Friday, July 28, 2017

Mr. X and Paige - * New Legendaire + Zibska

Legendaire is an amazing shop and the owner Kim Lysette is a talented and thoughtful designer.  Most of her outfits are retro chic and emulate the styles worn in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s... all are timeless and make a fashion statement... just like Paige that has  just been released.
 I love the short shorts with their  double row of buttons, high waistline and pleats. These shorts are classic and must have summer wear. They come with a hud in  8 colors: dark blue, light blue, red, charcoal, white, black, yellow and faded denim.

The sexy  fringe bra top is pure retro 60s/70s and is so much fun to wear.  The top comes in seven solid colors: blue, pink, red, yellow, green, white and black making it fun to mix and match with the shorts. I am loving the dramatic eyemake up by Zibska  called Renie.

The fringe top also has three patterns... they are so cool!  The fringe is a solid color and the sexy bra is a pattern.

Paige is made for belleza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies  as well as classic mesh bodies. Shoes are also included with this outfit and are made for slink and maitreya feet. It is hard to believe that this outfit is only 97L.  A percentage of all sales goes to a charity.  Join the group... there are fabulous gifts!

 Outfit - Legendaire - *NEW* Paige

Eyemake-up - Zibska - Renie

Necklace - Dreamers Bus Necklace  (20L marketplace - mesh and adjustable!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mr, X -Lost in the Bamboo - Celeste - Ghee @ Yin and Yang and new Emo-tions Hair Ginger @ Cosmopolitan

Mr. X can you find me in the forest of bamboo? I wonder---  I decided to  wear this new gown by Ghee that is an exclusive at Yin and Yang  called Celeste

I love this mermaid style gown with its opulent  skirt that has waves and textures that  ripple and   flutter --- just like my heart does each time I see Mr. X... he makes me so happy... and ...... that too....

Celeste is made for mesh bodies and is elegant in the artful way that it is sculpted.  It reminds me of  tea in a bamboo grove -- the moon is a crescent... and the breeze is soft...  jasmine... it kisses your  cheek with humidity... and you feel a slight  bead of sweat as you think of her in your arms...  alone, in the starshine...

 And you wonder... where on earth is she... and then, you look into her eyes... and know she is there --- always. This is new hair by Emo-tions called Ginger @ Cosmopolitan -- it is uber longish bob and I want this hair in my  RL -- love this!!!

Wearing - 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mr. X and Giuly *New* Resun

Resun has made a cute summer mini dress perfect for the nightclub circuit. Like all of Resun's designs this dress is feminine and sexy at the same time.  It is made for classic bodies, perfect for those of you that have not gone mesh yet, but it is also made for Freya, Venus, Isis, Maitreya (worn),Physique, Tonic Curvy and Tonic Fine.

I love the fact that this is a bandage style cut out dress that comes with a color changing hud. You can change the color of the skirt and the top, it is a lot of fun to mix and match and with the bright summer color options, like lime, lemon, tangerine, and the more traditional color options like white, black, blue and red this dress is offers a lot of options.

I love the lace detailing around the keyhole top and the way the silk drapes around my body. This mini is a must have for a fun night out.

Wearing: Resun - Giuly - *New*

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mr. X and Surya - *New* Jumo

Standing by a brass lamp on the cobblestone street, I wait for dusk to roll in and watch a light fog rise from the water. It is so beautiful here and so peaceful...thoughts follow thoughts like the moon follows the sun .... and I wonder, how the universe dances to the tune of  whirling stars that are light years away.  Their warm gentle glow reminds me of the light in Mr. X's eyes... just as the sun dips into the horizon.

I love the new mesh gown called Surya made by Jumo, it is so elegant. Surya is made for classic, maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies that comes with a color changing hud featuring a 25 color changing hud consisting of solid and pattern options.

 I love the elegant empire waist of this gown accented by a beautiful gold belt and the sheer drop sleeves that are embellished by lace and gold cuffs. I love wearing sleek silk gowns that are beautifully textured... and with Surya, there are so many patterns and colors to choose from that is it hard to decide which one to wear!

I love the fact that Surya comes with a beautiful  gold and pearl  moon and sun earrings that you will want to wear with many outfits.  Surya also has a clutch earrings and shoes that have a color changing hud making it a snap to wear this stylish gown.

Wearing Jumo - Gown, Earrings, Necklace and Shoes - Surya

Mr. X and *NEW* Giulia Design and {CdB} @ Swank... I welcome the nite....

The sun sets  bolder than fireflies on a hot  steamy night -- I hear the  island songs pulsating in the darkness... and yet, I feel forsaken... and alone... his scent is all over me...  in the heat, the memory  makes me  stop and think.... I am thinking on furniture by {CdB} and a new dress by Giulia Design called  Sabrymoon that is an exclusive at Swank.

 Mr. X, why now, why here... why... and then your arms --- protective like a tent of simplicity... you make me laugh at what life throws at me... how can I ever thank you for that?  I love the chains of desire and the leopard print of this exclusive at Swank by Giulia Designs... and the necklace that is a  cross in silver... is amazing... it matched the chains  perfectly and will be a go to necklace for many other looks....

And,  this dress also comes with boots... that lace up --- they are amazing... and oh so sexy... Mr X., that dirty old man, you know those types right ladies....or do you?  Mr. X wants to  undo these boots with his teeth.... it kind turns me on.... oh la la but ladies, I never kiss and tell... I know, what a pity...

As for the furniture, who can resist a outdoor this fab set up by  {CdB} called the low prim Tima  Reef sofa that come in adult and PG poses plus the rattan chairs, draped arbor and coffee table... that sets  a romantic Bali hai scene... the only thing missing is you... Mr. X....

Wearing  Swank Exclusives - LM

Dress -Giulia Design  -  Sabrymoon

Furniture - {CdB} - Tima Reef

Hair - Jumo - Candice - Blonde Roots

Friday, July 21, 2017

Mr. X - Reborn Virtual Diva and Luminesse @ Swank & Jumo

Mr. X confided, he loves big, bold lavish flowers on sleek gowns... Virtual  Diva Designs has created just that -- Reborn --- and better yet, this gown is an exclusive @ Swank... I feel like a modern Gauguin painting in motion... and Mr. X  tells me I steam him up... like the  tropics... I like that thought!

Can't you just  feel it ... a steaming hot journey... the jungle of life... wildflowers in bloom -- you will find your way... and even have time for tea and scones  --- in this sleek silk gown made for Maitreya bodies --- and you will enjoy it!

This gorgeous gown, Reborn also comes with an amazing head piece...  a lily flower with flowing jungle vines... it is exotic... and beautiful ---  and as unique as you are....


Swank Exclusives
Event  LM -

Gown and Headpiece -  Virtual Diva  - Reborn
Necklace - Luminesse - Kojah

Hair - Jumo - Amanda - Red

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Mr. X and Rohanna of the Moors...*NEW* !!SMD!! and Emo-tions

A network of secret passageways connected  Rohanna of the Moors to  the forest... gone were the days of embroidery and weaving of golden thread....  long hours  contemplating in the cloisters... and tending to the herb garden....
 Rohanna of the Moors is free... to roam and explore... to be a sweeping wind of change... to  refresh the parched landscape with the hope to  dream...  those  decadent dreams... so wonderful to dare aloud... dreams of  fair pearls as big as oyster shells, boys singing sweet hymns, a forest of ideas and change... can you feel it....

Mr. X --- can you find this Maiden of Delight and  together we will create a forest of ideas... so many ... lets create a conservatory where lemon trees grow and rare birds sing... can you not smell the lemon, bay and clove trees...a royal menagerie...  that is us..... my beloved Mr. X.


NEW - !!SMD!! -  Rohanna of the Moors - Anemone, Urchin and Marooned made for Maitreya and Slink bodies -- also comes in other colors!

Hair - Emo-tions -  Dessia

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mr. X and two NEW releases - Zed Sensations and Emo-tions Hair!

Mr. X, I am in the mood to set sail for the tropics... to chase the sunsets and watch the dolphins play... to find a treasure chest... and get lost for a while on an island no one visits... somewhere in the haze of the romantic South Pacific.  And, to do this, I  found  two new releases by Zed Sensations -- Unsaid fm and Endure these dresses rock!

They are made for the following mesh bodies: ebody, freya, hourglass, isis, maitreya, physique, tim, tonic curvy, tonic fine, and venus plus five regular mesh sizes with an alpha. Zed Sensations also provides suggested settings, a body light and pose stand in each package.
I love the crinkle effect of this texture that compliments this low V-neck halter dress that dips way down in the back with just the right amount of attitude if you know what I mean... Mr. X sure gets understands this...  sometimes he is so metro-sexual !  I love the expert shading of this dress especially around the V- neckline.  Best of all, this sexy little frock comes with a ten color hud that allows you to change this fab texture to suit your mood!  I love this short bob cut by Emo-tions called  Tragedy with this dress -- it gives it a sassy vibe...

The second dress just released by Zed Sensations called Endure is  feminine and sexy at the same time, this is a look I love and that Mr. X adores. I love the fact that it comes with a loose garter belt and that part of this dress is semi transparent allowing a peek-a-boo look..

The filmy silk of this dress is embellished with elaborate floral embroidery that conjures a garden at nightfall... it is so romantic. Endure also comes with a six color changing hud for the dress and garter belt.  It has the extra added option that allows you to set the brightness of this dress... I like it at two -- it shimmers so luxuriantly.... the hair, Dessia by Emo-tions is beyond romantic... I love it.

Zed Sensations - Dresses -Unsaid fm and Endure

Hair - Emo-tions - Now in Main Store from Hair Fair Exclusives - Tragedy (short bob) and Dessia
Main Store LM

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mr. X and Summer Fun - *NEW* Ghee - Summer Chic, Jumo Hair & Studio Craft @ swank

There was the summer of love...  but I am not in the mood for that... I am in the mood for the chic cool vibes of "The Summer of Tiki" -- I can already hear the tunes of  the  Quiet  Village... and this new outfit by Ghee that is a exclusive at Summertime at  Designers Showcase that comes in three separate pieces including flat metallic lace sandals for mesh feet.

This entire  ensemble  makes me think of the soft sophisticated tiki vibes.... I love these crop Stripey Linen Shorts that hug your hips with their cute cuff at the knee and textured medium stripes -- they are  classic... and must have for summer fun... This is made for  mesh bodies including maitreya which I am wearing and comes with a cool color changing hud in six colors for the belt. And, make sure you pick up the matching metallic lace  sandals  for maitreya, slink, belleza mesh flat feet -- these sandals rock and also come with an amazing  color changing hud.

The Broderie Anglais Top is a crop bra top with an exotic criss cross across your midriff... X my heart ladies -- it  is so evocative... and sexy... and cool for those hot summer nights... you will be cool.... the boys will surely be hawt!

Wearing  Ghee --  exclusives @ Summertime at  Designers Showcase
Event LM -
Ghee Shorts - Stripey Linen Shorts
Ghee  Shoes - Metallic  Laced Flats
Ghee Top - Broderie Anglais Top
Main Store

Hair - Jumo - Candice - Blonde Roots

Glasses - Studio Craft - Hippie Glasses - Swank Exclusive

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Silver Seahorse and.Mr. X! *new* Jumo Louise and Heart Homes @ Swank

There is no doubt about it I love summer beach parties that start as the sun sinks into the horizon and the first stars come out.  The heat of the day cools down, but the sand, is still warm... I love to wriggle my toes in warm sand... who doesn't!!  And Aphrodite @ Heart Homes has created the most elegant beach party table, the Silver Seahorse for four or eight people to celebrate summer. It comes fully loaded with a ton of AO's for your friends to enjoy.

The devil, as they say (is not Mr. X) is in the details and the Silver Seahorse from Heart Homes delivers...even the wine glasses are trimmed in silver!!  I love the elegant place settings and all the accessories like the ones pictured below.  This table not only allows you  to sit with 20 aos, you and your guests can also actually dine on a myriad of delicacies!  This table is a summer fun must have.

I am wearing the *new* fabulously casual outfit by Jumo called Louise... I am not fond of jeans in SL but these jeans are not only perfectly textured they have Flower Power and Star Power.  The jeans come with an amazing color hud -- you can change the color shade of your jeans as well as choose jeans with stars or beautifully embroidered flowers on the  hip and lower bell bottom leg... they are as awesome as a mai tai cocktail at 2 in the afternoon!

I love love love this sexy front tie shirt that has a kimono vibe because of its  bell sleeves that match the bell in the jeans perfectly.  This top also has a massive hud that lets you choose from  a series of  three different patterns in four separate colors in addition to solid colors... the options are endless and way beyond this blog.  Just get it... it is fun!

And, let's talk jewelry... shall we... Jumo makes some of the best... it is always big and showy... I like that.. the jewelry comes with Louise and really pulls it together with a  heavy gold chain (wish I had it in RL) necklace with a flower and starfish and big luscious pearl -- earrings are also included.

 I am wearing Jumo's new Wet Iridecent Eyeshadow...  there are six eyeshadows in this set for  classic heads, plus catwa and letuka (worn) mesh heads. And, look  saluting with  Heart homes.... and Jumo!

Table - *exclusive* - The Silver Seahorse - Aphrodite @ Heart Homes - Exclusive @ Swank
Swank  LM-
Main Store -

Outfit - *new*  Jumo - Louise
Eye-make-up - *new* - Jumo - Wet Iridecent Eyeshadow

Mr. X and Kedja - *New* Wicca's Wardrobe

The powerful become corrupt. The corrupt seek more power over those who don't have it...and, those that don't have it, seek power. And, all this time Kedja watches -- each chain links her to a series of coincidences... or, is there such a thing as coincidence?

Kedja --is a catalyst that stirs the wind for change. Most of the time she forbids herself from participating in the antics -- she is a shadow witch that hides in the light of water. The combination of her lineage and the dark magic of a far away land that is part of the cult of voodoo makes her magical prowess far beyond the imagination of the minions she observes.

Some believe she is an idol... a goddess of greatness -- others see her as a silent sentinel guarding all that is sacred. They believe that she will destroy any evil magical threat that is nearby. Kedja has stood for centuries. Watching, without a single move. Watching people get older, strangers that pass by her feet, deep in the night, lovers making promises and then breaking them, the tears of children and joy of laughter, people coming to pay tribute, merchants selling the finest chains that bind the spirit...
Legend says, she will awake when the sun sets over the kingdom and the chains are ready to be broken freeing those that have made  their own prisons. Kedja made by Wicca's Wardrobe is an exclusive @ The Guardians Gatcha Event  through July 31. It is original mesh that is made for maitreya mesh bodies and comes in four colors and has color changing huds. There are also two exclusive gifts so go check this out... like all of Wicca's items, this is beautifully done.

Wearing - Wicca's Wardrobe *NEW* - Kedja
Event LM
Main Store -

Sim- Frankx Lefavre- Devils Island

Hair - TWK- Tieke

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mr. X and In the Spirit of Styles by Danielle *new release* and Emo-tions @ hair fair

In honor of Dani Plassitz, who left us suddenly in December, a new gown has been released at a new shop totally recreated in her honor.  It is  maintained by her soul sister Alial Allen with help  from others -- it is a tribute and a living memorial and happily, new content  is being created with her sense of elegant style.  Just look at Estelle,  this beautiful gown, lovingly made in memory of her wedding anniversary. What gets more royal than blue and gold... you will feel beautiful wearing it...I did and Mr. X was enthralled.

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chilliest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity
It asked a crumb of me.  
By Emily Dickinson

We miss you Dani... and will wear this gorgeous gown happily... formally or as a bride... it is beauty in motion... as eloquent as you were -- your songs and designs remain a fond treasure in our heart.  This gown with its flowing lace that cascades like an endless waterfall... is made for classic, maitreya and belleza mesh bodies. A huge thanks to Designer friends of Dani that  keep her memory and design elements and style alive.

Styles by Danielle -  Estelle

Hair - Emo-tions - 

Holiday @ a Beach Shack with Mr. X -!Ly!rical B!zarre, Glitter, L.A. BoS @ Swank & emo-tions

There is something romantic about beach shacks...their origins go back over 200 years... they initially started out as "bathing machines".  In the 19th c. people got into beach huts on wheels that were pulled by horses to take a dip!  Even Queen Victoria had a bathing machine. It was the proper Victorian thing to do! Over the years, beach huts have evolved into rustic, and not so rustic seaside respites.

The new  Beach Shack from  !Ly!rical B!zarre that is an exclusive at this month's Swank is no bathing machine...look at the great wood texture and lovely stone exterior. This low prim two room beach hut even has a weathered wooden deck. It is hard to believe, furniture and details, the entire house is only 35 prims.

I love the soft colors of blue and white used throughout this fully furnished house.  I love the window treatments in the bedroom and the way the blue quilt matches perfectly with them and the rest of the house's decor. It has a classic nautical feel. And, check out the slated wooden ceiling... it is so well done and adds so much atmosphere to the house.
There is plenty of seating on comfortable cushions, waterproof I hear, so it isn't a problem to take a dip and then come in and sit on them!  Again, everything blends so beautifully in this beach hut making it a perfect summer getaway!  You can also decorate this beach hut as you wish because the furniture is removeable.

Thinking of the beach, I thought of the idyllic beaches of the island of Hawaii... so, I thought it only proper to show off this new summer frock with its scoop neckline, thin straps and oh so sexy fringe with tassels called Hawaii by Glitter.

I love when the back of a dress is as sexy as the front and Hawaii  delivers with a low cut halter back. It is sure to keep you cool while the boys will heat up looking at you!

And, don't miss this fabulous new hair by Emo-tions an exclusive at Hair Fair called Dessia.  After Hair Fair, it will be in the main store.  I love the romantic waves of this hair and the way it frames my face. The small braid is just so sweet.  This hair comes in two versions, with or without a hat (the hat is fantastic a cap very retro 1940s) and also is made for busty and non busty avatars (and, no I am not telling what version I wore!).  Like all of emo-tions hair, this hair has appliers for letuka and catwa mesh heads.

Swank Exclusives -
House - Beach Hut - !Lyrical B!zarre
Dress - Glitter - Hawaii
Poses - L.A. BoS - Beach Poses

Hair - Emo-tions- Dessia
Event LM
Main Store LM