Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mr. X and Lazy Bish (no more!)- Rayne Couture @ BOSL

I am inspired today...  I was once in the habit of walking every day with Mr. X... walking and talking about life and enjoying the beauty of the landscape around us...

Rayne Couture's new running suit  called Lazy Bish (love her sense of humor) will be featured at BOSL has gotten me in a walking mood... again... so did guilt!

I love the velour  look and feel of this "Lazy bish" and the stylish cuffs at the pant legs and hoodie sleeves... love the touch of the stitching and the fine gold ties... gold of course...  so Mr. X will you  join me on this walk of guilt and many more to come?  Please say yes!  Flutters eyelashes even...... (that always works!)

Oh no Mr. X I think I have a rock in these sneakers... and very fine sneakers at that -- new to me, my first pair by Venus Shoes  called Sandy with a hud of 40 patterns... for mesh flat feet. And as for this skin by October 4 Seasons, J'adore Marigold... I just can't seem to stop wearing it... my advice is to just get it!

Outfit - *NEW* - Rayne Couture - Lazy Bish
Skin - *New* -- October 4 Seasons - J'adore PEARL ( can't seem to take this skin off)

Belly Ring - Violator - Down Cross

Photo Studio: Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography

Sneakers - Vernus Shoes - Sandy

Hair - Cheveux Party Mix FO48

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