Monday, November 20, 2017

Mr. X and Trona... Scala Yin/Yang - Byrne, Maven Homes and Kaerri

Mr. X agrees that this is one of the most beautiful times of year. And, what better way to celebrate it than orange and  blue and all colors between.  I love the new out of this world outfit by Byrne  called  Trona that is an EXCLUSIVE for Scala YIN/YANG that runs through November 30.

I love love love the cut outs that gives this top such distinction... and then there is the cyber cool padded, studded leatherette jacket that is like wearing the entire universe in blue and orange... Trona is accented with black  and comes with matching black shorts. It also comes in a white version... I love both, so does Mr. X!  Trona is made for slink, maitreya (worn) and belleza bodies.

 I have paired Trona with another find at Yin/Yang these fabulous shoes by Kouture Closet called KK Kimoko Shoes that are made for slink, maitreya (worn) and belleza high feet.  Scala's Yin and Yang isn't just about clothes... there are some terrific furniture designers participating in this month's Orange and Blue extravaganza through the end of November like Maven Homes and Kaerri.

This cool living room by Maven Homes consists of two contemporary styled club chairs in the finest orange leather that comes with 5 poses for men and five for women. The chairs are low prim, only 3 prims each and you can copy them to your hearts content. A standing lamp and coffee table are also included. I love the three tiered painting that is also available from Maven Homes it is perfect above the fireplace. For additional decor, I used another discovery at Ying and Yang, the cute low prim planters by the fireplace from Kaerri called Blue and Orange topiary planters - 3.   It is hard to believe that these  highly detailed flower pots are only 2 prims each!   

Wearing  and Showing  Scala Yin and Yang Exclusives through Nov. 30

Outfit - Byrne - Trona in black and white

Shoes - Kouture Closet - KK Kimoko Shoes 

Furniture - Orange and Blue  Set - Maven Homes 

Plants - Kaerri - Blue and Orange topiary planters - 3

Earrings - Jumo - Gail

Rug and Fireplace -{CdB}- Colors of Autumn

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