Saturday, July 15, 2017

Holiday @ a Beach Shack with Mr. X -!Ly!rical B!zarre, Glitter, L.A. BoS @ Swank & emo-tions

There is something romantic about beach shacks...their origins go back over 200 years... they initially started out as "bathing machines".  In the 19th c. people got into beach huts on wheels that were pulled by horses to take a dip!  Even Queen Victoria had a bathing machine. It was the proper Victorian thing to do! Over the years, beach huts have evolved into rustic, and not so rustic seaside respites.

The new  Beach Shack from  !Ly!rical B!zarre that is an exclusive at this month's Swank is no bathing machine...look at the great wood texture and lovely stone exterior. This low prim two room beach hut even has a weathered wooden deck. It is hard to believe, furniture and details, the entire house is only 35 prims.

I love the soft colors of blue and white used throughout this fully furnished house.  I love the window treatments in the bedroom and the way the blue quilt matches perfectly with them and the rest of the house's decor. It has a classic nautical feel. And, check out the slated wooden ceiling... it is so well done and adds so much atmosphere to the house.
There is plenty of seating on comfortable cushions, waterproof I hear, so it isn't a problem to take a dip and then come in and sit on them!  Again, everything blends so beautifully in this beach hut making it a perfect summer getaway!  You can also decorate this beach hut as you wish because the furniture is removeable.

Thinking of the beach, I thought of the idyllic beaches of the island of Hawaii... so, I thought it only proper to show off this new summer frock with its scoop neckline, thin straps and oh so sexy fringe with tassels called Hawaii by Glitter.

I love when the back of a dress is as sexy as the front and Hawaii  delivers with a low cut halter back. It is sure to keep you cool while the boys will heat up looking at you!

And, don't miss this fabulous new hair by Emo-tions an exclusive at Hair Fair called Dessia.  After Hair Fair, it will be in the main store.  I love the romantic waves of this hair and the way it frames my face. The small braid is just so sweet.  This hair comes in two versions, with or without a hat (the hat is fantastic a cap very retro 1940s) and also is made for busty and non busty avatars (and, no I am not telling what version I wore!).  Like all of emo-tions hair, this hair has appliers for letuka and catwa mesh heads.

Swank Exclusives -
House - Beach Hut - !Lyrical B!zarre
Dress - Glitter - Hawaii
Poses - L.A. BoS - Beach Poses

Hair - Emo-tions- Dessia
Event LM
Main Store LM

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