Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mr. X - and Anything Goes in Ghees Paranoia Dress

Sometimes I told Mr. X it is good to be naughty... or is it... I get the nod... in this new dress by Ghee called Paranoia Dress -- shall I send Mr. X an invitation to join me in .... in a dark celebrated place... oh my that does sound naughty indeed.... I am thinking cocktails with Mr. X (no pun intended)  perhaps in a crowded room....

When he saw me enter in this  new dress replete with a fabulous red snakeskin collar and belts... in this skin tight silver -gray mini dress he whispers... you are mine as he  pats the floor and asks me to sit next to him... I -- pause and say --- no.... let's dance..... This collar treatment of  Paranoia Dress  is fantabulous and sexy too... it just is  pure... sin.... well, at least it is pure!

I can barely hear him over the the room roar and the cocktail shaker rhythm -- that  fills my mind's eye with so many pleasures to come... he says -- let's go home.... think of that room with all the mirrored walls and how beautiful we will look together... after all I am your Mistress of Mayhem!

 I think... tonight... "anything goes" --- don't you?  Mr. X are you ready --- or do I have to put you on speed dial....  and no way are we Paranoid!

Wearing -- Ghee - Paranoia Dress
dress is no longer available but word has it on the street a new color version of this will be at the main shop soon -- here's hoping!

Skin  - October 4 Season Skins - Catalina Papavar Make up 2
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons Skins - Flossy

Jewelry - Violator - Leash Me Up  Silver and Black  ( don't miss Violator's real life website with fantastic jewelry
SL Store -

Real life catblog -- its cool

Boots - Eshi Otawara - Lady Red - no longer available

Hair - envogue - Leticia

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