Thursday, May 23, 2019

Mr. X and Sunny the Flapper -- Sonatta Morales

Yay a new  dress from MY Favorite --- it makes me feel... so amazing... so is Sonatta Morales... get with it the  20's and up  that is 1920's......  It is called Sunny do you  you really need anything else to know!  Get chic  with Sonatta Morales.... I  dare you -- and no tips expected!

I hear the 1920s --the hope - the fun... the wanton passion--  I want to be a flapper in honor of those rebels! Can you imagine if they knew what was we have become all the advantages and disadvantages ....  and yet I am Sunny...  *New* Sonatta Morales...  amazing and a must-have for ultimate  elegance and I think you can...  take a bunch of stars and  throw them into the sky... .... it is love... at first sight

Mr. X like this dress by  Sonatta Morales that is made for us... because in this  dress I am flying high... you  caught my eye... and I always  fall for  you...  Mr. X show me the ring... and may I will  jump into your arms... I have the  feeling i  fall for you.... how  can we  say goodnight

Wearing  Sonatta Moralis made for  fit mesh,   freya, slink isis, hour glass ,  ebody, Fit mesh, tmp, fine, venus  it is amazing... and  you can  tweak  the turban...if you want to look   elegant  need I say more ?

wearing - sunny - Sonatta Moralis

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