Friday, May 31, 2019

Mr. X and Merletto - new Fellini @ Sense

Mr. X  What are you thinking?  It is what you always think when I look like this...  wanton and wistful at the same time thanks to Fellini. They say lightning never strikes twice do you believe that?  I do as I stand wearing Merletto by  Fellini... it will make your head turn that is for sure... 

 This is a storm... pre-summer and can you feel the heat?  Of course, you can... when I wear Fellini...  the new outfit it calls you... I know it and many others... just get it!   “Mr. X – I love these velvet nights. I’ve never been able to decide whether the night was a bitter enemy or a “grand patron” or just me alone...

 This new outfit is made by  Fellini for Slink hourglass, Physique, Venus, and Maitreya mesh bodies.  It comes in several colors each a dream... like a  taste of the wind or sip of Limoncello on a hot night... Merletto turns heads.  I am so alone now and sad...  but I know another day... is after this magnificent storm....

Wearing -  Fellini - Merletto
Event LM

Monday, May 27, 2019

Mr. X Clarrisa - Ghee @ Sense & Emo-tions

I told Mr. X... Clarrissa is too elegant to get off the carousel... I am not hostile to change but I am not inclined to believe in it... are you?  I mean under the carousel of human effort, today will be like tomorrow...of human noise and hoofs the up and, then, the down isn't that life... so mundane don't you think?  I do.

Perhaps these thoughts come with a piece of wisdom in the climate of eternal summer and the magical life on a carousel... with brightly painted horses and stars... maybe existence is like an eternal wheel like my carousel...a  circle of reoccurring patterns...from which we cannot escape... even in this volumous fabulous gown by Ghee that is like a waterfall of color and a cascade of textures... 

Clarissa is made for maitreya, slink and belleza mesh bodies in a multitude of evocative colors... I feel in love with midnight... as this is the witching hour for me and Mr. X.  This is available at Sense through June 8 and after @ Ghee.


Outfit - Ghee -Clarissa -  sense  event

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Hair -  emo-tions - pina 

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About Ghee

Stylish, elegant and wearable fashion, in unique textures and colors inspired by art, nature, and fine textiles at reasonable prices is what Ghee is all about. We enjoy creating collections with lots of options for mixing and matching, with co-ordinated accessories.

In 2018 we expanded our sim to add a small retail mall with satellite stores from some of our favorite beauty, cosmetics and accessories designers including Alge's Designs, ALMA Makeup, Wren's Nest Shapes, Fairey Poses, Heels, My Bags, and CarolG Tattoos - with more to come! You can also see original artwork from Ghee's founder, Warm Clarity, the Baby Ghee Store and a the Ghee Outlet Store with some fantastic bargains. Watch this space for news of new arrivals and events!

As well as being home to great fashion and beauty, Ghee is a great place to shop. Our store and retail park have been lovingly put together to create a space that is welcoming and a nice place to explore, play, take photos, or just relax with friends over a coffee or an ice-cream.

Please feel free to approach our store models for assistance - they are happy to help you!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Mr X and Glitter and Gloss @ Swank

Mr. X has heard me whine because some things are just so good... and Glitter has exceeded in a band-aid type top and a short skirt that hugs my curves and yet in the bright lights I see him and I say no...

This makes me feel like a star -- and makes me want to say to Mr, X -- shut up and deal with it... and if you cannot...  what can I say?  This is made for slink, maitreya, tonic, hourglass, freya, ocacin,  tonic curve, tonic fine,  venus,  voluptuous.

Wearing  -  Glitter Gloss@ Swank

Outfit -

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Mr. X and Sunny the Flapper -- Sonatta Morales

Yay a new  dress from MY Favorite --- it makes me feel... so amazing... so is Sonatta Morales... get with it the  20's and up  that is 1920's......  It is called Sunny do you  you really need anything else to know!  Get chic  with Sonatta Morales.... I  dare you -- and no tips expected!

I hear the 1920s --the hope - the fun... the wanton passion--  I want to be a flapper in honor of those rebels! Can you imagine if they knew what was we have become all the advantages and disadvantages ....  and yet I am Sunny...  *New* Sonatta Morales...  amazing and a must-have for ultimate  elegance and I think you can...  take a bunch of stars and  throw them into the sky... .... it is love... at first sight

Mr. X like this dress by  Sonatta Morales that is made for us... because in this  dress I am flying high... you  caught my eye... and I always  fall for  you...  Mr. X show me the ring... and may I will  jump into your arms... I have the  feeling i  fall for you.... how  can we  say goodnight

Wearing  Sonatta Moralis made for  fit mesh,   freya, slink isis, hour glass ,  ebody, Fit mesh, tmp, fine, venus  it is amazing... and  you can  tweak  the turban...if you want to look   elegant  need I say more ?

wearing - sunny - Sonatta Moralis

LM -

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Mr. X and Spring Frivolity - Irrlsistible @ Swank

Lingerie... ok sometimes it is Irresistible... like this new set that is an exclusive @ Swank by Irrlsistible called Spring Frivolity I mean who can resist that  I can't and once you see this, neither will you. I rarely do lingerie but this is sweet and sexy at the same time... it shows just enough and is embellished with flowers and lace...

I love the light silk jacket with polka dots and the criss-cross bodysuit with floral side panels.  This comes in three colors and options -- it also has matching silk stockings, shoes, and a floral headpiece and adorable polka a dotted silk stockings.

I just love the cute and detail of this... it is sexy without even trying to be... as a matter of fact, Mr. X tells me it is simply ... Irresistible.  It is as I recall... like diamonds and rust... do remember that?  We have all had a scene like that in our life...

Wearing Swank Exclusive - Irrlsistible  - Spring Frivolity

LM -

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Renewal and Sexy - D.E. Boutique and Firelight @ Swank

Sometimes it is good to let go and just be...and I cannot think of a better time to do this than the month of May... it is when the earth regenerates and... we come alive... again... laughter and song... wind and breezes... kisses and... I never kiss and tell... but DE Boutique St Tropez Dress and Zara Heels are fab.   The dress is made for maitreya, curvy, ebody, venus, freya, slink and fine and has a color changing hud.

This new outfit by DE Boutique is fabulous and a must have with a  v neckline and slits up each leg... it is breezy and flirty all at the same time. The Zara shoes with a matching color changing hud is made for slink, Maitreya, belleza and tmp feet.

To complete the vibe I am wearing hair by Firelight -- called....  Krissy, I love the cascading locks of hair that frames my face and so does Mr. X.  It is perfect with this and comes with a gorgeous floral crown in 5 different shapes that will make you the perfect summer goddess.

Swank -  DE Boutique and  Firelight

Outfit - DE Boutique -St Tropez Dress and Zara Heels

Hair - Firelight - Krissy

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mr. X and Isla Ibiza Sascha Designs @ Swank

The body that I am incarnated in and was born   --  it was the middle of the very rainy summer  I can still smell wisteria--- and First smell I remember, clearly, was rain-soaked sandalwood and Earth mixed with you Mr. X in my arms... do you remember--- ?

You  almost never  remember anything... and, yet, I do... Mr. X... in the rain... facing  the dragons... look and see  two  dragons... aware and wanting...   this new  dress by Sascha's Designs is   silky and  sensual... and it  breaths the  fire of  desire... LOL  oh  la la... Mr. X... 

I  dare you to come to my  dreams.. Isla Ibiza Sascha  Designs  made for mesh bodies and is an exclusive @ Swank...  

Wearing Swank Exclusive  - Sascha Designs - Isla Ibiza

Friday, May 17, 2019

Mr. X and VIPS @ Swank

And then this... wistful at best  and then... thinking of all i have had and all i have lost... and yet.. inside a fire burns... and I know, i will  once again find love...I know i have found friendship in so many unexpected and  welcomed ways...and then VIPS @ Swank  -- fab--- check it out

and now i think i shall dream....and then'''

Wearing  Swank  Exclusives

VIPS - Female Outfit - Swank

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mr. X and Siouxsie -- New Opia

Have you ever wanted to go into a forbidden temple... where the ancient gods -- and goddesses sing... think the mystery of Easter Island... a remote place of Moai figures and magic... that is what Mr. X and I love to explore and this new dress by Opia called Siouxsie will make you want to explore all there is and... dare I say more...

I love the leopard print of this off the shoulder dress that smolders and the cool medieval type corset... that laces... it adds so much dimension -- and, yes, ladies,  Mr. X adores this look... no wonder right!

 I just close my eyes and get into the ritual of Easter Island... can you hear the drums beat... like your heart when you see me in this.... it is like a  sensual pattern of passion... I can feel you from 10,000 miles away... and, Mr. X, I like that...

Siouxsie by Opia is made for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique and Venus mesh bodies... and it comes in  Black Striped, Pink Leopard, Silver, and Gold. I love the way the delicate striped line and marks my body and the way the corset sets it all off.... oh la la!

Wearing - Opia

Outfit - Opia - Siouxsie
Shape - Hazuki

Opia LM:       

Opia Marketplace:

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mr. X and Breeze.... Jumo @ Swank

When I  out this fabulous gown/dress on by Jumo called Breeze... all I could think of was summer...  Mr. X in my arms... the sun setting... the evening breeze... and stars... can u see the fireflies... they reflect the golden horizon... and can u feel it in my kiss?

Breeze is made for fit mesh and Maitreya, Slink, Venus.  It has a massive color changing hud that offers solid colors and lavish jungle prints... and florals each one is gorgeous...  you can even choose a solid color.  Whatever you choose, you will have a beautiful hemline of lace. Breeze also comes with drop pearl and gold earrings that are too elegant.

I love the hair, another exclusive by Jumo @ Swank called Brittany...  it is a classic pull back hair with a headband.  There are numerous colors for the hair -- every color has massive huds.  Best of all you can change the color of the hairband as well....  there are 12 different colors making  Brittany amazingly spirited.

So Mr. X... where shall I see you... and how... on what street in what the forest ... or perhaps on a star... a lucky star for me... as I miss you and  I am the waning moon ... as you are like the sun for me lighting up what has been  dark for too long.... and....

Wearing - Jumo  @ Swank
Swank LM -

Gown --  Jumo Breeze

Hair -- Jumo -Britany

Jumo Main Store -

Eyeshadow -You Got The Look by Darla @ Swank

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mr. X and the Lady in Leopard - New Sascha and You Got the Look @ Swank

I finally made it to Swank this month... and what fabulous finds... check out this new gown by Sascha's Designs called Florentine Leopard Gown.  It offers so many options because you can mix flexi prims with mesh like the mermaid skirt and elegant.  I love the gold leather straps around the bodice of the top that give it a distinctive Grecian Vibe...

The Florentine Leopard Gown is made for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Venus, and TMP mesh bodies in addition to regular mesh bodies in five sizes from xs to large.  In addition to the mermaid skirt there is are three sashes and another long train version of this gown... or you can wear it without any of the flexi prims... it is like three dresses in one.

I paired this gown with another find @ Swank by You Got The Look by Darla.  This dramatic eye color is made for Maitreya appliers, Omega Advanced, Belleza, Slink body, Slink Visage head appliers, Genesis, CATWA, Lelutka, LAQ, Eve, AK Bento, VISTA Bento Head and Classic available.

I love the heavy gold brown eye shadow with this gown.  There are six dramatic colors to choose from, each more stunning than the next.  I also like the dark brown eyeliner that adds so much drama to my eyes... my advice, is to get this hud!

Wearing - Swank Exclusives

Swank LM -

Gown - Sascha's Designs - Florentine Leopard Gown
Main Store -

Eyeshadow -You Got The Look by Darla
 Main Store -

Mr. X and Sweet E @ Dazzle

Another find at Dazzle this month is a sweet Jumper Outfit by Sweet E's... it is just adorable.  It comes with a sweet retro beret that has a 1920s vibe of the infamous cloche hat and really cool 1950s sunglasses that heighten the appeal of this outfit.

The love the detail and color of the jacket and the way the top blouses around my figure showing off all my curves... Mr. X likes that too as we all know!   And, the pants are so much fun in their bold 1960s flower power floral print.  All the eras are covered in wearing this Jumper!

The Jumper Outfit is made for Belleza Freya, Venus and Isis, Slink Hourglass and Physique, TMP, and Maitreya mesh bodies.  This is also available with five sizes of mesh bodies.  The heels that come with this outfit are made for slink, Maitreya, belleza and tmp mesh feet.

Wearing - Exclusive @ Dazzle - Sweet E - Jumper Outfit in Pink including the Abbie Jacket, Purple Beret with roses,  Purple Sunglasses and Clara Shoes.
Dazzle LM -

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Mr. X and Lucie - TRS Designs @ Dazzle

This is a fresh take on a denim romper with a  V neckline, off the shoulder sleeves, called Lucie Romper Blue Denim by TRS Designs.  It is an exclusive @ Dazzle.  I love the meticulously styled seaming detail and the big gold buckle at the cutout waistline and that sublime distressed denim acid wash look of this sweet and sexy romper... Mr. X says... oh la la!  And, I like that!

Lucie Romper Blue Denim made for  Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and Physique, TMP, Venus and  5  regular mesh bodies from Xtra Small to Large

 Do you sometimes dream... dreams too wonderful to dare aloud?  I do... and this time it is about chrysalis... and becoming... ready to take flight....

Wearing - Dazzle Exclusive - Lucie Romper - TRS

Dazzle Event -

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mr. X -- Isodora - Ghee @ Sense Event

I love this new dress by Ghee called Isadora... it is one of spring's ethereal garments made of organic cotton block print that honors a handcraft that is thousands of years old.  I love the varying blick printed pattern of this chic dress.  It is exclusive through May 8 at the Sense event and then it will be available at the Ghee Main Store.

Isadora with its folkloric vibe is made for freya, hourglass,  physique, and Lara, mesh bodies.   This flirty dress comes in coral, granite, graphite, leaf, navy peacock pink, rose and soybean.  It is perfect for a late spring fling!  I paired this outfit with babydoll hair by vanity... love the retro vibe of this hair and its cute ribbons on each side.

 Wearing -
Dress -Ghee - Isadora
Shoes - Ghee - Croc Moc Platforms
Hair - Vanity

Sense Event -

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Mr. X and Jane - New Wicca's Originals

Have you ever dreamed of being on the edge and dancing with dragons?  It is so magical and so awesome... I can hear them... as I call for them deep in the night... one is pure gold -- the other silver... their eyes gleam... and so do mine...  am I in a trance waiting once again for Mr, X... perhaps.... and then there is the whisp of fire and the call of the dragons....

I love this new outfit called Jane by Wicca's Originals... it comes with a fabulous color changing hud that lets you change the color of the belt, pockets, straps, buttons, and shoulder pads plus the buckle of the belt.  It is great fun to mix and match.

 Jane is made for maitreya and belleza mesh bodies. I love the boots called Michonne... they come with a color changing hud -- you can change the color of the boot, the laces, straps, buckles and even the heel and toe of the boot... they are uber cool and can be worn with so many looks.  They are made for maitreya, freya, and hourglass feet.

So, Mr. X... I know I am golden to you.. as you are always to me...come and dance with me on the edge to the song of dragons and to the gleam of their eyes and firey breath... can you walk through fire and gleam of the eyes of time to reach me... time will tell and it is running out....

Wearing- Wicca's Originals

Boots - Wicca's Originals - Michonne Boots

Body Suit - Wicca's Originals - Jane Body

Main Store -

MP -