endlessly.

Nymphalis also comes with a beautiful sheer bow hat that  is simply captivating leaving Mr. X wanting more.... I am wearing the new skin by October 4 Seasons called J'adore in Pearl.  It comes with six fabulous shades of makeup as well as a natural option... and best of all it comes with freckles.... Mr. X loves those and so will you.

Gown and Hat - *New* - Fellini - Nymphalis

Skin - *New* - October 4 Season Skins - J'Adore - Pearl

Hair - D!va - Miso

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mr. X and Nanatsu No Ko - Jumo & New Skin October 4 Seasons

Another gorgeous gown by Jumo is called Nanatsu No Ko - seven children and seven crows.  This is a traditional lullaby, calling children back home composed by Nagayo Motoori.

This gown will not put anyone to sleep... that is for sure.  I love the midriff top that is set off with the most sumptuous gold necklace and lacey shawl collar that is studded with precious pearls.  The earrings and the armbands really set this outfit apart.
Mother crow, why do you squawk so?
Because high on the mountain
I have seven cute children.

"Cute, cute,"
This mother crow sings.
"Cute, cute,"
Cries the mother crow.
You should behold the old nest
On the mountain. And there you'll see such
Round-eyed, good children.

Event LM
Gown, Jewelry - Jumo - *new* - Nanatsu No Ko

Skin - October 4 Seasons *new*  J'adore - Blossom

Hair - D!va - Miss Denmark

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mr. X and the Chrysanthmums - The Empress by Jumo & New Skin October 4 Seasons

Mr. X told me the new collection by Jumo for Solaris AW 15 Fashion Week, were inspired by the tales and legends of Japan.  Jumo has created a series of 5 opulent gowns -- and each gown has a story to tell. 
The Empress is a beautifully textured sparkling sequins gown with an ornate gold collar that is studded with flowers.  It comes with  an artful matching gold headpiece with a floral design. Two elegant floral bracelets that gracefully wind up your arms completes the look of this sumptuous gown. 

The skin is October 4 Season's New Skin J'adore in Blossom that comes with 6 evocative make-ups, a natural version and is compatible with many appliers. This skin is radiant and is perfect with blonde or light reddish hair.  The lips range in a natural palette and includes several lovely pink and blush shades... the eyeshadow is just right adding the right amount of detail making this skin just perfect for any time of day... or night.

This dress, the Empress, relates to the story of the White Lady and the Yellow Lady.  There were white and yellow chrysanthemums growing in a field, and one day a gardener came and offered to take the yellow chrysanthemum home because it was the most beautiful flower he had ever seen. As he tended to it, the yellow chrysanthemum grew even more beautiful each day.
One day, a man came by and asked the gardener for a  flower to put on his Lord's crest.  The gardener showed him the yellow chrysanthemum, but the man said it was too stylish, he wanted something simple, so the gardener showed him the white chrysanthemum, which was chosen for the crest. As the white flower was painted and added to the crest and tended to, the yellow flower grew limp and died.

Event LM

Gown, Headpiece and Jewelry *new* - Jumo - The Empress

Skin - October 4 Seasons *new*  J'adore - Blossom

Hair - Tukinowaguma -Shinobun

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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