Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mr. X and Avicularia - Wicca's Wardrobe at Fad

Mr. X told me this morning that the new FAD event has started and runs through October 24.  Since it is Halloween time, in the spirit of the season, this round's theme for FAD is  frightfully Fabulous.
And, what better outfit to wear than the spooktacular outfit by Wicca's Wardrobe called Avicularia.  What makes this original outfit really cool is that it is all original mesh -- a signature of most all of Wicca's designs. When it comes to spinning and weaving... spiders take the fly... and this dress entangles the wearer in a sinister web!

This mix and match outfit includes the Mystola Headpiece, dress, black spiderweb, gloves, exotic spider web make-up and all the creepy spiders.  The outfit comes in three colors - black, fire and cocoa.
 Wicca's Wardrobe is also offering a fabulous necklace called Grammostola  that is discounted for this event only and sells for 99L -- a 50% discount.

Wearing FAD Exclusive

Dress & Tattoos & Spider Cape- Wicca's Wardrobe - Avicularia cocoa
Headpiece - Wicca's Wardrobe - Mystola Headpiece
Necklace - Wicca's Wardrobe - Grammostola

Skin - no longer available

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Soiree and Mr. X - Ghee @ Sneak Peek

Fire Island, New York.  The last ferry... and the city  before us...  always, Mr. X.... Even the seagulls seemed thrilled. And, oh the lights of Broadway.  Brilliant --  simply inspired --  like  the way Ghee's new cocktail dress called  Soiree makes me feel.   It is  an  exclusive at Sneak Peek.
 And then  the soft breeze  and Mr. X, his arms around me.. shelter... and  more... he says, "Sita can you please ....?"   I think...  of course...  what can I say... and, we slowly make our way ...
I am wearing this  sweet mini  dress  called Soiree Cocktail  dress with it's exotic off the shoulder cape with it's distinctive floral underside... so many  amazing details.  Perfect for an off night back street rendezvous -- way off Broadway  and the bright lights....  with Mr. X  on the Upper East Side... wouldn't you... just say yes !

 Sneak Peek Exclusive
Ghee ---Soiree Cocktail  dress

Shoes -  Ghee - Fringe heels - coal
Nails  - Ghee - Essential Nails - Scarlet

Skin -  October 4 Seasons   *new* Alisha Blossom

Hair - Agrace - Tamaki

Monday, September 28, 2015

Mr. X and Lydian - Jumo's Exclusive at Sneak Peek!

Mr. X left me a box from Jumo -- an exclusive at Sneak Peek... with a note..."Please don't put this outfit in your inventory for very long.  Wear it immediately. It has cosmic punk power and needs to be shown off."

This sexy dress, called Lydian with an asymmetrical hemline and high collar is sensational and fits to flatter with it's abstract texture design.  Lydian comes in orange, pink, violet, yellow and blue.

The fur neckline is trending on the runways with fur in vogue once again... only this fur is PETA approved! It adds an air of unashamed opulence!  Mr. X likes that. Lydian also includes two golden armbands, earrings and an interesting headpiece studded with pearls... that  are blingissimal (without the flashing bling).
The thigh high boots - croco boots sold separately command attention. You will stride with grommetted the back their criss cross ribbon in red design is just plain sexy! These boots are for slink high feet.

Wearing - Sneak Peek Exclusives
Sneak Peek  LM
Dress and Jewelry - Jumo - Lydian
Boots - Jumo - Croco Boots
Poses - KaTink - Vivian

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Rehana Marigold

Eye tattoo - Zibska - Tail Lines

Hair -  Vanity - The Italian Job

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mr. X & Imani - Topazia at The Instruments

Cool winds off the Okavango absolute miracle, a beautiful, incongruous, pristine wetland area in the middle of the bleak heart of the Kalahari.  Just like this life giving delta fed by rivers from the highlands of Angola, I am wearing the new exclusive at the Instruments by  Topazia called Imani.

Imani comes in five tribal inspired colorful patterns and has a sexy slit all the way up one side of the dress...its also backless. The pattern of this gown is similar to batik, a dying method over wax that creates a pattern. 

The batik method made its way to West Africa when the Dutch enlisted West African men to beef up their army in Indonesia.  This artform made it back to West Africa.
Each dress has bold, repeating, intricate motifs set against backgrounds of varying hues.  Each dress is striking. Imani also comes with a fabulous headscarf that adds authentic African inspired chic to this look. 
Imani is a girl's name of Kaswahili origin that  means "faith" in English.  Mr. X and I have great faith in our relationship and in most people we meet in SL and in RL -- and tonight Mr. X and I will journey to the delta to listen to the sounds of Africa. Since this is the Instruments....


Exclusive from the Instruments
Topazia - Imani

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Zulay Walnut

Nails - Nailed It - Bright

Jewelry - Finesmith - Maziar

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mr. X and Tamara - New Round at Sneak Peek thru Oct. 5

Mr. X told me I have two moods.  One where I want to emit light and the other, when I want to absorb it.  Today, I want to walk in the light of a mystical forest... and hunt for treasure.  And, what a treasure I found at Sneak Peek's new round through October 5.
I love this flirty tunic top with it's arcing panels of vibrant colors in lime green, white and black by !Finale Couture called Tamara Pants and tunic.
The black spandex cropped pants are perfect with this flowing tunic that has a tribal vibe.  The skin is the group gift skin at October's 4 Season Skins, you still have a few days to get it and this is a skin worn with or without tattoos not to be missed !

Wearing: Sneak Peek Exclusive thru Oct. 5
Outfit: !Finale Couture called Tamara Pants and Tunic

Skin: October 4 Seasons - September Group Gift Bridal Mendi
Shoes - LaVian & Co - Davinia

Hair - Emotions - Nabu

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mr. X and Flavia Styles by Danielle at Rock Your Charity

Mr. X is in a romantic mood tonight... and I am sleepy... a bad combination... but, that said, Mr. X always knows how to wake me up... with a new maxi dress by Styles By Danielle of course!
This gorgeous red dress with it's flowing mermaid like hemline with an elegant floral print that reminds me of a watercolor painting is an exclusive in red or this year's Rock Your Charity Event. This dress is not only beautiful but 100% of the proceeds are donated to this cause. There is also a 10L hunt while you are there...look for a hanger.

Flavia is totally modifiable and comes with a is not mesh and doesn't need to be, the textures are exquisite. Flavia is works with all mesh appliers maitreya, belleza, slink, omega and lolas. This gown also comes in green, lavender, silver and sun and is 30% off for group members.
Gown: Styles By Danielle * New* Flavia
Direct LM to Styles By Danielle at Rock Your Rack

Skin - October 4 Seasons *New* Alisha Blossom

Nails - Ghee - Pink Lady
Shoes - Ghee -Fringe Ankle- Dove

Jewelry - Camilla - Muse

Hair - Exile - *New* Royal Command

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mr. X and Adriana --- Nya @ The Instruments

Talk  is idle  tonight...  about  the road to ethnic  and all our experiences...  Mr X says, let's go to  the Instruments... something has caught my eye.... like this new dress by Nya called Adriana Dress that comes with a hud with many different colors.

Mr X...  says, "Sita,  in these coffee shops and cafe's can I be shirtless and mad...?   I giggle... and pretend not to hear that... but  what fun  Mr. X can be...

Relaxed and  mellow like these gorgeous bell shaped sleeves on this  dress of the finest silk with the floral pattern and evocatively    plunging neckline that recalls  -- Mr. X the scent of the orient... beckons  --- are you feeling adventurous.....
Let's explore and enjoy our culturally diversity.... and yes.. over the chai let's board... this train to nowhere and because  this is the Instruments ... I leave you with this....

The Instruments Exclusive
LM The Instruments
Dress -  Nya  - Adriana

Skin - October 4  Seasons - Alisha  Pearl

Hair - Exile - Finding You  all or Nothing 

Wyntreaux and Mr. X - Lyrical B!zzare @ The Instruments

Mr. X told me  that striking the right note to harmonize with his busy social calendar ...  it imperative.  I told Mr. X that  I am wearing a dramatic patterned  dress that echos Eastern European embroidery  called Wyntreaux by !Lyrical B!zzare.  This is an exclusive at  The Instruments  with the theme Road to Ethnic!

The dramatic pattern of Wyntreaux with it's intricate embroidery in gold and silver thread it is a traditional backstitch pattern or Holbein stitch elegant and amazing.  It is  a peasant motif and has  many magical and mystical  meanings. It is the right choice every time, day to dinner or to take a stroll in the park amid beautiful fountains.

A beauty in a grand hall... in a beautifully made tunic styled dress with puffy sleeves and a slim waist  embellished by gold and silver threads that tell our fortune... year after year... love  upon love... and yes, Mr. X ..... yes..... Because this is for the Intruments, I leave you with this...

Wearing - The Instruments Exclusive
Dress: !Lyrical B!zzare - Wyntreaux

Leggings - ghee - Noir Tights

Shoes - Wicca's Wardrobe - Manon Spiked

Skin - *new* October 4 Seasons - Alisha Blossom

Monday, September 21, 2015

Mr. X and Coquette At The Instruments

The soft nights of Havana --- beckon... I remember when Mr. X and I wandered down the cobblestone streets... the sea wind was rising and the fresh salt air breeze swirled around us with the hint of rain.
Beautiful blue eyes, a gorgeous braid that was tossed about one shoulder, my layered maxi skirt by Coquette an exclusive at  The Instruments swished about... Mr. X told me the skirt was as insouciant as I was!  

The off the shoulder midriff blouse is just right for this cute outfit called Havana that is offered in two tops - white and dark and many skirt colors with either a silver or gold chain belt in Lush, Brick, Brown, Blush, Rain, and Pina Colada.
I told Mr. X to stop worrying that it looks  like rain.... Things have a way of going right when you expect them to... The sun always seems to come out when I  wear Havana by Coquette exclusively at The Instruments. Because  it is the Instruments, I leave you with this

Exclusive at The Instruments
Outfit - Havana - by Coquette  in Blush, Rain, Lush and Pina Colada

Sandals - Ghee - Natura
Nails - Ghee - Natura

Skin - *new* October 4Seasons Skins - Alisha Pearl

Hair - D!va - Mana

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mr. X and Scheherazade - Ghee Exclusive at The Instruments

Many years later, I visit the moment in my dreams. The lovers stand on a small street lit up by colorful food stalls.  Samosas, chaats, namkeens, the pungent aroma of aloo tikki.  Gaily painted elephants pull carts and brahma bulls wander aimlessly.
I remember there was a boy selling nuts on the corner. He roasts the nuts in a portable stove.  The flame is reflected on his chest. It looks like the boy is holding an armful of light.
This is how they begin. Just for a walk at first. Talking. Exploring the simple things. He takes her places and shows her things that she has never seen before. She finds him stimulating. He is a new world she cannot wait to discover...and conquer his heart. She thinks, it will not be difficult.
She longs to be his Scheherazade... the storyteller of One thousand and One get in the mood I am wearing this opulent outfit by Ghee called Scheherazade that is an exclusive at The Instruments that is running through September.  Matching shoes and jewelry complete the Arabian Nights look. And because this is for The Instruments, I leave you with a piece of music

Exclusives- At The Instruments
The Instruments LM

Top and Pants - Ghee *Scheherazade* in Maize, Orchid and Freesia

Shoes - Ghee *Scheherazade Shoes* Maize, Orchid and Freesia

Jewelry - Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings - Ghee - Scheherazade & Copious 

Nails - Ghee Essentials
Ghee Main Store

Skin - October 4 Seasons *New* Alisha Latte

Hair - No Longer Available

Finds at Fad - Mr. X goes on a shopping spree

Vintage is the theme at Fad's event and it runs the range from the glamorous 30's to the swinging 60's.  Mr. X choose two outfits for me to show you just how diverse this shopping venue is.  There are many good deals  and exclusives to be discovered through Sept. 26.
Mr. X loves this slip like mini called Deja Vintage Mini Tank Dress with deep slits up each side by You Play Like a Girl that is a perfect example of sixties chic. The lace gives this dress a boho vibe.  Deja comes in many colors and sells for 125L.  The Floral print as shown below is an exclusive at Fad for 65L -- now that is a bargain!

Another find that reminds us of the 50's with the cinched waist and wide suede belt is called Belle Paris by AnaMarkova.  The vintage texture of this dress with images of Paris fashions and the Eiffel Tower and the vintage pumps in camel add to the charm of this dress.

This also comes in chocolate and cherry and reminds me of a perfect sweet  late night date at a soda fountain... Mr. X -- I am waiting for you --- a sundae with whip cream and a cherry on top and loads of yummy hot fudge!

Wearing FAD Exclusives

Dress #1 Deja Vintage Mini Tank Dress  Rose - You Play Like a Girl

Dress #2  Deja Vintage Mini Tank Dress  Floral - You Play Like a Girl

Dress #3   Paris  and  Shoes: Lily Carmel by AnaMarkova

Dress #4 - Champaign and Chocolate and shoes Rum Pink  by AnaMarkova 

Skin - October 4 Seasons Zulay - Papavaar
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Flossy  Dusty Pink

Hair - Vanity 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mr. X and Jewel - Tres Beau @ The 24

On opening night the theatre is jammed, the seats are packed. There is an air of anticipation in the crowd before the curtain rises.  Mr. X takes my hand in his and whispers, you look beautiful tonight... like a gemstone among rocks... a peacock among the hens. 

 I am wearing a new gown by Tres Beau called Jewel in Slate, that is an exclusive at The 24.  I love the cascading mermaid feather skirt that ripples and flows as I walk and take my seat.  The plunging back is evocative and all eyes are on me ... I can feel the electricity in the theatre.

Jewel's delicate white lace set on slate satin is as elegant as it is beautiful...and the necklace of white pearls sets off this gown perfectly. As the performance begins,  I see the actress is living out her eternal despair. Words fall from her lips as though they were her own..."I've lived by performing tricks, and I can bear it no more." The drama has begun.

Gown - Exclusive @ The 24 - Tres Beau - Jewel Slate
Event LM

Tres Beau Main Store LM - The gown will be there after the event today

Events at The 24
12:00pm SLT – 1:30pm SLT -- Pop Stars Show
2:00pm SLT – 4:00pm SLT -- The 24 2015 Closing Party

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Zulay Marigold

Shoes - LaVian& Co - Ella Marie Heels

Hair - D!via - Manon - Onyx

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mr. X and Carmen... Maci at the 24... Flamenco

I am feeling as seductive as a Spanish Flamenco Dancer... and Mr. X is in for a treat tonight... although tonight is really just like every other... he always tells me I am his sweety pie!  Do you believe him??? I do... usually!  Mr. X knew I was in a mood and headed to the 24 and chose Carmen by maci... it is limited and fabulous... it even comes with a head piece and fan !

I love this new outfit at the 24  it is an exclusive Carmen at the 24 -- and it is amazing.  Carmen  comes with two bracelets with roses in  gold, shoes that match -- a fan and a gorgeous head piece that the wily Carmen herself would have been proud to wear... I know I am.... it is elegant... and  thoughtfully constructed... this outfit will turn heads.... just look at the lace inset details and beadwork of this gown and it's flowing ruffles.

Carmen, the opera is one of our favorites... besides the melodrama of the opera's plot itself, the  music is brilliant in terms of harmony, melody and atmosphere... the Toreador Song is infamous... just like you will be when wearing Carmen by maci....  get it...

The Event - The 24
Exclusive - Maci -- Carmen - shoes, gown, fan, headpiece, jewelry

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Zulay Marigold
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Soulful - red

Hair -  Tukinowaguma -Ariana

New Round @ The Instruments - Sascha's Designs

The September round of the Instruments has opened today with a very exciting theme... Road to Ethnic.  Top designers participating in this round includes: Lyrical Bizarre, Wicca's Wardrobe, Purplemoon, Jumo, Astralia, DeBoutique, Coquette, HeLa, Ghee, Rapture, Come Soon, Dita Couture, FLRN Design, Topazia, A piece of Chic, Oceane, White Room Couture, Luna Body Art, Altamura, Petite Mort, Tashi, Coco Sands Shapes, Nyas Shop, Modern Couture, Lennie, Byrne, Totally Tropical Swimwear, Legendaire, Virtual Diva, Masoon, Body Factory, Secrets, Le Forme, Vanessa, Slackgirl and Sascha's Designs.

I am wearing the exotic new gown by Sascha's Designs called Frida Red that is an exclusive at The Instruments.  Mr. X told me he loves the lavish floral pattern of this gown that reminds him of the times that he was playing strange and wonderful games with the girls of the islands... lovely with their deep green eyes and skin that was honey colored and kissed by the sun.

Another exclusive by Sascha's Designs  is the gorgeous floral headpiece made of beautiful orchids and hibiscus flowers.  This wreath of flowers reminds me of being lost in the South Pacific and  languishing by an azure colored tropical lagoon ---- I can hear the beginning chorus of Bali Hai !

The Instruments Exclusive
Gown - Sascha's Designs - Frida Red
Headpiece - Sascha's Designs - Flower Headpiece - Pink
Event LM

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Jewell Mocha
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Soulful Hot Pink

Earrings - Muse - Camilla Pink and Gold

Hair - AD - Sassafrass

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mr. X and Giselle of Darwillow - *New* TWA & October 4 Season Skins

My Lord the prince tells me I shine as his sweetest flower against the marble walls with gold gilded accents and the rose satin hangings of the court.  How I tire of the intrigues...the  power games and corruption.  Longing to escape, I change out of my gown of heavy satin brocade to wear the soft cotton morning gown of a maid...Giselle of Darwillow, the new gown by TWA.

I love the detail of Giselle of Darwillow with it's full gathered skirt of rose colored cotton; it's slip of dove grey, the gold thread trim artfully etched up the sides and  the  blouse with a  scoop neckline and long flowing sleeves. Giselle makes me want to escape the formality  of the court and frolic in the cool glens of the forests surrounding the palace...perhaps meeting a lover -- to start my own court intrigue of delight!

I love the detail of the laced antique silver grommets on the front and back of the bodice that accent it perfectly.  To add a touch of courtly elegance, I am wearing a choker with a waterfall gold chain boasting a beautiful opal created by Muse called Camilla as well as jeweled Princess heels also created by Muse.

I have paired this look with the new skin by October 4 Seasons called Alisha in Blossom... it's delicate pale shade fresh as a maiden of 16 is perfectly suited for blondes. Alisha blossom comes with 6 different make-ups with perfect lips and eyeshadows  accentuating this skin as well as a natural lip and eyebrow color making it easy to add eyeshadow and lipstick of your own choosing. All appliers are also included. This is a must have skin for blondes.

Now, free from the stringent etiquette of court... in this idyllic place  I can just be... and dream away the days as a simple maiden...

Gown -TWA - *new* Giselle of Darwillow

Skin - *New* - October 4 Seasons - Alisha Blossom -

Shoes - Muse - Princess Heels - Vintage Pink Diamonds
Necklace and Earrings - Muse - Camilla - Pink and Gold

Hair - D!va - Ange