Wednesday, November 29, 2017

December Round @ FAD features Ghee through Dec. 19

A  "FAB" exclusive at FAD by Ghee lets you stay snug and stylish.  Mr. X loves to touch the soft knitted Winter Whites sweater dress comes in six pretty frosted pastel shades. The Sweater Dress is sold in single colours with a discounted fatpack also available. This is made for mesh bodies only Belleza (Freya, Isis, Venus), Maitreya (Lara) and SLink (Physique, Hourglass).

For the total look,  add the perfectly coordinated whimsical Snowflake Tights and Winter Warmers Pumps with Socks. The Snowflake Tights are sold as a 6 in 1 pack of OMEGA Appliers.  I love them, they are so cool and so very cozy... but, this  "fab" winter look is not finished.....

The Winter Warmer's Pumps with Socks are sold separately as a HUD driven item with 6 colours for the socks and 6 for the shoes. Materials enabled.


Wearing - Ghee  Exclusives at FAD - Winter Whites sweater dress, Winter Warmer's Pumps with Socks and Snowflake Tights.

Main Store -

Hair - Jumo - Candice - Crystals

Monday, November 27, 2017

Mr. X Cooking Up a Storm... NerdAlert @ Yin and Yang and Heart Homes

What can I say... I love to bake... and it is the time of year when I have been cooking up a storm... and hopefully not putting on the pounds like a storm!!  In SL Aphrodite @ Heart Homes makes it easy to be the perfect hostess for the holidays with this absolutely adorable rustic buffet table replete with wagon wheels and roses. This table, called Once Upon a Table is a rare gatcha at the enchantment event... so make sure you try to get it.

There is every sorta cookie, donut, cake, and candy available... even hot chocolate and chocolate dipped marshmallows... oh yum! There is also a special stand with blankets to keep you warm.   I decided to take a break and have a hot chocolate and admire all the baked goods on this table!

I am wearing an exclusive at Swank called the Ombre Sweater - Fatpack Edition by :NerdALERT: at the special price of 200L.  This is made for belleza, slink and maitreya mesh bodies and comes with a wonderful eight color changing hud.  The matching mesh Leggings in Black Sequin are also available at the Yin/Yang event for just  L$99 (150 L in the store).

Set- Aphrodite @ Heart Homes -Once Upon a Table
Exclusive @ Enchantment


:NerdALERT:  - Ombre Sweater and Black Sequin Leggings - Yin/Yang
Event LM - Event LM -

Necklace - Jumo - Angelina

Hair - Jumo - Quinn - Blondes

Mr. X and Angelina - *New* Jumo

I told Mr. X I was in the mood for something terribly romantic with a bit of an edge to it!  And, then I found Angelina... with its boho like silk patchwork gown that is sassy and elegant at the same time. Mr. X told me he loves the colors in this gown that sparkles because it reminds him of ribbon candy... oh la la!

Angelina comes with a great leather jacket with gold snap buttons and zippered pockets that give this gown an edgy chic look that makes this look "party" ready!

Angelina also comes with a beautiful gold necklace made of big gold disks. It has a tribal  feel to it that can be worn with casual and formal looks alike.

Wearing -  *New* - Angelina by Jumo

Hair - shi

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cozy with Mr. X Dreamland Designs and Glitter @ Swank & Emo-tions

I love autumn when the days are cool and the air is crisp and the landscape is gold, orange, rust, red and brown.  It is the time of year when thick down filled quilts come out and you double check the wood pile for logs to light to brighten up the cold clear nights.

I love this new bedroom set by Dreamland Designs called Golden Opulency Lovers Pallette Bed (17 prims).  The colors of the bedding remind me of the splendid colors of autumn.  This is a low prim rustic styled bed with a weathered wooden headboard that is embellished by an artful wrought iron design.

The bed has couples, single and solo poses, it is adult and pg.  The set also comes with a sienna colored rug, side tables (7 prims each/copy), flowers, books and lights that you can turn on and off. Golden Opulency Lovers Pallette Bed  is an exclusive @ Swank.

Glitter's exclusive at Swank is cozy and sexy at the same time.  Glitter is offering a Fitmesh Puffer Jacket  for mesh bodies: Maitreya, Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya) and Slink (Physique and Hourglass) and Appliers for top for: Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, eBody & Omega. It has a luscious Burberry fleece lining that is sure to keep you warm!

Glitter is also offering really  cool, highly detailed matching Cargo Pants that are made for: Maitreya, Belleza (Venus, Isis, Freya), Slink (Physique and Hourglass), TMP, eBODY, Tonic (Fine and Curvy) and Ocacin mesh bodies.

Two other items offered separately at Swank by Dreamland Designs is the throw pillows with an adorable Corgi Dog snoozing on top. A final find is the  Decayed Victorian Buffet (7 Prims) that comes with a beautiful autumn scene oil painting (2 prims) that you can make larger or smaller and a lovely pitcher with sunflowers (1 prim).

Wearing- Glitter - Fitmesh Puffer Jacket  and Cargo Pants - Fondant

Room Set - Dreamland Designs -Golden Opulency Lovers Pallette Bed

Dog- Dreamland Designs - Corgi Dog on throw pillows

Dreamland Designs - Decayed Victorian Buffet

Hair - Emo-tions - Blown Away - Browns

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Mr. X and...Stolen Glances... TWO NEW Looks -Giulia Designs and Emo-tions

I have forgotten everything about that nite...the stolen glances from across the room... it was you at every turn... under the gloomy November sky.

I am forgetting your stolen glances and your shadow beneath the crescent moon.  I feel your face, your eyes, trace your mouth with my fingers...still we do not touch.  I know that I am unforgettable in this great new outfit by Guilia Designs called Space Dancer. It is made for belleza, slink and mesh bodies and it is hawt and totally a must have.  The hair is rare by Emo-tions called Cat... so Meow, Mr. X!

Still images of you rush through me, in every pore, through every cell... what is this feeling... I am not sure... are you? And, yes, this Guilia Design is an exclusive @ the XXX event... and it is ... well tantalizing... Narumi  is made for mesh bodies, comes with appliers for  gloves and stockings for maitreya, belleza and slink with omega... and  also comes with, do I dare say... a crop.......

So, Mr. X....could this be absolute immersion that blankets every conscious thought... I feel you drawing near... so close...  so close to me... I move closer like the finest lace... like a dream....  I dare not say... and, yet, still so far and beyond my  reach.


Outfit - Photos #1 and #2 Giulia Designs - Space Dancer

Hair - Emo-tions Cat @ Fantasy Gotcha Faire

Outfit - Photos #3 and #4  Giulia Designs - Narumi - exclusive @ XXX

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mr. X and ÉCLAT DES FÊTES - Fashion Show 11/25 @ 11 am SL time

A show not to be missed...  trust me...  And I give you a sneak peek -- it is  the LUXE Paris  and LUXE Dot-Be, in collaboration with Ever An Angel and , will present ÉCLAT DES FÊTES Fashion Show on November 25 at 11 AM.

There are so many  glam  designs for  men and women and this is a show not to be missed...   I mean -- look at this sneak peek   gown...  called Melody gown  !  I feel the music in me !  And,  it is  a must have... for the  holidays.... it will make you sing... with...   well, then again, I never kiss and tell.

 LM for  Fashion Show on  11/25 at 11am

Wearing  --- Gown - Luxe Paris -  Melody   sneak peek @ Lux Paris Fashion Show -- Melody

Earrings - Jumo - Trifari Jewelry

Monday, November 20, 2017

Mr. X and Trona... Scala Yin/Yang - Byrne, Maven Homes and Kaerri

Mr. X agrees that this is one of the most beautiful times of year. And, what better way to celebrate it than orange and  blue and all colors between.  I love the new out of this world outfit by Byrne  called  Trona that is an EXCLUSIVE for Scala YIN/YANG that runs through November 30.

I love love love the cut outs that gives this top such distinction... and then there is the cyber cool padded, studded leatherette jacket that is like wearing the entire universe in blue and orange... Trona is accented with black  and comes with matching black shorts. It also comes in a white version... I love both, so does Mr. X!  Trona is made for slink, maitreya (worn) and belleza bodies.

 I have paired Trona with another find at Yin/Yang these fabulous shoes by Kouture Closet called KK Kimoko Shoes that are made for slink, maitreya (worn) and belleza high feet.  Scala's Yin and Yang isn't just about clothes... there are some terrific furniture designers participating in this month's Orange and Blue extravaganza through the end of November like Maven Homes and Kaerri.

This cool living room by Maven Homes consists of two contemporary styled club chairs in the finest orange leather that comes with 5 poses for men and five for women. The chairs are low prim, only 3 prims each and you can copy them to your hearts content. A standing lamp and coffee table are also included. I love the three tiered painting that is also available from Maven Homes it is perfect above the fireplace. For additional decor, I used another discovery at Ying and Yang, the cute low prim planters by the fireplace from Kaerri called Blue and Orange topiary planters - 3.   It is hard to believe that these  highly detailed flower pots are only 2 prims each!   

Wearing  and Showing  Scala Yin and Yang Exclusives through Nov. 30

Outfit - Byrne - Trona in black and white

Shoes - Kouture Closet - KK Kimoko Shoes 

Furniture - Orange and Blue  Set - Maven Homes 

Plants - Kaerri - Blue and Orange topiary planters - 3

Earrings - Jumo - Gail

Rug and Fireplace -{CdB}- Colors of Autumn

Mr. X and Autumn...Sascha's Designs and a cosy living room by {CdB} & Emo-tions

Sascha's Designs has released a super Autumn Duo Dress that will put you in an autumn mood even if it is spring in your part of the world.  Here, only the oak leaves remain and the days are bright and crisp with a hint of frost every morning. Sascha has cleverly made the texture of this dress to resemble a leaf.

Autumn Duo is made for slink, belleza, maitreya and fit mesh bodies. I love the simplicity of the design of this dress coupled with this complex leaf like texture in perfect autumn tones of orange, umber, rust and browns. All delicious shades of the season.

Mr. X and I feel the cool autumn winds blowing as we lock the garden gate where the flowers once bloomed. The air is fragrant, crisp and cool as the golden leaves swirl around us and make a carpet on the ground that leads us toward home and a cozy fire.  And, CdB Designs is offering a perfect autumn living room set for this time of year.

This lovely low prim set comes with two classic armchairs upholstered in a lovely golden autumn fabric, a zig-zag Moroccan Rug, a couch that changes colors - cafe or creme, a coffee table with or without decorations, two colonial inspired chairs, lamps, candles, and other decor and, of course a rustic antique pine fireplace. The furniture comes with singles (male and female) and couples aos.

Exclusives @ Swank
Event LM

Living Room Set - {CdB}- Colors of Autumn

Dress - Sascha's Designs - Autumn Duo

Earrings - Jumo - Gail Earrings

Shoes - Legendaire - Abigal

Hair - Emo-tions - Janni

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mr. X @ the Opera - Virtual Diva @ Swank

Mr. X said the tickets weren't easy to get.  But, being Mr. X, he got them. I told him I would meet him on Broadway at Lincoln Square in front of the Metropolitan Opera House. The building is clad in white travertine and the east facade is graced with its distinctive series of five concrete arches and large glass and bronze facade, towering 96 feet above the plaza. On the north, south and west sides of the building, hundreds of vertical fins of travertine running the full height of the structure give the impression that the facade is an uninterrupted mass of travertine when viewed from certain angles. This gown by  Virtual Diva called Tender Gown Crow that is an  exclusive at Swank is as elaborately beautiful as the opera house.

Tender Gown Crow is sophisticated and sassy with its plunging neckline and fabulous feather shoulder accent and beautifully beaded bodice. Its perfect for cocktails on the rooftop garden overlooking the city after a lovely night at the opera.

 This figure- flattering long skirt is the perfect choice for a fabulous night out. And, best of all it is made for mesh bodies. Mr. X loves the plunging neckline and the way the beads shimmer down the front of the gown... he tells me it is chic and sexy, I like that.  I have paired this gown with new earrings by Jumo called XXXx I love the fact they come with a four color changing hud.

Wearing  Swank Exclusive
Swank LM

Gown - Virtual Diva - Tender Gown Crow

Earrings - Jumo - Trifari

Hair - !Diva - Miu

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Mr. X and Dion - Legendaire @ Swank, Emotions and new photo studio

I dream of a world of diamond cut valley’s… enormous fjords of cold clear water… monumental cliffs and grotto so green and luxurious that one finds through a secret doorway... the beauty of nature as far as the eye can see. I am shooting this with a new photo studio called Virtual Mesh Studio by 
 Just like this beautiful new mini skirt and top by Legendaire called Dion  that is an exclusive @ Swank.  I have paired this with the boho hip hair  by Emo-tions, an exclusive at hairology.

Dion by Legendaire comes with a eight color changing hud for the skirt and for the top.  The colors for the  hud for the sexy 3/4 length sleeve crop top are solids that match the separate hud for the skirt whose hud consists of eight patterns from retro floral prints to plaids. geometric and zigzag stripes.

Dion also comes with high heel shoes for belleza, maitreya and slink feet. This outfit is made for belleza, slink, maitreya mesh bodies.  Mr. X  has promised  that we shall find the warm vanilla scented waterfall...  and dance together until the break of a new day.

I have paired this outfit with  Teagan, the new hair by Emo-tions  that is an exclusive at Hairology. I love the boho tribal feel of this hair with its cascading braids amid its flowing locks, and the braided leather headband.  This hair is embellished with feathers and beads that add elegant allure -- this is great hair for  boho, retro 60s and tribal roleplay... and  for just plain fun.

I have shot this using the new photo studio called Virtual Studio by Image Photography, one of their new and easy to use low prim studios. This studio comes with a control tower, a tower HUD and 63 textures plus 25 plain colors kept in the top right drive on the studios right side. You can add more  textures and poses which must be FULL PERM!   The studio had 50 poses and again you may add more or any kind by editing the studio and adding to the content box.  There are  three drives on either side of the studio, the left  is set  for anims and the right set  is for textures!  This studio also accommodates more than one avi. 

Outfit - Legendaire - Dion - Swank Exclusive

Hair - Emo-tions - Teagan - Hairology

New Photo Studio - Virtual Mesh Studio - Image Photography

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mr. X and Consuelo Anny's Fashion @ Scala Yin and Yang & Jumo Jewelry

The theme of the November Yin and Yang highlights all things Orange and Blue.  Orange, the color of joy and creativity... it radiates warmth and happiness, and is extroverted and uninhibited-- warm and inviting... and attracts people with a creative flair. Blue is tranquil and loyal, honest and reliable, secure and confident. Blue aspires to higher ideals.  I love both colors, but orange in RL and SL happens to be my fav color so I am delighted  that this is the theme.

I love the geometric pattern on this exclusive gown at Yin and Yang called Consuelo by Anny's Fashion. Funky and fresh, geometric is  the perfect pattern/texture pop for this gown. I also love the bare back... that is oh so sexy-- Mr. X likes it too especially when we are  dancing close....

The flaring pleated hemline and black and white belt at the waist and piping on the pleated top of the gown give it distinctive dimension and adds to it's elegance.  Consuelo  is made for slink, belleza, ebody, standard fitted classic and maitreya bodies.  I have paired Consuelo with Jumo's new  original mesh jewelry set called Trifari that is an evocative modern design that is a perfect match for this geometric pattern.  Trifari comes with a color changing  hud.

Wearing  - Anny's Fashion - Consulo
Event LM Yin and Yang -

Jumo - Trifari Jewelry

Autumn Afternoon Aphrodite @Heart Homes and Luxe Paris @ Swank

How I love an autumn afternoon when the sky is heartbreak blue and the clouds are big and puffy... the sun is often just warm enough and makes the firecolors on the trees alive with deep rich color.  Aphrodite @ Heart Homes is offer a series of three fabulous low prim trees, called Romantic Couples Fall Trees that are exclusive at this months, Swank.

These highly detailed trees are only seven prims each and the fat pack consists of a red tree, yellow and mixed leaves of both. I love the detail of the carved heart on the trunk of the tree.  Best of all, these trees are copy.  They also come with PG couples poses, cuddle posed including carving and several dances. These trees are a must-have for autumn landscaping.

Another exclusive @ Swank is Camilla by Luxe Paris.  I think this exclusive by Luxe Paris called is a perfect autumn outfit in that comes in one of the best ever autumn colors... Sienna, of course.  It is perfect for at a late autumn picnic or walk in the park amid splendid fall foliage.

I love the ruffled crop top with its delicate pattern and the fitted trousers with their cute gold button.
Camilla is made for classic mesh bodies in 5 sizes, belleza, slink, eve, and maitreya bodies and comes with trousers for high feet and flat feet. The necklace, which I have worn is several blogs is by Heartsdale Jewelry, Autumn Leaves and is also an exclusive @ Swank.

Exclusives @ Swank
Event LM -

Trees - Romantic Couples Tree by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes
Outfit - Camilla in Sienna by Luxe Paris
Necklace and Earrings - Heartsdale Jewelry - Autumn Leaves

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mr. X and Chantel - *new* Resun

Last night, I found Bliss tucked inside your embrace. I found one thousand Dreams dancing in your paradise eyes.....In the traces of your touch, I found Music....Today, it is merely a memory.

If you want to make a memorable occasion, check out the new flirty dress by Resun called Chantel. It has a lovely lace hemline and lace trim all the way down the deep plunging neckline.   This dress is made for maitreya, slink, tmp, ebody, venus, isis and freya mesh bodies.

Chantel also comes with very sexy netting stockings with cute little bows on the back of them and high heels.  There is a fun color changing hud featuring ten fabulous colors.

And even after you were gone, I found memories of your kisses....Whispering Lullabies in my ear. 

Dress, Shoes and Stockings - Chantel - Resun
Main Store

Hair. - Shi

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Mr. X let's Romp - Silvana -- New from Wicca's Wardrobe

Oh Mr. X, how many times I have thought of you.   Tonight, I  listen and think -- do you call my name?   It is late.. perhaps it is the echo of my fondest and most sensual desires.... I feel lonesome....  especially when I remember the things that Mr. X has whispered to me...

I remember those nights....his provocative gaze burns deep within me especially when our eyes meet....  even now I cannot help but feel exhilarated.   And, when  Mr. X sees me in this  evocative new outfit called Silvana by Wicca's Wardrobe an exclusive at Romp thru 11/24 (after at her store) he will fall in lust all over again....  after all, who can resist the tantalizing power of latex..

Mr. X says I look like an alluring angel...  he knows full well this angel is flesh and blood with feelings and  desires... I am no mystery.... just "Sita".  I love looking erotic in a tasteful way.. really what woman doesn't....  And,  Wicca's Wardrobe is  a "masterful" at creating  a look that is  sexy and chic and so much fun to wear.  I love the corset  lace up details of Silvana.... they beg to be unlaced!

Romp  comes with a color changing hud, it is so much fun to use.  Silvana allows you to change the color of the bodice, the  design of the bodice, color of  boots and even the rim of the boots... on the pants you can change the color and the color of the strip.... oh color me... wanton Mr. X...  like a flower ready to bloom.....

Romp LM for  Wicca's Wardrobe (thru 11/24 then at main  shop)

Main Store

Exclusive - Wicca's Wardrobe - Silvana

Necklace - Violator Whip Necklace

Hair - Shi