Monday, May 30, 2016

Let the Fireworks Begin - Prisilla and * !Lyrical B!zarre and Mr. X

Think July 1950s.. 100% cotton  voile floats over a and equally seductive lining. think  an imp just out of your reach... but flowing in the breeze... think this fabulous dress by!Lyrical B!zarre called Prisilla  Meet me in the

It is the color of the deep night with golden  stars set in the night.... think moonglow and love -- and  forever apart and yet--- so close.  This dress  with well placed  darts and the proper amount of bling gathers at my waist for the perfect amount of "twirling"!

Mr. X whispers... let's run away....  now... and.... I thought... never underestimate the beauty of this dress.... called.... I am the force of charm and all things that are kind and gentle... come Mr. X... and   we will  and yes....


Dress  --!Lyrical B!zarre - Prisilla

Skin - October 4 Season Skins  - Catalina Papavar

Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Soulful Eye shadow Collection

Hair - D!vA -

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mr. X and Jessica - *new* !Lyrical B!zarre

It is night and the water  laps against the stone  pier.... relentlessly... alone I wonder where Mr. X is...  he has left for an adventure on the high seas.... images of sirens of the sea and tales of brave Ulysses comes to mind.  To cheer myself up... I am wearing a new frock by !Lyrical B!zzare called Jessica.

I love the abstract print in coral and white -- it reminds me of a warm sunset.... and the untamed wind as it rustles through my hair... Jessica is all about zig zags and the interplay of patterns... Mr. X loves artful designs like this that show such taste in texture and style.

So Mr. X... always know that I am your safe harbor... as I await your return.... with great expectations... and lots of treasures from the lands you have traveled....


Dress -  * new* Jessica - !Lyrical B!zzare

Skin - Catalina Papavar - October 4 Season Skins

Shoes Lavien and Company

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mr X and the Angel - Mistique & New Skin By October 4 Season Skins Blosssom

A dream... an angel... a benevolent spiritual being endowed with wisdom and beauty... Mr. X calls me his muse because I inspire him -- for me he is my angel always ready to listen and help me think things through...and then there is his love of shopping !!!!. He makes me feel as extraordinary as I do wearing this lovely gown by Mistique called Daylily V3 in cherry blossom with dove wings.

I love the layers of this gown with its solid pink angled top and glamorous skirt that is as fresh as a spring bouquet... the colors are soft and elegant...Mr. X loves tells me the floral garden on this gown  reminds him of a Monet painting... and is perfectly romantic...just like me! Isn't he just so sweet! My fondest wish would be for every woman on SL to find a man like Frankx -- he is kind  and thoughful, intelligent, helpful and funny... and did I mention he is  great builder and loves to shop in SL and RL !!!!  Sometimes he can be cranky....but then again can't we all!!

The small angel wings can attached and  worn when you are feeling particularly sweet... they are the perfect size and make this ensemble enchanting.  Healing... energizing and ethereal beauty... is what will draw people to you.... Mistique  Daylily V3  is available for classic bodies.  The soft colors of this gown lights up night.

I am wearing the fabulous new skin by October 4 Seasons that was an exclusive at Penumbra called Joanique.  It offers 5 different  make- up options including two very avant guard options -- I am wearing one of them in this blog.  Joanique is  compatible with classic and mesh bodies and comes loaded with appliers for all of them! This spring/ summer avaunt guard pallete is beautiful and  wearing it you are sure to shine brighter than summer sun --- simply put upi wo;; feel beautiful.

Gown - Mistique Daylily V3

Skin *new* October 4 Seasons - Joanique - Blossom

Hair - [LELUTKA} Maria Irish Red

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mr. X and Elewisa by Mistique - the royal progress

Like clockwork my royal family traveled throughout the year on what most refer to as a "royal progress."  Every March our main palace was abandoned and we headed northwest to our favorite woodlands and meadows where we knew the weather would be warmer.  Waiting to move, I am wearing my new traveling gown by Mistique called Elewisa in Blue.   This gown comes in three fabulous versions and is available for classic, bellezza, mitreya and slink bodies.

The beauty of Elewisa is in it's details.  The square neckline is accented with silver and blue sleeves, the corset  flows  seamlessly from a tight leather corset  to a open  front skirt is accented by a finely wrought silver belt that hints at the power within that is artfully embellished with silk tassels.  Elewisa in this version also comes in pink.

Another version of Elewisa that is a tad different from the two previous  gowns comes with a six color hud. The hud version is feminine with its lavish brocade patterns and silk  chemise  but the leather detailing hints a a fierce warrior princess that demands respect.

 In this gown the corset lacing is more defined and the sleeves are bell shape and there is more leather detailing that hints at a warrior princess that creates an  unforgettable silhouette that makes me feel ready for the journey.

MFGC Exclusives

Gown #1 Mistique Elewisa - Blue
Gown #2 Mistique Elewisa - Pink
Gown #3 & 4 - Mistique Elewisa with hud

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Blossom
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons Souful

Hair - Emotions Leni

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mr. X and Phillipa -- *new* Jumo

Mr. X says, "Sita this is perfectly exquisite."   I can almost hear the applause... this dress is so graceful.. I see the lights dim and I slowly walk into the arms of Mr. X .  Phillipa by Jumo is extravagant and  elegant and one of my new favorites... it comes in many colors... but, Mr. X likes red... because he says, "Sita you are redhot!"  Well, tonight -- perhaps.....

...... I told Mr. X, yes of course, I simply could not live without this new gown by Jumo --- Phillipa  I want it in every color -- so what if it is  frivolous and fun... so what if it has classy cascading  ruffles that  beckon... so what... and !  Phillipa  also has  matching and contrasting belts and comes with a  lavish gold collar necklace... and a belt with an interesting gold hook buckle  that is eye-catching.

After all this isn't the 1800's -- this gown is sexy and modern --  look at this fabulous bandage cross cross top in a stretchy twill silk  fabric that  absolutely  glistens in super excellent texture.   I swear, I thought I heard Mr. X mutter... omg this is a  sexy look.... I swear...  cross my heart in this red hot look !  Ok  this gown is also available in  teal, gold,  solitude (blue)  but I was in a red mood --- so let's explore...  Red! (hot) kisssessitos!


Gown - * New*  - Jumo -   Philippa - red

Skin -  *new* October 4 Seasons - Catalina  Blossom

Poses - LA Bos  - Ultimate

Hair - * new*  - Emo-tions -

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mr. X and So Charming by Yeliz @ The Instruments - New Skin By October Joanique

I told Mr. X that I can't wait till the flings of spring turn into a full fledged summer fling... long warm nights... hot sultry days... summer is the perfect time to wear bold bright colors they pair especially well with a sun kissed skin like this new skin by October 4 Seasons called Joanique in Mocha.

I love the flirty new mini skirt and midriff top created by YELIZ ------ it is right on target with the latest off the shoulder RL fashion trends.  Mr. X loves it when I show off my sexy shoulder... he says they are kissable....!

Best of all this comes with a lavish color changing  hud that offers bright colors  both solid and cute print patterns... it is great fun to mix and match... I could spend hours doing just that.

The mini skirt has a wide belt with hooks and a series of three sets of ruffles that add just the right about of flounce...making this outfit as breezy as a warm summer night wind.  The skirt and belt have a separate hud allowing you to change each layer of ruffles separately, the belt and the hooks!  This outfit is like having so many in just a few clicks!

Wearing - The Instruments Exclusive
Yeliz - So Charming

Skin * new*  - October 4 Seasons - Joanique - Mocha

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mr. X and Electra - Faster Pussycat @ The Instruments

There is something about geometric prints... they are intimately exotic... that is what Mr. X thinks, and I tend to agree. Sometimes we want to drop out and be abstract... and not just a number... after all we live in a cell phone, instagram... facebook, twitter, periscope life ... sometimes it is just good to be... and in this new gown called Electra by Faster Pussycat, an Exclusive at the Instruments, you can  do just that... in style!

I asked Mr. X if   we’ve come to accept the rat race as the norm; a life seen through the lens of a cell phone which, many times, is pointed at ourselves. The irony of this is that looking within is good but not when the endgame is ego. Check out this fabulous  bustier top with it's intricately hip pattern and belts...and buckles... oh la la... Mr. X is dying to... well... 

And then there is the sleek  skirt that is imbued with the karma to get you in the proper headspace to step out virtually in  style... right now. You can't help but be noticed... 

The print reminds me of a  classic print by MC Escher that has come to life in our  virtual world... what fun! Electra, like the goddess herself is  powerful, original and stunning from its unusual neckline to its flouncy ruffle hemline. The hair is another fun find at The Instruments. by {Letituier} called Antonie Hair. I love hair and could not  resist this avant-garde retro -- think B-52's hair... it's great!

So Mr. X... let's go and see if we can't combine the aesthetic of  the art of the abstract with the art of design... where every step leads us on to a blur of pattern and color and movement... ah -- yes, life is good!


Gown - Electra - Faster Pussycat - Exclusive @ the Instruments
Hair - {Letituier} -Antonie Hair.

Skin - October  4 Seasons - Catalina Lily

Shot on Lea 25 - Because Blue by Asimia Heron

Real Life Blog

Mr. X and Shabby Chic @ The Instruments - Purplemoon

I told Mr. X that I would  target my inner spirit.  With lace and  leather ties and elegant swirling patterns that is sure to make hearts flutter in this new feminine exclusive.... by Purplemoon.   It is  called  Shabby Dream Dress that is an exclusive at the Anniversary Round at the Instruments. These  exclusives are available thru  May 25.  Get there!

 The Shabby Dream Dress is perfect for a mid- summer frolic. it is romantic and soft in sea green and is sure to inspire your spirit to soar! The side pieces are fresh whimsical colors of gold and deep sea green and raspberry... just delicious to look at and the detailed stitching makes this mini a piece you have to have for the season.

Sold separately but a perfect match for the Shabby Dream Dress is the Shabby Crown. It is pure romance.  Made of sunflowers, that are inviting as the sweet summer sun with their petals known as "rays" ... it is sheer perfection.  They are symbolic of adoration, loyalty and longevity... and the way I feel about my beloved Mr. X.

Wearing: Exclusive @ The Instruments

Poses: Glitter - Off Broadway

Dress: Purplemoon: Shabby Dream Dress

Flower Crown: Purplemoon -Shabby Dream Crown

Skin * new*  - October 4 Seasons - Joanique - Blossom

Hair: D!va - Angie- red amber

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Calling All Models... Cyber Out Fashion Show

To Participate send a notecard to Asmita Duranjaya -- theme is cyber black and blue....will be featured in Diversity Magazine, Bright Metallic and Cash Prizes...   The Sim Landmark is LEA 10 - CyberPolis The Oracle by Asmita Duranjaya

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mr. X - Flora and Joanique NEW Wicca's Wardrobe & October 4 Seasons Skins

Summer rain taps at my window....the wind is blowing from the west and the thunder echos....but my love, Mr. X is a safe harbor in such a storm... as I lie in the long summer grass... dreaming of him...

He tells me that when he met me it was as though I stepped out of a rainbow.... with my golden hair glimmering in the sunset... This new outfit by Wicca's Wardrobe with its sexy yet feminine floral short shorts, matching high heel booties replete with matching fabric and the cute summer shirt make me think of summer fun..... and romance.....

I remember golden summer days... endless... we danced in the sand jumping in and out of the surf...and we even made a sandcastle... our love  was as warm as the sunshine....maybe even hawt!

We sailed into the sunset and drifted back home... caught on a west wind... our skin tanned up and tasting like salt .... I will never forget his warm lips... as soft as his soul.... as for the skin... it is a sneak peek of a new one by October 4 Seasons for Penumbra... fresh and clean in summer shades 5 make-ups plus natural... brows, eyebrow arch and even a special Joanique body!  This skin is not to be missed... and you will be seeing a lot more of it!

Wiccas Wardrobe
Outfit -  *new* - Flora Cerise
Shoes: *new*  Lydia Booties Cerise  -- 20% off!
Outfit & Shoes LM -
Main Store -

Skin * new* for Penumbra - October 4 Seasons - Joanique - Blossom

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mr. X and the sea... BamPu Legacies, Purplemoon and October 4 Seasons

In the mist of time when the oceans were pure and clean... a fabulous mermaid swam alone in the murky ocean depth... her pale blonde hair fringed with seashell pink cascaded down her opalescent body that shimmered in the deep... she only comes above the waterline at twilight during the mysterious full moon.
Miles under the sea amid castle ruins and stairways that lead nowhere she cavorts with all manner of sea creatures both large and small -- they adore her and consider her their princess of the sea. Sitting on the worn granite stairs she thinks about her deepest darkest desire -- to be able to walk and run on the sand.

 Dolphins surround her chattering their praises and seahorses form an artful carousel for her to ride... as sea urchins and glimmering tropical fish sing to her...she is quite a lovely sight to behold in her garden of coral.

 She is crowned with a fabulous headdress created by BamPu called Song of the  Seas Shells it is encrusted with sea creatures and coral, shells and sea stones --- she sings a song of joy and thanks.... Above the water, all is silent... and the moon is waning almost out of sight... a passing ship in the darkest of night listen to no avail to her siren's song... as the call of seagulls echo  on the wind all eyes look  for her  and see  a  glimmer and shadow of a mermaid in the sea... they long to hold her....

Wearing:   Mermaid Crown - * New* - BC/ BamPu Legacies - Song of the  Seas Shells
Main Store
Skin - October 4 Seasons - Rehana  Pearl
 Mermaid  Outfit - Purplemoon - Lorelei

 Build - BamPu Legacies - Realms and Bridges  * SET 1 Legacy Realms Bridge & Steps $350L
Main Store -

 Area - Sita's mermaid world and Frankx helped to make.... he is  still working on best underwater ever.... meanwhile his  LEA  art build is fab.  Lea 23  Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Mr. X and Di - New Gown - Sascha's Designs

 All day my darling  Mr. X  I have been thinking about your note... it has given me such pleasure.  When I think of you I feel   simplicity, truth and taste...  and yet... I feel that I need to be alluring and beautiful... so tonight I wear this new  gown  by Sascha.... I really love it...  it is called Di Pink Gown and somehow I feel like cinderella ....  Mind you that this gown comes in tons of colors... but Pink felt like spring to me... the texture is just gorgeous and I love the way it swirls and sways.  It is 50% mesh and comes in sizes from small to x-large.

You tell  me I am  beautiful within and without... and yes... in this  gown... called .... there is layer upon  layer of   beauty and  grace with sparkling beaded accents bringing about a radiant elegance to this glamorous gown.

I told Mr. X that I love twirling carelessly in this springtime gown...he takes my hand and reminds me I am his muse... and together we simply enjoy enjoying....

*New* - Sascha's Designs - Di Pink Gown

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Catalina Lily

Hair - *new* - Emo-tions - Leni

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mr. X and Myth @ May Instruments and sounds of the sea....

I love things that the North Atlantic calls home...  salt crusted gray wooden docks aged by storms and  sea urchins,  buoys that signal the safest path home... red right return even... and of course lobster boats... I am wearing a new summer frock  by Myth called  Jolie skirt and top that is an exclusive at the May Instruments.  It comes in lots of summer colors -- this is strawberry and who can resist those.... !!

I love the stripe top and high collar of  Jolie  and yes it makes me and Mr. X happy  to  wear this ....  I adore the midriff that has a retro feel to it and of course, the mini skirt that just billows and sways in the breeze -- it is airy and perfect for a hot summer night... even Mr. X agrees with that.

Our favorite time down by the harbor is just after dawn -- we love watching the fishermen load up and go out and face the sea in search of their catch of the day.... I tell Mr. X he is the catch of the century!

Wearing --

Exclusive @ The May Instruments -  Myth - Jolie   - Skirt and top

Skin -  October 4 Seasons - Catalina Papavar

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mr. X - and Anything Goes in Ghees Paranoia Dress

Sometimes I told Mr. X it is good to be naughty... or is it... I get the nod... in this new dress by Ghee called Paranoia Dress -- shall I send Mr. X an invitation to join me in .... in a dark celebrated place... oh my that does sound naughty indeed.... I am thinking cocktails with Mr. X (no pun intended)  perhaps in a crowded room....

When he saw me enter in this  new dress replete with a fabulous red snakeskin collar and belts... in this skin tight silver -gray mini dress he whispers... you are mine as he  pats the floor and asks me to sit next to him... I -- pause and say --- no.... let's dance..... This collar treatment of  Paranoia Dress  is fantabulous and sexy too... it just is  pure... sin.... well, at least it is pure!

I can barely hear him over the the room roar and the cocktail shaker rhythm -- that  fills my mind's eye with so many pleasures to come... he says -- let's go home.... think of that room with all the mirrored walls and how beautiful we will look together... after all I am your Mistress of Mayhem!

 I think... tonight... "anything goes" --- don't you?  Mr. X are you ready --- or do I have to put you on speed dial....  and no way are we Paranoid!

Wearing -- Ghee - Paranoia Dress
dress is no longer available but word has it on the street a new color version of this will be at the main shop soon -- here's hoping!

Skin  - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Papavar Make up 2
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons Skins - Flossy

Jewelry - Violator - Leash Me Up  Silver and Black  ( don't miss Violator's real life website with fantastic jewelry
SL Store -

Real life catblog -- its cool

Boots - Eshi Otawara - Lady Red - no longer available

Hair - envogue - Leticia

Mr. X and London Calling - Jumo

It is a night for black and gold... it is a sweltering hot night... and I hear the sounds of the emergence of spring all around the countryside... it is a London night... perfect for the new gown by Jumo simply called.... London.

I love the miles of pearls and gold chains that come with this gown that is elegant and heavily beaded... The style is alluring with deep slits up each side and  a halter like top giving it a more modern look than a traditional gown look.  Mr. X likes that!

Gown - Jumo - London

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *new* - Catalina Lily

Poses - Ultimate Poses - LA BoS